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Monday, August 30, 2021

DAP and Chinese People : Read This Carefully



  • Opposition questioned Umno’s call for (RCI) about judiciary.
  • They  ask if ploy by court cluster to escape 
  • Amanah's Salahuddin questioned Zahid’s request 
  • “Is Zahid trying to save himself?
  • let him ask for all cases
  • PKR’s Maria Chin said Zahid  should not be entertained.
  • Haniff Khatri said (then) judge Hamid Sultan's revelations should be  included 

OSTB : My question is what does the DAP say? 

You can see through this ploy in an instant. It is nothing but an attempt at self preservation. 

If they can get an RCI started the next thing you know they will ask for a postponement of all "politically motivated cases". 

Mr Lim Kit Siang, what does Anwar Ibrahim say?

Anwar Ibrahim is quiet about this.

Khairy Jamaluddin has said that Zahid did support Anwar for PM. 

So did that other fellow.  Here is some old news:


  • KL  – Khairy says difficult to trust Zahid 
  • saying president “lied” on several occasions.
  • Khairy said Zahid “lie” to Agong about support (for) Anwar 
  • Last Oct he stated all Umno MPs supported Anwar as PM 
Obviously Zahid Hamidi supports Anwar.  For very obvious reasons.   
Mr Lim Kit Siang and the DAP also support Anwar.

Mr Lim, if Anwar becomes PM, will Zahid get his RCI? 

The DAP is dancing too close to the cliff edge. 

Chinese people better pay attention.

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