Monday, June 29, 2015

Expert warns of ‘financial disaster’ with early July salary for civil servants

Civil servants risk being in default of monthly repayments due in August if they use up their July salary which will be paid more than a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, according to a financial consultant. – The Malaysian Insider pic, June 29, 2015.Civil servants risk being in default of monthly repayments due in August if they use up their July salary which will be paid more than a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, according to a financial consultant. – The Malaysian Insider pic, June 29, 2015.
The 46-day wait for the next salary following Putrajaya's early payment of the July salary could result in a "financial disaster" for civil servants if they do not manage their finances well, a financial consultant said today.
Civil servants received their salary and RM500 bonus on June 25, and are scheduled to get next month's salary early on July 9 while the following salary will be paid on August 25.
Great Eastern Takaful financial consultant Ahmad Humaizi Mat Noor said civil servants have to set it in their minds that the salary paid on July 9 should be spent in August.
"This must be given serious attention because your life depends on that salary for 46 days before your account is filled again by the following month's salary," he told Bernama, adding that there were several ways civil servants could plan their finances.
Humaizi said the budget for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, expected to be on July 17, should be based on the salary received on June 25 as well as the RM500 given by the government, without touching the income received on July 9.
He said civil servants should immediately settle their monthly expenses for August, such as payments for the house, car, nursery, credit cards, because the reality is that the salary received on July 9 is for the month of August.
Humaizi suggested that if a person could not control his spending, he should transfer the remaining money to a different account where he does not have an ATM card such as Tabung Haji or Amanah Simpanan Bumiputera (ASB).
"Once the salary cycle goes back to normal, then you can withdraw the money out as usual to be used in August," he said.
He also urged the public to avoid last-minute shopping which would tempt them into buying unnecessary items as the festive mood very often overtakes logic.
"Although Raya is once a year, do not let your finances for the whole year be ruined by Syawal. Practise moderation so that you are not burdened," he said.
In the case of civil servant Siti Hanom Hamdan, 34, she said she would put aside the monthly commitments such as house rental, daily expenses and money for her mother, as soon as she received the July salary.
"I am also planning to transfer most of the early payment to a separate account," Siti Hanom, who is an assistant producer in Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), said.
Siti Nurfauzani Idrus, 33, who works as an administrative assistant at the Sabah Immigration Department, also has the same idea to keep the salary in a separate bank account.
"I will not withdraw my money immediately after getting my salary and will behave as though the money has not been banked in until the end of the month or keep it in ASB," she said. – Bernama

Majority of Malaysian workforce can’t cope with GST, survey finds

The results of the survey carried out by Jobstreet.com shows more than half of the employees say that they now cut down on going out for lunch with their colleagues. – Infographic by Jobstreet, June 29, 2015.The results of the survey carried out by Jobstreet.com shows more than half of the employees say that they now cut down on going out for lunch with their colleagues. – Infographic by Jobstreet, June 29, 2015.

About 90% of the Malaysian workforce can't cope with the additional expenses incurred following the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST), according to a recent survey by career resources site Jobstreet.com.
In a statement today, Jobstreet said that 24% of the respondents in its survey had already faced problems with their expenses even before the GST kicked in on April 1 this year.
The weight of the consumption tax also prompted significant changes in the daily work routines of the respondents, with more than half of them, 56%, minimising going out for lunch with colleagues. About 47% of them had started packing food from home.
Only 19% of the respondents said that GST had not affected their work routine.
The survey also found that 76% of the respondents had said that they needed at least a 10% salary hike in order to cope with GST.
About 63% of the respondents had also wanted a petrol allowance to help mitigate added expenses.
"About 35% of the respondents are considering changing jobs to better cope with GST, and 41% of companies had received increasing demands in wages since GST," Jobstreet said.
However, only 19% of the companies had offered salary increments.
"Seeing that salaries are a top priority for most people, Jobstreet.com has introduced a Salary Matching feature that matches candidates to the salaries that they want," Jobstreet's country manager Chook Yuh Yng said.
A total of 1,454 employees and 490 employers had participated in the survey, it said.
GST came into affect on April 1, as a replacement to the sales and service tax (SST).
But the broader tax base had led to complaints of higher goods prices and higher cost of living, which was already a concern among Malaysians before the new tax system came into effect.
More than 75% of employees surveyed say they need at least a 10% salary hike to cope with the higher cost of living, but some 63% also want a petrol allowance to be included to their monthly remuneration. – Infographic by Jobstreet, June 29, 2015.
More than 75% of employees surveyed say they need at least a 10% salary hike to cope with the higher cost of living, but some 63% also want a petrol allowance to be included to their monthly remuneration. – Infographic by Jobstreet, June 29, 2015.

MIC: Gov't should serve all, short skirts or not

MIC Youth has ticked the government off for forcing non-Muslims to adhere to Muslim requirements to cover up when entering government premises.

Its Youth chief C Sivarraajh said it was "unrealistic" to expect non-Muslims to dress according to Muslim practices, as the government should serve all Malaysians equally.

"They should not expect non-Muslim women to cover up -  from head to toe - when they go to government counters where they are entitled to same kind of services extended to Muslims.

"As Malaysians, we all expect the same level service in equal measures to all Malaysians," Sivarraajh (photo) said in a statement today.

He was responding to the rash of incidents over the past few weeks, in which women visiting government premises, including ahospital, were told to cover up.

"Therefore it is appropriate that the dress code in government departments be tweaked in keeping with the times," Sivarraajh said.

'Creeping Islamisation'

He said the fault lay with the government for not defining the proper dress code for its officers to follow, thus allowing them to act in an "ad hoc" manner.

"The government must make clear what can be worn and what cannot.

"It is high time that the government makes a ruling on what can be worn and what cannot be worn when people enter government premises," Sivarraajh said.

"The people should not be subjected to incidents where security guards at gates hand out sarong to a woman to cover her legs," he added.

The MIC Youth leader said such incidents were the result of "increasing Islamisation".

"Malaysians should not be forced to abide by the values of any particular religion and such sarong and towel incidents stem from a lack of mutual understanding among our people," he said, warning that if such rifts in inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations were not resolved, the country "will possibly descend into mob rule".

His sentiments were mirrored by BN component party MCA, which last weekend blamed "ultra-conservatives" for trying to impose their values on others.

Umno blogger: Muhyiddin missed chance to oust PM

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has missed a golden opportunity to unseat his boss Najib Abdul Razak, after Umno decided to postpone party elections till 2018, said an Umno blogger.

Shahbuddin Husin claimed that Muhyiddin should have made a move after a leaked video of him calling for 1MDB's directors to be sacked went viral.

"Paired with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's (photo) attacks on Najib, the momentum for Muhyiddin to oust Najib was at its peak when the video of his speech in Janda Baik went viral a few months ago.

"At that time, besides Umno being split on the government's handling of 1MDB, the people too hoped that something would have been done by Muhyiddin.

"But because this chance to act and be brave was let go just like that, the momentum for Muhyiddin (to boot Najib) has ended," he wrote in his blog today.

He blamed the Umno deputy president's lack of bravery and cautiousness for the missed opportunity at a regime change.

However, Shahbudin said while Muhyiddin may not sleep easy now, he still has a chance come the 14th general election.

"His chances will only shine bright again if the 14th general election results are worse (for BN) compared to the 133 (Parliament seats won) in the 2013 elections," he said.

Najib had on Friday announced that Umno party polls, slated to be held next year, would be postponed for 18 months, to further strengthen the party.

Observers have said the move is to ensure that Najib stays as premier until his current mandate ends.

Adik Najib Kata Rakyat Kini Tertekan

Pengerusi CIMB, Datuk Nazir Razak berkata beliau bimbang kerana masyarakat Malaysia kini tertekan kerana tidak mendapat maklumat yang benar berhubung isu yang dihadapi negara.

Lebih buruk lagi, keadaan ini malah menyebabkan lebih banyak perpecahan di kalangan rakyat, katanya dalam satu tulisan di Instagram.

Dalam tulisan itu, Nazir turut memuatkan gambar dan tajuk sebuah buku motivasi tulisan Michelle M Paiva yang menekankan peri penting kebenaran, bertajuk 'Truth, Next Exit'.

“Institusi kita perlu membawa kita ke sana dengan cepat. Rakyat Malaysia tidak mendapat kebenaran – yang memecah belah dan menekan.

“Apabila timbul kebenaran, kita boleh mencari penyelesaian,” katanya di laman tersebut.

Beliau turut menjawab soalan pengunjungnya, sama ada rakyat Malaysia perlu keluar di susur lebuhraya di hadapan, seperti digambarkan dalam foto yang dikongsi Nazir.

“Di hadapan sana jalan menuju masyarakat Orwellian!,” jawabnya.

Jawapannya itu merujuk kepada latar dalam novel popular '1984' karya George Orwell berhubung kawalan kerajaan totalitarian ke atas masyarakatnya.

Setakat ini, tidak dapat dipastikan sekiranya Nazri merujuk kepada pentadbiran abangnya, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Namun Nazir sememangnya kritikal ke atas 1MDB, projek yang dicetuskan perdana menteri itu.

1MDB Scandal – Use Money To Make The Ghosts Turn Najib’s Grind Stone

As expected, the most efficient super cop on planet Earth – Khalid Abu Bakar – has announced that Malaysian police have found no elements of CBT (criminal breach of trust) in MARA’s corruption scandal in Australia. Mr Khalid, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) can now washes his hands off the case – Bravo!!
Malaysia IGP Inspector General of Police - Khalid Abu Bakar
The Australian court, vendors, witnesses, press and people can scream and continue to hear jaw-dropping sworn testimonies all they want. As far as Malaysian government is concerned, a AUS$4.75 million (US$3.66 million; RM13.7 million) allegedly bribery cannot be qualified as corruption, in line with PM Najib’s party, UMNO’s constitution.

Such paltry amount falls under “tips” category, or at most “commission”. The proof? Prime Minister Najib Razak’s French-Spanish Scorpene diesel-electric submarines were purchased with EURO 114 million (US$125 million; £80 million; RM475 million) in “commission”. So, the supposedly kickbacks in the purchase of Dudley International House in Melbourne was pathetically 3% of Scorpene scandal.
Malaysia Scorpene Submarine USD125 Million Commission
So, do you now understand why nobody believes heads will roll in the MARA’s corruption scandal? For Australian authorities making a brouhaha out of AUS$4.75 million “tips” was already an insult to the “corrupt community” in Malaysia, not to mention the waste of time to even mention it in the first place.

The Government of Australia has to be realistic. If Emperor Najib survives a US$125 million Scorpene scandal, and most likely will survive the present US$11 billion 1MDB scandal, what are the chances that he would collapse under a US$3.66 million MARA scandal? Actually, Najib can announce to all and sundry that he had approved the properties purchase and still can afford to show his middle-finger to Abbott administration (*grin*).
Australia Dudley International House - Malaysia MARA Corruption Scandal - How It Happened
Right now, Najib has zero time about anything else but his 1MDB scandal, which has taken a new twist following the arrest of former PetroSaudi International director Xavier Andre Justo. Taking advantage of the situation, tactical scientist Habibul Rahman and propaganda specialist Lim Kok Wingare burning midnight oil to taint Mr Xavier in order to cleanse Mr Najib.

Actually, the script is rather boring and predictable – pay a person so that he becomes the fall guy. Similar to Abdul Razak Baginda who took all the bullets in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya scandal but eventually walks away a free man in order to save Najib Razak, it seems the 1MDB scandal will use the same plot again. But this time, the scapegoat will be a 49-year-old Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo.
1MDB Scandal - Xavier Andre Justo Arrested in Thailand - New Straits Times
As part of SOP, UMNO-linked New Straits Times was given instruction by Lim Kok Wing’s team to paint Mr Xavier as a “greedy” crook with his body covered with tattoos. Justo was arrested in Koh Samui, Thailand, for allegedlyblackmailing PetroSaudi International over its deals with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Amusingly, the supposedly crook Justo was allegedly paid RM15 million in compensation to leave the company – PetroSaudi. But why paid a staff such a mind-boggling amount of money if he had indeed acted against the company’s rules and regulations in the first place? With such amazing perks and benefits, PetroSaudi must be the best company to work for, better than Facebook and Google, no?
1MDB Scandal - Xavier Andre Justo Marathon Competition
Okay, let’s assume Justo wasn’t such a good boy after all. He got lucky to be in possession of highly classified information which could fetch millions of dollars due to hanky panky in the 1MDB transactions. He might had gone as far as asking for “commission” to zip his mouth. After being paid, he got greedy and asked for another 2.5 million Swiss francs (US$2.66 million; £1.7 million; RM10 million).

Heck, he might even had “doctored”, “tempered” certain documents to increase its value. But does that mean all the allegations about 1MDB’s RM42 billion debt were false? No rocket science here. If 1MDB was as clean as a whistle, Najib administration would have had published all the statistics and documents last year.
1MDB Scandal vs USD-Ringgit Currency Collapse
But the emperor didn’t. Not only wasn’t there a single concrete document to back his innocence about allegations of corruption and money laundering, the prime minister who also doubled as the finance minister couldn’t even tellbetween valuable “hard cash” and valueless “units”, supposedly transferred back from Cayman Islands to a Singapore bank.

Most importantly, why 1MDB couldn’t even serve its due debts, if indeed 1MDB has been making jolly good amount of profits? Tactician Habibul Rahman and propagandist Lim Kok Wing can continue shifting all the blames on Mr Xavier for all they like. After all, they have been paid tens of millions of dollars to do their job. Still, 1MDB is not any cleaner than before.
1MDB - Tactical Scientist Habibul Rahman and Propagandist Lim Kok Wing
Now, do you believe money buys happiness, or rather job security in the case of Najib the son of Razak? Don’t be surprise and ROFL if suddenly Xavier Andre Justo tells the public that all the corruption and money laundering allegations against 1MDB were false because he was asked and paid RM42 billion by Mahathir Mohamad and Sarawak Report to frame the innocent Najib Razak.

Since Xavier was such a greedy crook, how hard could it be to use him to turn the table against Mahathir and everyone who have been critical about the 1MDB scandal? If he could be promised to walk a free man, or at least spends some time behind bars to make the drama more realistic, plus some“retirement funds” and daily visit by Thai chicks, there could be a happy ending to the scandal (*tongue-in-cheek”).
1MDB Scandal - Najib Razak - ghosts and devils turn grind stone
Perhaps it’s true about an infamous ancient Chinese saying – “If you have money you can make the ghosts and devils turn your grind stone ( 有钱能使鬼推磨 )”. That roughly translates into money makes the world go around, with no exception including the ghosts. So, if you’re flushed with money, you can literally pay the ghosts to do your dirty work. After all, Justo is a “ghost”, because he’s called “Gwai Lo” by the Chinese.-financetwitter

Bapa Nasi Kandar 24 jam dan tidak serang peribadi Dr Mahathir.

Image result for mahathir and Najib

Tutup dan Buka.
Belum pun habis 24 jam, kenyataan tutup kedai nasi kandar pukul 12 malam oleh Shahidan Kassim, Najib main peranan sebagai the good cop. ini bad cop, good cop routine dari pasangan laurel dan Hardie Malaysia. 
Dia reverse kenyataan Sahidan, dan kata Ok untuk kedai nasi kandar buka lebih dari pukul 12. 
Itu macam  kalu machaa.....Najib is the best. 
Ini semua lakonan politik murahan antara Shahidan dan Najib. Kalau nak benteras gejala sosial, cari tempat lain dimana anak muda dan anak2 orang kaya berkumpul. Bukan kedai mamak dan operator nasi kandar. Orang UMNO pun ramai duduk di Pelita Nasi Kandar. Adakah ini bermakna orang UMNO yang jadi punca gejala sosial?
Perkerja kilang yang keluar shift , nak makan dimana? Kedai Melayu dah lama tutup.
Ini semua cheap trick Najib.

bangkai gajah tidak dapat ditutup dengan nyiru. you cant cover the elephant carcass with a fig leaf.
Adakah ini sahaja yang mampu dilakukan oleh Najib untuk menyelamatkan kredibiliti nya yang jatuh kerana skendel bersiri? Kerana Najib reverse Shahidan, maka orang kata, nasib baik dan terima kasih kerana Najib.
Hello- orang tidak akan lupa 1MDB, FGV, MARAgate, Tabung Haji gate, Sime Darby puya pelaburan. Felcra yang bebankan peserta dengan hutang sampai ke tiang lahad, dan skendel2 yang akan datang. 
Kita belum tahu lagi kos akhir MRT. Barang diingat, MRT sepatut nya projek PFI dimana pembiayaan nya dilakukan oleh swasta, tapi kerajaan ada habit mendanai projek tersebut dan sangat suka membayar terlebih dahulu.
Ianya taktik serupa. Setiap pendanaan dan pembiayaan projek dengan bayaran lebihan dan pembayaran in advance merupakan kifayat untuk mencuri wang.
Najib tidak boleh menutup kesalahan2 ini dengan nyiru. Bangkai gajah masakan boleh ditutup dengan nyiru. Dan besar nya bangkai gajah yang hendak ditutup itu pula.  
Walaup bagiamana pun, elok kita istihar hidup Najib Razak bapa nasi kadar 24 jam!

Najib: jangan serang peribadi Dr Mahathir. kita jawab dengan fakta.
Apa kenyataan datang dari Najib, rakyat kena tapis2 dahulu. Seperti kenyataan nya bahawa dia akan jawab kritikan Dr Mahathir dengan fakta dan tidak akan menyerang peribadi Dr Mahathir.
Nak serang peribadi Dr Mahathir dari sudut mana? Kita tak pernah dengar DR Mahathir ada skendel dengan perempuan.  Kita tidak pernah dengar Dr Mahathir ada bau2 kaitan dengan pembunuhan?  Ada kita dengar isteri Dr Mahathir dituduh itu dan ini?
Najib PM pertama dirinya dan isteri menjadi objek kebencian.dan Najib buat muka sadin. Seperti kata seorang bekas menteri, UMNO bukan tahu rasa malu.
Najib tidak mampu serang keperibadian Dr Mahathir kerana Dr Mahathir tidak ada tengkorak dalam almarinya seperti Najib.  Juga Najib takut kalau dia serang peribadi Dr Mahathir, Dr Mahathir boleh serang peribadi Najib.
Kita tahu cara Najib- dia akan buat muka sadin, tapi budak2 nya akan menibai Dr Mahathir dengan teruk. Itu cara Najib beroperasi.
Apa fakta yang dia ada? Dia dan budak2 nya tidak ada fakta selain daripada mendedahkan apa yang sudah diketahui oleh masyarakat. Najib pun sebahagian daripada ‘kesalahan2’ yang dilakukan oleh Dr Mahathir. 
Sebagai seorang yang konon nya kuat berpegang kepada prinsip tanggungjawab bersama cabinet, bagaimana Najib mahu melepaskan dirinya dari terpalit dengan ‘kesalahan’ Dr Mahathir?
Fakta nya ialah Najib sendiri mengeringkan rerumput/hay ketika matahari Mahathir sedang menyinari. The fact was, Najib made hay while the Mahathir sun shone.