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MInister Hassan Malek says people understand GST better now. Hurrah!

Minister Hassan Malek stated that people understand GST better now. How he comes to this conclusion, we don’t know. Maybe Hassan Malek is a clairvoyant or he has employed the Bomoh King. On the other hand, we know Hassan Malek has a penchant for saying things according to his limited understanding.

He is also hinting that the actual date for GST implementation has not been decided yet because it depends on when the Finance minister says so. It will depend on the readiness of the people and the economy to accept it he says as reported by the NST. Otherwise it will be implemented on 1st April next year. In just a few passages, Hassan Malek has revealed the confused thinking of the government as regards GST. Or is Hassan Malek the only one confused? Or is NST making fun of Hassan Malek?

How on earth can Hassan Malek infer that people understand what GST is all about? The people trading in pasar malam are cursing at GST saying it is just another money extracting scheme by the spendthrift BN government. The Chinese wholesalers in Pasar Borong Selayang keep asking and making fun of GST- apa itu GST? Gua tak kira lor.

They couldn’t care less. Walking around the Pasar Minggu on Sunday morning in Raub and asking why has the price of sea fish has gone up- the fishmongers readily volunteer attributing it to the decision of the agriculture minister deploying deep sea fishing vessels to look for the missing MH370. Asked about GST- they say who cares. All we care and are concern with are the rising cost of sales and the price of our products. People will spend less.

People get less money- the government is getting more money. People cannot tax others- government can increase income by employing a new tax system. The GST is a disease/penyakit. How do you ask people to support a penyakit? How do you want people to support a bad policy?

Let us see whether the more than 300 facilitators employed by the MOF will be able to enlighten the people about taxing at each phase of the supply chain. Maybe the government thinks it is speaking to an audience made up of accountants and other numerate people. Maybe the government thinks it is speaking to educated audience all over.

We know how UMNO will approach this GST issue. They will say 160 countries in the world are using GST. They will not say the most powerful economy in the world, USA is not using GST. They will not say the real reason why GST is used by these 160 countries is that each one of those countries needs more money. Malaysia wants to use GST to extract more money.

We must object to increased taxation because the idea of taxation is not to give money to government to run its business. The idea of taxation is to redistribute income not fund government operations.

Knowing UMNO they will factor in racial issues as one reason for employing GST and why it must be supported by the people especially Malays. They will say GST is a taxing regime to make sure tax evasion and tax dodging are limited. Those escaping and evading taxes are the Chinese and with GST, these people can’t escape. So Malays must support GST because the Chinese have evaded paying taxes to the UMNO government.

The UMNO apparatchiks will go around town repeating this story. The reason why this government lacked money is because many people are evading paying tax and so we must catch them.

It’s impossible to contain prices. Business transactions from one supply chainer to the other are done mostly on credit. When credit is involved there is an element of risk. Furthermore there are cash flow issues involved. Supply chainers pay upfront without waiting for reimbursements from the government. The government says, claims will be sorted out within 14 days. That is what they say.

Do you think , any businessman having to accommodate time-risk and credit risk will not put some artificial costing on these risks? They will raise the price and probably even incorporate a portion or all of the GST taxes on the goods which they sell.

Unless of course the government implements the anti-profiteering act and converts the whole economy under a price control regime.

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ISMA CREATES ITS OWN SEDITIOUS HISTORY: British imported Indians, Chinese to rob Malays of their ‘BIRTHRIGHT’

ISMA CREATES ITS OWN SEDITIOUS HISTORY: British imported Indians, Chinese to rob Malays of their ‘BIRTHRIGHT’
Accusing the country’s previous British colonial masters of the conspiracy, the group pointed to a claimed 350-million strong “Malay people” purportedly rooted here to insist that peninsular Malaysia be identified as a Malay and Islamic state.
“Malaysia is a huge province which has been settled by the Malays and hold the Malay identity for over 60,000 years, and has embraced Islam for hundreds of years.
“History also showed that Borneo, including Sabah and Sarawak has the same identity,” ISMA vice-president Abdul Rahman Mat Dali said on the group’s website here.
He also asserted that Malaysia was dubbed “The Cradle of Human Civilisation”. The nickname has been claimed by many areas worldwide, but is widely recognised to be either in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, the Andes or Central America.
Despite ISMA’s assertions, however, it is estimated that there are only around 30 million ethnic Malays worldwide, primarily in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.
Indonesia’s latest census puts the country’s population at over 237 million, but only 9 million identify themselves as ethnic Malay.
“Malay” as a race was once an antiquated catch-all, used in the 19th and early 20th century, to describe the Austronesian peoples.
The largely-Christian Filipinos were also previously referred to as “Malays” in their textbooks.
Abdul Rahman claimed that the entry of the Chinese and Indians had been a “cunning and evil” conspiracy by the British to weaken the Malays who were opposed to its occupation.
Over time, Malays had been normalised to call the country a multicultural and multi-religious country, he said.
“Are the Malays ‘excessively kind’ and willing for the world to record in its history that the Malays is a race which does not have its own motherland. To live and procreate by squatting and homeless in a foreign land?”
“Islam has never blessed for a Muslim nation to have such shallow thoughts,” Abdul Rahman claimed.
In supporting the continuation of Malay special “rights”, ISMA had in its seminar and events suggested that the community were the original settlers of Malaysia, describing the native indigenous Orang Asli as sharing the same ethnic roots with the Malays.
The group had also suggested that ancient Malays had been one of the oldest civilisations in the world, which went on to spawn other current ethnic groups, but has since had their riches and knowledge stripped by foreign powers.
ISMA had suggested for Shariah to be the law of the land replacing the country’s existing dual-track legal system in last year, alleging that Malaysia has practised Islamic laws even since the times of the Malacca empire.
The Malays and Bumiputera make up the majority of Malaysia’s population at an estimated 67.4 per cent of the 28.3 million population, followed by the Chinese at 24.6 per cent, according to the most recent census at 2010.

‘What was Sri Lankan minister doing here’

DAP leaders have criticised the government, particularly MIC leaders, for allowing the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary into the country.
RamasamyKUALA LUMPUR: Penang deputy chief minister P Ramasamy criticised MIC leaders today for keeping mum on Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa’s visit to Malaysia, especially when the island state had killed 150,000 Tamils.
Gothabaya had told Malaysia to be wary of Tamil terrorists in the country.
Ramasamy criticised Gothabaya for making the statement at a forum organised by the Defence Ministry last week. The report was carried by a daily in India, The Hindu.
“I’m baffled by Gothabaya’s statement. Since the Tamil Tigers are not present in Malaysia, we can assume that the phrase was used to refer to local Tamil community, said Ramasamy in a press statement today.
He said Gothabaya’s visit was an embarassment to Malaysian Indians because the Sri Lankan government had killed nearly 150,000 Tamils in the island in its 26-year military campaign which ended in 2009.
Gothabaya is the brother of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa.
DAP MP M Kulasegaran urged the government to explain the motive of Gothabaya’s visit to Malaysia.
“Why did our government keep his visit a secret?” he asked.
Sungkai state assemblyman A Sivanesan criticised MIC president G Palanivel and his deputy, Dr S Subramaniam, for keeping mum on the matter.
“I am sure Palanivel and Dr Subramaniam are aware of Gothabaya’s visit since it must have been discussed in the Cabinet meeting.
“Being ministers representing the Indians, the duo should have objected to the decision,” he said.

EC to hold meeting on Bukit Gelugor seat

The Election Commission (EC) will hold a special meeting to discuss the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat in Penang this Thursday.
EC secretary Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh said it received notification from the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat at 11am today on the vacant Bukit Gelugor seat following the death of its MP, Karpal Singh (pic).
The special meeting to be held at EC headquarters in Putrajaya will be followed by a press conference by EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, he said in a statement today.
Karpal Singh,74, was killed in an accident at 1.10 am at Km 306.1 of the North-South Expressway near Gua Tempurung in Kampar, Perak.
Also killed in the accident was Karpal's personal assistant Michael Cornelius.
In the 2013 general election, Karpal Singh (DAP) won the Bukit Gelugor seat with a 41,778 vote majority, beating Teh Beng Yeam from the Barisan Nasional (BN). – Bernama

Transfer not voluntary, Albukhary university gave us ultimatum, says student

The Albukhary International University has been operating in Alor Star, Kedah, since 1996. - April 21, 2014.The Albukhary International University has been operating in Alor Star, Kedah, since 1996. - April 21, 2014.The pending closure of Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary's full-scholarship university in Kedah has taken on another twist with a student refuting the university's claim that the transfer of students to other institutions was on a "voluntary" basis.
He said the Albukhary International University (AIU) had not given students much choice in the matter.
If they failed to inform AIU of which institution they wanted to be transferred to, they would be regarded as uninterested in continuing with their studies and would lose their scholarships from the Albukhary Foundation, the student, who declined to be named, said.
"We have also been told that this current semester ends on June 6. But students were told last Friday that they can drop all their courses already.
"Classes are off... whether the university is closing for remodelling or not, shouldn't students be allowed to continue with their courses until the semester ends?
"It is as if this entire semester so far had been a waste of time. When we go to another university, we will have to retake certain courses," he told The Malaysian Insider.
AIU in Alor Star, Kedah, is on the verge of closing down. The university had said in a statement last week that there were plans to remodel the institution.
Acting vice-chancellor Professor Nor Adnan Yahaya had also acknowledged the lawsuit filed by six students at the Alor Star High Court against AIU on April 15.
The students had filed a suit against the institution for failing to give a written notice of closure as required by the Private Institutions of Higher Learning Act.
The plaintiffs are Mohd Raimy Fahmy Mohd Radzi, 22; Muhamad Hanif Ahmad Fauzi, 21; Hanif Hafifi Mahali, 21; Mohamad Hanif Kamaruddin, 21; Muhammad Syafiq Abd Shamad, 21, and Farhan Sani Safiyuddin, 20, who are seeking various declaratory reliefs and injunctions against the university, challenging the validity of the closure of academic operations at the university, and seeking an order to compel the university to continue with its operations.
Adnan had also said that the processes had already been initiated for the transfer of the students, which he had said was voluntary and done with the interest and welfare of the students at heart.
A statement by AIU interim chief executive officer Datuk Dr Thomas Ong on February 4 to students regarding the closure was also made available to The Malaysian Insider recently by university sources.
Ong had told the students that the closure was "inevitable" but it would "reopen again in due time" when the vision and mission of the founder had been thoroughly considered and executed by the appointed management.
He had also said that this, however, was not a promise to the students that they would be able to return to AIU to complete their studies.
The same goes for employees of the university and their jobs, he had said.
"At the moment, I don’t have the time of the expected re-opening," Ong had said, but he had assured the students that they would not be neglected or short-changed during the transition.
He had also advised the students not to be demoralised and expressed disappointment "that some parties had tried to ignite the fire around the campus by means of instigation".
"This sadly, should not be the way and if it persists, may I make it clear that it will be no more than a losing battle with unfavourable ramifications.
"There is a very thin line between being practical and being oblivious to reality. One of it is failing to realise that there exists a world outside our minds with equal degrees of truth in it," he said.
Meanwhile, when contacted yesterday about their lawsuit against the university, Raimy Fahmy said the mention for their case had been postponed to May 4.
"The case that was fixed for mention was postponed because AIU has yet to appoint a lawyer," he said.
AIU – a fully-residential campus with comprehensive facilities on an 18ha site near Alor Star –  was set up in 2010 as a "waqf" (eternally charitable) institution funded by Syed Mokhtar's Albukhary Foundation.
The international university has students from over 50 countries, with some 75% of them foreigners. Every AIU student is a scholarship holder of the foundation.

Muka2 Melayu Tersebar Dalam Pesta Liar Tersebar.

Kepala hotak Soz Cyili
Melayu2 kebanggaan negara. Inila melayu2 yang mengakui mereka muslim.


First of all, video tersebut dah tersebar di youtube, wassap dan facebook. Yang sebar tak lain tak bukan la mestila orang2 yang p rakam benda tue. Tapi yang tue aku taknak fikirkan sangat. Cuma aku rasa sudah sampai masanya untuk kita semua belajar terima hakikat diri. Ramai melayu2 sudah rosak akhlaknya. Dan sampai sekarang kita gagal kawal akhlak2 dorang yang rosak tue. Kat negara neh ada 2 kelompok yang sangat2 menguasai pemikiran kita.

Pertama, golongan yang menghukum. Kerja dia menghukum, menghukum dan menghukum.

Kedua, golongan yang pentingkan diri sendiri. Samada tak kisah tentang masalah moral yang melanda umat2 melayu aka muslim kat negara neh ataupun kalau dia kisah, dia fikir bab projek je. Buat itu buat ini, usul itu, usul ini hanyalah semata2 mahukan duit, projek, keuntungan segera dan mengambil manfaat (duit) darinya.

Dua kumpulan neh sangat mendominasi pemikiran rakyat Malaysia. Tetapi aku tak salahkan kewujudan mereka pun. Mereka wujud kerana keadaan la yang memaksa mereka wujud. Keadaan itu ialah = pemerintahan yang tidak adil yakni membuahkan penindasan, polisi berat sebelah, kezaliman, macam2 masalah dalaman negara..

Keganasan membuahkan keganasan. Ini kita selalu dengar. So seperti itulah juga kezaliman membuahkan kezaliman. Ketidakdilan membuahkan ketidakadilan, cuai membuahkan cuai dan seterusnya kerosakkan akan membuahkan kerosakkan. 

Apa yang berlaku di Malaysia ialah tangan yang rosak memilih pemimpin rosak yang menghasilkan pemikiran dan polisi yang rosak seterusnya menghasilkan masyarakat yang rosak. Kita rosak dari awal hingga ke akhirnya.

Dan kalau kita tak ubah kerosakkan neh maka sampai bila2 pun kita akan terus rosak dan rosak. Sanggup tengok umat2 melayu dan muslim rosak macam neh?

Kalau tak sanggup cepat2 lakukan sesuatu untuk ubah gejala yang makin menular ini. 

Lihatla contoh2 kerosakkan muda mudi sekarang.

88 ditahan baru2 neh dalam satu pesta harijadi yang dianjurkan secara liar. Ada yang hisap ganda. Ada yang minum arak. Apa yang lebih memalukan bukan saja ada budak2 sekolah bahkan dorang tak segan silu langsung dalam rakaman video ini. Terlalu mabuk ke untuk rasa malu?

Sudahla melayu, muslim pula tue.. 

Lue fikirlah sendiri.

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