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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nik Aziz swears by the Quran, Bala swears upon his Bhagavad Gita.

I want to write something on the briefing session given out by P Bala. He has given an oath upon a book he regards as his spiritual guide. I hope the UMNO foot soldiers would not make light Bala swearing upon his Bhagavad Gita, which Bala treats as his spiritual guidance.  The Bhagavad Gita's call for selfless action inspired many leaders of the Indian independence movement including Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who referred to the Gita as his "spiritual dictionary". So we have reason to believe that P Bala is as pious as the UMNO foot soldier who swears by his own spiritual guidance, whatever that might be. A few years ago it was Islam Hadhari- today its wasathiyah.Ibrahim Ali on the other hand, leader of Perkasa, swears on the name of Rohaya.

On his part, by making the sacrifices he is making and braving whatever possible risks, Bala has acted selflessly. 

But allow me to comment on something UMNO does that is opposite of selfless action. UMNO and BN are treating recipients of BR1M like chickens and cattle. Come feeding time, people will come and UMNO leaders scramble and trip over each other to be the ones giving out the money. The money is not theirs in the first place and the giving out should be handled by district offices and government officers. But UMNO wants people to think that it’s they who are giving out money and the act of giving gives UMNO leaders, especially Najib some amount of pleasure.

But the number of people receiving the money is a source of pride to Najib? 90% of the recipients are Malays- that gives najib as much pleasure as when his handlers were throwing bags of rice into an ocean of outreaching hands in Semenyih?  It’s not a source of pride we must inform him.

On the other hand, it’s a badge of shame. It serves to confirm that the Malays and other deprived beings in Malaysia have been marginalised. Yet Najib can speak eloquently about lets marginalize extremism. Yes let’s do- by kicking out UMNO which has marginalized the Malays and other poor from benefiting from the economic achievements of this country.

8.7 million Malays lived with a monthly income less that RM1500 grouping them under the sub-poor. Even to qualify as recipient of BR1M , requires a monthly income of RM3000. Imagine if the qualification is set at RM1500. How many millions and millions of the downtrodden would come at feeding time, thus giving Najib some sort of psychotic pleasure? Is he a deprived person or what?  Maybe Bala would like to present a copy of the Kamasutra to Najib.

There is a word describing such people who get high at the awareness of other people’s suffering. It’s known asschadenfreude which simply means deriving pleasure at the misfortune of others.

If not, how do you explain the great fanfare UMNO leaders get when giving out the money and making a spectacle about this. It’s not UMNO’s money. It probably increases the debt of the government. Remember that Najib is the most irresponsible finance minister that we have ever had- when he took over from Pak Lah , the cumulative public debt was RM250 billion, now its RM504billion. 

Bala’s briefing.

I went to Bala’s briefing session organized by SAMM. The talk was titled Siapa Arah bunuh Altantuya? We can only know when there is retrial, bringing back Razak Baginda from his decadent sojourn in England. We can only know when Azhar and Sirul are once again put on the stand at a retrial. Then we must have a special trial to judge the actions and possible malfeasance of the trial judge and the prosecution team from possible subversion of justice.

When Bala took the stage at The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kg Atap, he looked fatigued to me. He has lost a lot of sleep since the last two days, structuring his briefing he says.

Admittedly I stayed for half of the session avoiding the account on SD1 and SD2 which are quite technical. It’s the narrative on the adventures of Altantuya, Shirul and Azhar and RB that interests me.

The most interesting part to me was the exchanges that took place at a  meeting between Razak Baginda(RB) and Bala when the former wanted to pay Bala for his security and surveillance services. That was after Altantuya was taken into custody by Azhar and Sirul and Bala’s services in tailing Altantuya were regarded completed.

RB asked Bala, does Bala know where Altantuya is now? Being an ex-policeman (SB) Bala could only reply that females are held at Brickfilelds, Travers or at a special lockup facilities of the SB. RB did not give any answer by smile satisfactorily. My problems are over, RB said. Bala thought nothing more of the eerie smile RB gave.

To me that is quite significant. It appears to suggest that RB knew where Altantuya was- in police custody. Razak Baginda thought his problems were over, until the world knows that the Mongolian beauty was blown to pieces. Something must have happened between the time RB thought his problems were over, during Altantuya’s confinement and eventual murder. A string of events and actions by some other people took place that took out RB’s involvement in the murder. Someone gave the orders to murder Alatntuya. Razak wasn’t the one who did that- somebody more powerful than he and one who is familiar with police work did. That is why we must have a retrial.
RB must have thought that once the police took over, his problems were over. It wasn’t to be a simple case of offer and acceptance. Having posted the letter and getting receipt acknowledgment of the letter, did not free Razak after all.
How did the whole murderous affair implicate Najib? Now, on a personal basis, I would be pretty sure Najib had nothing to do with the actual murder of Altantuya. But he may be an accessory to the whole thing by providing the setting and opportunity that led to the murder of the Mongolian beauty whom UMNO people described as a world class prostitute. That world class prostitute may have been shared between RB and NR.

When Bala asked RB why the importance of Altantuya? RB replied that he has been tasked to look after Altantuya on behalf of a VVIP. The identity wasn’t known yet.

Only when Bala was asked to join RB at a lawyer’s office at the 32nd Floor at Bangunan UOA, did the identity of the VVIP become known. By that time, the police were already on the trail of possible suspects in the murder of Altantuya. Bala was already called in to assist in identifying Sirul and Azhar. It wasn’t long before all other suspects were to be taken in.

As RB was insisting that there are no reasons why he should be made to account for the disappearance of Altantuya, he stated that he is waiting for a response from the said VVIP. He told Bala and the lawyer, that he has sent a text message to this VVIP two days earlier but hasn’t got a response yet.

As he was finishing off his story as to why he should not be called in to account for the disappearance of his Altantuya, a sms text came through.  After looking at the text, he showed the sms message to both Bala and the lawyer. The text said- be cool, I am meeting the IGP at 11 this morning. Something like that.

The identity of the VVIP? Najib Razak, who was the DPM then.  Now, why should NR, being DPM busies himself with a personal problem faced by Razak Baginda? Altantuya has already declared RB who works at Bangunan Getah Asli, Ampang is her husband.

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