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Sunday, February 28, 2016


So tell us the truth. The plot to oust Najib started in April based on the allegation that there is proof he had committed a crime. The charge sheet confirming that a crime has been committed was drafted after that. And the Special Task Force to investigate this crime and establish that a crime had indeed been committed was formed after that.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Azalina Othman Said, issued a press statement (which you can read below), which raised some very interesting points. And I say ‘interesting’ because much of what Azalina said Malaysia Today has already talked about, more than once, over the last few months since the second quarter of 2015.
If you can remember, Malaysia Today talked about the six Tan Sri who were involved in a conspiracy to oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Some have been punished while others did a U-turn and became stool pigeons and/or are sitting in purgatory nervously awaiting sentencing for their sins, not knowing whether they are going to go to heaven or hell.
Of course, every one denies that there is a conspiracy and that they are involved in that conspiracy. Some even had the gall to say that Malaysia Today is lying. But I did tell you many times in the past, it may take a year or it may take five years, but even if it takes ten years, eventually Malaysia Today is vindicated and what we say gets proven in the end.
As they say, justice may be delayed but it can never be denied. Even 500 years later people who were excommunicated by the church are rehabilitated. So, in the end, the truth is revealed and the lies are exposed. That is how karma or the will of God, or whatever it is that you believe in, works each and every time. And yesterday Muhyiddin’s karma caught up with him when he unwittingly confessed to a crime he had earlier denied.
And in doing so, Muhyiddin, in the same breath, also admitted that a conspiracy to oust Najib did, or does, exist. So can we now hear once more from all those Pakatan Harapan cyber-troopers, the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign), and those skeptics about how Malaysia Today spins lies and half-truths with no evidence to back up what we say?
You want evidence we will give you evidence. And the evidence is in what Muhyiddin himself admitted, which Azalina has very articulately presented point-by-point (minus my normal cheong hei) as any competent lawyer of her calibre would do.
I really need not expand further on what Azalina presented as I would just be unnecessarily repeating what she said. What I do want to do, however, is to refresh your memory on the salient points thatMalaysia Today had already elaborated in great length and detail. And these salient points are that the charge sheet was drafted in May 2015, which means before the Special Task Force was even formed yet.
The draft of the charge sheet (which you can see below) was leaked to Sarawak Report for them to publish. When MACC was asked to explain how Sarawak Report came to be in possession of something that is protected under the Official Secrets Act, they said that the charge sheet is a forgery. They then lodged a police report to back up their story that the charge sheet is a forgery.
The police investigated this report and arrested a certain MACC officer. They then raided his office and confiscated his computer and found a copy of that charge sheet (which the MACC had denied its existence) in his computer. So the charge sheet did exist after all.
So, is this a real charge sheet or is it a bogus charge sheet? If it is a real charge sheet then why did MACC deny it? And why was it drafted before the Task Force was launched and before the investigation could even commence? And if it is a bogus charge sheet then why has no one been arrested and charged for this fraud? And why was it in the computer of that MACC officer whom they arrested?
Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal based their reports on this charge sheet. How did they come to be in possession of it and who was it who gave it to them (and convinced them that it was real)? ForSarawak Report and Wall Street Journal to base their reports on this charge sheet they were either told that it is genuine or they were a party to the fraud? Which one is it?
If the charge sheet is genuine how come it was drafted before the Task Force was launched and before the investigation could commence. And if it is bogus how come it was in the computer of a MACC officer who was arrested and who else is in this conspiracy and who gave it to Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal?
Actually, it really does not matter whether that charge sheet is genuine or bogus. Both ways it implicates various people in a conspiracy. And a conspiracy exists when two or more persons work in concert. You are then regarded as belonging to a body of persons planning to commit a crime and that is when the conspiracy comes into existence.
The point that is even more damaging is the part where Muhyiddin confessed that he secretly met the ex-AG, Gani Patail, who showed him the evidence. In fact, Malaysia Today had already revealed this long before Muhyiddin’s confession yesterday. So Muhyiddin is just confessing to what we already know and what we have already reported.
And the bottom line to this whole thing is that Muhyiddin, Gani, and a few others, four more Tan Sri included, were undoubtedly involved in a conspiracy to oust the Prime Minister using false charges and fabricated evidence. That is the long and short of it all.
Incidentally, Gani was asked about the alleged meeting that he had with Muhyiddin and he refused to comment. This is the second time one of his co-conspirators has fingered him. The first time was when the ex-Deputy Chief of the Special Branch, Hamid Bador, revealed, just like what Muhyiddin did, that Gani had discussed this matter with him. Gani was so angry he phoned Hamid and scolded him. And now, yet again, Muhyiddin has fingered Gani as being part of the conspiracy.
So the evidence is very clear. Muhyiddin started his attacks on Najib in April 2015. In May he met up with Gani to plan the charge sheet. After the charge sheet was drafted they needed to support that charge sheet so they formed a Special Task Force to launch their investigations.
And if this is not a conspiracy to fabricate evidence and to oust Najib on false criminal charges then I really do not know what is.
Muhyiddin has asked for the truth to be revealed. So has Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and so many others from the ANC and from the opposition Pakatan Harapan. Yes, we, too, want the truth to be revealed. So let us start with the truth about the charge sheet.
So tell us the truth. The plot to oust Najib started in April based on the allegation that there is proof he had committed a crime. The charge sheet confirming that a crime has been committed was drafted after that. And the Special Task Force to investigate this crime and establish that a crime had indeed been committed was formed after that.
Should it not all have been done in the reverse? And as they say in court, I rest my case, your honour.
Statement by Dato’ Sri Azalina Othman Said
27 February 2016
1. Former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today that he was briefed by the former Attorney General, when both were in office, about alleged criminal “proof” against the Prime Minister.
2. This is an admission that there was a high-level conspiracy to topple the Prime Minister, in what would have been a coup against democratic process and the decision of the people at the last General Election.
3. Firstly, the fact that a sitting Attorney General was privately briefing and sharing classified legal information with Tan Sri Muhyiddin, a member of Cabinet and UMNO member who clearly had vested interests, is not only unethical but also a breach of the Official Secrets Act.
4. Secondly, how could the Attorney General have had sufficient “proof” to charge the Prime Minister then, when an investigation had not even been launched.
5. Thirdly, is this the same “proof” that the Wall Street Journal referenced when it claimed to have seen confidential documents and used these as the basis to make all sorts of sensational allegations against the Prime Minister.
6. In any judicial system, anywhere in the world, there is a standard process that is followed. If there are allegations against someone, the lawful authorities conduct an investigation, and then – if they still have reason to believe a crime was committed – a charge sheet is drawn up.
7. But, in this case, a charge sheet was said to be drawn up in May 2015 – before the so-called Special Task Force was formed, before the investigation was started in June 2015, and certainly before the Prime Minister was interviewed in December 2015 by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. This proves that there was a conspiracy.
8. Based on his statement, Tan Sri Muhyiddin is also indirectly questioning the credibility of the current Attorney General and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
9. For the record, the sitting AG, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali, on 26th January 2016 cleared the Prime Minister of any wrongdoing regarding the donations. Under Article 145 (3) of the Federal Constitution, it is the AG’s prerogative to start, undertake or stop any proceedings involving offences. The discretionary power given to the Attorney-General under Article 145(3) is absolute and cannot be challenged or replaced by any powers, including the judiciary. So if any quarters are not in agreement with the AG’s action in handling a prosecution, they do not have any basis to challenge it. It is important to note that the AG’s decision was made after a detailed investigation from all angles on the report submitted by MACC.
9. So it seems that Tan Sri Muhyiddin was not only in breach of the Official Secrets Act, but was also complicit in a politically-motivated conspiracy to manipulate and abuse our legal system in order to overthrow a democratically elected Prime Minister.
10. Why only now is Tan Sri Muhyiddin making such a confession, just after he was suspended as the Deputy President? What is his hidden motive and agenda? Can his act be seen as abetting since he claims to have information on an alleged criminal act, but did not report to the authorities until today?
Dato’ Sri Azalina Othman Said
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

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