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Monday, October 23, 2017


PETALING JAYA – Several Barisan Nasional (BN) parties were irked that a national briefing for coalition leaders for the upcoming 14th general election (GE14) yesterday was dominated by Umno, the Borneo Post reported today.
It said that there were complaints that the event at the BN headquarters in Kuala Lumpur turned out to be more of an Umno function instead of a gathering of leaders of the various component parties.’
It cited Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing as saying that the other parties were unhappy with the way the briefing was conducted.
They had been made to feel sidelined as the agenda was slanted heavily towards Umno, which is the leading party in the ruling BN, he said.
“It was a briefing by Umno officers on machinery for the 14th general election… The whole programme was tilted towards Umno.
The Borneo Post also reported that the banner used as background on the stage only featured photographs of Umno leaders, although with the logos of the various parties.
“Even the backdrop showed only Umno top guns and none of other component parties’ presidents, as if the rest are just wallpapers for mere decoration… So we were not too happy,” Masing was quoted as saying.
The Sarawak deputy chief minister reportedly added that Umno should not dominate a BN gathering to the extent that other components felt they were there just to make up the numbers.
It was reported on Friday that the BN headquarters had invited 10 representatives from each party to attend the closed-door briefing.
Masing was however also quoted as saying that Sarawak BN was well prepared for GE14, and the polls which are due by August next year would not be a problem for them.
“For Sarawak, no problem… Maybe for Peninsular Malaysia (BN parties), they have to be more prepared,” he was quoted as saying.


THE Royal Malaysian Police has closed its investigation on businessman Low Taek Jho, said Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
As such, the question of seeking Interpol’s assistance in searching for Low, otherwise known as Jho Low, does not arise, he said in a statement.
“My answer to Gombak MP Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat this morning clearly says that there are no more cases (against Jho Low),” Zahid said.
“The Deputy Prime Minister’s office denies strongly reports that have manipulated answers attributed to Zahid that the police has requested Interpol’s assistance in tracking Jho Low,”   the statement read.
Reports said that Zahid was responding to a question from Azmin in the Dewan Rakyat this morning.
Azmin had asked Zahid, who is also the home minister, if Interpol was helping Malaysia locate Jho Low.
Jho Low is a Malaysian businessman and the beneficiary of numerous discretionary trust assets that the US Department of Justice allege were obtained from 1MDB funds.
The question of Low’s whereabouts was raised in in 2015.
The Home Ministry had said then in a written reply that it had been unsuccessful in locating those wanted for questioning to facilitate investigations into 1MDB, including business tycoon Jho Low.
The ministry said Interpol had been unable to determine the whereabouts of Low and others linked to the 1MDB scandal.
Jho Low’s superyacht docks in Aceh
MEANWHILE, according to Malaysiakini:
As Putrajaya ropes in the International Police Organisation (Interpol) for help in locating the elusive Jho Low, the businessman’s superyacht has made port very close to home.
According to maritime database website MarineTraffic, the Equanimity docked at Sabang, a town in Pulau Weh, northern Aceh, at about 9am Malaysian time.
Pulau Weh is a well-known dive destination, but it is not known for the luxury that is often associated with all things Low.
MarineTraffic later indicated that the yacht departed Sabang at about 4pm local time.
While it is unknown where the Equanimity last made port, Malaysiakini reported in June that the ship’s position was recorded off the coast of Koh Rong, a Cambodian resort island.
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has sought the Equanimity, believing that it is part of 1MDB-related assets which involves laundered money.
In all, the DOJ has attempted to seize slightly over US$1 billion in assets. However, the asset seizure process has been suspended to make way for criminal investigations.
The Equanimity has been described by yacht fans as a one-of-kind custom-made vessel with its own sauna, massage rooms, and plunge pool, as well as large living areas.
There have been news reports claiming that the yacht was the venue for a number of parties with Hollywood A-listers, such as Leonardo DiCaprio.


Image result for MO1

Things are going haywire inside MO1's cess pool. The bottom feeders are trying to corner as much of the stash as they can before the elections - which is becoming more and more of a challenge for them to overcome. They are not going to win.

There are two mamaks involved. 
One is sup kambing Kuala Kangsar.  
The other one is of course the guy with the fake MBA. 

In the most recent public cleaning of their underwear the MCE dropout cum bankrupted car salesman who now resides outside has ostensibly targeted the dumbest looking jerk to occupy the top perch among the legal sparrows, a frequent ejaculato over the Sungai Kolok.  (Post NEP's may need a dictionary here. He he he.)

The target only appears to be the legal sparrow.  
In the game of 'who stands to lose the most'  ejaculato is the least value target. 
The jerk is just a hired help. Not inner circle.
A nobody in the scheme of things.
Meaning there is nothing to gain in targeting him.

So obviously he is not the target.  
Then who is? 

The mamak with the fake MBA has been named many times as well.  

Fake MBA is known to be close to Hippo. 
From there the pivot to MO1. 
 This makes sup kambing Kuala Kangsar jittery and unhappy.
Sup kambing is MO1's  closest buddy.
It is said that sup kambing is a mamak who can turn off the TV when MO1 is watching English League football in his house. This is what I heard.  The in-house Rasputin who has a really solid grip on the moron's ass. (Since tak cukup brains to be grabbed).
Plus sup kambing pays the MCE dropout to write what he writes. 

This looks like a tussle between the two mamak snakecharmers for influence over the effeminate wannabe warrior.  

The stakes are not really high. 
Their own stakes are high.  
To shove it up each other's asses. 
 The pressure is now on the 'dengan bini orang lain di Bali'  character.
He will be pressured to "investigate"  the legal sparrow. And the fake MBA guy.
Then hold on to the investigation files.  Thats how they play the game.

One snakecharmer is independent of the party.
The other is dependent on the party. 

Their system has just evicted one snakecharmer from the cesspool.
He has undoubtedly caused the greatest amount of damage to  this nation.  
Single handedly.

But no one has asked this question - who pushed for that royal commission?
Moron does not know if he is coming or going.  A total blur.
So who pushed for that royal commission?
The net outcome was the ouster of one snake charmer.  
There are still a few more snake charmers left. 
We never seem to be rid of these vermin.

Here is a thought. 
They will start killing themselves.
I think that is what is happening.

You should read the history of corrupt  dictatorships.
They really start to rot everywhere. 
Even the gardeners and the night watchmen get involved in the game.
Eventually the enemies from within become more dangerous to them than the enemies from the outside.

This is happening now.


Image result for Fire razed a hostel at a religious school in Kampung Bukit Lanchong here last night.

Here is the news.

another tahfiz school hostel turned to rubble due to  fire

Flames second level of school building 

the hostel was on fire.

pillow caught fire caused by burning mosquito coil.
embers from pillow affected other spots. 

students did not fight blaze 

two fire trucks with 14 firemen despatched to fight blaze 

20% of hostel completely destroyed

My comments : Al Naar means The Fire. A friend of mine said, 'It is not newsworthy anymore. Too common and nobody cares."

Its true. Who cares?

Sabahan militant believed among 42 bodies recovered in Marawi today

Other Malaysians and foreigners are also believed to have been killed in the final military assault.
KOTA KINABALU: Malaysian militant from Sabah, Mohd Amin Baco, is believed to be among the 42 dead after the last stand between the remaining terrorists and troops in the besieged southern Philippine city of Marawi on Monday, FMT has learned.
A source in Marawi said besides Amin, other Malaysians and foreigners might have also been killed during the offensive on the militants’ last hideout, a two-storey building in the main battle area in the city.
The Philippine military today said they had yet to determine whether Malaysia’s most wanted terrorist, Mahmud Ahmad, was among the 42 bodies recovered.
Malaysian police and the defence ministry earlier said they were still waiting for official reports from the Philippines on the Malaysian militants’ reported deaths.
Yesterday, the Philippine military said some 30 remaining terrorists were holed up in the building surrounded by troops.
It is not clear whether all the 42 bodies were of terrorists killed today or if some of them included those killed earlier.
Philippine armed forces chief Gen Eduardo Ano today said among those retrieved were the remains of foreign terrorists who survived the Oct 16 assault that killed siege leaders Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute.
Philippine defence secretary Delfin Lorenzana today announced that there were no more militants in the city.
He said two wives of militants were among the 42 bodies retrieved after the final assault.
Lorenzana said all the bodies were that of militants because all hostages had been rescued a few days earlier.
On Friday, FMT learned from a former hostage in Marawi city that a teen, aged about 13, was fighting troops alongside his Malaysian militant father.
College teacher Lordvin Acopio, whose harrowing four-month hostage experience was widely reported by the Philippine media, told FMT the teen had carried a gun and was often at the frontline with his father.
FMT today asked Lorenzana on Twitter about the whereabouts of the Malaysian boy or if the Malaysian teen was among the 42 bodies retrieved from the last militant hideout today.
As of press time, Lorenzana has not responded.
FMT on Saturday reported its findings on the Malaysian teen to Malaysian Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun, who said the police would investigate the matter.
Yesterday, Ranao Task Force deputy commander Col Romeo Brawner Jr was reported as saying the military had urged the surrounded militants to surrender any female fighters and “child warriors”. -FMT

Bid to smuggle RM12.7m worth of ketamine foiled at KLIA


SEPANG: The KL International Airport (KLIA) Narcotics Crime Investigation Division has foiled an attempt to smuggle 254kg of ketamine worth RM12.7 million at the KLIA Cargo Complex on Thursday.
Narcotics Crime Investigation Department director Mohmad Salleh said the drugs, hidden in 248 “tea” packages in six boxes, were declared as garments and were apparently being sent by plane to Taipei, Taiwan.
He said the drugs were seized in a raid jointly conducted by the Narcotics Crime Investigation Department and the Special Tactics and Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING) as a result of the sharing of information with the Taiwan justice investigation bureau.
“This is the biggest drug seizure at the KLIA cargo complex this year and it’s a sweet success for the KLIA district police headquarters (IPD) that was upgraded to the 156th IPD in Malaysia recently,” he told a press conference here today.
Mohmad said besides the Taiwan agency, the department had always worked closely with various local and international drug enforcement agencies in efforts to eradicate smuggling and drug trafficking activities.
Meanwhile, Mohmad said the department was working with Taiwan to trace the mastermind behind the heroin trafficking in which 30.5kg of the drug was seized by Taiwan’s enforcement officers on Sept 27, which was brought into the country through the KLIA cargo complex.
“We are investigating with Taiwan on whether the two smuggling attempts were masterminded by the same syndicate or syndicates because the address of the sender and the recipient are the same,” he said.
Mohmad said many successes had been achieved, on both sides, after establishing the collaboration with Taiwan in 2012.
He said five major raids, involving the seizure of drugs weighing 1,205kg and more than four million pills of various types of drugs worth RM103 million, had been conducted since the collaboration.
As many as 73 individuals, 54 of them locals and the rest foreigners, were also arrested. It was believed the confiscated drugs could be used by more than 850,00 addicts, he said. -FMT

Penang landslide: Engineers must also ensure safety, says IEM


PETALING JAYA: The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) says professional engineers in a construction project, such as the hillside development in Tanjung Bungah which saw a landslide killing 11 workers, must also play an active role in ensuring its safety.
Its president Tan Yean Chin said although temporary works at such sites are mainly the contractor’s responsibility, it is important for the engineers involved either as owner, consultant or contractor to be actively involved.
He said the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) has published the “Guidelines on the Role and Responsibility of Professional Engineers for Temporary Works during Construction Stage” as a guide to all the engineers involved in temporary works.
Temporary works are required in erecting permanent works under the contractor’s responsibility, he said.
“There have been many incidents of mishaps, failures and weaknesses in temporary works leading to the collapse of structures and accidents at site that are hazardous to public safety,” he said in a statement today.
“It is the responsibility of the consultant who is the submitting person (qualified person) to the local authorities or other government agencies (Public Works Department, etc), and as designer of permanent works, to ensure the contractor complies with these requirements to safeguard public interest and safety,” he added.
Tan said many construction incidents are due to the contractor’s failure to engage the engineers for temporary works to carry out their design, endorsement and supervision.
The professional engineer should ensure that the temporary works’ design, including analysis, calculations, drawings and specifications, are structurally stable, he added.
“The engineering consultant of the project should have full-time representatives at the site to supervise and monitor to ensure that the contractor appointed complies with all safety and design requirements,” he said.
“All parties involved in the construction shall be responsible to ensure any incidents of mishaps and failures at the construction site can be prevented,” he added,
Tan said IEM was willing to offer its technical assistance and opinion in the investigation on the incident which occurred at 8.50am on Saturday.
This morning, the search and rescue team found the eleventh and last victim of the landslide after more than 48 hours of scouring the giant 35-metre deep heap of collapsed earth from the hillslope.
Three other workers escaped with minor injuries.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has said that a state-level commission of inquiry would be formed to investigate the incident. -FMT