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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sabah RCI and Lahad Datu connection

This is what I got during a one-hour conversation with 3 guys who claimed involvement in the 'Project IC' for foreigners in Sabah.

The major points are:

- The first one was launched in 1992. Tun Dr Mahathir and his deputy Anwar Ibrahim were involved but it was a noble job - to uphold and protect the Constitution. Details only the former PM and Anwar know. However, it was done legally and without prejudice. No complaint about it.

- The project was not to 'sign up' new voters for Sabah. Instead, it had something to do with the 1991 National Census (for some sensitive and highly-classified info, details cannot be published on this blog) but the duo had carried out what was supposed to be done, at that point of time.

- It was a coincidence that some who got the IC voted in Sabah state election. The Election Commission allowed it since they are already 'Malaysians'.

- Only qualified Filipinos and Indonesians got the IC, especially those who had stayed in the state for 10 years and above, spoke local or Malaysian dialects and possessed valid documents to support their claim for an ID.

- In 1996, a senior minister launched a 'second wave' of 'Project IC', this time without full consent of the PM and Cabinet. At that time, PM was away on leave. It was done because of his good rapport with the Philippine leaders, especially Joseph Estrada.

- This time, it was given mostly to about 40,000 to 50,000 Pinoys, 95 per cent of them from Sulu tribe, all of whom are Muslims.

- The IDs were also 'awarded' to about 10,000 Tidung and Dusun people from Indonesia's Nunukan Island, south of Tawau; and those from Sebatik Island (which is equally shared by Malaysia and Indonesia).

Now! The Opposition should find answers who is the guy behind the 'Sulu for IC' job. The Lahad Datu standoff, which enters its fourth week and after four extended deadlines given by our government, has its root dated back from the '1996 project IC'.

Also, there are reports that Singapore is also behind the invasion of the Sulu sultanate followers as they know the actual history behind Sultan Kiram's claim on Sabah. Of course, an opposition figure plays a dominant role in 'inviting' them to Sabah.

So, the Lahad Datu incident is well-linked to the 1996 'Project IC'. The person in charge is still very much alive and kicking and its up to the opposition and RCI panel to distinguish the truth. Pakatan Rakyat's allegation that the project was to help BN win Sabah state election is unfounded.

The 1992 project was a noble one, and Dr Mahathir and Anwar deserves the credit. However, the 1996 job was totally damaging and brought about instability in Sabah when more and more Pinoys and Indonesians arrived in Sabah, hoping to get similar citizenship recognition. But those who came after that failed in their bid, except for a few.

Among the first person who should know the truth is Lim Kit Siang, whom of late got too nosy over the RCI and Lahad Datu incident.

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