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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Thava’s alleged killer not a Bersatu Youth leader - report


Kota Bharu Bersatu division chief Mohamed Farid Mohamed Zawawi has denied that the alleged killer of the 64-year-old security guard Thava Sagayam is a youth chief at the division.

According to a report by Harian Metro, he said the suspect Noor Azhar Muhammad is no longer an active member of the party.

This came after Noor Azhar’s party election posters were circulated online following Thava’s death, linking Noor Azhar to the party.

However, Mohamed Farid reportedly said that while Noor Azhar did contest the divisional youth chief post, he did not win that contest.

“The Kota Bharu Bersatu youth chief is Mohd Ekhwan Mohd Hatta. Last year, that man did contest the Kota Bharu Bersatu youth chief post but did not win, but Ekhwan had won instead.

“We urged members of the public not the spread false news claiming that the man is the Kota Bharu Bersatu youth chief,” he was quoted as saying.

For now, Mohamed Farid said he is checking whether Noor Azhar is still a Bersatu member since he is no longer active in the party.

If it turns out that he is still a member and is found guilty, the party has the right to sack him.

Noor Azhar had allegedly assaulted Thava on Dec 29 last year at a condominium in Ipoh, Perak, where the latter worked as a security guard.

He reportedly attacked Thava after the guard refused to allow Noor Azhar’s child to use the swimming pool, which was closed at the time. The attack left Thava unconscious, and he died eight months later on Aug 27.

Noor Azhar was charged under Section 335 of the Penal Code in January for allegedly causing grievous hurt to Thava.

However, police have reclassified the case as murder following Thava’s death and are seeking a more severe charge against Noor Azhar. - Mkini

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