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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Face it, until GE13 is over, the '3rd' voice will be DROWNED OUT

Face it, until GE13 is over, the '3rd' voice will be DROWNED OUT
It is believed that the BN and Pakatan Rakyat are now ready for the general election and their full-fledged campaigns will be launched on the nomination day. It can be foreseen that it will be an unprecedented season that floods new media with wars of words.
It is a season for politicians to show their eloquence, literary talent, wisdom and ideologies. Their words and deeds will be fully exposed through the media. After a rapid fermentation process, they will dominate the people's thinking and affect the future of the society, as well as the country.
It is also a season of the emergence of differences. Different views, different perspectives, different ideas and different ideologies will emerge and bring controversies, discords and debates.
All of a sudden, we will realise that there are actually so many differences, in terms of race, religion, culture, education, economy and other areas, in the society. All of them seem out of place and the serious misunderstanding and deep contradiction seem to have split us in half, surprising and worrying us.
Mother of all battles
Election is not a carnival in which everything will restore calmness after a spree. Election has its greater significance and impact. A major election can even play the role of a historical turning point. Some remarks and ideas made by important politicians during election period will also leave traces and bring continuous or even dominant influences to the post-election society.
After the 2008 political tsunami, we seem to have been living in an unimaginable political ocean, suffering from endless provocations, including political language and behaviours, almost everyday. In just about five years, changes to the country's political ecology are actually shockingly great.
If the political game between the ruling and alternative coalitions can make our society more democratic, free, fair and clean, it will be a blessing for the people and the country. However, if the political game turns into a malicious battle, causing the rights and wrongs of public affairs can only be divided according to the boundaries of political parties, and makes ballot the only truth while trapping the society in a confronting binary impasse, it is then an absolute crisis of sinking democracy, instead of a turning point.
This time, we are in fact in an urgent need to listen to the third voice outside the two coalitions. Unfortunately, due to the need of political correctness, today's society has become more and more intolerant of voices and views outside the BN and Pakatan Rakyat. All people, regardless of media practitioners longing for neutral or scholars claiming themselves objective, once they start talking, they will be labelled as lackeys of the BN or hired thugs of Pakatan Rakyat, making them to immediately shut their mouths to avoid causing more troubles.
A society that cares only about votes and neglects reasoning will always force those who wish not to take side to remain silent, or even indifferently keep a distance from political parties. If this happens, the rational third voice will be absent and the direction of social values and public opinions will then be completely manipulated and dominated by politicians. If a so-called democratic country does not allow the presence of diverse voices, it will be a bad omen for the rise of political violence. It is definitely not a good thing for the country's progress of democracy!
-Sin Chew Daily

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