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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Simple questions on Bala and Deepak

Imagine one is in a small rural town or smaller pekan

The entertainment in town is the latest movie to be showing in the cinema. If it is a new Tamil movie, ladies in beautiful saris will be coming from the plantation to watch. Upon their return, the movie will be the conversation piece in the kampong and estate till these ladies go for another movie outing.

Change that movie with an opposition ceramah. After all, both are similar because both have entertainment value.

After a sensational ceramah with it's great acting on stage, action-packed sensational revelation and accusation, and delivered with simplicity, it will also be the topic of conversation in such rural area with no news and entertainment. This is how things get spread around in rural area and also in urban areas.

Whether the things presented is true or false, how many among them bother to ponder on the logic of the allegations? 

Same goes with these new Indian characters - PI Bala and Deepak - that is making their rounds in the cinema-like ceramah circuit and getting the media attention or more accurately, being given alternative media attention by the opposition.

How many bother to ponder?

No ... not the highly technical area of police investigation, and legal process. Just those simple logical questions.

P.I. Bala appeared only when it is politically needed like right now, and that is when the general election is just around the corner.

Appearing in grandeur style, with his lawyer who is a PKR leader waiting at the airport and some 50 others, Bala is made to be like the ‘ultimate weapon in the on-going political war.’ The last bomb that is supposed to ‘flatten’ Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Razak and the ruling BN.

Bala said it out that he is returning to help out the campaign against BN.

One should wonder how come Bala, the man who claimed to know all in the Altantuya case is still giving out bits and pieces of the ‘whole episode’ and now return in grandeur to ‘finish off’ everything, meaning to give a complete picture of the case.

In the murder case of Altantunya, the statements on the stand is that he was hired to only monitor Altantunya from afar and alert Razak Baginda whenever she is going to go an approach him at his office, home or any other place.

However, Bala did not follow instruction but rented a room near to the room of Altantunya and her friends and engaged them.

It is being said that Altantunya would "asked" money from Razak for only USD5,000 or USD10,000 but it became USD50,000 after Altantunya knew of Bala. Rumours are also saying Razak had given her the money via Bala but it is not known whether the money reached her.

Strangely, Bala's first SD mentioned of Altantunya hustling for USD500,000. Thus, how did it got conjured up as commission for submarine deal when the deal has long being wrapped up?

One should wonder how come the Attorney General Chambers and the MACC are not even bothered about Bala’s return?

As a Malaysian, one would expect the two agencies should right now be questioning Bala everything about the case and the police should also get Bala to spill out everything.

The point here is that the case, which had been closed by the court, is being probed by the opposition in every angle with the aim to re-open it and point the finger to PM and wife.

Simply put is the oppositions want to see Najib and wife accused for the murder of the Mongolian model and be jailed…no more and no less.

And for that purpose, the oppositions, particularly Anwar Ibrahim is willing to do anything in takes to see that aim is achieved.

Bala, the so-called private investigator, suddenly appeared from his hide out at a time when the country is going to hold its general election, and pledge to tell the whole truth.

Why didn’t he tell the truth or spill out everything when he was here some two years ago?

Why didn’t he spill out the truth when MACC wanted to meet him overseas where he was hiding?

Why did he return now and at a time when carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan is also pursuing the same matter?

Is the public aware that Deepak is in a difficult financial status from the bank recall by Kuwait Finance House arising from illegal loans given out by the former CEO that was asked to leave by Bank Negara Malaysia?

Or is it a planned strategy by the ‘director’ of the make-believed movie for both Bala and Deepak to make the ‘last minute kill’ to ensure victory for Anwar and the oppositions?

Are both the men credible when they reveal or purposely reveal bits and pieces of what they claimed to know everything?

Or are this two men try to buy time to get the highest bidder for personal benefits given the fact that Anwar is desperate to sit at Putrajaya and is willing to pay any amount to get it?

The fact is when both the men have been seen with PKR leaders and their lawyers are PKR members, shouldn't anyone question whether both men are truly credible without ulterior motive, honestly impartial and independent and non-partisan in their statements?

All these questions should be asked by the public before taking both their words as true.

The relevant government agencies should get the two men to tell everything so that the truth will prevail before they continue to play another drama of ‘I will tell further in next press conferences or in the court’

Who is to know when the case will be heard?

In the case of Deepak, he has failed a lawsuit to sue Dato Najib for an alleged disparaging comment about him and claimed he will reveal all in court.

Before he could do that, the court will have to determine through the exchanges of Affidavit between the two lawyers whether there is any basis for the lawsuit. Otherwise any Tangarajah Deepak or Hanuman will want to bring anybody and everybody to court to be sued. 

On PI Bala, his words will have no value in court.

In a court of law, when someone made a Statutory Declaration (SD) and found to be untrue, he or she could be charged for perjury.

And, if he or she made an SD and then do another SD to refute the previous SD, he can be off the hook from possibility of being charge for perjury. But, wouldn't the court view the man as inconsistent, unreliable, and questionable?

It would only make his words and statements as not worthy of consideration in a court of law. Unless he explain why he changed his SD and his explanation must be believable, he is a liar.

The court can also not take into consideration the words and allegations of Deepak against Dato Najib or Datin Rosmah, if he is shown to have a motive of ill-intention.

The man is in financial trouble. His problems will ruin his family business that was painstakingly built by his father.

He has been heard to be throwing Najib and Rosmah names around town to hustle for projects and shares from unsuspecting businessmen and authorities fell for it without the accessibility to check up on him. 

Ignore the fact that he is looking pious with a nandek on his forehead, kept mentioning of his many trips to temples to pray and only now talking of conscience. Don't get swayed by such superficial claims. 

Can such a man be willing to do anything to get out of his mess? Yes and perhaps no, if he is a man with conscience. Is Deepak a man of conscience?   

He claimed Raja Petra asked to be paid RM50,000 as though he was being blackmailed.

Let's look at it in another way. Could he have paid Raja Petra RM50,000 to write something in Malaysia Today and make him to be highly connected and  larger than life?

Malaysians, including unsuspecting and overzealous businessmen can fall for it and willingly cut deal and invite him in on their business deals. If it is true, some will say he is a smart and crafty an but is he a man with conscience?

That bring us up on whether Deepak have been honest in his allegations on Raja Ropiaah. Thus far, it is only Deepak and the ever lying so-called Stategic Director of PKR, Rafizi Ramli that is talking.

Rafizi twisted some facts and made an allegation against Defense Minister, Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He is filing a lawsuit  for the wrongful accusation on the Raja Ropiaah related project, Prohanas.

It brings up the question of why is Deepak talking in sync with Rafizi, someone with a reputation of lying  and facing few lawsuits and many other lawsuits awaiting. At one time, he refuted Rafizi for claiming the book The Black Rose was his.

Raja Ropiaah is not talking thus one can suspect and view her as guilty by silence. Do consider that tiny possibility that she is waiting for the right time to talk. Most UMNO politicians do that.

One thing is clear is Deepak did tell the world that he filed 4 lawsuit against Raja Ropiaah and already lost 3 cases. 

Deepak also did not tell that his problem with Raja Ropiaah was attributed to the sabotage by the Selangor government on design approval and land matters. Even Rafizi is not giving the full picture.

All these issue and allegations of business misconduct and murder is being politicised in the public gallery when the best place to determine it is the courts.

Sometimes the guilty ones get away in court and the innocent ones get victimised but at least, the probability is significantly higher for the guilty ones to get away than the innocent one punished.

At least in court, the facts are being presented, the theatrics omitted and psychological reactions of witnesses and the accused under questioning can be seen. The court will the ultimate decision-maker but at least the interested Malaysian public can form their own opinion on the credibility of the two men. 

That will determine the credibility of the oppositions particularly Anwar.

Given the gravity of the matter, AG’s Chamber, MACC and the police should by now be more concerned and get to the bottom of the case so that Malaysians know the truth and not being duped by the theatrics of the Bala, Deepak and the oppositions.

- Another Brick in the Wall

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