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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Yes, based on the new standards of the justice system where you need to prove your innocence, they will have to prove that all these allegations are not true. So we await that evidence and until and unless they can prove their innocence then we will have to assume in the meantime that they are all guilty as alleged.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
(Malay Mail Online) – PKR’s Rafizi Ramli today acknowledged Lembaga Tabung Haji’s (LTH) police report against him and said the complaint was filed because it is seen as an easier way to win a conviction instead of through a civil lawsuit.
PKR secretary-general said, however, that if he was wrong about the pilgrimage fund providing a nearly RM1 billion corporate guarantee to associate company TH Heavy Engineering Berhad (THHE), it was more appropriate for the matter to be raised in a lawsuit.
Earlier today, LTH confirmed lodging a police report on the matter and said it did so to protect the interest of its depositors and uphold its reputation. It also challenged the Pandan MP to reveal the name of the bank that allegedly approved the loan to THHE and the purported corporate guarantee letter from LTH.
So it looks like Rafizi Ramli is now shaken somewhat. Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) has made a police report against him regarding his allegation. And Rafizi feels that in the event he was wrong and had made a false allegation then TH should sue him instead. In other words, TH should confine this to a civil suit rather than treat it as a criminal case.
It is actually entirely up to TH how they wish to seek justice. Rafizi has made an allegation against them. TH says that the allegation is false and so they made a police report. So TH will now leave it to the police to investigate the matter and Rafizi will have to clear himself by showing the police whatever evidence he has to support his allegation.
Assuming Rafizi does not really have any evidence to support his allegation then his goose is cooked. Or even if he does have the evidence but he cannot prove that the evidence is not a fabrication (or has not been tampered with) then his goose is also cooked. And if Rafizi does have the evidence and he can prove that it is genuine and has not been tampered with, he will also have to prove that by revealing how he obtained it. If not, then TH can just claim that the evidence is a fake and has been fabricated (or has been tampered with and is not the true copy of the original document).
Can you see how TH has got Rafizi over a barrel? The onus is now on Rafizi to clear himself or else he would be facing criminal charges. And considering this is not his first offence but he has been habitually doing this so many times the court may not go easy on him.
You see, if TH chooses a civil suit and even if Rafizi loses, the implications are not as great as him losing  a criminal case where he faces the risk of losing his parliament seat and of getting barred from contesting the next general election. And if he goes to jail he may even face a ban on the next two general elections depending on how many years the jail sentence is.
So I think TH was rather clever in choosing criminal over civil action and I am sure even Rafizi himself admires this brilliance.
Actually, Rafizi wants TH to prove that the allegation against them is false. Rafizi alleges something against TH and he wants them to prove that it is not true. That is why he wants TH to go for civil action instead of making it a criminal case (because if he loses a criminal case his political career would suffer compared to losing a civil case — unless he is declared bankrupt in the process).
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Muhkriz Mahathir, and all those others in the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign), plus those from Pakatan Harapan, want Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to prove he did not steal RM42 billion and that 1MDB’s money has not all disappeared into thin air. They also want him to prove that the RM2.6 billion was not stolen from 1MDB.
In the beginning, all they wanted was for Najib to explain. The main complaint was that an allegation has been made but Najib just keeps quiet and he does not respond or jawab. So they want Najib to deny the allegation (which he had thus far not done) and explain what really happened (in the event he did not steal 1MDB’s money and that RM42 billion has not disappeared into thin air).
So eventually Najib did reply and he denied the allegation and he explained what happened. But then they called Najib a liar and said they do not believe him.
So Najib got various people in authority who were privy to the events to explain what happened and they said that the allegations against Najib are not true but are a pack of lies. But then Najib’s critics said, why are other people replying instead of Najib replying himself? Tony Pua of DAP even called Najib a nincompoop for getting other people to reply and for not replying himself.
But then Najib did reply and they called him a liar and said they do not believe him. So, when Najib replies they call him a liar and say they do not believe him, but when others reply they call Najib a nincompoop. And even if Najib shows the evidence they say that the evidence is fake and has been fabricated.
How do you deal with such people? My advice would be to just ignore them and treat them as barking dogs. There is absolutely nothing in the world you can say or do that will satisfy them. Whatever you may say or do they will still say you are corrupt, a crook, and that you stole RM42 billion of 1MBD’s money and that RM42 billion has disappeared into thin air.
So Najib should just make a police report and let the police investigate this matter and let all those who have made allegations against him prove that the allegations are true by showing the police the real and un-fabricated or un-doctored evidence.
If they still insist that they do not need to prove anything but instead Najib should prove his innocence and prove that the allegations against him are false, then everyone would need to do the same thing.
It will become the new standards of the justice system where you need to prove your innocence and not the accusers needing to prove your guilt.
So, an allegation has been made that Dr Mahathir stole between RM100-200 billion of Unmo’s money. Dr Mahathir would need to show the evidence that he has already returned that RM100-200 billion to Umno before he retired as the Prime Minister on 31st October 2003.
Dr Mahathir’s sons have been accused of becoming multi-millionaires/billionaires the dishonest/crooked way by abusing their position as Dr Mahathir’s sons. The sons would have to prove that this is to true and that they became multi-millionaires/billionaires because they have been saving their pocket money since primary school.
Muhyiddin Yassin has been accused of engineering a conspiracy to oust the Prime Minister through an unconstitutional coup in concert with various people, the gang of Tan Sri included. He is also accused of feeding Sarawak ReportThe Malaysian Insider, The Edge and Wall Street Journal confidential documents protected under the Official Secrets Act, plus feeding them fabricated/doctored documents in order to undermine the Prime Minister and sabotage Malaysia’s economy hoping that this will result in the Prime Minister’s downfall.
Muhyiddin has to prove that this is not true while noting that he has already confessed to this yesterday, plus noting that an act of sabotaging Malaysia’s economy is an act of treason and he can be charged with waging war against the Agong and therefore risks getting a death sentence if he is found guilty.
Yes, let them all prove that the allegations against them are not true just like they want Najib to prove that the allegations against him are not true.
There is also the allegation that the ANC was formed after the meeting of December 2014 and that RM2 billion was budgeted to finance the Anti-Najib Campaign plus to bribe various people including buying off at least 30 Members of Parliament and paying off various journalists and bloggers both locally and internationally.
There is also the allegation that the ANC met again in December 2015 after they had failed miserably to oust Najib and that they agreed to form a new party before the end of 2016 with a budget of RM3 billion and that this new party will challenge Umno in the next general election in 2018 and that if they win they will form a new coalition government with the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.
Yes, based on the new standards of the justice system where you need to prove your innocence, they will have to prove that all these allegations are not true. So we await that evidence and until and unless they can prove their innocence then we will have to assume in the meantime that they are all guilty as alleged.

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