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Nasi Lemak & Kopi O comment on new cabinet

The big story will be the dropping of Tan Sri Muhyiddin. There is already voices equating it with past dropping of Tun Musa Hitam and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. One such voice is Cilisos website here.

One can read Muhyiddin's press conference yesterday in the Mole here.

By evening, there was a big hurrah in the social media over a viral video of Muhyiddin in conversation with Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and Dato Mukriz Mahathir. Frankly, what was said in the 53 second clipping was not anything new and consistent with myriad of sources but there is more than just that. 

Other than Muhyiddin's sacking, there have been many interesting observations and chats heard on the new cabinet. But, missing among the comment is the new cabinet is filled with Tun Abdullah's people after Najib was seen at Pak Lah's open house. Was it to teach Tun Dr Mahathir a lesson?

With his people in, Pak Lah's voice could suddenly be heard. As MMO report here, "Act fast and sort out 1MDB mess, Pak Lah tells new cabinet." 

One immediate accusation by the critical observer is that cabinet reshuffle was a 1MDB cover-up. Four members of PAC was appointed Deputy Ministers and together with new appointments for positions of Attorney General, it was presumed as interfering and delaying the investigation on 1MDB.

As of yesterday morning, viral in the social media were new blogs exposing wrongdoing of Tan Sri Zeti's husband and call for her resignation. Also mentioned were Dato Shukri of MACC.

There is a blog posting reporting on investigation on few personalities for alleged leakages by Special Branch. Since when do SB do criminal investigation?

Quite sure there will be those speculating that yesterday's fire at Bukit Aman was attempt to destroy evidence.

So much for rumours.

Nothing serious also, we would like to make passing comment on the new cabinet. Nothing in depth and serious, just comments over Nasi Lemak and Kopi O:

Finance Minister portfolio remained with Dato Najib. We've been hoping he relinquish the MOF position to someone. It's quite a burdensome position.

Was thinking it would have been better to bring in Dato Wahid Omar as MOF II but it's Najib's call.

Good decision to bring in Dato Johari Gani as Deputy to replace Dato Ahmad Maslan.

The talk of Dato Ahmad Zahid to be appointed Deputy PM over Dato Hishamuddin have been making it's round but the timing is a surprise.

It would have been a better choice to have lawyer like Dato Wan Junaidi as Zahid's Deputy in the Home Ministry. Maybe the purpose is different this time.

With many police and securities people around, Home Minister could be the right place to freeze Nurjazlan's loud mouth shut.

Just kidding. It's just not about 1MDB, ok?

At the PMO, one see the return of Dato Azalina Md Said.

Sure she is tainted but by next election, one can see the return of Ronnie Liew. Hopefully she has repented from her past ways.

Transport remain the same people.

Heath also.

Tourism see the entry of Ketua Puteri UMNO, Datuk Mas Emieyati as Deputy. She is one of the former PAC member. Heard to have strong views.

Defense still same people.

Dato Hishamuddin should be moved on to other strategic positions to prepare him for the future.

Only change is transfer of Datuk Johari Baharum from PMO as new Deputy.

One of two Kedah MB Dato Mukhriz's political nightmare moved up.

MITI have two interesting addition.

The role of trade must be bigger that a Minister II position created for Datuk Ong Ka Chuan. His brother Dato Ong Ka Ting had a role as Special Ambassador to China. Maybe it is related.

Deputy Minister changed from Ledang's Datuk Hamim Samuri to Dato Ahmad Maslan.

Enough said of Mat Maslan but he used to be Tok Pa's political secretary. It's him returning to old boss. Some speculated him to go to Multimedia and Communication or Rural Ministry.

With Muhyiddin leaving, Education is split back into two - Education and Higher Learning.

Dato Mahadzir Khalid came in as new Education Minister. The former Cikgu and former Kedah MB's promotion will be the bigger political headache for Dato Mukhriz.

Viral last night is picture of Dato Ahmad Lebai Sudin with Najib.

P Kamalanathan becomes Deputy, up one notch from Deputy 2.

Energy and Water same people.

Plantation & Industries also.

Agriculture see Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek taken away from his second stinct as Multimedia and Communication to Agriculture.

He will get guidance from Dato Tajuddin Rahman. Should have replaced this old school old timer. 

Rural and Regional Development goes to Dato Ismail Sabri. Carries with him experience from KPDNKK and Agriculture.

Hope he repair the mess by Shafie. Having spent billions, believed RM7 billion, why are rural folks infrastructure still in a mess?

Could he keep Bera seat for next GE? 

Dato Anifah Aman still at Foreign Affair.

New addition is MP for Kepala Batas, Dato Reezal Merican and the ex-PAC member. 

MOSTI got a new Minister from Sabah. High time for Murut Minister.

Need to beef up this Ministry. R&D funding needed to propel industry.

Woman Ministry still same people.

Works also same people.

Federal Territories also same.

Former MOE II, Dato Idris Jusoh takeover the other half of former MOE.

Deputy Minister still same Cikgu Mary Yapp.

Its for the better. Higher education has different priority than schools.

Same people at Youth and Sports.

Buck up KJ.  

KPDNKK gets new Minister as in former Deputy Foreign Minister, Dato Hamzah Zainuddin.

Tok ... beef up enforcement! Tax dollars lost by the billions and consumers duped everyday!

What happen to those raids on diesel smuggling? Are they being charged???

Minister for Natural Resources and Environment is Sarawak's veteran Dato Wan Junaidi.

Good man. Sacrifice much for PBB. Land for PBB office in Kuching was donated by him.

Great debater in Parliamant for the front bench side. Long long ... overdue for full Ministership.

His Deputy is Datuk Hamim Samuri. Transfered from MITI.  

Communication and Multimedia gets a surprise Minister in Senator Dato Seri Salleh Said Keruak.  

Resigned his Speaker post in Sabah. Used to be Sabah CM for a bit too short a time. 

Careful of Sofia Jane.

Heard this is only phase 1 in beefing up Najib's administration team. There will be more phases to come and quite radical moves. There is no stopping.

Everybody been complaining of Najib as having no balls. You want balls, now you got it. Lots of it. -Another Brick in the Wall

Fasten Your Seat Belts : Will Zahid Be DPM For Seven Days Only?

Image result for najib's new cabinet

Wait lah. I am typing it up now. Just got the info. Gimme an hour.  Its 12:30 pm now. My apologies. 
OK its 12:45 pm now.  Kita bersambung.  Here is some news. 
1. Tun Dr Mahathir's silence is deafening.  If  I may curi info sikit, yesterday someone asked him for his reaction about the 'bungle in the Putrajaya jungle'. Dr Mahathir's reply was 'lets see what happens'.  The firing of Ghani Patail from his job was a bungle of  humongous proportions.  Too late. 
2. Today at 10:00 AM former AG Ghani Patail is supposed to have met Najib Razak. Talk is the meeting was requested by Najib. Apa pasal pula? First you fire him then you ask to meet him.  Apparently Ghani has also tweeted something earlier among friends. Cannot say lah. 

Yo Press people, please go and korek-korek.

3. Talk is Tan Sri Abu Kassim, the MACC boss has been asked to go on leave, along with the No. 2 guy at the MACC. This is the latest info this morning. If Abu Kassim has gone on leave, then two Task Force members are now gone. Poof. 
4. Did you know that the Task Force actually reports to the KSN Ali Hamsa? For some reason (now with Ghani Patail out) sources say that Ali Hamsa will be chairing the Task Force meetings.  If you ask me, the Task Force may have better luck if they go fishing.  I dont know how much confidence the public now has in the Task Force.
5. Zeti is under some extreme pressure. I was informed that Zeti was 'spoken to' recently. After that she left to go overseas. Then she came back and was admitted to hospital (for a day).   Yesterday a black blog called the  Eleventh Hour suddenly appeared from nowhere and attacked Zeti left, right and centre.  This blog is from the bad guys' side.  There must be a reason this Blog has appeared suddenly. 
6.  The big mistake that has been made is that Muhyiddin has not been expelled from UMNO or removed as Deputy President of UMNO. Not being inside the Cabinet anymore but still being the party's Deputy President, Muhyiddin is now free to speak about anything.
There was supposed to be a Majlis Tertinggi meeting on Friday but that too has been cancelled. It looks like they are afraid of Muhyiddin.   Plus the Johor Speaker has come out strongly in favour of Muhyiddin.

As an example this YouTube about Muhyiddin is real :


Maybe someone should make a Police Report against this YouTube video. You can clearly see and hear Muhyiddin speaking. Listening to him are Mukhriz Mahathir, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and many, many others. 
This is first hand testimony  by Muhyiddin Yassin that Najib admitted to him that the RM2.6 Billion was deposited into his (Najib's) personal account.  This is NOT hearsay testimony.
Will the Task Force now please investigate Muhyiddin Yassin's statemnt on YouTube?
7. The question now is if Najib has to go, then who replaces him? Zahid Hamidi is the DPM now. But it is impossible for Zahid to replace Najib.  
The replacement for Najib will be the Deputy President of UMNO. Which is still Muhyiddin Yassin. Haaaa haaaa.  So if Najib is kicked out, it is Muhyiddin Yassin the Deputy President of UMNO  who will come back  as Prime Minister.
How long will Muhyiddin be Deputy President? Well the UMNO elections  that were scheduled to be held in 2016 have been postponed to dont know until when. So thats how long Muhyiddin will remain Deputy President.
Folks, it is likely that Zahid Hamidi will be the shortest term DPM in our Malaysian history.  
When will this happen? From what I hear, you can hold your breath.
8.  The PAC has been effectively crippled. But it is the Task Force that now has to complete its investigations.  After arresting office boys and such surely the Task Force CANNOT shut down the investigation. Th Office Boy plus FOUR others have been arrested and some already charged in Court.  What happens to their cases? So the Task Force must complete its investigation asap.  Ali Hamsa certainly did not imagine that becoming a KSN will be this difficult.  Takpa Tan Sri, you can call your mamak friend and ask him to bring that hazrat to your house to baca doa again. Very powerful doa kan?

Pelajar 13 Tahun Dirogol 3 Konstabel Pelatih PULAPOL

Satu kejadian rogol remaja bawah umur telah berlaku pada 17/7/2015 yang lalu sekitar jam 11.59 malam di Pitas, Sabah. Pada waktu tersebut, mangsa berusia 13 tahun telah pergi ke perhentian bas berdekatan sebuah padang permainan di daerah Pitas, Sabah untuk berjumpa dengan sepupunya.

Sampai di perhentian bas, empat orang lelaki yang dikenali mangsa turut berada di tempat tersebut. Mangsa dan empat orang suspek tersebut tersebut telah meminum minuman keras berjenama Carsberg.

Kemudian suspek diajak masuk ke dalam kereta jenis Proton Gen 2 dan dirogol oleh dua orang suspek (suspek A dan B) yang merupakan konstabel pelatih PDRM di PULAPOL.

Selepas dirogol oleh suspek A & B, suspek C dan D pula telah membawa mangsa ke sebuah pondok berdekatan untuk dirogol sekali lagi. Suspek C juga merupakan konstabel pelatih PDRM di PULAPOL manakala suspek C masih belum dapat dikenal pasti.

Ketiga-tiga suspek yang merupakan konstabel pelatih PDRM tersebut telah mendaftar masuk di PULAPOL namun masih belum dikenakan tindakan . MyWatch menggesa tindakan keras dikenakan terhadap mereka dan dalam masa yang sama seorang lagi suspek yang masih belum dikenal pasti dapat ditahan seberapa segera.

1MDB trio cannot escape, says Pua

'Arul and ex-CEOs must appear before the PAC next week.'
KUALA LUMPUR: 1MDB President Arul Kandasamy and the company’s former CEOs, Shahrol Halmi and Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman, must appear before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) next week, a member of the panel, Tony Pua, said today.
Pua was responding to a statement by Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Ronald Kiandee that the Speaker’s permission was needed for the PAC to continue with its hearing.
“The standing orders are clear,” Pua said. “The PAC is legally constituted and there is no provision to halt it.”
Shahrol is scheduled to appear before the panel on Tuesday, Arul on Wednesday and Hazem on Thursday.
Doubts about the PAC’s ability to proceed with the hearing emerged with Tuesday’s cabinet reshuffle, which saw four of the panel’s members, including its chairman, becoming deputy ministers. Members of the executive branch of government cannot sit in the PAC.
However, Pua pointed out that a previous PAC member’s appointment as deputy minister did not disrupt the panel’s proceedings during its first term from 2008 to 2012. The PAC continued with its work when Chua Tee Yong vacated his position to become a deputy minister.
“Hence it is completely wrong to say that any proceeding must stop when a member of the PAC resigns or is promoted as a minister,” he said.
“If the chairman or vice-chairman is absent for whatever reason, a new chairman is to be appointed.”
In his statement, Kiandee said the Speaker’s approval was needed because the current composition of the committee no longer reflected the power balance in Parliament.

Apandi’s opinion on Gani’s sacking as AG

Right or wrong aside, was it proper?
Mohamed Apandi Ali has weighed in with his first legal opinion as Attorney- General.
Sadly, in doing so, he has been found wanting.
Abdul Gani Patail’s termination of service as the Attorney-General was done according to the Federal Constitution, he opined in a media statement released by his office on Wednesday.
“In the interest of the administration of justice, it is important that the public is not misled into thinking otherwise,” he added.
I do not intend to dwell or whether his interpretation is right or wrong. Others have already done so.
K Shanmuga on Loyar buruk supports his interpetation, while others, like Lim Kit Siang and Gobind Singh Deo say he is wrong.
My question is much more elementary
Why did he have to render his opinion in the first place?
Is it not the first rule of natural justice that no man should be a judge in his own cause?
Apandi was the immediate and direct beneficiary of Gani’s sacking, just as Hamid Omar was when he sat on the tribunal that adjudicated upon and dismissed former Lord President Salleh Abas.
Whether the new Attorney- General chooses to admit it or not, his opinion on the matter was bound to be coloured by a perception of bias.
He should have left the matter to be argued by others. Instead, he himself has tried to sway public opinion.
By forgetting the very first rule of natural justice, he has called into question his own credentials and put himself in dubious company of others who have violated the rule.
He has also made us wonder whether true justice in Malaysia is natural any more.

Najib had the right, but was he right?

Teresa Kok questions the validity of the PM's decision to expel Muhyiddin and Shafie from his cabinet.
KUALA LUMPUR: The question is not whether it is the Prime Minister’s prerogative to sack members of his cabinet, but whether he has exercised his right to do so fairly and with justice, according to DAP vice-chairperson Teresa Kok.
The Seputeh MP accused Prime Minister Najib Razak of punishing Muhyiddin Yassin and Shafie Apdal for speaking up on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.
“If an independent public opinion survey is carried out, I am sure the result will show that Malaysians are more convinced that Muhyiddin and Shafie have been punished simply because they spoke out against 1MDB,” she said in a press statement today.
“Najib will find that his justification that cabinet members ‘should not air their differences in an open forum that can affect public opinion against the government and Malaysia’ is not satisfactory to Malaysians, including Umno members,” she said.
She called for the establishment of a royal commission to investigate the 1MDB issue.
“A royal commission of inquiry into the 1MDB scandal is long overdue,” she said. “Najib must not delay its setting up any longer.”
Her statement also referred to the leaked video recording in which Muhyiddin is heard telling guests at his house about the US$700 million allegedly transferred into Najib’s personal bank account.
She noted Muhyiddin’s claim that Najib admitted receiving the money. She asked whether the prime minister was prepared to deny the allegation.


By removing his deputy and the attorney-general, Mr Najib has clearly shown he intends to stay on top of the crisis. He also inducted into Cabinet Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, the equally outspoken chair of the bipartisan Parliamentary Accounts Committee, which is also involved in the probe.
Yang Razali Kassim, The Straits Times
Malaysian politics is at an inflection point. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say it is in a mega-crisis.
Prime Minister Najib Razak has just countered his critics over the massive 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal by sacking his vocal Deputy Prime Minister and the Attorney-General who led a high-level probe. This latest twist has left many bracing themselves for a backlash and uncertainty.
Yet, it is not just the ruling Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) government that is in trouble. The opposition coalition is also grappling with its own survival.
It is significant that both sides of the political divide are reeling under unprecedented pressure or in disarray simultaneously.
What will come out of this?
It is the crisis in BN that is more serious, given the repercussions reverberating throughout the system due to Umno’s defining role as the ruling coalition’s anchor party.
Datuk Seri Najib is fighting for his political life in the face of the scandal in the 1MDB investment fund which he advises. Never before has a sitting prime minister been openly pressured to step down relating to a financial probe – with the charge led by a former prime minister at that, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Never before has there been a high-level probe into the dealings of a government-linked investment fund whose chief adviser is the finance minister, who is also prime minister.
While the sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is no surprise, given his outspokenness over Mr Najib’s handling of the 1MDB scandal, the premature replacement of Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail “on health grounds” is intriguing. He is due to retire in three months, so why the hurry?
As Tan Sri Abdul Gani was leading the probe by the special task force into the 1MDB scandal, speculation is rife as to whether his exit may delay the probe. Mr Abdul Gani himself appeared taken aback by his replacement, as announced by the Chief Cabinet Secretary just before Mr Najib’s own unveiling of the Cabinet reshuffle, which catapulted his strongest ally, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, to be the new deputy prime minister.
Prior to the reshuffles, Mr Najib’s political position had been in doubt. There had been rumours of actions about to be taken by the task force; even predictions of a new prime minister by the coming National Day next month.
By removing his deputy and the attorney-general, Mr Najib has clearly shown he intends to stay on top of the crisis. He also inducted into Cabinet Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, the equally outspoken chair of the bipartisan Parliamentary Accounts Committee, which is also involved in the probe.
Mr Najib appears to have strengthened his hand now. But it remains to be seen if this is enough to resolve one of Malaysia’s most sensational political crises.
No pushover, Tan Sri Muhyiddin has strong support within Umno, where he is deputy president. He has said in his post-reshuffle statement that he intends to stay on in Umno.
Equally important is how Dr Mahathir will respond, having been highly critical of Mr Najib as prime minister. Should there be a major counter-push by Dr Mahathir, Mr Muhyiddin and other forces, Malaysia’s political crisis will become more explosive. Even if Mr Najib survives this, it is hard to see how he would emerge unscathed.
More worrying for Umno and BN is whether the ruling coalition will be able to retain power in the next general election, having lost the popular vote in the last elections in 2013 despite winning more than half the seats. It got 60 per cent of parliamentary seats even though it won just 47.4 per cent of votes.
It is by a sheer stroke of luck for Umno and BN that their political crisis has come at a time when the opposition is in total disarray.
The loose opposition coalition, long known to be fragile, has finally come unstuck. Its leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is in jail, while its three coalition partners are in a hyper-fluid state of repositioning. And it’s all because of recrimination over hudud (Islamic criminal code) between two longstanding ideological foes who tried in vain to be friends, leaving the third – Anwar’s own party – caught between a rock and a hard place.
The opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is now dead, a victim of the crisis that began in the Islamic ally, Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), and led to the purge of its inclusivist professionals faction. Two other allies – the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Anwar’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) – are trying to reinvent the opposition coalition with a “PR 2.0″, linking up with the purged faction but minus the increasingly conservative PAS proper.
The “new Pakatan” will be a broader opposition movement that includes not just the opposition parties but also non-governmental organisations. The final shape of this reinvented opposition coalition is still unclear, but it promises to be more potent than the now-defunct PR – and is likely to be led once again by Anwar, from behind bars.
What we are witnessing is a reconstruction of the opposition landscape. But no matter how it turns out, the opposition forces will be divided into two blocs for as long as the original PAS remains outside PR 2.0. This leaves open the possibility of PAS linking up with Mr Najib’s Umno to create a Malay-Muslim political alliance, the so-called “unity government”.
At this point, this Umno-PAS link-up is only a theoretical possibility; even the new PAS – the more conservative version – has rejected the notion of a unity government with Umno. But this position may change, depending on how the political calculus evolves, both on the opposition front and on the Umno/BN side.
The emerging leadership crisis in Umno under Mr Najib may force PAS to recalculate. What all this means is that Malaysian politics is entering yet another phase of unpredictability.
All this is happening at two crucial junctures: First, the country is three years away from the next general election, not a long time, given the depth of the crisis on both sides of the political divide. Will they be able to recover in time – if at all – to position themselves for the polls and capture power?
On the BN side, Umno – as the pillar party – will have to shake off the severe damage arising from the controversy now surrounding Mr Najib. It must be said, however, that should he survive the 1MDB crisis, Mr Najib would be very hard to defeat politically.
Second, this mega-crisis is five years away from 2020 – the epochal timeline to mark Malaysia’s entry into developed economy status. Ironically, the Vision 2020 deadline was set by Dr Mahathir, the man who is now leading the charge to remove Mr Najib.
Dr Mahathir would be happier if it is anyone but Mr Najib as prime minister come 2020. Mr Najib has just shown that he intends to deny his former boss that wish.
Whatever happens going forward, the larger event to watch is the outcome of the “collision of coalitions” in Malaysian politics. Will the system stay the same, or a new political model emerge as a result?
•The writer is a senior fellow at the S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University.•