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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Altantuya, C4 & the Immigration: Who gave the order & deleted the records?

Altantuya, C4 & the Immigration: Who gave the order & deleted the records?
The savage murder of the late Altantuya continues to haunt Malaysians’ imagination, logic and emotions all across the nation.
It is a ‘blockbuster story’ that permeates every nook and corner of cities and villages. Just utter the word ‘Mongolia’ and everybody gets the drift.
It certainly continues to puzzle many across our borders, and surely the Mongolians are not exhausted of wondering too.
Back in our own yard, the Altantuya episode continues to plague and haunt the political terrains on both sides of the divide – the BN and Opposition parties, as the politicians and their die-hard fans fight it out over the 'right' and 'wrong' of the episode.
But the fact is politicians are all missing the point. Some do not seem to get the drift of the riddle that is riling the rakyat.
C4 and immigration records
To them, whether the PM and or his spouse had anything to do with the slaying is a non-issue. The Premier’s silence or swearing on the matter is a non-issue. The foregone conclusion of the Courts of Justice is a non-issue. Deepak and Bala are non-issues too. These are turning out to be mere spices to the mysteries, speculations and truths.
The crux of the death of Altantuya however rests on two crucial but yet unanswered questions that have far more and dire consequences for the nation and its people.
We need to address these two questions if we are serious about treason, treachery and the security of all Malaysians and our ‘friends’ across the globe.
Firstly, we need to establish how come the controlled ammunition – C4, left the vault, to be strapped on the dead body of the Mongolian citizen who was subsequently blasted away into nothingness?
Even when a single bullet is taken out of a balai (station), it is accounted and traceable. How come a lethal, devastating and strictly controlled weapon of annihilation can leave a strong room and yet we do not know who gave the orders or how it was taken out to be used to commit this unprecedented murder of a civilian in the history of Malaysia or even anywhere in the world that we know of?
We had case histories of fighter jets missing and we could eventually trace the carcass. But we do not seem to regard the C4 removal and misuse as of any national and international consequence?
The other mystery of mysteries that has international relevance in a fast globalizing and highly mobilizing world is the saga of the removal of all entry and egress immigration records of the late Mongolian mother and daughter.
We need to know, establish and take the necessary measures in the best interest of global standards and even more, in the best interest of national security, as to how could such security data be so easily wiped out of the immigration database of nation that so proudly announces that we are about to achieve developed status in 2020.
Surely Altantuya did not come floating into the country like a fairy from the clouds above and disappear in the thin clouds eventually.
So who gave the orders and who deleted the records?
Whoever did so is guilty of committing the highest treason against King and rakyat. Worse, if it could be done so, can it not be done again and again?
As the Prime Minister of the nation, Datuk Seri Najib has that moral and leadership responsibility to demand, execute and deliver the answers to these two questions that have far reaching consequences and relevance that affects the sovereignty, security and dignity of this nation.
All relevant heads of the affected departments too must share in that responsibility and step forward to demonstrate their earnest fulfilment of duty to King and country.
But up to this date, we seem to be stuck in the political round after round of allegations, suspicion, curiosity of knowing or nailing the murderers and their accomplices.
It is about time that we let the tides of justice and honour to take their due course for the appeasement of the soul of Altantuya and her surviving family. But we certainly cannot leave the question and mystery of the C4 and the missing immigration records to remain buried in our savage political haste to pin the murderers and their accomplices.

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