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22 May 2024

Sunday, February 28, 2016



It's quite one thing to be ignorant and/or stupid. But it's quite another matter when one continues defending serially lying and defrauding, looting and plundering prime minister Najib around whom three murders have revolved, and who is now recognized as a pathetic dictator! CLICK HERE. It means you are an accessory to a great crime against humanity, and possibly, murder!

Najib and his Cabinet of thieves and looters have flouted the Constitution and laws, and no longer have any sense of ethics, morality or decency. First Najib dumped his questioning Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin. Next, he sacked the Attorney-General by lying to the citizens and the Agung about his "medical condition". Najib then deliberately and illegally disrupted Bank Negara Malaysia, PAC and MACC investigations into his lying claim that RM2.6 billion and another RM42 million and RM32 million that had been deposited in his personal bank account were "donations" from parties from the Middle East. He sacked and transferred out investigating officers, including those in the Special Branch, with the sole intention of covering-up for massive fraud involving 1MDB's funds.

Najib also lied when he said he did not personally benefit from that money, when in fact part of that money was used to buy votes and rig the 2013 general election. More than that, Najib is automatically guilty of massive corruption since he did not report to the authorities in 2013 those "gifts" of money to a government official, as required by law.

The simple fact is, Najib is guilty of misrule by defying our laws with impunity, using his Parliamentary majority to ride rough-shod over the Rakyat. There is no more rule of law in Malaysia, only misrule by the Nazi and fascist Najib and his Gestapo, headed by that thug and coward of an Inspector General of Police (IGP).

So, I say, GO FUCK YOURSELF, Najib, Keruak and MCMC! Winning the elections is one thing. But, if the on the morning after, you behave like a dictator, the citizens of Malaysia are no longer obliged to honour any social contract that normally exists in a civilized country. Keruak does not even have the balls to admit that Najib and he are pulling the strings at MCMC; instead, stupidly, he claims MCMC acted independently!

So, my fellow Malaysians, this is how you can access via your handphones, all those blogs and online news portals blocked by that selectively persecuting MCMC:

Can't access Sarawak Report and The Malaysian Insider?

Here's an easy way to get around Salleh Keruak's 'ban' of the sites.

1. Download Google Chrome.
2. After downloading Google Chrome, open it up and look for 3 vertical dots at the top right hand corner of your screen. Yes, that's the 'Options' button. Touch on that button.
3. You will see a list of options. Select 'Settings'.
4. Scroll down and look for 'Data Saver'. Select it.
5. The normal default setting is 'Off'. Slide the button to switch it 'On'.
6. Now you can access all the websites that have been blocked by Najib and Salleh Keruak - all the latest scandals, frauds and murders reports by Sarawak Report and TMI!

Is this legal you ask? The answer is YES.

How is it done? Simple. Data Saver by Google Chrome grabs everything off the internet (including Sarawak Report and TMI)  and compresses the data into a smaller size before sending it to you. Basically, Google Chrome is accessing these website from the US (where it's not blocked), saving up all the data on Sarawak Report and TMI and sending it to you.

This method of access will remain for as long as Salleh Keruak does not ban Google in Malaysia. Google is too big to ban in Malaysia as it will result in severe economic repercussions and retaliations by the US. Salleh Keruak is aware of how Malaysians can get around his ban. He is just hoping that we Malaysians don't know how to get around it and therefore remain stupid.

Forward this link to all your friends and contacts by email, handphone, Instagram, whatsapp, Facebook etc. Let the truth prevail!

By the way IGP, when are you going to investigate those ten or fifteen police reports that have been made against Najib? How can we believe that your are neutral if you pounce on yellow t-shirts and balloons and anything from the Opposition, but are selective about throwing the book at the greatest fraudster and fake in Malaysian history?

Donplaypuks® and side with dicktators like Najib and defend the indefensible, o' selectively persecuting and censoring MCMC, Keruak and IGP!

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