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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Zahid: Being acting Umno deputy chief is a responsibility, not a gift

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi regards the mandate given to him by the Umno supreme council on Friday, to execute the duties of Umno deputy president, as a responsibility.
In thanking the Umno supreme council for its confidence in him, he said he considered the post not as a gift but a new responsibility.
He said there should now be a new chapter in the country's political development, to leave behind the ambiguities and confusion of the past.
"In my opinion, these duties and responsibilities do not ignore any former figure or individual seen to be antagonistic, as this was a unanimous decision made by members of the Umno supreme council," he told a news conference after launching the National Anti-Drugs Day celebration in Taman Awam Lawas in Lawas today.
Last Friday, the Umno supreme council unanimously decided to suspend Muhyiddin Yassin as party deputy president with immediate effect and Zahid to carry out the responsibilities of the deputy president.
Zahid subsequently urged all members of Umno, the party that has been the backbone of BN, as well as members of BN component parties to close ranks as they gear up to unite for BN's survival.
He said he would also engage with former leaders in executing his duties.

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