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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Who cares about the MIC?

Subramaniam has the temerity to say that he will not interfere in Umno’s internal affairs, but the question is can he interfere? Or can he even advise Umno on what it should do and not?
p ramasamy
By P Ramasamy
Whether the MIC respects or not the decision by Umno to suspend its deputy president, Muhyiddin Yassin, nobody really cares. MIC is a party that has lost all respect from the Indian community. It is simply surviving because of the lifeline thrown by Umno.
So, what is surprising about MIC coming out to support the decision by Umno?
The MIC president, Dr. S. Subramaniam, sounds pathetic when he justifies UMNO’s decision by saying that the party had its own share of suspensions and sackings in the past.
Hello, Subramaniam, did you sack the former president G. Palanivelu through a democratic process? Or was it done by “colluding” with RoS?
Some MIC members have taken the party and its president to the court. Let us wait for the D-Day!
The most number of sackings and suspensions in the MIC took place during the dark days of S. Samy Vellu, its president. Samy Vellu should be “credited” for being primarily responsible for reducing the party to its present state of zero-performance.
The MIC is a laughing stock of Malaysians!
It is a shame on the part of Subramaniam to say that he supported the decision of Umno to suspend the number two man.
While the MIC might not have the political clout to interfere into the affairs of Umno, he cannot say the same thing about Umno’s relationship with another component party.
It is because of the overt and convert interference of Umno that the BN component parties are so weak and miserable today. I challenge Subramaniam to deny this!
Umno, through its sheer arrogance and bullying tactics, has reduced political parties like MCA, Gerakan and MIC to nothing. Yet, Subramaniam has the temerity to say that he will not interfere into the internal affairs of Umno.
Can he interfere? Or can he even advise Umno on what it should do and not? Has he got the guts to do this?
He cannot even explain to the Indian public as to why the former president of the MIC, G. Palanivelu was removed. Was he removed because of a conspiracy between certain top MIC leaders and the RoS?
The question is: whether there was a conspiracy hatched to remove Palanivelu from the MIC? Subramaniam, for all his nonsensical utterances, has refused to answer the above question.
P Ramasamy is Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang.

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