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Monday, February 29, 2016

Mahathir leaves UMNO- a short comment.

A friend who attended a meeting with Dr Mahathir called me.  He said to watch out for a statement from Dr Mahathir. At that time Dr Mahathir was making a press conference. He announced he is leaving UMNO. 

He has left UMNO. He was its president for 22 years. 

The man responsible for the action of DR Mahathir is Najib Razak. Many UMNO members will blame Najib for this.

FONs- friends of Najib however, will be dismissive of the announcement. They will come out and denounce the old man. There will be copious vitriolic. Chief Nazri Aziz will play a dominant role. I once told him that the reason why Najib keeps him around is because he is a useful attack dog. I am using the term dog in the same spirit as he used the term on Muhyidin. 

Salleh Said Keruak said Dr M made the right decision. He meant Dr Mahathir is not significant. His other colleague, the newly minted UMNO information chief sees it differently. He acknowledges the significance of Mahathir when he accuses Mahathir of willing to kill UMNO because of Najib. If Mahathir is not significant, his exit will not kill UMNO.  

If Najib is the cause of this, then the UMNO supreme council must suspend its president. 

As to the attacks expected towards Mahathir, I hope they will do that with extreme vehemence. Because that will alienate the Malays more. You see, what they failed to realise is Dr Mahathir ‘owns’ the reservoir of Malay support. If you ask 10 people whether they support Najib or Mahathir, 11 people will say they support Mahathir.

They, the FONs, have overestimated their own importance. That is expected of people who share the same narcissistic traits like the Commandeer-in-Chief. That is the man who can never answer the 1MDB issue, the RM42 million SRC money that mysteriously got into his personal account. Then there is the RM2.6 million donation issue. It was donated to UMNO and so Najib cannot unilaterally decide to return it.  Najib has denied UMNO of RM2 billion.

The buffoon hiding out somewhere in the UK will be recounting the 1001 sins of DR Mahathir.  I hope he will say it again that he is ashamed to call himself a Malay. The Malay idiom suitable for him is, masuk tak menambah, keluar tak mengurang.

Dr Mahathir can now become the eminence grise behind a move to unseat Najib and then undo the unjust structures that have imprisoned us all.  He has said it. He will not lead. 
And I hope this action by Dr Mahathir will awaken a particular someone who lives a hermit way of life somewhere in the leafy suburbs of KL.

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