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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Enough talk, time for action, DAP tells Muhyiddin

Suspended Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin needs to stop talking about reforms and actually do something about it, DAP said.
DAP organising secretary Anthony Loke said that while the party welcomed Muhyiddin's call for all to work together towards changing Malaysia's political system, the former deputy prime minister, and not the opposition, must make a move now.
"When Anwar Ibrahim was sacked (as deputy prime minister in 1998) he immediately launched the reformasi movement.
"But Muhyiddin has been talking about change for months, but there's no action," Loke told Malaysiakini.
The Seremban MP added that the opposition has made enough statements to welcome Muhyiddin in its fight for change, but the former deputy prime minister has yet to move out of his comfort zone.
Likewise, he said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has also talked about reforms but had not spelt out what changes should be made.
"So far there's just talk (of reforms), but there's no serious effort (from Muhyiddin) to sit down and iron it out," Loke said.
He does not believe that Zaid Ibrahim's anti-Najib Abdul Razak closed-door rally on March 27 would serve as a good platform to set the reform agenda.
"You can build some consensus there, but you can't have 1,000 people sitting in a hall and decide on how to move further," he said, adding that there would be too many voices at such a gathering.
Hence, he said, reforms should be laid out through discussions such as a roundtable of political leaders.
In response to his suspension as Umno number two, Muhyiddin had issued a statement calling for Malaysians to set aside their differences to reform the country's failed political institutions. -Mkini

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