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Foto Tarian Separuh Bogel Terbuka Di Segamat

"Hari Sabtu lepas, pada jam 8.30 malam, sebuah pusat membeli belah menjadi penganjur kepada majlis itu yang mana program tersebut memaparkan tarian separuh bogel.

"Difahamkan, penari-penari tersebut dijemput khas dari luar negara dan tarian separuh bogel ini telah disaksikan oleh hampir 500 pengunjung pasar raya terbabit.

"Apa yang dikesal, tarian itu turut ditonton oleh kanak-kanak kecil kerana penganjurannya adalah pada waktu cuti umum iaitu pada hujung minggu," katanya.

Menurut Firdaus, penganjurannya secara terbuka ternyata menyalahi tatasusila adat dan budaya masyarakat Malaysia kerana dilakukan di tempat terbuka dan kawasan tumpuan umum.

Peniaga-peniaga di pasar raya tersebut mengadu kepadanya kerana berasa kurang selesa dengan penganjuran majlis tersebut selain bunyi lagu yang dipasang terlalu kuat sehinggah menyukarkan mereka untuk berkomunikasi dengan pelanggan.

"Peristiwa ini secara jelas telah menghina agama Islam dan institusi Islam di negeri Johor.

"Tarian separuh bogel ala-ala padang pasir tidak boleh diterima rakyat negara ini kerana bertentangan dengan norma-norma masyarakat," katanya.

Beliau turut mendesak pihak berkaitan segera mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap pihak penganjur mengikut undang-undang yang sedia ada.

Kami percaya dengan tindakan tegas sahaja yang akan dapat menghalang perkara seumpama ini daripada berulang lagi pada masa hadapan," katanya. - Sinar Harian Online

Perhatian!!! Untuk Kaum Hawa Lihat Video..

PERHATIAN terutama kaum HAWA.. Saya mohon dan merayu kepada anda semua tengok video ni sampai habis.. Saya merayu, saya mohon.

Kepada kaum adam, sila tag/share/download dan bagi kakak, adik, mak saudara, saudara2 perempuan, kawan-kawan perempuan anda, isteri anda dan semua kaum hawa yang anda kenali supaya mereka lihat video ini.. Saya mohon saya merayu..

Ya allah, ampunilah dosa-dosa ibu kami, isteri kami, kakak dan adik perempuan kami, anak saudara perempuan kami, sepupu perempuan kami dan kesemua kaum hawa.. Ampunilah dosa-dosa mereka yang lalu.. Jauhilah kami semua dari seksa api neraka mu ya Allah...

VIDEO: Lucu, Pengantin tersasul, mas kahwin 300 Ringgit Jadi 3 Ringgit

VIDEO: Lucu, Pengantin tersasul, mas kahwin 300 Ringgit Jadi 3 Ringgit.. Tanyalah kepada sesiapa yang bergelar suami, pasti saat melafazkan akad nikah adalah antara saat yang cukup mendebarkan dalam diri mereka.

Lucu, Pengantin tersasul, mas kahwin 300 Ringgit Jadi 3 Ringgit
Lucu, Pengantin tersasul, mas kahwin 300 Ringgit Jadi 3 Ringgit
Apa tidaknya, hanya dengan lafaz ‘aku terima nikahnya’, si lelaki sudah bergelar suami, sekaligus mengambil alih tugas bapa si isteri.

Dek kerana itulah, ramai yang ‘tersangkut’ semasa lafaz akad nikah sehingga terpaksa mengulanginya sekali lagi.

Menerusi video yang kami kongsikan ini, seorang pengantin lelaki dari negara jiran, Brunei Darussalam berdepan dengan detik lucu apabila tersilap menyebut nilai mas kahwinnya sebanyak B$3 (disebut tiga ringgit) sedangkan jumlah sebenarnya ialah B$300. 

The Measure of Najib

I recently wrote an article menilai Najib. It was reproduced in Free Malaysia Today.  People send comments to FMT. I think most of the commentators don’t read the original article on my blog. They prefer instead to read the stylised FMT version. Accordingly most of the comments never debate the issues I raised but chose instead to violate my person.

 The points I raised were what made Najib a bad PM and what made him a bad FM. I was hoping for a more robust counter. Instead it’s the usual ad hominem attacks.

They are commenting on the article re-written and interpreted by FMT. They vent their anger. They asked who am I to assess Najib. They accused me of repeating what my tokongs say. Fortunately I am immune to that kind of insulting riposte.

So don’t be angry if I refer them as mental gnomes. These include the die-hard UMNO supporters and the uncle-tomming non Malay supporters.

No one can stop anyone from saying Najib is the best PM we have had thus far. I don’t have a problem with this belief. Please continue. Najib needs support from the pliant crowd. He has an army of apple polishers and media minders to ensure the hallelujah-ing from the balcony and the gallery keep on coming.  

But please accord me the freedom to also believe the opposite. And as to the claim that he is the best PM and the best FM, I can only suggest these people who make such claims, to have their heads examined by a psychiatrist.

Fortunately I know Najib more than most of these people. I make it my business to criticise Najib’s leadership.

When I say that Najib has failed as a PM, I put up my reasoning. When I say Najib fails as a Finance Minister, I also do the same. The rejoinder and retort to my statements would acquire more credibility if they are in the form of reasoned arguments.

Dismissing my arguments by snide remarks and sneering do nothing to advance the credibility of counter arguments. I know for a fact that my reasoning may not be sound, but unless they are demolished by reasoned counters and rejoinders, I will maintain my belief that Najib is the worse PM we have ever had. Politically, Najib has performed worse than Pak Lah according to Dr Mahathir.

So those pro UMNO and BN people, whether you love it or hate it, learn to accept the fact that the PM is mediocre.

Leaders provide leadership first.

They articulate first and clearly about the objectives and vision of this country. Do we want a country with 2 legal systems? One for the Malays and Muslims and the other for non Malays and Muslims. You don’t run a country like this unless some parts of Malaysia were ruled by another power for almost a century. Malaysia is not Hong Kong and Mainland China.

 Najib has failed to provide leadership to this country, give our country a clear vision and articulate the vision; he has failed to give content to this vision other than a smorgasbord of acronyms.

His grand vision of 1Malaysia has not found resonance with the people. No one understands what 1 Malaysia means. To Malay firsters, 1 Malaysia means Malaysia under Malay rule.

I have often asked this question; if the population of Malaysia were all Malays, there will still be differences. It’s the inability of this government that doesn’t know how to deal with the differences that is the crux of the problem.

Consider the economy of the Malays. For every single Ringgit earned by the Malays as a whole, 65 sen will go to the top 20%. I am not even sure if it’s even the top 20%- it can even be the top 1-2%. In that case, the majority of Malays will never accept and kowtow to that kind of arrangement.

The presence of 24% Chinese and 11 % others is both a bane and way out for the UMNO people. It’s an excuse to scare the rakyat from seeing the problem as it really is. Which is, the problems we have now with social relations, breakdown of political institutions, the mess with the economy is caused by leadership incompetence and bad management of the economy.

What are the threats to 1 Malaysia? The chief threat will be the unwillingness of the government to act tough. Najib hasn’t got the political will. You look at the government statistics on the population census, they clearly show that almost 90% of the towns have Malay majorities. So the reservations and objections to having local elections are misplaced and simply wrong.

The problems as I see it are two. One -UMNO cannot secure the confidence of the entire Malay community. Two, MCA cannot be depended on to secure Chinese votes.

Now, lets ask and answer honestly why MCA cannot get the confidence of the Chinese. Because the Chinese by and large see the MCA as a party driven by people who just want to secure businesses and contracts and the Chinese perceive MCA as a corrupt party. The Chinese reject MCA because they see it as a corrupt party. They are thus willing to reject MCA although it’s a 100% Chinese party. The Chinese know how to object against corruption and a party whom they see as being part of the problem.

So what do you have? You have the Chinese majority who are convinced they don’t want to be part of a corruption culture.

How is Najib’s lack of political will manifested? It is reflected by his romancing and flirtations with the various extremist pressure groups.  They appear to dictate the government's conduct.

Najib is just flirting with concepts without giving real commitment.

Where is our country going? The pro UMNO people and the uncle-tomming non-Malays are ignoring the fact that the Malaysia is fast becoming the sick man of Asia. What does it mean to be Malaysia? Investors are running away from Malaysia because they dont have confidence that the present government can handle good governance. The various financial scandals plaguing the Malaysia economy are making investors nervous about putting money into Malaysia.

Najib has failed as the finance minister. We shall elaborate on this further.  

Najib likes to demonstrate the soundness of the Malaysian economy by pointing out at the KLCI numbers. In his October 2014 Budget Speech, he likes to differentiate himself from his predecessor. Thus he starts by reminding the people that when he took office the KLCI was 884 points and in July 2014 after 5 years of taking over- the KLCI was 1892 points.

 What he failed to own up was during the very month he read the Budget in Parliament the index was 1855. Now in January 2015, it is 1750. The numbers are going down.

Public sector debt which is debt incurred by the government which consists of official debt as stated in the 2015 Budget, contingent liabilities which are loans taken by GLCs and other government owned businesses that are guaranteed by the government, financial letters of support which carry with them financial obligations or pure financing of projects which are not documented or not captured in any documents may well reach 80% of our GDP. I say may well because, the government is not forthcoming and transparent when it comes to owning up. I hope the FMT journalists can discern such nuanced argument. We are not sure for the simple reason, this government hides from us , its liabilities.

In 2014, the cumulative public debt is around RM570 billion. Contingent liabilities amount to some RM170 billion. That’s RM740 billion already. Add to this amount, the value of support letters carrying financial obligations and pure financing that are not documented- we can only assume to be another RM150 billion. That’s RM890 billion. Given an economy of slightly more than 1 trillion- we have a public debt level of almost 80%. This is a plausible proposition appreciating the fact that household debt has already reached 87% of GDP. We are a nation of debtors- the household and the government.

We may well be staring at a government which will be printing all the Banana tree money which I used to play when I was a kid.

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Hello Jack Ass

So many standard.
Which one do you folks belong?
The one that can enjoy and live in sin or the one where everything is sinful.
Religious Council are run by mentally sick ass who only knows how to bully the unconnected.


Rizab Antarabangsa Malaysia “Hilang” RM73.08 Bilion Daripada US$131.5 Bilion (2015) Kepada Hanya US$111.2 Bilion (2014) Sahaja :

 Sekarang ini negara Malaysia sudah pun melepasi tempoh 2 minggu pertama bulan januari 2015 yang mana merupakan tempoh yang sangat panjang sepanjang tempoh tersebut.

 Macam-macam berlaku kepada Malaysia. Berdasarkan semakan berita Semasa… rizab antrabangsa Malaysia telah jatuh sejumlah US$4.8 bilion bersamaan dengan RM17.3 bilion dalam tempoh 2 minggu sahaja.

Semuanya dek kerana tekanan yang begitu hebat dikenakankan terhadap akaun semasa dan nilai ringgit Malaysia selepas harga minyak berada pada paras yang kurang menyenangkan kepada kerajaan Malaysia pada ketika ini.

Rekod Rizab Antarabangsa Malaysia September 2014 Hingga Januari 2015?

Berikut adalah rekod rizab antarabangsa Malaysia :

Bulan September 2014 : Rizab Antarabangsa Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) : US$131.5 bilion :

Pada akhir tahun 2014 : US$116 bilion

Sehingga 15 Januari 2015 : Hanya tinggal US$111.2 bilion sepertimana yang diumumkan sendiri oleh Bank Negara baru-baru ini.

Dalam tempoh 3 bulan sahaja, rizab antarabangsa Malaysia telah “hilang” sebanyak RM73.08 bilion.

BACA SINI : Buat Loan Kereta 2013 (7 Tahun Max). Personal Loan 10 Tahun BNM Nafi, Julai 2013 Tetap Dilaksanakan!

P/S : jikalau sebelum ini, rizab yang Malaysia ada mampu membiayai 9.4 bulan import tertangguh, tetapi hari ini rizab yang sedia ada hanya mampu membiayai lebih lapan bulan import tertangguh sahaja.

SIRUL TIME BOMB: Will the Cabinet stand up to Najib & save Malaysia from another Altantuya trashing?

 SIRUL TIME BOMB: Will the Cabinet stand up to Najib & save Malaysia from another Altantuya trashing?
The Altantuya murder episode is truly disgracing Malaysia’s honour in the eyes of the global community. How long more must patriotic Malaysians endure this unending spinning of probably the world’s most brutal, heinous killing?
With the convenient escape of one of the highly trained VVIP bodyguards, Sirul, who has been sentenced to the gallows, Malaysia’s reputation now stinks even more. Yet the Cabinet seems to maintain such a deafening silence.
Do we Malaysians not realize that this Altantuya murder is bringing so much shame to our nation? Or are our appointed leaders sworn to the tale of the three monkeys – see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil?
Every turn and stage of the case development seems to become even more ridiculously strange that even Agatha Christie’s spine-chilling mystery murders cannot match. But our leaders seem to maintain a diplomatic silence as if this mother of all murders is a non-issue.
With Sirul holed up in Australia, and given the free press of the democratic Assuie nation, we can only expect a further trashing to our national reputation, honour and dignity.
Yet none of our political masters are seriously eager to save the name of the nation. Not even the Tun Dr.Mahathir, who is so gung-ho in rescuing Malaysia from poor leadership, has whispered a single concern for the country's reputation.
The crime being one of a non-underworld involvement or mafia-related killing, and the fact that we had a long nine-year Court case, the world has covered so much on its news rounds. The murder was many times speculated and even perceived to be linked to the corridors of power and yet we are unable to put the case to rest in a manner that the world can respect and salute our justice.
The powers that be and the political gravy train dependents will be held responsible for their failure to champion the deliverance of justice in the Altantuya case.
The many NGOs who claim to be the vigilant vanguards for the sanctity and glory of religion too should be asked, ‘why are you all so silent in this matter?’
Malaysians, let us come to terms with some fundamentals. This is not just a murder case. It has far reaching implications for our national pride and badge of honour.
We talk so much about suspected corruption. We fight so hard for custodial deaths. We do not hesitate to charge citizens and leaders for fabricated sex-sins. We even can go ballistic when growing-up youths get hugged in public.
We scream our lungs out for honour, dignity, pride, sanctity. We swing into immediate action hauling up citizens under concerns of treason, sedition and national security.
But why are all our leaders and Cabinet members and Members of Parliament so silent on the Altantuya case? Are we expecting that time will heal this crime and soon all will be forgotten? Or are we so afraid to rock any boat?
Some netizens even have the audacity to condemn any public concern for the growing disgrace that this murder case is earning Malaysia. And some media have conveniently gone 'on the minimum' in following up with the every twist and turn that keeps the mystery getting more intriguing.
Malaysian leaders have a duty and responsibility to come together to save the dignity and honour of this nation. Those not willing to marshal the powers that be to resolve and ensure that speedy justice is rendered are seriously guilty of the highest order of treason against the nation, its citizens and Rulers.
We must remember that when it comes to taking the life of a fellow human, the sin of ommission, sin of indifference and the sin of killing – all share the same premise before God.
Truly the failure to bring timely and speedy justice to the soul of the late Altantuya will hang like a millstone on the neck of the ruling political party coalition, Barisan Nasional; the judiciary; the police and MACC.
Worse, all of us Malaysians will be saddled with that global shame for a long time to come.
Well, if Malaysians fail miserably, hopefull the Australians, their civil society and political big-wigs will ensure that democracy prevails and justice is returned to Malaysia given their long tradition of 'without fear or favour' philosophy. – MAILBAG