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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Video: Kenapa Peguam Hisham Fauzi tinggalkan PAS


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According to Raja Petra’s latest Malaysia Today posting, the late BNM Governor, Tan Sri Jaafar Hussein was made a scapegoat
for the BNM foreign exchange speculation losses.
It partly explains why the Special Task Force enquiry on Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop yesterday was unusually short.
“(Tan Sri) Nor Mohamed, who is Khazanah Nasional Berhad deputy chairman, arrived at the finance ministry here at 3.25 pm today. He was seen leaving the compound about 45 minutes later.”
As star witness or the supposed accused in the case, there should be lengthy questions presented to him.
In two Mole columns in February 2017, the issue was touched:
The BNM annual report did not reflect the forex losses as an item but hidden in the balance sheet under deferred expenditure. The note explained:
“This represents the net deficiency arising from foreign exchange transaction in 1993. The government has undertaken to make good this deficiency as and when required to do so by the Bank.
Nevertheless, the Bank will amortised the amount outstanding over a period of 10 years commencing 1994.”
Deferred expenditure is a cost that has already been incurred, but which has not yet been consumed. The cost is recorded as an asset until such time as the underlying goods or services are consumed; at that point, the cost was charged to expense.
In currency speculation, the purchase of one currency as asset means liability in another currency. The net asset is practically zero.
Central bank accounts are different from regular banks and companies. Could the “net deficiency arising from foreign exchange transaction” mean losses from forex trading?
If that was the case, how could the loss be considered as assets not yet to be consumed?
Is this a misrepresentation of the true state of the accounts?
There RPK-alleged cover-up only confirm that Special Taskforce should not let up but recommend a major investigation into the matter.
BNM admitted to the losses in 1994. But who is supposed to be responsible?
(Dato) Murad claimed that there was no investigation done. Governor (Tan Sri) Jaafar (Hussein) took responsibility and resigned but he remained silent till his death.
Son-in-law, Dato Nurjazlan Mohamed claimed that Jaafar took the fall for the mistakes of others.
There was a news report claiming Jaafar was aware of the losses.
So why did Jaafar not act upon the initial losses and allow it to turn into a colossal loss?
Who was Jaafar covering for?
Dr Mahathir was asked before but he evaded the questions.
The mystery remain as to why he protected and promoted the rogue trader as he protected and awarded contracts to businessmen alleged to be his cronies.
Nor Yakcop should be suspended with immediate effect from all position in government!
Reliable high level sources claimed the country’s foreign exchange reserves were then virtually wiped out.
George Soros was just doing his job. He interpreted the books well. Who is really responsible?
Mahathir made a big deal out of the yet-to- lose 1MDB but is awfully quiet on the forex loss.
The gut feel says he gave an open license to gamble that by pass BNM Governor and MOF.
Sources said laws were amended so that no one prosecuted for this reckless act on public fund.
Advise is never trust a Keling. And a Keling should not be allowed to return as Prime Minister.
They are irresponsible, dishonest and manipulative. Full of lies and auta.

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If you are desperately trying to curry favour with America, in order to get off corruption charges, ‘dissing’ the President’s pal would appear not to be the way to go about it.
However, yesterday Prime Minister Najib Razak effectively branded Trump’s former advisor turned lobbyist, Healy Baumgardner-Nardone, a liar.
Press secretary, Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, issued this statement in response to the revelation that Baumgardner had registered her interest under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Unit), which is a strict requirement of all lobbyists working in the United States:
“Contrary to recent media reports and a registration statement, neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor government of Malaysia has instructed, appointed or contracted in any form with the Godfrey Group Ltd, the 45 Group or Healy Baumgardner-Nardone”
That is a comprehensive black and white denial, which implies that Baumgardner falsely registered receiving $250,000 within a series of complex and mysterious lies.
Over several documents, available for free online under FARA’s ‘quick search’ of Active Registrants, Baumgardner’s company, The 45 Group, makes clear and repeated references to the PR job she has netted from the Government of Malaysia, specifically naming Najib Razak and the Prime Minister’s Office in the process.
Has she been hoodwinked?  Is she really supposed to be promoting somebody else entirely?

US Official Documents 

Let’s examine the points that the Prime Minsiter claims are untrue.
In her basic Short Form Registration Statement, registered on 19th May, Healy describes herself as having one foreign client, which she calls ‘The Republic of Malaysia’.  She states that she has been hired via the Godfrey Group Ltd., which turns out to be a BVI company but with an address in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru, as established by opposition MP Rafizi Ramli, who outed the whole affair.
What for? “The 45 Group will assist the Republic of Malaysia via the Godfrey Group Ltd with government relations and public relations services”.  
Healy later elaborates in the form: “The 45 Group will assist the Republic of Malaysia via the Godfrey Group Ltd with arranging meetings between U.S. government officials and Malaysian officials in support of strengthening relations between the U.S. and the Republic of Malaysia. The 45 Group will also assist the Republic of Malaysia via the Godfrey Group Ltd with coordinating public relations outreach in support of such efforts”.
'The Republic of Malaysia'
‘The Republic of Malaysia’
Malaysians might wonder why it is that they maintain an expensive Embassy in Washington, which is officially tasked with just these duties, if Healy is now to be hired as well?  Except, of course, few will have failed to have developed a suspicion that this is more about boosting the image of the Prime Minister and arguing his case with the US Department of Justice, which is at this very moment examining money laundering offences committed by himself and his son Riza in the United States.
This assumption is strengthened by a second Document, the full Registration Statement, which cites the Office of The Prime Minister as her principal client via the shadowy Godfrey Group with the purpose of “strengthening the U.S. – Malaysian relationship”.
For performing these “Government Relations Services” Healy goes on to state on the same form that she received a payment on May 9th of $250,000 from the Godfrey Group
Has Healy simply dreamed all this up?
Registration form
Registration form
No mean payment of over a million ringgit on behalf of GOM -
No mean payment of over a million ringgit on behalf of GOM –
Proceed to Exhibit A in her registration, where she again states the Government of Malaysia and the Office of the Prime Minister as being her clients ‘via the Godfrey Group’ and then goes on to name Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak as the “Official with whom the registrant deals”:
Najib named as the official with whom Healey deals!
Najib named as the official with whom Healey deals!
Later in the same form Healy again repeats on a number of occasions the very same information about the aim of strengthening Malaysian – US relations and then goes on to be even more specific.  She will be “arranging meetings between US government officials and Malaysian officials and advocating on strengthening relations between the US and the ‘Republic of Malaysia”.
Arranging meetings....
Arranging meetings….
Does Najib and his press team really think that they can convince Malaysians that all this documentation registered by Healy Baumgardner is a series of big fat lies?
Which leads one to question why the Prime Minister is so anxious not to be caught out blatantly hiring an access monger so closely linked to President Trump? Did Najib imagine that by hiring Healy via a BVI company he could somehow circumvent the requirement for her to state her ultimate client and the person on whose behalf she would be lobbying in Washington DC?
This would seem to be the obvious conclusion to make, in which case Najib was badly advised and badly advised also to keep on digging himself into a deeper hole by denying it all now.

Healy Baumgardner

Healy Baumgardner had a career PR before joining the Tump campaign as a Senior Press Representative, a post from which she resigned in September 2016.  Her greatest claim to fame in that position was a car crash TV appearance, in which she found herself unable to defend Tump, who had appeared to praise North Korea’s Kim Jong-un for “taking out” (arbitrarily executing) various members of his family and administration.

Now that Healy has taken on the equally tough job of defending a world class kleptocrat behind the scenes, she should be just as wary of the dangers. Has she, for example, checked the origin of the money with which she is being paid by the shadowy and mysterious Godfrey Group from the BVI?
Frank White faced similar denials and pulled out!
Frank White faced similar denials and pulled out!
And has she done any homework at all on the background of immense scandal surrounding 1MDB and the criminal investigations currently on-going into her client and his family in ‘The Republic of Malaysia’?
For information she might do worse than pick up the phone to a predecessor linked to the Obama administration, who likewise got caught up in the blandishments and big money offers by Malaysia’s PM, Frank White.
Frank White also registered a FARA relationship with Najib Razak and 1MDB and on that occasion also Najib denied it. Within weeks of Sarawak Report exposing his role back in 2014 White had prudently severed all relations and closed down a half billion dollar investment fund also linked to Malaysia, Aabar and 1MDB.  His consolation appears to have been that he kept a $69 million managment fee in the process.


Coffee product with Tongkat Ali recalled in the US

The instant coffee which is said to contain three herbs has been voluntarily recalled by its distributor following the reported death of a consumer.
coffee-fdaPETALING JAYA: An instant coffee distributor in the US which claims to have extracts of the stimulating tonic plant Tongkat Ali in its product has voluntarily recalled its “natural herbal coffee” following the reported death of one of its consumers.
According to an announcement on the website of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on May 25, Caverflo.com was recalling all lots of its Caverflo Natural Herbal Coffee packaged in 25-gramme foil packs.
“FDA laboratory analysis confirmed the presence of Sildenafil and Tadalafil which are the active ingredients in two FDA-approved prescription drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED),” the announcement said.
“Caverflo.com has received a report of an individual death after use of the coffee,” it said, adding that the merchandise may also contain undeclared milk.
“These undeclared ingredients may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs, such as nitroglycerin, and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels,” it said.
The product, distributed to consumers in the US, was used as a “male enhancement”, the announcement said.
It added that the company was also notifying its customers by email.
“Consumers that have Caverflo Natural Herbal Coffee which is being recalled should stop using/discard/ and contact their doctor,” it said.
A check by FMT found the contact listed for the product as bearing a Malaysian mobile number. However, there was no response when attempts were made to call the number.
In its report yesterday, STAT, a US-based online news publication, identified the distributor and owner of the website as Dallas-based truck driver Brian Richardson.
It quoted Richardson as saying he had no idea the supplement was tainted. On his site, he had advertised the product as “an absolutely all herbal beverage containing instant coffee and three herbs,” including Tongkat Ali, the report said.
“The FDA is making it like I’m some super manufacturer of this stuff when I just bought like 50 packs of it from the corner store and I said, ‘Well I can sell it somewhere else on the other side of town.’ And now it’s led to this,” he was quoted as saying.
He also reportedly said he did not repackage the product in any way, and that he knew the man who died but did not believe the coffee caused the death.
The STAT report said the distributor’s website mentioned that people with heart conditions should always consult a doctor before beginning any “regiment”, but added that the product will not have any toxicity.
The site also included a standard disclaimer noting that the product has not been evaluated by the FDA and was “not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease,” the report added.
On its homepage, Caverflo.com describes the product as combining instant coffee with natural aphrodisiacs. “This way, people can enjoy their favourite drink while simultaneously addressing a sexual let down,” it says.
It says the three herbs it contains – Tongkat Ali, maca and guarana – grow wild in the jungles of Malaysia and have been used for centuries by the people of Asia and South America to improve sexual health, libido, and overall wellness in men and women.
“The combination of these ingredients produces an awesome effect that can last up to 3 – 4 days per 1 pack, with phenomenal results!” it says.
“For most just a couple of teaspoons in your ‘hot cup’ of water is enough to feel the full effects, for all others use just one half of the package. You should see results in around 15 minutes,” it adds. -FMT

To win, Harapan needs a credible candidate for PM

YOURSAY | ‘Wanting Anwar to be PM is one thing. But is it realistically possible with him in jail?’
Appum: “Win, win, win” is the main criterion for Pakatan Harapan. Can you win just by organising an attempt to get all Harapan leaders on stage to hold up placards endorsing jailed PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as the seventh prime minister?
It's a childish political stunt, a typical "syiok sendiri" display of false hope.
Like what Wong Chin Huat has said here, it is true that the main thrust of the appeal to the rakyat is to show what qualities Anwar represents, and what reforms former prime minister and Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Harapan will implement specifically if the people give them the vote.
What changes shall we expect to see once Harapan comes into power?
We need a united platform and serious reform promises to show that Harapan is a capable alternative to Umno-BN.
We need a serious and united Harapan platform that can gain the people’s faith and trust, to convince them that the leaders of Harapan can really bring the changes that the people want and desire.
Harapan needs a capable leader to convince the people to give them that win. Therefore, Harapan, there are two main actions you must take.
Firstly, you have to plan for a convincing win. You have to use all your talents and political skills to come out with that kind of plan.
Secondly, you have to reassure the people that after winning, you have the right leadership to bring about that change. Your promises must be sincere, realistic and close to what the people want, not what Harapan wants.
The perception of your ability to rule as promised is a great assurance to the people. In order for this to happen, Harapan cannot project an image of in-fighting and inter-party selfishness.
If Harapan cannot show an ability to settle differences internally, how are you to run a nation fraught with so many sensitive problems?
All For It: Wanting Anwar to be PM is one thing. But is it realistically possible with him in jail? Can someone be PM without being an elected candidate to Parliament?
Perhaps anything is possible with Malaysia. But I agree with what former law minister Zaid Ibrahim said about getting Mahathir to take up the PM role again.
The only person strong enough, notwithstanding the age factor, to go up against Najib is Mahathir. Action needs to be taken now, and we cannot wait for Anwar to be free.
Headhunter: If anyone asks me if Anwar is qualified to be the next PM, my answer is a definite "yes"!
But the situation right now is that Anwar is in jail and for all intents and purposes, designating him as the next PM is impractical.
To be PM, Anwar would first have to win a parliamentary seat. The process of freeing him from jail and getting him to win a parliamentary seat is not a done deal and will take quite some time to complete.
So, the best option is to get someone who is able to pull votes for the opposition to win the next election. As to who should be appointed, the choice can be narrowed down to only one person, Mahathir.
Like most of you, I am no fan of him but changing the government should be the first priority. Think carefully, all these will become irrelevant if the BN is returned to power again.
With all these shows of ego and infighting within the opposition ranks, Najib would win the next election if he called for it today.
No Nonsense: PKR is right to propose Anwar for the PM’s post. In fact, he is the proper and most qualified choice under the prevailing circumstances, but whether it materialises depends on the results of the elections.
Similarly, other parties too can propose their own candidates and leave the choice to the people. Whoever gains the most seats shall decide who should fill the PM’s post.
The idea of a ‘seat-warmer’ PM and reserving the post for Anwar or any other person will not go down well with the people.
Watch Out: PKR seems uninterested in listening to public opinion. It is clear, from all the conversations and polls that are going on, that Mahathir is the best candidate and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is a thousand miles from ever being the first female PM of this country.
Can Malaysians, who are actually going back in time, accept a woman as PM? In a Muslim country?
Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli was always right in most things he says, but his immediate rebuke of Zaid's comments was uncalled for. I am sure that DAP and Amanah had no choice but to raise placards for Anwar as PM, as they did not want to rock the boat.
Just a Malaysian: Every journey begins with a single step. After so many years of abuse by Umno, the damage can only be undone slowly. Detractors try to point to the futility of all effort as a reason not to even start doing anything.
I have deep respect for leaders in Amanah. Their principles in fighting for a clean government and the universal good values of Islam is unwavering. Amanah president Mat Sabu and team should be considered for the top position.
Mosquitobrain: Harapan can propose prospective candidates for the premiership. Let us be honest with ourselves, Harapan presently needs an experienced, vocal, visionary, pragmatic and influential leader to lead them into the 14th general election (GE14).
What is the rationale behind the naming Anwar as prime minister while he is serving a jail sentence and unable to be physically involved in GE14?
Do not turn it into an internal squabble. And do not let your guards down. Your enemies are watching.

Harapan should stay focus and plan how to face Umno-BN in GE14. Do not count your chickens before they hatch!- Mkini

Tukar tayar berjemaah akibat terlanggar lubang besar di Pasir Gudang Johor

DIFAHAMKAN 8 buah kereta terpaksa menukar tayar secara berjemaah selepas dikatakan terlanggar sebuah lubang besar di salah sebuah jalan yang tidak dibaiki dan dibiarkan rosak oleh pihak berkuasa di Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Pengirim turut berkongsi beberapa keping gambar dan sebuah video yang merakam suasana ketika mereka sedang menukar tayar secara beramai-ramai di lokasi tempat kejadian.

"Tukar tayar berjemaah disebabkan lubang besar di hadapan Titan Pasir Gudang. Mohon sebarkan," tulis admin Peon JB di facebook.

Kiriman itu menerima pelbagai reaksi orang ramai. Ada yang mempertikaikan kerajaan kerana banyak mengutip cukai namun jalan berlubang dibiarkan sahaja.

Ada juga yang mempertikaikan slogan politik Muafakat Johor dan Sejahtera Pasir Gudang.

"Slogan nak best, Muafakat Johor lah, Sejahtera Pasir Gudang lah, tapi bab jalan sejahtera apa? Semua pundek, MPPG (Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang) tidur," tulis Muhammad Nur Muhammad Syed.

Mohd Hafiz Raslan pula mempersoalkan ke mana hilangnya YB Normala Binti Abdul Samad yang merupakan Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional Pasir Gudang yang sebelum ini didakwa bukan main ingin menjadi hero berkaitan isu asap hitam.

Tidak ketinggalan memberikan ulasan ialah salah seorang sahabat kita yang pernah kemalangan akibat jalan tersebut sebelum ini.

"Aku pernah eksiden Jalan Pasir Gudang ni, hanis jahanam gigi aku," tulis Shah Aziz. Tajudin Husaini pula mendakwa beliau pernah terlibat kemalangan di jalan tersebut sehingga terjerumus ke dalam gaung.

Masaalah jalan teruk dan berlubang di daerah Pasir Gudang Johor Bahru sudah disuarakan berulangkali, namun sampai ke hari ini tidak ada langsung tindakan pihak berkuasa.

Malah sudah ramai yang menjadi mangsa terjatuh akibat terlanggar lubang yang tidak dibaiki, terutama penunggang motosikal yang berulang-alik melalui jalan tersebut untuk ke tempat kerja.

Sebelum ini salah seorang sahabat kita yang baru sahaja terjatuh akibat terlanggar lubang di kawasan Pasir Gudang, jatuh sekali lagi tidak sampai 300 meter dari tempat jatuh yang pertama.

Akibatnya kepala beliau cedera teruk, wajahnya berlumuran darah. Rujuk link berikut.

Apapun luahan orang ramai, aku percaya pemimpin-pemimpin Umno dan Barisan Nasional di Johor terutama di Pasir Gudang khasnya, akan terus buat bodoh macam selalu.

Sudah berpuluh kali mungkin beratus kali isu ini dibangkitkan di media sosial, dah ramai yang menjadi mangsa kemalangan akibat kegagalan pemimpin BN menyelesaikan masalah jalan berlubang. Namun mereka tetap seperti biasa, 'buat bodoh'.



The survey which claims that the rakyat want former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the alternative PM, must have sent shivers down your spine.
More importantly, it sent shivers down Najib Abdul Razak’s spine. That is NOT good news, for the PM.
So what does someone in Najib‘s position do? One way of destabilising an adversary, is to destroy what he built. In this case, it is Proton. Mahathir’s baby!
What a hypocrite! Last June, Najib said that with Mahathir’s interference out of the way, Proton can soar to new heights!
Now we know. Proton is sold off and the taxpayer who has been subsidising Proton all these years, will not see one sen of the sale.
Proton is sold. Former PM, Dr Mahathir is sad. Some of you are happy that Mahathir is sad. Many of you are happy that Mahathir’s brainchild is gone.
Gloat all you want, but you cannot ignore his other message, which is to ask why the rest of Malaysia is also being sold-off to foreigners? The real estate. Big industries. Islands. Bits of rocky islands. Sand. Landed property. Jetties. Heavy industry. Timber. Whole cities. Airports, Ports. That should also be the focus of your worry.
At the other end, is the influx of foreign labour. In some areas, the locals complain that they cannot get jobs, because foreign labour is preferred. Unscrupulous employers exploit the foreign workers, brought in by people connected to our political leaders. Migrant worker imports is BIG business.
Many migrant workers have no EPF, low wages, no insurance, no SOCSO. If they get an injury at work, the reaction is “Tough. Too bad”. In some cases, the foreign workers return in a box, from a whip-round at work. I know that a few, had to be buried in Malaysia, because the employer cannot be bothered to find out who their family members are, and inform them of the death of their relative.
So, don’t gloat too much, because Mahathir’s successor is selling-off Malaysia, bit by bit. That is the real danger which some of you seem to ignore. You gloat, because you despise Mahathir so much, and you end up ignoring the bigger picture….well some of you at least!
Did you think Proton’s unsuccessful business model and heavy dependence on taxpayer’s money only happened recently, or over the last year? No!
The ministers, including Najib, were given Proton cars when they were ministers. They would not be seen dead in them otherwise, so why did they not stop political interference in their time, under Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi.
They are vocal now. Typical! Why did not protest during Mahathir’s time, that Proton was just Mahathir’s vanity project?
Why did Najib and his peers, appear in photo shoots beside their new Protons? Why did they agree loans for civil servants to acquire these car? Why did they promote it, ignore the safety features, ignore the complaints about windows not winding properly, or that the door seals were leaking?

They kept quiet because they were enjoying the perks. They were praised by kampung folks for giving them an affordable car. Whilst these leaders basked in the glory, they ignored the provision of an efficient transport system.
These are the HYPOCRITICAL leaders who when Mahathir was PM, wanted to suck up to him, and said NOTHING about Proton being bad.
I have been Mahathir’s critic since day one, but will you at least look at the bigger picture and acknowledge that Mahathir’s fears, about Malaysia being sold-off to foreigners, is real?
Acknowledging is one thing. Doing something about it is another.
Many of you are reluctant to approach your MP to voice your displeasure at the way things are done and at how our country is governed.
So will you at least go out and get registered to vote? Then, when Najib announces the date for GE-14, will you go out and VOTE?
Don’t tell us that the Opposition are useless. Yes. They could improve, but saying “Opposition blardy lousy” is a pathetic reason not to vote.
Aren’t you concerned your vote will be stolen or used by a migrant worker or illegal immigrant?
Do you prefer to be ruled by kelptocrats who steal taxpayers’ money and use race and religion to shaft you?
Today, Proton is sold-off. Tomorrow more of Malaysia will be entered into the “Mega Malaysia Sale of the Century”.
One day, you may wake-up and find that Malaysia is no more,  but is the latest colonial outpost of a greater super-power.
Old name, Malaysia. New name. MalayXia
– https://www.mariammokhtar.com