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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gov't must license and monitor confinement centers

In 2016, Chew Mei Fun, the then deputy minister of Women, Family and Community Development said that post-delivery confinement care centres that did not offer medical facilities must register with the Welfare Department or risk being shut down.
However, the confinement centres were never licensed under the said ministry.
In recent years, the postnatal industry has boomed in Malaysia with packages costing up to RM40,000 for 28 days of the post-partum period.
However, there have been complaints, among others, of substandard services provided by the confinement centres which resulted in serious medical complications for the mothers and infants.
These complaints were then resolved in private between the confinement centres and the mothers. What remedies were available to the mothers? Who could the mothers turn to in the case of disputes or mishaps?
A check on the Department of Social Welfare’s website shows there is a list of registered child care centre divided into states and district. However, the list does not contain confinement centres.
Under Child Care Centre Act 1984, “child care centres” mean any premise at which four or more children under the age of four years from more than one household are received to be looked after for reward.
Obviously, confinement centres do not come under this definition of “child care centre”. In that case, the then deputy minister’s statement does not make sense. Therefore, the ministry is unable to take legal action against the bad confinement centres.
Midwives and nurses are required to be registered under Midwives Act 1966. Under the said Act, a "midwife" basically means a person who takes care of pregnant women from the beginning of the pregnancy until the end of the puerperium (about six weeks after childbirth) together with the care of their infants during the neonatal or newborn period.
Whilst "nurse" means a person who is registered as a nurse in accordance with any written law. In other words, the Midwives Board or Nursing Board may take disciplinary action against midwives and nurses who work in confinement centres.
The contracts signed by mothers and the confinement centres will detail out the remedies available for new mothers. Therefore, new mothers need to read and review the contractual terms carefully before signing off their crucial recovery period into the hands of these confinement centres.
Apart from these contractual terms, the mothers can lodge complaints against particular midwives or nurses to the Nursing Division, Ministry of Health based on laws, regulations and codes of professional conduct.
Considering there is no avenue for the mothers to complain with regards to confinement centres, I appeal and urge Deputy Prime Minister cum Women, Family and Community Development Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to study this lacunae, draft new laws or amend existing laws to monitor the confinement centres and to protect mothers and infants before any unfortunate event happens. -Mkini

Amla is the new ISA, claims Umno leader

The government of Dr Mahathir Mohamad is using the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (Amla) as the "new" Internal Security Act (ISA) to stifle political dissent, alleged Lokman Noor Adam.
The Umno supreme council member said this in a statement today, condemning the arrest of former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak by MACC earlier this evening.
"The latest charges come after Najib presented evidence that almost US$1 billion were gifted by the Saudi Arabian government and king.
"This shows that the Amla is being used as the new ISA to stifle political dissent, by the cruel Mahathir and DAP regime.
"Through Amla, anyone who has received Umno funds from (Najib's) Ambank account, can be charged under the act and be exposed to threats," he claimed.
Earlier today, it was reported that following Najib’s arrest, he is expected to be charged tomorrow over the RM2.6 billion found in his account.
Authorities have claimed that the funds originated from 1MDB but Najib has maintained that it was given to him by Saudi Arabian donors.
Amla is also being used by Mahathir to kill the "people's uprising", especially from Umno, said Lokman, who is also the president of NGO Pemantau Malaysia Baru.

"When someone is charged under Amla, the prosecutor does not have to prove that the accused had received illegitimate funds.
"Instead, it is up to the accused to prove that the funds received were not from illegitimate means. The question is, how can the funds (in this case) be considered illegitimate when it was approved by Bank Negara?" he asked.
According to Lokman, his NGO will hold two gatherings in solidarity with Najib. The first one will be at 9pm tonight in front of the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya, while the second one will be at 2.30pm tomorrow, outside the Jalan Duta Court complex, where Najib is expected to be charged. -Mkini

PAS splitting Malays since 1955, claims Dr M

PAS is splitting the Malay community with its political allegiance, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed today.
He said this in a blog post on chedet.cc titled "Why I am against PAS”.
To stress his point, the premier wrote about the time in 1955 when Perikatan, the then-alliance of Umno, MCA and MIC, won 51 of 52 seats contested in the first general election for the Federal Legislative Council, in what was then the British protectorate of the Federation of Malaya, while PAS only won one seat.
PAS leaders were sour about the election results and started to preach that those who work with the "kafir" (infidels), were infidels themselves, he said.
"Because Umno was working with the Chinese and Indians in Perikatan, PAS claimed that Umno was not Islamic.
"As a result, Muslim Malays who were not from PAS were considered infidels. This led to a bad split (within the religion)," Mahathir wrote.
Mahathir further alleged that the Malays were not split before PAS came along.
"Only when PAS was formed, did the Malays become divided into two rival factions. This very faction weakens the race, to the extent that PAS has to seek the “kafir’s" help.
"However, when PAS works with the 'kafir' parties, they claim it is on the basis of political cooperation.
“In fact, this is exactly what Umno did with MCA and MIC. Clearly, the Arab language is used to 'Islamise' PAS' cooperation with the 'kafir'," he wrote.
This was in reference to PAS leaders campaigning for MCA in the recent Balakong by-election.
Placing party above religion
The Islamist party also prioritises the teaching of its leaders and the party, over the religion's, he added.
"That is why, although the Quran says that Muslims are brothers, PAS members are willing to be 'enemies' with other Muslims, because of their leaders' teachings.
"This is why the Malay Muslims in the country are split until today. It is not the religion that splits the Malays, but PAS' politics.
"There are still many PAS members who hold steadfast to the party and its teachings, while the divide between the Malays widens. It will continue to happen as long as PAS misinterprets and misuse Islamic teachings.
"This is why I am against PAS," wrote the Bersatu chairperson. -Mkini

Suspected methanol poisoning deaths rise to 21 as more cases reported

PUTRAJAYA: Another six cases of suspected methanol poisoning have been reported in the Klang Valley, including two deaths reported in private hospitals, said the Health Ministry. This brings to 21 the total number of fatalities reported so far.
Meanwhile, analysis of three different brand samples collected had shown that only the Grand Royal Whisky was found to contain methanol and did not adhere to the Food Act 1983, it said.
The number of suspected cases reported at government health facilities as of 12 noon on Wednesday (Sept 19) stands at 55 - Selangor (48) and Kuala Lumpur (seven) - while the total cases from private health facilities could not be confirmed yet, except for the two who died, said Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.
"The number of cases is expected to increase when more patients seek treatment," he said in a press conference after the ministry's post-Cabinet meeting on Wednesday (Sept 19).
.It was earlier reported that as of Tuesday (Sept 18) evening, 51 cases of methanol poisoning had been reported in the Klang Valley, resulting in 19 men dead while 14 others were in critical condition.
Dr Dzulkefly said that the ministry, through the Food Safety and Quality Division has taken product samples for analysis.
The alcoholic drinks suspected were Grand Royal Whisky, Mandalay Whisky and King Fisher beer but currently, analysis from samples had shown that only the Grand Royal Whisky was found to contain methanol and failed to adhere to the Food Act 1983, he said.
It also did not adhere to the labelling requirements such as not putting the name and address of the manufacturer, importer or agent as required by the Food Regulations 1985, he said.
Dr Dzulkefly said that the Ministry is currently monitoring the alcoholic product and other brands that did not adhere to the law.
As of Wednesday, 291 bottles of alcoholic drinks of various brands had been confiscated, he added.- Star

Annuar: Umno members can’t support Anwar once party decides to contest PD

Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa says party members should not campaign for the enemy.
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa has warned party members against showing support for PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim once the party confirms its Port Dickson by-election candidate.
He said action could be taken against any member who supported a candidate of another party.
“If the party decides to put up a candidate to contest in PD, then it is a wrong thing to do, to campaign for the enemy. We need to abide by party rules,” he said at Umno’s headquarters today.
Previously, Padang Rengas MP Nazri Aziz and Shahidan Kassim had said they would support Anwar in the by-election.
Annuar said it was all right for members to say they would support Anwar for now as the party had yet to decide whether to contest the seat.
He said the support expressed was their personal view but once a decision was made for Umno to contest, everyone should toe the line.
Annuar also said they were waiting for party deputy president Mohamad Hassan to return from his vacation on Sept 23 before deciding on the by-election.
“We will announce if we will contest or not on Sept 24 after he comes back. But we have gathered views from the MPs,” he said. - FMT

Khairy the only one still talking sense, says Hannah Yeoh

Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin is the only Opposition member who is “talking sense” now, according to Women, Community and Family Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh.
Yeoh also said that she awaits Khairy's next move, following Umno supreme council member Anifah Aman’s decision to quit the party.
"People are waiting when will Khairy leaves the party. The other day, when there was a walkout in the parliament, only Khairy and Anifah stayed.
"We can see that (the duo) had different views from the rest. I am waiting for Khairy’s next decision to see what he is going to do.
"He is the only leader still talking sense now," Yeoh said when met at Putrajaya International Convention Centre for the National Women’s Day celebration.
Commenting on Anifah and Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamed's exit from Umno, Yeoh said politicians quitting or joining a party is something “normal”.
"If one’s (political) stance and agenda are different from the party’s, and the party is not able to change or has lost its direction, then many will quit," she said.
She said those who want to join Pakatan Harapan must remember that in the “new Malaysia”, they are not promised business contracts or political posts.
"Many Umno-BN supporters want to join Harapan.
“It's either they want to join us because of the same ideology or for the sake of power. They must think about that.
"In the new Malaysia, they don't get contracts and it's hard to get a position."
Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said Harapan has not received any applications from Mustapa and Anifah to join the party.
"The Harapan leaders have yet to discuss and there has been no application from them (Mustapa and Anifah),” she said. - Mkini

Police: Viral video of abused kid and man not in Terengganu

The video of a child abused by a man believed to be an Indonesian did not happen in Terengganu and has nothing to do with a recent police report lodged by a father who claimed that his three children had gone missing.
Terengganu Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Fazlisyam Abd Majid said the 1.07-minute video which had gone viral on social networking sites and WhatsApp, showed a boy being beaten and forced by a man to call his mother.
He said so far, no police report was received of any kidnapping incident in Terengganu and the report lodged by a father was a result of a misunderstanding that led his wife to take their three children away from home.
"The police have also called the father and he has confirmed that the child in the video is not his son," he said in a statement today.
Fazlisyam said that the police took seriously the irresponsible actions of some people who shared the video, reminding the public not to easily believe what they see on social media as there can be incorrect information transmitted.
- Bernama