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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Muhyiddin not criticising party policies, but party boss

YOURSAY Umno leaders must be really blind for failing to differentiate between the two.’
Vijay47: All Malaysians must in unison stand up and applaud our noble prime minister and his deputy.
Even on an issue that they were painfully personally involved in, they refused to be party to the decision whether deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin should be suspended or not from Umno.
So to avoid possible allegations of conflict of interest, they both honourably stood aside to let others arrive at a conclusion.
This is what true leaders are made of – impartiality – a quality that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also reflected when he awarded the Bangla Workers' Importation Contract which, even though given to his brother, was based on pure merit.
What more can we ask of both of them? RM2.6 billion? Money means nothing in the face of integrity and self-respect, especially when we know that the funds were for a greater cause and parked in PM Najib Abdul Razak's pocket temporarily pending use for the rakyat.
That Najib was not selfish or greedy is obvious from his every act and I will bet my shirt on it. My batik shirt.
Odin Tajué: Vijay47, I agree with you. Never has Malaysia seen such an upright, principled, noble prime minister as Najib.
But then, since he was chosen by Allah, he has to be someone exceptional. Oh, I don't have any batik apparel - no apology to Rosmah Mansor - but I am perfectly willing to bet my thongs made by Hom.
Versey: When the rakyat called on Najib to take leave to avoid conflict of interest during the investigation of the 1MDB case by the special task force, he refused.
This time he and his deputy left the supreme council meeting to allegedly avoid conflict of interest. Aren’t these two occasions given different treatments?
Sabahan: Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein, how to move forward when Najib and his cronies (including you) have applied full brakes on all investigations into the alleged Najib and 1MDB wrongdoings?
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Muhyiddin is pointing out the wrongdoings of the president. He did not criticise him over party matters or policies.
If he has done the latter, by all means suspend or sack him. He was in fact trying to save the party by trying to weed out an alleged crook.
Umno leaders must be really blind for failing to differentiate between the two.
Hbasill: I guess Umno (Najib and Co) is convinced that for as long as they together with the other component parties, they can stifle or stop further investigations on 1MDB and bolstering their chance to win the next GE because, after all, most Malays and pribumis from Sarawak and Sabah are stupid and will vote them in again.
The other issue within Umno is not to allow former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad to become the kingmaker as they all know what vengeance this man has and if his faction takes over, 75 percent of Umno ministers/deputy ministers will be replaced immediately and it will mark the end of the road.
I personally don’t have any pity for Muhyiddin because he is certainly very stupid himself as he was as slow as a sloth when the opportunity presented itself to publicly spill the beans by revealing all that he knew about the 1MDB saga.
This man is also not very sincere in safeguarding the interest of all Malaysians but instead was only keen to secure his place in the party but did not know how and now is suspended.
Quigonbond: No kidding. When they say Umno no longer understands simple English or use it, they are actually right.
"Scapegoat" means being made sacrificial lambs, sacrificed. I doubt that's what Muhyiddin has in mind. I think he meant to say "congratulations for being USED by Najib".
It's a much more meaningful four-letter word. Actually do I really care Muhyiddin is removed? Not really. This is just one black snake eating another.
Roguekiller: Party information chief Annuar Musa, how long has Muhyiddin been vice-president and deputy president of Umno?
All these years has he displayed dereliction of his duties and yet able to assent to DPM, and why is it today you claimed he failed performing his duties and responsibilities; how and what he did not lived up to?
You have been years an Umno member and have not progressed for umpteen years, why? And can you, a junior, judge a senior's performance? Now, help the president what? Help him to steal discreetly until the coffer runs dry?
There are two big questions which your president cannot answer rationally, with logical proof of the RM2.6 billion and RM42 million planted in his personal accounts.
Don't you think it is nefarious and yet you want to be his accomplice in covering his misdeeds?
Lukesky: So according to the Umno constitution, you have to be yes man to whatever the president says and does regardless of your own thoughts and views.
And the president is beyond question and not open to criticism or advice. When did Umno become the Najib and Rosmah fan club?
I thought they prided themselves on fighting for the rights of ordinary Malays at large, not one self-proclaimed "Bugis warrior".
Citizen No.26: Muhyiddin did his duties but was not allowed to continue in cleansing the party for the good of his party. He did not want to be an accomplice complicit in the widely alleged scandals.
Instead of cleansing the party, the party leadership decided to cleanse him. What an irony. It is better than a South Korean soap drama. -Mkini

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