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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Can even Dr M be able to stop ‘Frankenjib’?

YOURSAY | ‘Ex-PM Mahathir has unknowingly created a despot bigger than himself.’
Anon1: We only have former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to thank for it, since he had started all these race-based policies and treated those with brains, honour and dignity as criminals.
He had removed from office even highly esteemed public servants from his own race (among others, then-lord president Salleh Abas and then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim), as well as disgraced them just to put into motion his dreams and to end the "Malay dilemma".
Today, the fruits of his labour is there to see.
Every public servant entrusted with upholding justice and ensuring transparency/accountability in government are perceived to be corrupt to the core, having apparently learned how to enrich themselves with the policies Mahathir had introduced - thus forsaking ethics, race and religion.
With the stripping of checks and balances against abuse - which was eventually replaced with shame and rewards - Mahathir has unknowingly created a despot bigger than himself.
The question now to Dr M is: can you stop ‘Frankenjib’?
Mob1900: Mahathir, don’t forget, self-censorship and pulling back publishing licences have been your legacy since the 1990s.
So in a strange part, you're the father of this coming ‘North Korea’ of Southeast Asia which we are turning into.
Anonymous 2299391436500295: Gosh-o, Dr M, you ought to turn yourself in for sedition in the spirit of your own 22-year ‘dictatorship’.
What are you talking about anyway? You were the one who had created your own authoritarian, fascist, racist personality cult while in office.
And “pulling back publishing licences”? There is no such thing as a publishing licence in democratic countries.
Anonymous #19098644: Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak likes to cite China’s communist practices, so I assume that his model is the Chinese Communist Party, which - unlike North Korea - no longer has a gulag but is as quick to block, ban and charge as its protege, the Umno ministers.
Alfanso: Mahathir, the best strategy you could do is to ask the police to arrest you. Keep up the demand, and it will definitely be a mockery and an embarrassment for them.
Whether they arrest you or not, they will be getting the heat in both ways.
Anticonmen: Mahathir, former PM Tunku Abdul Rahman also said the same thing about the country being on the road to dictatorship during your tenure as PM.
You started the downhill journey by gradually removing the rule of law and all checks and balances provided under the 1957 federal constitution.
Najib and partners are now finishing it for you. And he was your chosen one.
Anonymous_4056: I suspect that the blocking of two more online news portals, is to come. Any negative news - be it true or otherwise - regarding the PM surely faces closure.
Fair Play: We are almost there. The only missing piece now is a lifetime leader, just like Kim Jong-un.
Anonymous 2397481454904478: Finally, we can all agree that anyone who would be Mahathir's choice as a successor is a faulty choice indeed.
Now, PM Najib Abdul Razak’s existence appears to mock Mahathir for having made an incorrect decision.
In any case, inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar has already said that the March 27 rally against Najib would be illegal, since a prime minister can only be ousted through a vote of no-confidence or in an election.
Sinan Belawan: This is all the more reason for me not to attend.
Mahathir, you - armed with the Internal Security Act (ISA) - had arrested and detained without trial those who spoke up for the freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, etc.
The period under your rule was the dark age for Malaysia, and you have clearly not repented.
Anonymous 2397481454904478: Besides Mahathir only wants Najib out, not true change.
What would happen to the country, if the people keep wishing for a power shift every time that the nation is having difficulties?
Koala Malaya: How ruthless and completely selfish. Mahathir would think nothing of creating chaos just to fulfil his ambitions.
We already know that Dr M stubbornly refuses to accept or admit to his mistakes. This is one man who refuses to face reality. -Mkini

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