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Thursday, February 28, 2013

GE13, the People's Election: Go for Change or Dr M will come back to DESTROY US!

GE13, the People's Election: Go for Change or Dr M will come back to DESTROY US!
Well, we are on the verge of the 13th General Election for our beloved Malaysia. Anytime now, the Prime Minister will announce the dissolution of Parliament and the stage will be set for the biggest, most expensive and most promising Election ever!
Barisan Nasional's agenda of spend, spend, spend and cheat, cheat, cheat, against Pakatan Rakyat's talk, talk, talk and expose, expose, expose, will be the main contention here.
But we the Rakyat will not do a listen, listen, listen anymore. We will go to the polls and change all that. It will be listening time for them. This is the People's Election not Pakatan Rakyat's or the Barisan Nasional's Election. We have the last say!
BN already way past retirement age
Looking at the current situation of this divided country because of 1Malaysia, we should vote for a Change. We should give a chance to the only formidable opposition that the country has seen for the last 54 years.
The current Government is already at retirement age, we can see the toil on its facade, the years of abuse of all its institution, the scandals, the corruption and the gloating.
Anytime now, BN can get a heart attack and drop dead on its tracks. So in view of this, we the People have to make a Change and let them live for another day.
We will need BN to do the check and balance for us in the Parliament on the new Government and keep it on its toes. We have learned our lesson for over-relying on the current government for 54 years, hence the abuse of the institutions and the people.
Yes, we are an Abused people. Our civil rights have been taken away from us on the pretext of helping us to mould a multi ethnic society through a very farcical 1 Malaysia. We have been divided and ruled under extreme lies.
The time for Change is here, and this time, the new generation of voters won't be as naive as us the older generation.
My son and your sons and daughters will question the ruling Government on all its policies to benefit the people. They will never give two-thirds majority to any Government like how we did, dangerously allowing policies to be changed according to the whim and fancies of one individual dictator.
Waiting to return to Power
Yes, Mahathir Mohamad ruled this country for 22 years with an iron fist of misadventure, and he ABUSED the entire country and all its Institutions. And it was all because the Rakyat then were fools.
Yes, we were fools and were fooled by a very clever conman who is said to be worth US$ 44 billion today and who still wants to build his own family legacy now.
Do we want Mahathir to dictate terms to us again, like how he is controlling UMNO even after his retirement almost 10 years ago? The first for any ex-head of government, and we have seen ex-heads of governments retiring peacefully, but this man just cannot lah!
He has too many skeletons in his closet and is very afraid of them coming out. To be frank, he is afraid of going to jail and die a forgotten man, leaving his legacy in ruins.
Do we, the Rakyat, want to care for this man who didn't respect Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman. Remember, Tunku died a heart broken man due mainly to this man's actions. The answer is in our hands. We must go for Change and put UMNO and Mahathir in their place.
We the People have the last say. If we vote for Change, we will see the last of Mahathir and his legacy. This is our only hope of getting rid of this old sly fox.
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