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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Muhyiddin Yassin was finally suspended as the deputy president of Umno party and Zahid Hamidi was appointed to the position in his place. This course has been organized by supporters of Zahid to simplify the task, and adding speed to reach their goal, of making Zahid the Prime Minister. This is the intention and purpose and also reflects the planning of leaders desperate to wrest power as the Prime Minister of Malaysia can include those in prison and those released from custody.
Prime Minister of Malaysia is the most powerful position, stronger than the US president because the US President can not do anything against any party with impunity because the US has a system in which even the president and all his actions have its limits. Power such as this is essential for a leader who is weak and does not understand to administer because he will use it against anyone who is not in line, what ore those who do not concur with the views of the Prime Minister. Zahid needs power such as this because as someone whom I know well, he does not have the mental strength to lead an independent country like Malaysia.
Be that as it may, that was the plan of the Zahid camp and the group of desperadoes who surround Najib. But the current political situation does not give confidence to Najib's replacement, even if it is Zahid, instead the country will be even more damaged and disorganized than it already is today.
I have always said that due to the composition of the leadership as it is now, nobody can achieve better administration because  the entire leadership of Umno today has deviated from good leadership culture of before. We used to think that the administration of Abdullah Badawi was the worst and there will be no worse than that. But that turned out to be wrong because Najib was expected to be a better prime minister better than Pak Lah, but is not. Najib is worse than Abdullah and if Najib is replaced by anyone among the leaders in today's Supreme Council, the situation in the country will be worse than what we are witnessing today under Najib.
In my view, Muhyiddin should not feel sad or angry with the actions of the Supreme Council to remove him as deputy president because there is a silver lining. At the very least, he goes down in history as someone who was not easily influenced by evil and corrupt leaders above him. Muhyiddin was not involved in foul play with the people's money and this is one of the legacies we need in life when we grow older.
There is nothing to prevent Muhyiddin from continuing to fight to find the truth. Muhyiddin can indeed continue to fight to oust Najib if he and his supporters are no longer willing to accept Najib's leadership and that of Najib's allies in the government. If Muhyiddin continues the fight to oust Najib, then Muhyiddin should realize he is not alone but behind him are a large section of the population who will support him in the fight to topple Najib.
It must be noted Najib is just relying on 'muscle power' alone. Muhyiddin can get a lot of friends who are outside of the greedy clique in the Supreme Council. UMNO too is no longer what it used to be. 'What is left in the Supreme Council currently are all scums, after all.' - http://aspanaliasnet.blogspot.my/

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