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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Written by chedet

1. Among the comments in my blog is a reference to Malaysia’s ban against the visit of the Australian Senator Xenophon.
2. I agree with this comment that despite my nasty comments on the US and Britain, I was never banned from visiting those countries. However, I would like to relate an incident in which a friend of mine, now deceased, who was handcuffed and taken away in a truck full of common criminals and even his request to have his diabetic injection was rejected. The reason for this treatment was because the immigration officers at the airport in New York did not like his answers to their questions. He was subsequently released.
3. It is well-known that hundreds of people have been arrested and detained without trial in the US and a few were subsequently released without explanation. At the detention place there are reports of torture and humiliation of the detainees.
4. People are also detained in the UK accused of planning acts of terrorism. This is preventive detention without trial.
5. There have been many allegations of US agents assassinating leaders. Currently the debate is about US drones rocketing or bombing countries not at war with the US, killing according to a US senator, as many as 4700 people, some of whom are described as innocent.
6. I must admit that on the two occasions I visited the US after I retired, I have nothing to complain. But as a Muslim I worry because one of my friends was thoroughly searched as he was thought to be a Muslim. He was not.
7. Incidentally President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and President Bashir of Sudan would be arrested if they were to visit the US.
8. What happened to YB Xenophon of Australia is nothing.

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