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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Act against Nazri, say Muhyiddin’s men

Pagoh Umno defends its division leader, criticised Supreme Council member for 'dog bite' remark.
PETALING JAYA: Muhyiddin Yassin’s Pagoh divison has called for party action to be taken against Supreme Council member Nazri Aziz for what it called “abusive language” against the divisional chief.
In a statement issued today, Pagoh Umno said it stood by Muhyiddin “in his struggle to uphold the truth” and criticised Nazri for describing the now-suspended party deputy president as “a dog biting at the party’s leg”.
Nazri’s remark was made on Tuesday when he told reporters he would submit a motion for Muhyiddin to be suspended as deputy president.
“We want to do work because the rakyat is more important and so we must focus as a team to help the president to help the rakyat. If Muhyiddin is acting like a dog that bites our feet, it would be difficult for us (to work),” Nazri said, according to Malaysiakini.
However, Pagoh Umno accused Najib as party president of concealing his hand and not taking responsibility for his action against Muhyiddin by having vice-president Hishammudin Hussein in the chair at yesterday’s meeting.
Najib and vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had recused themselves, leaving Hishammuddin as the next most senior member as chairman.
The division expressed regret that a Johor Umno had chaired the meeting and accused Najib of trying to divide Umno leaders in the state.
Muhyiddin was a former menteri besar of the state while Hishammuddin is MP for Sembrong and a grandson of Umno founder Onn Jaafar.
The division defended Muhyiddin’s criticism of Najib as a move to strengthen the party and not for personal gain. “He took the responsibility to defend the party and the country’s image”, the statement said.
It accused the Supreme Council of betraying Umno members at large because Muhyiddin had been elected by them to the deputy presidency.

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