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Monday, August 30, 2021

MMA worried anti-vaxxers trying to bribe doctors, wants cops and MACC to act


The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) is worried about reported attempts by anti-vaccine individuals attempting to bribe doctors in order to obtain false certification that they have been fully vaccinated.

MMA president Dr M Subramaniam (above) said the police and MACC must look into the allegations.

"The MMA is deeply concerned over media reports on people attempting to bribe doctors to obtain vaccination certificates without receiving a vaccination.

"MMA takes a serious view of this matter and urges the authorities to investigate these claims.

"Those found involved should be charged under the anti-corruption laws," he said in a statement.

Subramaniam also reminded all doctors to uphold the highest ethical standards in their practice.

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations Malaysia revealed that it had been receiving complaints from members that they were being offered up to RM1,000 to falsify people's Covid-19 vaccination status.

It added that this was not only coming from people who are anti-vaccination but also those who may have yet to be vaccinated but need to travel urgently.

The Covid-19 vaccination certification is becoming more important as the government imposes less stringent restrictions on fully vaccinated individuals.

This includes interstate travel privileges for seeing spouses and children as well as the ability to dine in. - Mkini

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