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Kalau Dr M tak faham GST, bagaimana rakyat?

Mufti Perlis Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin menyindir sinis Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Datuk Ahmad Maslan yang didakwa memperkecil kefahaman bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad berhubung pelaksanaan Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST).

"Jika Tun M dikatakan tidak faham GST, apakah rakyat Malaysia yang hampir kesemua mereka tidak lebih berpengalaman tentang ekonomi negara dari Tun M akan lebih faham tentang GST?

"Jika orang yang dianggap oleh majoriti rakyat Malaysia sebagai 'kurang cerdik' (mengelakkan perkataan bodoh) disebabkan kenyataan-kenyataannya tentang GST, dia menyatakan Tun M yang terkenal dengan kepintarannya itu tidak faham GST, apakah si pembuat kenyataan itu lebih bijak di bandingkan Tun M?" soal Dr Mohd Asri dalam Facebooknya .

Beliau mengulas kenyataan Ahmad yang dilapor Astro Awani sebagai berkata dalam Twitter bahawa Dr Mahatir masih belum memahami sepenuhnya, belum mendapat penerangan terperinci atau tersalah tafsir mengenai maksud GST sehingga beliau mahu cukai itu dibatalkan.

Semalam bekas perdana menteri itumenggesa kerajaan membatalkan sahaja cukai barangan dan perkhidmatan dan masih ada pegawai yang belum faham dengan pelaksanaan cukai itu.


umar mukhtar
Umar Mukhtar
What can be the mitigating factors for someone who may have lost 20,000 million ringgit of other people’s money entrusted with procedural conditions to him?
That he is the Party President and so we must cut him some slack? That if we ostracise him, the opposition will benefit? That he is just the Prime Minister and we can’t expect him to know everything, even though these things were directly under his charge as Minister of Finance? That we can afford this possible humongous loss?
Most people we talk to think these are not mitigating factors – irrespective, anti-Najib or Pro-Najib Malaysians. How could we agree that these excuses absolve the person when our beloved child would still get a tight slap if he stole the family car and wrecked it?
Almost all agree we should be fair to him because he has not been proven guilty of those accusations. How can we prove it? We must investigate first if there were any wrongdoings, and if he had the possibility of committing them. Then he first has to be charged in a court of law, tried, and only if he is found guilty by the judges can we take any action.
After all that’s what was accorded to Anwar Ibrahim. It took us six long years. Democratic Malaysia! Then why is it that many right-thinking apolitical Malaysians still think Anwar was treated unfairly? Because there is this Anglo-Saxon jargon commonly used called bad faith.
An example of bad faith in Anwar’s case could be that when the powers-that-be saw an opportunity to get rid of Anwar as a political force, they used all the powers bestowed in them to relentlessly pursue for a conviction that will incarcerate Anwar. Sodomy is sodomy, just as stealing is stealing, no matter by whom. But bad faith is hard to prove as long as all actions are within the law. But perceptions are real.
What has that got to do with Najib and 1MDB? A lot. Are the powers-that-be, which are bestowed by the Rakyat with the same powers, also pursuing 1MDB possible wrongdoings as relentlessly as they did in Anwar’s case? It is only the investigation stage. Not even a criminal investigation yet. Only an investigation of the status quo. Already there may have been bad faith. Perceptions are real.
For example, someone had made a police report implying that some hanky-panky may be happening in 1MDB. He had been hounded by whatever means available to these powers, it seems. Because the insinuation was that it could only have been stolen with help from the powers-that-be?
Then an elder statesman took up the matter. And all sort of dirt are piled up to attack the elder statesman, to destroy his credibility. For argument sake, let’s assume the dirt is true and the police report was lodged by a scumbag. Do these make the possible criminal acts in 1MDB not worth investigating?
Okay, a government agency, the Auditor General, has been asked to investigate. In the absence of a Terms of Reference known to all, for how long? Investigate what? That is not “relentlessness”. Almostlaissez faire. The Auditor General needs only to tell us that nothing is missing or something is missing. Is it that difficult? Check with the bank, cash is cash, IOU is IOU, papers that own assets for how much? Were procedures followed?
The Rakyat need to know. It’s their money. Can you tell us these first? Does that take more than a month? Only with that information can we decide if it is worth our time to pursue the matter. The Auditor General does not have the ability to do forensic auditing. We have not even come to that stage yet.
The PDRM has not done anything yet either, even though questionable happenings have been reported. Whose directives are they waiting for? The powers-that-be? The very connections they will be investigating? Or are they waiting for more horses to have bolted. Can we at least, as an interim measure, lock the barn door?
It is like asking your business operator to tell where the business money is and he replied, “It is being looked into.” For months! That is supposed to make you happy? What are they really waiting for? For the semen to have dried in Saiful’s asshole, so that it cannot be tendered as evidence? ‘Relentless’, ‘bad-faith’ seem to be the operating words.
The powers-that-be must not do just the perfunctory. It must be seen to be consistent. Let Anwar’s incarceration be not in vain. Fair-minded Rakyat demand it.
We are not wanting for anybody to go to jail. Just wanting to know where our money is and to further safeguard it. Not a vengeful request. But if that is the way the game is to be played, so be it. Maybe Anwar will get a cellmate.


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Maha Firaun's latest advisers on the 1Grossmeldajib Development Bunco artists scheme and the move to unseat the Grossmeldajibs from power permanently, seem to comprise a Koran-quoting and Arab hating blogger who claims to be an ex-central bank employee, a crony who was sold a publishing empire for RM2 by Maha Firaun himself and a former information minister with nothing between his ears.

And there you have it, a motley crew of "advisers" who are guaranteed to know nothing about money, finance or economics and who between them wouldn't know how to read a Balance Sheet even if tutored by Warren Buffet. Mahathir, like the Grossmeldajibs, does seem to attract these peculiar BUMNO/ SCUMNO advocates like bees to a honeypot. Remember, too, it is the likes of this same motley crew who crowned the Grossmeldajibs, Caesar, and promoted them as the saviours we have long been waiting for, in 2008/2009. 

Maha Firaun and his latest three stooges, like the majority of BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik supporters, have yet to realise that after a deluge of repeated failures, mega financial scandals, and probably a murder or two, that they should stop championing the least crooked candidate to lead the country. We want the most upright, experienced and intelligent person to be the next prime minister, not the least handicapped retard. 

And where were they when we told them not to promote crooks and thieves as national leaders, and where was Mahathir when we flagged the Grossmeldajibs' involvement in the Altantuya murder? Now they talk and pontificate as though they knew it all, but were waiting for the, oh so right moment to save the Rakyat. What hypocrites and dishonest, pathetic pseudo-intellectuals!   

Who are they thinking of to replace the Grossmeldajibs? MopeyDopey Moohy with a $60 million financial scandal chained to his neck, and who knows what else?

That foot-in-mouth defenceless guy who is just not onn? Who made an international arse of himself vis-a-vis MH370? Who hadn't a clue how to handle the Lahad Datu "incursion"? Who is once said to have employed a "jambu-looking" male personal aide?

It's incredible that KJ should be remotely discussed as a dark horse. Dark he is, unable to satisfy Lim Kit Siang's query in Parliament to answer charges that he is the most unemployable/unemployed multi-millionaire unable to account to the Rakyat or the Inland Revenue for his massively swollen bank balance.This is what BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik has to offer - pick this crook or that crook to lead us to oblivion.

This is the rotten pile from which we should pick one to be crowned Caesar until the next mega multi-billion financial fraud or murder?

It's obvious that Maha Firaun doesn't really know what he is saying when challenging the Grossmeldajibs about RM27 billion "missing"from 1GDB's Balance Sheet.

No doubt the Grossmeldajibs, 1GDB and Maha Firaun too are all so crooked that they can easily remain undetected behind a corkscrew. No doubt this explains why Maha Firaun is hell-bent on building a crooked bridge over the Straits of Johor and start a war with Singapore; mainly because his paradigm-shafting school of lateral thinking and strategy advocates thievery (spindoctered as affirmative action), racism (divide and rule), beggar-thy-neighbour policies and universal discord over honesty, unity and peace for all. 

Make no mistake. Maha Firaun was instrumental in a crooked crony and his crooked company being "compensated" some RM700 million with the connivance of then MsMinister for Everything That Doesn't Verks (also Minister for Tolls), none other than Semi Value of the Malaysian Indoor Curangu (monkey) party.

To prove he was worthy of standing on the same planet as Maha Firaun, Semi Value once robbed the Indian community of RM10 million of telecommunications shares. This was only one among many, many instances of grand larceny and fraud amounting to several billion ringgit, perpetrated by him on all Malaysians. It was Semi Value himself who dubbed Maha Firaun as 'Maha Thiruden' ('Great Robber' in Tamil), a fitting tribute indeed from one great scumbag thief, to another great scumbag robber. One wonders how much of that RM700 million went into the pockets of BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik and Maha Thiruden. How much would a crooked bridge now cost - RM2 billion plus a 2,000 year toll concession to Petro Saudi?

RM27 billion is not missing from 1GDB's balance sheet. It is whether RM27 billion of investments and cash are worth what 1GDB's auditors, Chairman, Board of Directors, CEO, Finance Director and the Grossmeldajibs say it is. Obviously, the answer is, it is not. I will explain why below.

There is no way the RM27 billion is not included in the Balance Sheet. Some of it is actuualy cash in bank account. The RM27 billion may only be worth half that sum now, but its original cost value is still there in the Balance Sheet at RM27 billion. The current value cannot be zero, not yet. What are the details of these investments, who suckered/conned 1GDB into it, who appoved it (of course the Grossmeldajibs did) and what is its current market value, or fire-sale value - that's what we really want to know. 

A pork seller's book-keeper will tell you that if RM27 billion was "missing", the Balance Sheet will simply not balance. And don't sneer at pork sellers and their book-keepers. Some of the richest char siu rice, char siu pau and bak kua sellers, multi-millionaires, have for years been cooking the books to fool the Inland Revenue into thinking that their businesses have been losing money all their lives and that they live from hand to mouth, while driving around in Mercedes Benz cars, owning houses in Bangsar, Kenny Hills and Damansara, and their children got educated in London and USA. I have said it before and I will say it again to the Inland Revenue, tighten the net and you won't need GST or worry about con-men like Fitch, Standard & Poor, Moody's, the IMF and the World Bank.

What is pretty obvious to any amateur (except Maha Thiruden and his 3 mat toyol advisers) is that 1GDB has parked most, if not all of its excess cash, in investments that it cannot cash out of just now because of contractual obligations or, more likely, because the current market value of those investments have declined to such an extent, that cashing out now would blow a hole the size of the yet non-fully functioning RM10 billion Bakun Dam, in 1GDB's Balance Sheet. Fittingly, the yet non-fully functioning RM10 billion Bakun Dam was mooted (in 1993) and championed by none other then yes, bingo, you guessed it genius, Maha Firaun/Maha Thiruden!

Why 1GDB  raised billions of ringgit in debt way in advance of its requirements is another question the Grossmeldajib's will have to answer. I suspect it is because yet another bunch of mat toyol advisers, this time from the MoF, probably that guy who lost us RM30 billion at the central bank in the '90's and the othe chief secretary who approved $30 billion private initiative money from pension funds, told them that could could milk sovereign guarantees to glory and that if they invested it "correctly and wisely" then, "why, there's no way in hell we will lose money"! The Grossmajib's greed factor was so high, they fell for it like the guys at our sovereign fund did about that super 'breeding salmon in tropical waters' project that lost a billion ringgit or so. 

The Grossmeldajibs are hoping against hope that the share and money markets will recover and bail them out, and that coal prices will rise so that they will not have to write off another RM2 billion from their Mongolian coal mining investment disaster.

Cashflow from IPP dividends, and certainly paper gains from revaluing land ad nauseum, cannot cover the interest on RM46 billion of debt. Do not forget IGDB owes another $3 billion to trade and other creditors, bringing the total debt to a staggering $49 billion!!! Few Fixed Deposits pay above 4% and there is always the risk of massive losses on exchange. So, now the Grossmeldajibs have started rolling over and over 46 billion of ringgit debts using our money to bail out their own ineptitude, incompetency and thieving and crooked nature.

But make no mistake. There is the smell of looting, plundering and fraud at 1GDB that the Grossmeldajibs hope they will be able to cover-up by listing its constituent businesses, like the IPP's, at a whacking premium. No doubt EPF, Socso, KWAP, PNB and Khazanah will all be arm-twisted into supporting huge over-valuations as "Cornerstone" Investors, and be awarded lolly-pops for their "national service sacrifice" which of course means sodomising the Rakyat since none of them have any money of their own, except ours!

There was looting and skimming of commissions in raising RM46 billion in bond and derivative debts and buying investments. There was CBT in using 1GDB's money for other peoples' (Jho Paris Hilton, a certain ex-CM of Sarawak) businesses. BNM was deliberately kept out of the loop so that money could be laundered without paying taxes. The Grossmeldajibs, and more than likely BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik too, illegally collected commisions and under-table money to persuade educated and highly qualified greedy and treasonous fools into parking our money in dodgy investments. Some Wall St. wolves may have benifitted as well, and then bought RM100 million exclusive condos in Beverly Hills and New York.

GS may have washed its hands off US$500 million in commissions by saying that "no commissions were paid to 3rd parties". But one of, if not the main person, involved in raising funds for 1GDB was a GS employee of Malaysian origins who suddenly resigned last year. It's not beyond the pale that this man might have been fronting for others (you know who) and paid them from his own pockets, something which GS (though it defies belief) claims it's not aware of.

Only a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) convened immediately can unravel the crooked trail of thievery by the Grossmeldajibs and their partners like Jho Paris Hilton. Who made all these disastrous "investment" decisions? Their heads should roll. The Grossmeldajibs will not come clean of their own accord. Jho Paris Hilton will not put his head on the chopping block voluntarily. The Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee will take too long to do their job, no one will be found guilty of any misdeeds by them and no one will be surprised if they conclude that "all proper procedures were complied with" while ignoring the billions of ringgit that will have to be written off, while the Grossmeldajibs and Jho Paris Hiltons laugh all the way to the bank!

No way should the Rakyat allow 1GDB to sell off the Sg. Besi and other land gifted to it by the Grossmeldajibs at way, way below market prices. They have done nothing to enhance the land values of their own accord. If the land had been gifted to my grandmother, she would have seen the same rise in prices. 

1GDB should be forced to re-sell the the land back to the government at original cost and the Grossmeldajibs be compelled to bear the RM3-5 billion operating loss (covered up by land revaluation paper gains). There is an opportunity cost here that must be recovered by the Rakyat. If the land had been sold by open tender, the government would have realised cash profits of billions of ringgit. Why should 1GDB benefit 1 cent from being mere title deed holders?

Let this also be a warning to 1GDB's former CEO's and new CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi - the cat has long been out of the bag. A CEO who knowingly conceals a history of fraud and thievery at his office, and does nothing about it, will later have to be put behind bars as an accessory before or after the fact. I would recommend whipping too. Resigning is not good enough. Where huge loads of the Rakyat's money is involved, you owe us a duty of care beyond walking out and keeping your mouth shut. Don't make stupid statements like "I have not seen or read any files". Don't be fools and cover up for the Grossmeldajibs. If the situation were the reverse, they would throw you to the wolves before you could say 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Hero or Zero? The choice is yours!

 Donplaypuks® with balance sheets, man!

NAJIB'S IN-LAWS: Kazakhstan's despotic leader is set to renew his 26-yr grip on power

NAJIB'S IN-LAWS: Kazakhstan's despotic leader is set to renew his 26-yr grip on power
ALMATY (Reuters) - Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev was set to renew his 26-year grip on power on Sunday, offering the multi-ethnic Central Asian state economic and social stability in return for what rights groups call systematic suppression of opposition.
Nazarbayev, 74, officially titled "Leader of the Nation", called presidential elections more than a year early in a move that could quash any speculation about a successor.
He faces no real challenge from the other contenders, a low-profile Communist Party functionary and a loyal ex-regional governor.
The former steelworker has promoted market reforms and, with the help of more than $200 billion in foreign direct investment, turned his steppe nation bordering Afghanistan into the second-largest economy in the former Soviet Union and No. 2 post-Soviet oil producer after Russia.
Kazakhstan has built good ties with neighboring Russia and China and developed warm relations with the United States and the European Union.
Placards exorting voters to back Nazarbayev dominate the streets of the biggest city and commercial center, Almaty.
Volatile region
Widely seen as a stability factor in a region that has seen past ethnic violence, Kazakhstan has been criticized by the West and human rights bodies for crackdowns on dissent. No election held here has yet been given a clean bill of health by monitors.
Most of Nazarbayev's vocal critics have either been jailed or fled the country.
The biggest challenge to his authority to date has been a riot in the western oil town of Zhanaozen and a nearby village in 2011 where police opened fire, killing at least 15 people.
M'sian PM Najib, wife Rosmah Mansor, daughter Noryana (bride) pose with Daniyar Nazarbayev and his mum, who married into the large and powerful Nazarbayev clan. The M'sian 'first family' were sharply criticized for the 'mega-wedding' and accused of excessive spending. About 300 M'sians guests were ferried to the Kazakh reception allegedly on M'sian govt jets.

Kazakhstan's President and presidential candidate Nursultan Nazarbayev applauds as he attends a session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Astana April 23, 2015. REUTERS/Mukhtar Kholdorbekov
Kazakhstan's President and presidential candidate Nazarbayev attends session of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Astana
Zhanaozen clashesREUTERS/Olga YaroslavskayaDefendants, accused of participating in the December 2011 clashes in the oil town of Zhanaozen, react behind a glass cubicle while Interior Ministry officers block the audience during a court session in the Caspian port city of Aktau
Nazarbayev, former member of the Soviet Union's ruling Politburo, says before launching democratic reform, he aims to build a strong state and ensure prosperity for a population including Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, ethnic Germans and Tatars.
Allowed by law to be elected as many times as he wants, he has traveled extensively around the mainly Muslim nation, met by crowds of jubilant supporters.
Stressing the same mantra of stability, inter-ethnic harmony and social cohesion, he won nearly 96 percent of the vote in the previous election in April 2011.
A similar result is expected in Sunday's vote in the country where the opposition is small and disparate and Nazarbayev's ruling Nur Otan party controls all facets of everyday life. - Reuters

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH...: Azizah woos PAS with her simplicity

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH...: Azizah woos PAS with her simplicity
Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is no stranger to the PAS Muslimat (women’s wing) in Permatang Pauh, as she met them again as PKR’s candidate for the May 7 parliamentary polls.
Many remember her as the soft-spoken spouse of Anwar Ibrahim, a firebrand youth activist turned Umno politician when he first won the Permatang Pauh seat in 1982.
So when Azizah - known simply as Kak Wan - walked into the Dewan Yusof Ar Rawa in Sama Gagah last night as part of her campaign trail, a group of Muslimat reached out their hands eagerly to greet hers.
Wearing a bright red baju kurung and white tudong, Azizah was in good spirits, shaking hands with journalists, who sat on the floor of the rustic old dewan, and jokingly said “vote for me ya”.
A muslimat next to a journalist whispered “Poor Kak Wan, how many times must she endure this?”
She was referring to Anwar languishing behind the Sungai Buloh prison walls yet again for a second sodomy charge, propelling Azizah into the eye of the storm.
Anwar was sacked from his deputy prime minister’s post in 1998, and jailed for the first time from 2001 to 2006 for abuse of power related to his sodomy charge.
He is in prison again, serving a five-year jail sentence for sodomy, and lost his MP seat when Azizah failed to obtain a pardon from the Agong for his release.
In Anwar’s place, Azizah has contested and won the Permatang Pauh seat twice, in 1999 and 2004, albeit with a slim majority of 590 votes.
Rocky start
She is now going into battle for the third time with allegations of nepotism hurled at her candidacy by her opponents, while her biggest challenge is BN’s candidate Suhaimi Sabudin, who at 44, is 19 years younger.
She has been challenged to explain how would she handle two seats - the other is a state seat in Kajang - when it is about six hours drive away from Penang.
And until yesterday, her party was at odds with the Permatang Pauh PAS division which threatened to boycott her campaign as PKR does not support their president Abdul Hadi Awang’s private members bill on hudud in Parliament.
But last night the division chief Omar Hassan said the matter has been settled as PKR has clarified its stand on hudud in a closed meeting in Seberang Jaya on Friday.
“We agree to disagree,” he said, urging the 200 PAS members to activate the party’s machinery in all branches to help Azizah’s team.
Her gratitude was obvious as she took the microphone to explain her candidacy to the group of men wearing sarong and kopiah, while the women sat separately on the right.
“Anwar is being tested again, he has been sent to prison and once again we have to go for a by-election,” she said.
“And once again, I am forced to contest this seat,” Azizah said, as she appealed for support from PAS members.
Simple manner endears
The muslimat does not mind Azizah contesting the seat again. She does not think the distance is a problem especially when there are cheap flights and highways these days.
“We have known her for a long time ago. She remains the same, just look at her dressing, she has not changed her style since we knew her as Anwar’s wife,” the woman said.
“She is truly very simple, she would rather mingle with us or cook with us instead of sitting at the VIP table we prepared for her,” the woman recalled.
PAS deputy chief Mohamed Sabu said one always found Azizah “amicable and agreeable”.
“We can disagree with Anwar but with Kak Wan, there is nothing to disagree,” he said.
“She is the most loyal wife, she appears soft but her heart is strong. As a man, I may look like a hero, but sometimes there is fear in my heart,” Mohamed, better known as Mat Sabu said, drawing laughter from the crowd.
“Indeed, she has sacrificed much to restore her family’s dignity, such woman deserves our support,” he asserted.
Mat Sabu’s most memorable memory of Azizah was when she was a health volunteer, serving the community while working as an optician.
He was in the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) then and often brought patients from the NGO to see her.
“At the time, she had just married Anwar . She often told me about Abim members planning to join Umno, she disliked that very much,” he said.
“But little did she know that her husband was also planning to join Umno,” he said, to much laughter.
Mat Sabu said the situation is different now as Azizah has to step into the frontline again as candidate.
“Don’t say she lobbied for the seat, she would rather enjoy her retirement and spend time with her family, but duty calls,” he said.
“Besides, it is her party which has chosen her, it not she who lobbied for the seat,” he stressed. - M'kini

IS THIS TRUE? Malaysian Indians fully support Najib - Subra

IS THIS TRUE? M'sian Indians fully support Najib - Subra
KUALA LUMPUR - The relationship between the Indian community in the country and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has always been good, said MIC deputy president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.
Speaking to the reporters after witnessing the signing of memorandum between the government of Malaysia and Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia (AFPM) here today, Subramaniam, said the prime minister has always played a vital role in understanding the important issues pertaining to the Indian community.
"I would say since 2010, Najib has always given 100% attention to our community especially when it comes to the education of the Indian community.
"The government have invested about 640 million ringgit in Tamil school development," he said adding that this is the first time in Malaysian history for a prime minister to invest such amount on the Indian community.
When asked on whether the Indian community's support towards Najib's administration has taken a turn with some people asking the latter to step down from his position, Subramaniam said "We have never agreed with such claim."
Former Prime Mimister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad has kept up a steady stream of criticism against Najib on the controversial 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and the muder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Meanwhile speaking at the ceremony, Dr Subramaniam said AFPM plays an essential role in providing training programmes for medical practitioners and primary care physicians.
"Such diligent and tireless effort to ensure competent family physicians by providing them with the necessary knowledge, attitude development, practical experience and skills is therefore commendable," he said.
He also added that as if for now about 6,000 general practitioners and 300 specialists are registered under his ministry.
Also present were, Director General of the Ministry of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah and AFPM president, Prof. Datuk Dr D. M. Thuraiappah. - Sundaily

Full article: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=500942:is-this-true?-msian-indians-fully-support-najib-subra&Itemid=2#ixzz3YOiVKTf8
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