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Thursday, February 28, 2013

No split in Selangor BN, we're all one team, says Noh

Selangor BN deputy chief Noh Omar has dismissed suggestions that having Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak leading the coalition's electoral campaign for Selangor was a sign of internal strife.

NONENoh said he and BN colleague Mohd Zin Mohamed (left) - both of whom are seen as possible Umno candidate for Selangor menteri besar - were given different roles to prepare for the polls but he stressed they were both "one team".

"Our camp is the BN camp," said Noh when met in Putrajaya yesterday.

"Currently, Mohd Zin is the deputy election director. Previously he was the state BN coordinator. As the deputy state BN chief, I'll focus party activities.

"We know Selangor and we want to fight the opposition. So we must focus on our work. This cannot be done alone," he said.

No designated MB candidate

Noh was responding to news reports claiming that the need for Najib to deepen his mark in Selangor could indicate a leadership crisis among state BN leaders.

Najib, who is also the state BN chief, is keen on wresting Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat to show that the ruling coalition is on the mend.

NONENoh (right) pointed that Pakatan had appointed Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim as the state economic advisor despite there being many high-ranking officials in Selangor.

"Why would they want Anwar as the advisor? Is he not confident with the menteri besar's leadership, despite him being a corporate figure?

"In Selangor, they have a corporate figure and the deputy PKR president (both seen as political rivals). Aren't they so fractured that they need Anwar to be the advisor?" he hit back.

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