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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The rights and wrongs of sumpah laknats

Let us debate the proclaimed right of a person to do a sumpah laknat or mubahalah. The PM says anyone has that right. It's dangerously becoming an everyday occurrence that the somberness and the solemnity that go along with that conduct seem to be lost. Any Tom Dick and Harry can do the sumpah laknat

It's the arrogance of human beings thinking that God's retribution does not come immediately whch encourage some people to carry out sumpah laknats. It's the jom heboh of religious trial by ordeal.

Yes, everyone has the right to do a sumpah laknat. It's a special oath taking affirming one's innocence or guilt by beseeching god to deliver instant punishment. Yes, everyone can do a sumpah laknat especially if doing that involves Anwar Ibrahim and slows down the declining fortunes of UMNO.

What if RPK does the same thing- he does a sumpah laknat somewhere in Regents Park Mosque in London or some mosque in Patani? It's equally right and capable of producing the same conclusions. That the object of that sumpah laknat has actually done what is prayed for. What if P Bala converts to Islam and carries out a sumpah laknat. Then he invokes god and says Rosmah was present as the grisly scene. What then?

They can't, not because they don't have the same rights- but they must fulfill some conditions precedent. If we demand these requirements in hypothetical situations involving RPK and PI Bala, then the same mandatory requirements must be accorded to the accused in this case.

The whole mess we are in at the moment is because we take up and crusade on a moral issue. We are then caught up in our own moral morass. The BN people are gunning for Anwar's morality when they are themselves soiled. We must come with clean hands or not come at all. I am sure these 3 people behind the smut filming have serious moral issues not unearthed yet or not interesting to other people to be worth their effort.

Can Najib himself trust these 3 fellows? If they can do it to Anwar, they can one day do it to Najib himself. There is much dirt and money to be made digging up the PM's own morality issues.

We are in full agreement that everyone has that right- but it must be done in accordance to the rules laid down by Islamic law. It's not done and never done in a circus like atmosphere like the one we were told done by Dato Eskay. He was flanked by the two clowns. One an UMNO MKT member, the other a Perkasa reject.

There must be some conditions precedent. This sumpah laknat is not a trivial matter. The requirements are absolutely strict. Consider the requirement of 4 witnesses. Rahim and Shuib Lazim are not witnesses. They are more like accomplices.

Did Eskay bring with him 4 righteous witnesses? Were Rahim and Shuib Lazim present during the filming of the video? If Eskay swears that it were him who made the film, the police should not wait any moment longer. If making a smut film is a punishable offence, arrest him.

When they showed the film to reporters and private viewers did they commit a crime? I am not sure about this. They said they have not distributed the film and therefore haven't committed the offence of distributing pornographic material. They can be caught out on the offence of making the film and showing it. But they say they are willing to suffer the consequences. This is because their aim was never to distribute the film.

Their aim was to expose Anwar's moralities and to show the world that Anwar is an immoral person. In order to show that to the world, they had to show the video.

Now that's a catch 22 situation. How do you prove that Anwar is a bugger and an immoral person? You have to show evidence in the form of a film. The film will of course be subject to intense credibility challenge. That challenge is done in a court of law- so far there is none. So why is Eskay jumping the gun and doing the sumpah laknat?

You see, the real objective of the whole thing is politics. Politics is judged in a general election. That's a tricky situation. Najib knows he needs more time for the voting public to buy this story about Anwar. My thinking is the GE is not going to be held this year? The hooray for our side boys didn't see how dangerous the situation was for BN in the recently concluded Sarawak elections. The DAP sapu-ed almost all urban seats making the call by the PM for the Chinese to choose BN a futile academic exercise. But the more dangerous thing is this:

Anwar with all the problems he has, can win 3 seats? That's sending shivers down the spine of Najib which nowadays in becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Some modern Islamic jurists say a video or films are good substitutes for 4 upright witnesses. In my mind videos or films lack the important ingredient of being alive and imbued with righteous qualities demanded. A film or video is a technical thing subject to manipulation and is unreliable. They are inanimate objects and if conferred with living attributes, that can become ungodly or shirik. They are the products of living persons which therefore require the persons involved in filming and making the video having the necessary moral attributes. If is Eskay or Rahim doing the film, the accusation lacks integrity. Any judge will throw their submissions out.

There must be a full court case first preceding a sumpah laknat. Arguments must have been exhausted such that an impasse is reached. The judge is at wits end. The only choice opened is to invoke God. It's a form of religious trial by ordeal rarely done and sanctioned by rational judges.

We want to finish off Anwar, let's do it using the right methods. Our Islamic judges were deafeningly silent when Saiful took the oath. He did it before any court case and did not produce 4 witnesses. If after the present court case, Saiful takes the oath; his conduct would be more credible. He did it before any court case and before all legal debates is exhausted. Islamic experts said nothing of that.

Why do you insist on procedural matters and the requirement of righteous witnesses? Because that's what Islam demands and the requirements are strict. Because Islam sees accusing a person of serious moral misconduct as something serious.

Was there a court case involving the allegations about Anwar as represented by the Dato T Trio? No, right?

This is a requirement in the dispensation of Islamic law- you do a sumpah laknat after the full legal debates are exhausted. Once that point is reached, then the two legal combatants are called before a Sharia court judge to utter their sumpah laknats. The accuser has to produce 4 upright witnesses to support his accusation. If he can't, then the value of his sumpah laknat is nil.

This is not a defence of Anwar. I have said that many times. The last time, a smart alec from the Star newspaper asked me, in a sweet taste of premature victory manner, now how would you defend Anwar? So to humor that fellow, I wrote an article on that.

I have not seen the further installations of the Anwar tape. From the tape I saw on the web, since when does Anwar spot a crew cut style hairdo? The person looked more like a Siamese actor and anything to do with things Siamese, Eskay should be an expert. One of his parents is Siamese and the other Indian. Is he Malay in the first place? What are his Islamic credentials?

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A tribute to our workers: Say it with a minimum wage

A tribute to our workers: Say it with a minimum wage

The government is aware that the implementation of the minimum wage based on industrial needs, will go a long way to give Malaysians better access to decent living standards, increase productivity and also boost the country’s economic growth.

If that is the case, what is stopping the government from improving the lot of its workforce?

For a long time now, those in industrial relations are aware that Malaysian labour legislations are very draconian and oppressive in nature.

The government is expedient in drafting labour laws which have a devastating effect of demoralising the workers as there is greater avenue to the capitialist investors to further exploit their workers. The introduction of these laws are to deprive the workers of their rights.

Labour Day, or May Day, is the day when workers peacefully celebrate their achievements, when the country strives to achieve social justice for all and when we express support for those throughout the world who are struggling for basic rights.

This is also a day when we remember our colleagues who are being victimised, such as those workers whose quality and standard of living fall below the poverty level.

This time last year, security guards in the Klang Valley earned a basic salary of RM450 a month whereas their rural counterparts earned RM250 a month, excluding allowances.

Bus drivers receive a basic monthly wage of RM500 and being underpaid, does plenty of overtime. It is only after a serious crash with fatalities, that we learn of the overworked driver who was trying to make ends meet, doing several trips or overtime shifts and foregoing sleep.

A study by the Human Resources Minister, found that the wages for the electronic, textile, plastic and furniture industries was just between RM550 and RM600 per month.

Government-linked companies may make billions of dollars but the workers still get peanuts.

The minimum wage for Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) employees is only RM750 but its CEO receives an annual salary of RM600,000 (2007).

Despite billions of ringgit in investments, GLCs were still paying their workers a pittance:

In Pos Malaysia, the minimum monthly wage is RM635, Petronas is RM1,050, and Telekom Malaysia is RM800.

From time to time, the debate about minimum pay and working conditions is resurrected. When that happens, the Human Resources Ministry will announce that it is ‘studying to determine what constitutes a minimum wage’. It will insist that a ‘detailed study has to be conducted based on various aspects’ because minimum wage implementation has ‘vast implications’.

Do we really need more studies? Shouldn’t we act rather than waste time doing more detailed in-depth research?

We live and work in a modern democracy, but we have failed to meet the minimum standards set by the UN International Labour Organisation.

If government were to implement the minimum wage, the message that is sent out to its workforce is clear: that it is sincere about the principles of equality, justice and respect at work.

It is obvious that Malaysian workers should stand united in support of campaigns for better employment and workers rights, for full employment and quality jobs. Workers also need to uphold any movement to ‘keep public services public’ and also to promote anti-racism at work.

We need to express concern about child labour, poverty pay, persecution of trade unionists, excessive corporate power and corporate irresponsibility. May Day should also be a day to reflect on better labour standards, respect for communities and the environment.

Employers should make safety and well-being at work, a priority. Many of us know only too well that standards in safety in many of our workplaces are inferior, and enforcement is poor.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's “1 Malaysia” campaign of “People first, Performance now” means nothing if the government drags its feet on requests by the workers regarding the retrenchment fund, minimum wage and automatic registration of trade unions.

Thus far, the Human Resources Ministry has done nothing to alleviate the financial status of some 1.3 million workers who earn less than RM700 a month.

A study by World Bank showed Malaysia’s wage trend had recorded a growth of 2.6% annually for the last 10 years, which is lower than the inflation rate.

The price of goods has remained high despite the significant rise in the value of ringgit for the past 6 months. (Earlier this week, the ringgit registered a 14-year high at RM2.99 to USD 1 dollar.)

If the ringgit is high then why have imported goods not become cheaper? Will the government give its word that there would be no more price increase for daily necessities?

The Malaysian workforce has been disappointed to see many proposed amendments to the labour law which will ultimately take away rights from the workers and instead give it to the employers.

Perhaps the time has also come when the government can reward Malaysia’s hardworking people with a minimum wage so that workers would no longer have to work double shifts to make ends meet.

This May Day, it should do the honorable thing and award workers with its earlier promise of RM1500 per month, minimum wage. - Malaysia Chronicle

‘Ulama leadership must be upheld, protected’

Delegates will once again be transfixed next month whether they should vote in an aging ulama leadership or settle for the professional groups.

SUNGAI PETANI: With the PAS party election looming away in over one month, the contentious debate among its delegates is reignited again over whether the party must solely be led by the ulama (clerics).

Since the party reinvented iself in 1998 when it joined the likes of DAP to support former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, who is now the embattled opposition leader, PAS is mostly centred among the professionals versus ulama factions.

There is a middle ground such as PAS strongman Mohammad Sabu who is said to enjoy comfort between the two groups but by and large, a debate persist, especially now after the party is reeling from a set of poor electoral performances in the Malay heartland seats.

Delegates would once again be transfixed next month whether they should vote in an aging ulama leadership or settle for the upstarts, the younger, moderate and accommodating professional groups.

According to party observers, the party’s leadership has an almost balance composition of professionals and ulama in its central committee, balancing each other out.

The ulama is linked to president Abdul Hadi Awang who by reputation is defined as a hardline cleric while the professionals are linked to the reformist-minded Anwar.

The exception is the party deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa who was once linked with the professionals and then the ulama, while now, he is seen to have status of being neither here nor there.

This makes the post he is holding open to all forms of speculation with the likes of Mohammad Sabu, Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak, party vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Mat and Kelantan PAS deputy commissioner III Husam Musa linked to contesting it.

Pick the one with the best credentials

The slogan of “kepimpingan menerusi ulama” (ulama leadership of PAS), is now often cited as a clarion call in the PAS grassroots meetings from its branches to area (divisional ) levels.

A total of 179 areas would conduct its meeting by the middle of next month to file nominations of party leaders and to select delegates for the annual PAS muktamar from June 2 until June 5 in Kuala Lumpur.

Former PAS secretary-general Kamarudin Jaafar argues that the ulama-versus-professional debate should cease to exist by now as the party has made constitutional amendments to spell out that even professionals can be defined as ulamas within the party context.

Kamarudin, a former university academician, said professionals can lead the party although they may not have religious credentials or had graduated from Islamic universities.

As long as they are Muslims who practised a pious religious life and are generally accepted as leaders by the party members, they can qualify to hold PAS leadership posts, Kamarudin said in an interview.

He reminded members that a former PAS acting president, the late Dr Allias Abbas who led from 1956 to 1959, was a medical doctor.

Therefore, professionals such as the likes of doctors, lawyers, economists or engineers have an equal standing to lead the party, similar to their ulama brothers, Kamarudin said.

He said the delegates should choose who has the best credentials to lead the party as it is their right to determine the future of PAS.

Maintain status quo

Penang PAS Youth chief Yusni Piah said some quarters are mostly leaning towards keeping a status quo in the party in view that the party must be prepared to face the next general election.

“I think our muktamar would reinforce our stand with Pakatan Rakyat, namely strengthening the bond between PKR and DAP while also defending Anwar who is accused of another sex offence.”

Anwar is embroiled in another controversy after a sex video was uploaded online, depicting someone who resembles him, having sex with an unidentified woman with Oriental features.

Yusni said that Penang PAS has no problems with president Abdul Hadi Awang, Nasharudin, Tuan Ibrahim and the other two vice-presidents, Sallehuddin Ayub and Mahfuz Omar.

Yusni also said that his area, Permatang Pauh, would also continue to nominate the youth wing head Nasharuddin Hassan Tantawi to continue for another term as the latter had just completed one-term.

He said that contrary to popular belief that PAS lost badly in the Sarawak state election, the party had actually garnered more votes and reduce the majority of their victors.

“We are now in Sarawak. Even Umno is not there, so the future prospect of PAS ousting Umno as a political force is there.”

He said the ulama leadership in PAS, must be upheld and protected, as it represents the essence of what the party is all about.

LDP fires salvo at ‘hypocritical’ Gerakan

The peninsular-based party is told to first look at themselves in the mirror before accusing others of clamouring for positions in the government.

KOTA KINABALU: After weeks of accusations and counter accusations between the oldest state BN coalition party, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and its BN partners, Sabah Gerakan leaders stand accused of being hypocritical for demanding a standard they have failed to live up to.

“Gerakan should first look at themselves in the mirror, before accusing others of clamouring for positions in the government,” LDP publicity chief Albert Kok said yesterday.

He slammed the recent statement by Sabah Gerakan leader cum Elopura assemblyman Au Kam Wah mocking LDP leaders for clamouring for positions in the government.

“This couldn’t be more true about himself and the party he just joined,” said Kok.

“It is widely known that he together with Raymond Tan abandoned SAPP so that they could both keep their positions in the government. Au Kam Wah should therefore look at himself in the mirror and his own ‘new party’ before he talks about others,” the LDP man said in a bitter rebuttal.

Kok pointed out that Gerakan leaders in Sabah should not be so bold as to start accusing others of low standadrs when their own chief, Koh Tsu Koon had eagerly accepted his appointment as a Senator in order to became a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, despite losing his seat in last election which saw the party almost wiped out.

“Even his predecessor, Dr Lim Keng Yaik reportedly advised him against accepting (the appointments) but Koh couldn’t care less and accepted the position with open arms,” Kok said.

Greedy Koh

Kok also pointed out how Gerakan had eagerly wooed former LDP leader Peter Pang as another glaring example of Gerakan demanding for positions in the government.

He said that since Gerakan did not contest in Sabah in the last general election, the party should have been gracious enough not to accept more seats in the state cabinet as there was already another newly joined Gerakan member, namely Raymond Tan, in the state cabinet.

“Is this not reflection of their own greed for government positions?” he asked, while querying Au’s principles as well as his failure to advise his party chief that it was against BN policy to recruit a
member from another BN party.

“Au kept quiet and gladly welcomed Peter Pang, unashamedly, because by doing so he knew Gerakan had got another cabinet position,” he said.

Kok also urged Au to tell Koh to take responsibility for the losses suffered by Gerakan in the last election in the same way former MCA chief Ong Ka Ting took responsibility for the losses it suffered in the 2008 general election, although he won his parliamentary seat.

“Ong resigned as MCA president then. It shows that at least Ong Ka Ting has principles and does not clamour for government positions unlike some,” he said.

PKR VP tells Najib to withdraw threat to Chinese voters

KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 — PKR vice-president N. Surendran has told Datuk Seri Najib Razak to respect the basic principles of democracy and withdraw his “threat” to the Chinese community to vote in MCA in the coming general elections.

“Unable to win over Chinese voters by persuasive argument or by just policies, he now resorts to open threats and intimidation.

“Najib’s statement is evidence of racial politicking of the worst kind. It is proof positive that the biggest obstacle to national unity in Malaysia is the Barisan Nasional and its parochial policies,” he said in a statement today.

Surendran (picture) was responding to the PM’s words to the Chinese community yesterday, telling them they must choose to vote in MCA if they still wanted to represented in Putrajaya, or be left out.

He said the statement undermines and subverts Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy.

Najib, who is also Umno and the ruling BN coalition’s chief, said its Chinese partner had sent out a clear message to voters that they cannot have it both way.

“I see the MCA sending the message that the Chinese cannot support the opposition and at the same time expect strong representation in the government. They have to choose,” he was reported as saying by state news agency, Bernama.

Najib pointed to MCA president, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s pledge that the Chinese party would not accept any post in the federal and state governments if it scored worse in the coming 13th general elections.

Surendran said the PM “has by his own words finally proven that his much promoted 1 Malaysia concept is little more than an opportunistic sham”.

The lawyer said the federal government must understand it stands for everyone and not just a select section of society.

He challenged Najib to withdraw immediately his message and to put in law the Restoration of Democracy Act (RDA), which had been mooted by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact for public benefit.

The RDA was one of the key policies the PR had promised to carry out once they take over Putrajaya.

Among the main points are to restore local government elections and abolish emergency declarations.

Surendran also noted that Dr Chua has been silent in the face of Najib’s “outrageous threat” to the nation.

“MCA and its leaders simply have no courage or moral backbone,” he said, and added that was why the Chinese had deserted the BN’s Chinese party.

Dr Chua is expected to call for a press conference later today.



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