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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pakatan To PARTLY Abolish NEP In 50 Years, Tolls Over 20 Years.

Here are two bullshit policies by the Pakatan Rakyat

  • PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Rakyat will gradually do away with the New Economic Policy (NEP)  
  • However, he clarified that only areas under the NEP that led to abuse and corruption would be done away with.

"will gradually do away" ?? Yennadey? What does that mean? 35 years? 50 years? I say man, tak ada beza apa pun from the Barisan Nasional. What's the difference? 

And what the hell do you mean by "only areas under the NEP that led to abuse and corruption would be done away with" ??  

Huh? So this means other areas "under the NEP that do not lead to abuse and do not involve corruption WILL NEVER be done away with lah?"

So what you are saying is that "the good parts of the NEP will NEVER be done away with".  Chinese voters please make a careful note of this  ok.

And which areas will those be?  Let me make a guess -  bila orang lain buat duit, it is abuse lah. You will abolish it. 

Bila orang kau sendiri buat duit, lain cerita kut?  Satu untuk kau, dua untuk aku, dua untuk aku, satu untuk kau.  

If you want to win the Chinese votes, just make a simple straight forward statement : "The NEP will be abolished at exactly 12.00 midnite on Shamsidar's birthday" (or something appropriate).

What I mean is a simple, straight forward, no frills, no bullshit, no double talking, no slippery like an eel, no lidah biawak bercabang type of statement. 

Boleh ke tak boleh? Memang tak boleh. How can you abolish the NEP overnite. You have to work with it and work around it.  So apa beza sangat between your proposal and what the BN is already doing? The BN is also gradually phasing out the NEP.

2.  Pakatan will not abolish tolls overnite

About the toll roads, the Pakatan's Manifesto says :  "The Pakatan Rakyat government willtake over the highways in stages for the purpose of abolishing tolls. As promised in the Orange Book (Buku Jingga), Pakatan Rakyat will take over the highways with the intention of gradually abolishing tolls."

Alamak.  "take over the highways in stages"??  "intention of gradually abolishing tolls"??? 

I say kawan, this is double talk man. What do you mean by 'take over the highways in stages'? What do you mean by 'intention of gradually abolishing tolls'?  Isnt this just another way of saying "until the concessions come to an end"? 

What you will do is YOU will take control over PLUS first by yourselves. Isnt that so? Duit besaq tu brader. 

We know you are after the low hanging fruits.  PLUS generates plenty of cash. Imagine the number of China Dolls you can buy with all that money. Ada yang pakai battery, ada yang picit keluar bunyi, ada yang tutup mata bila baring dan macam-macam lagi lah.  That is why you say "intention of gradually abolishing tolls". 

Its only an "intention". It does not mean that you will really do it. 

"Gradually" means what? 15 years? 20 years? Why cant you just make a simple straight forward statement - "we will abolish all tolls exactly at 12:00 midnite on Shamsidar's birthday". End of story. Habis cerita.  

When PAS won Terengganu in 1999, they went to that bridge over the Sungai Terengganu and just broke the toll booth. Kasi pecah habis. Gangnam style. No more toll after that. Can you do the same thing?  You cannot.

So dont give us all this clap-trap about 
  • "intention of gradually abolishing tolls"
  • "only areas under the NEP that led to abuse and corruption would be done away with"

It sounds so wishy washy.  You are trying to fool both the Chinese and the Malays at the same time. 

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