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Monday, April 24, 2017

Chile shaken by 7.1-magnitude earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 struck off the coast of central Chile yesterday evening, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).
The epicentre of the quake, which struck at a depth of 10 kilometres, was 38 kilometres west of the coastal city of Valparaiso, the USGS said.
The Chilean emergency authority ONEMI measured the quake at magnitude 6.7.
The US Tsunami Warning Centre said the earthquake did not create the risk of a tsunami along Chile''s coast.There were no immediate reports of damage.

Should racist Universiti Malaya lecturer be sacked?

YOURSAY | ‘Universities are supposed to be the bastion of ethical behaviour.’
Odin Tajué: As implied or even charged in numerous comments posted here over the last few years, as well as in at least one letter written by a Malay who said he had attended the infamous Biro Tatanegara (BTN) course and published by a news portal (I have a record of the letter), Malay pupils and/or students are brainwashed into believing that, among other things, they are superior to those of all other races in Malaysia.
This brainwashing is surely the cause of this so-called lecturer’s wretched, deplorable, disgraceful attitude.
Merely accepting her apology, which, whether sincere or only lip service, is best left to conjecture on the part of the university concerned, but not subjecting her to an appropriate punitive action is tantamount to not even slapping but caressing her on the wrist.
The arrogance of these brainwashed Malays is matched only by their low IQ, as amply illustrated by another from the fraternity of pseudo-educators in Malaysia, a professor from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UMP).
Speaking at a seminar on ‘History of Sarawak - A Journey to Merdeka: Sarawak in Malaysia’ held in Kuching on Oct 16 last year, one Professor Dr Ramlah Adam from UMP arrogantly told those Sarawakians present that if they did not like Malaysia, they should migrate.
If Ramlah’s IQ were even average, she would not have made such a statement.
Anonymous 759201436321741: @Odin Tajue, here is the tragedy of our Muslim brethren as fellow Malaysians.
Our Muslim brethren have been led to perceive (believe) that they are superior and certainly their religion takes precedence over all other religions. Their perception is seen as the truth by the majority of them. Their numerical superiority only entrenches it.
That is why, after more than 50 years at the helm, they still lag behind the other communities. And the most tragic part is this: they are led by their leaders to believe (perceive) that it is the fault of the others, not theirs.
Anonymous_3e86: Apologising doesn't cleanse her of her racist mentality. Her racist mentality has been implanted into her by BTN programmes carried out by the BN government.
Headhunter: I hope the Sarawak state government includes her on the persona non grata list of undesirables to the state.
Rick Teo: The lecturer should be sacked. In other countries, she would be forced to resign and charged with racial abuse.
Donkey Kong: Racism is not developed overnight. Sacking her does little to reduce racism but merely to assuage those who had been upset by her. Apology and some compassion is the way to go.
Kingfisher: The university deserves to be commended for the suspension of the lecturer and for the immediacy of its disciplinary action. The apology is an outcome from a consensus and is therefore worthy of respect.
Educators’ failures in their regard and interaction with their students is akin to a member of a clergy sinning against religious principles. Good on the brave students for calling out on indecent behaviour.
Anonymous_3f94: Why did it take so long to determine that the lecturer had said what the students had claimed?
Was it because the lecturer had initially denied saying so? If so, shouldn’t she be sacked, firstly for obstructing an investigation, and secondly, for saying what she was originally accused of?
If she is being retained as a lecturer by the university, then does it not imply that she is being retained only because of her race? And does this not mean that the university itself, as an institution, is now practicing the very same racism that the lecturer was found guilty of?
Gaji Buta: The fact that the students may have accepted the apology is immaterial. An offence has been committed and law must be followed.
If UM says that they do not tolerate such things, then the only action will be to sack the lecturer.
FellowMalaysian: The premier university has failed to live up to its name as the centre of academic and learning excellence, for it has clearly taken a hypocritical stand by keeping its staff who has admitted guilt.
It has been one month already since the lecturer has apologised but the university has failed to mete out its punishment.
CQ Muar: Perhaps Muslim Malaysians, particularly those from higher institutions of learning and other government bodies, should heed the advice of Johor Sultanah Raja Zarith Sofia Sultan Idris Shah.
Her Highness shared her experience while undergoing study and living with Christians and people of other faiths.
Her Highness expressed her desire and concern, called on all Malaysians to emulate such examples and hoped Muslims in this country would do well by learning to respect non-Muslims.
This is particularly so as Malaysia is a multi-racial country.
GE14Now!: The least that the university should have done is to reveal the lecturer's name.
A picture of the person would have also constituted fairer punishment. As it is. it looks like it is easy to get away with racism.
All that a person needs to do is to express some form of 'remorse' (and that is usually the remorse of being found out) and then getting away with it virtually scot-free.
Universities are supposed to be the bastion of ethical behaviour (after all, they teach it). Well, it is time that some ethical behaviour be demonstrated. Like they say, actions have consequences.
Slumdog: This is an easy copout. The message that stands out in this case, and in others where a non-Malay is the victim, the non-Malay is always willing, and with much grace and humility, to accept an apology or the solution offered by the accused/offender/authorities.
If the situation was reversed and a Chinese or Indian lecturer had made similar comments to two Malay students, all hell would have broken loose.
Pro-Umno NGOs, ministers and other like-minded misfits would be demanding the sacking and jailing of the lecturer for his/her racist comments.
Multiple police reports from all corners of the country would be dispatched and overwhelm the PDRM. The ever-ready IGP would have the said lecturer arrested.

Anonymous 007: Yes, have we considered what it will be like if a non-Malay lecturer were to do that to Malay students? Probably he or she would be remanded for sedition.- Mkini

Social media abuzz with video of Dr Zakir's factual mistakes

PETALING JAYA: A video highlighting apparent factual errors made by controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik in one of his speeches has been making the rounds on social media.
While the video currently getting rekindled attention was uploaded onto Facebook in 2013, the original video hails from 2011 and was put up by Evidence for God’s Unchanging Word, a religious website.
© Provided by The Star Online
Most of the comments were critical of the preacher.
The video, which is just under six and a half minutes long, points out 25 alleged factual mistakes made by Dr Zakir during one of his talks about evolution.
In the video, the presenter, Pakistani American Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi, goes through Dr Zakir’s talk and highlights what he said were the factual errors.
These included using wrong names for people and places, stating that Homo sapiens were extinct, as well as referring to scientific experts who do not appear to exist.
The video has been shared 1,337 times with 121 comments and 387 likes as of 10.50pm on Monday.
Dr Zakir has been in the spotlight recently after Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi confirmed that the controversial preacher was given PR status about five years ago.
Dr Zakir's Islamic Research Foundation has been declared an unlawful organisation by the Indian government.
The concerned video where he made 25 alleged factual mistakes:

Democracy - ‘Melayu–style’?

The word ‘Malay’ is an English etymological word and not a ‘Melayu’ one. I do not think I am wrong; unless some linguist tells me so from the field of hermeneutics as to why.
Therefore, my conclusive argument is that Malaya, and Malaysia, are both at root, English words; exactly as it is with the original language of our Federal Constitution. The Colonials did not negotiate and agree, negotiate terms, phrases, and concerns, in the Melayu language.
Therefore, for one example, when a retired Chief Judge after 10 years of retirement suddenly finds wisdom from his faith concerns, and speaks non-sense from his interpretive view and logic of Islamic thought and life; he demonstrated complete ignorance about our constitutional history.
In fact, The Star did publish my protest about the same as a letter to the editor. Please find it here.
‘Truth Matters’ is the location of my grave concerns and issues. I have consequentially branded that a Public Group on Facebook.
Allow me now to push such truth issues and concerns against our ‘so-called power-elites as my Tomahawk missiles’ against perceived wrongdoing. That letter is my public interest protest that such interpretations are totally wrong.
Ours is a public-interest-serving public service and never a presidentially-appointed one; even as Turkey appears to be moving towards that American model of executive power and authority. Our parliamentary heritage is English.
Abused ‘Allah’ word
In a similar vein of equally deranged logic, the ‘Allah’ word is now declared an illegal ‘Malay word’ for Malayans to abuse. That policy, too, fails the test of Logic 101 of the Malaysian constitution truths or what I will now brand as MyConstitution. I started a Twitter account to address Hashtag My Problem to speak MyConstitution issues.
I am philosophically angry; or, actually I am simply tired of this mainstream culture of ‘cheating, stealing and lying’, happening very much within current modern Melayu interpretations of the Federal Constitution which is increasingly becoming mainstream, too, unless the Judiciary refuses to collude.
My honest question to every other true blue Malaysian citizen is: are we not truly Malaysians of the middle moderate variety, or are we reallyonly closet modern extremists. I had sought to define that phrase of modern extremists in my previous Malaysiakini column. Please review it here.
My greatest fear is that the current Umno-PAS illegitimate alliance premised upon PAS history is currently pegged in both; fake or false facts within their ‘PAS Baru dreams’; but, fully without the values of Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. The Donald Trump White House, too, adheres to similar models of deception and we are merely following fake culture and values.
Such a complete disregard for rationality and common sense (or Logic 101) is also now part and parcel of Malaysian political culture, ethics, and morality. I find that troubling. It will surely become ‘Malaysian shame’ or ‘malu’; for posterity. Four-letter words can quite easily become a curse.
For anyone trained within the paradigm of Logic 101; it is natural and normal to challenge questionable assumptions about most general theories of life. Moreover, it is completely unacceptable that money be deployed as a means to buy such human loyalties. The ultimate truth is that we do each have to finally answer to an Almighty Being.
Umno-PAS alliance over 1MDB?
There are many rumours floating and circulating about how the eyes, heart, and loyalties of PAS leadership-followership to Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang; for not questioning and challenging the public narrative about 1MDB and monies deposited into the PM’s private bank account.
A recent report factually laid bare all these ‘so-called intricacies for any normal human being to understand, if one is serious enough and truly concerned’. The picture below records the cover of the report and findings launched by C4 recently.
As an ex-public servant, it seems obvious that other eyes, and maybe mouths were equally strategically shut; i.e. those of the former attorney general, the former Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner, and then the former auditor-general. Other loyalties are allegedly also being bought as we speak.
Why did these public servants choose to keep quiet about matters of facts and truths; unless they were threatened or made fearful about some unstated or imagined unintended consequences.
My policy question about neutrality of public service
Therefore, my public question to the current chief secretary is: how can you also close one eye to all such factual wrongdoing by public personnel who deny the principle of political and partisan neutrality?
You are secretary to the cabinet of Malaysia and therefore CEO to the entire cabinet. If the PM is considered the chairperson of the board, then the cabinet are his board members. Please review this photo and quote from Abdul Razak Hussein, our second PM and the man who oversaw overcoming strategies caused by the May 13 riots in 1969 said everything for the purposes of my question to you.
The quote above and its meaning are lucid and clear enough but my question is: why are most Melayu moderate middle class urbans unable to see through all such false and fake public narratives by the mainstream media?

KJ JOHN, PhD, was in public service for 32 years having served as a researcher, trainer, and policy adviser to the International Trade and Industry Ministry and the National IT Council (NITC) of the government of Malaysia. The views expressed here are his personal views and not those of any institution he is involved with. Write to him at kjjohn@ohmsi.net with any feedback or views.- Mkini

Berjanji Bayar USD1.2 billion Tidak Menghapuskan Jenayah.

Saya membaca kenyataan rengkas yang dikeluarkan oleh 1MDB mengenai bayaran US1.2 billion kepada IPIC. MOF akan membayar 2 bayaran berjumlah USD1.2 billion. Bayaran ini ialah untuk melangsaikan bayaran faedah, wang2 didahulukan dan pinjaman yang diberikan oleh IPIC kepada 1MDB.

Bagaimana USD1.2 billion ini dahulu digunakan oleh 1MDB?Kita akan selidik nanti.

USD1.2 billion ini lain dengan nilai jaminan USD3.5 billion yang IPIC beri kepada 1MDB. Jumlah ini dikenakan keatas jaminan yang diberi IPIC kepada 1MDB keatas terbitan 2 bon dollar Amerika berjumlah USD3.5 billon.

Akhirnya, setelah berjanji membayar USD1.2 billion, 1MDB mengakui bahawa ia berhutang USD3.5 billion kepada IPIC. Dan dalam perjanjian terbaru ini, 1MDB/MOF/Malaysia berjanji memikul segala tanggungan keatas terbitan bon USD3.5 billon itu. Ertinya, ia membebaskan IPIC dari bebanan menanggung segala bayaran mengenai bon USD3.5 billon.IPIC dapat apa yang ia tuntut.

Ertinya apa? Ertinya, 1MDB dan Najib telah menipu kita dan IPIC telah bercakap betul bahawa bayaran USD3.5 billion suatu ketika, tidak pernah dibayar kepada IPIC. Ertinya pada setiap masa material, 1MDB tahu bahawa USD 3.5 billion telah dimasukkan kedalam akaun bohong dan palsu.

Mereka yang membohongi kita, semua pegawai 1MDB, Lembaga Pengarah dan MO1 telah melakukan pecah amanah dan grand theft.

Ini silap mata yang dimainkan oleh Najib. Kenapa silap mata? USD 1.2 billon tidak ada kena mengena dengan tanggungan keatas hutang ibu sebanyak USD3.5 billion. Dengan bayaran US1.2 billon dan ambil alih tanggungan keatas terbitan bon USD3.5 billion, IPIC tidak akan mengambil tindakan undang2 keatas 1MDB. Itu sahaja. Najib selamat sekejap dan selamat dari perlu menjawab nya dalam mahkamah.

Tapi yang lebih penting, yang pernah saya tulis lama dahulu:-

Kemanakah bayaran USD3.5 billion yang dikatakan dibayar kepada IPIC ? kita semua tahu ianya dibayar kepada syarikat palsu Aabar BVI.

Ertinya sebanyak USD3.5 billon telah dicuri oleh Najib dan geng2 dia. Maka, walaupun kerajaan berjanji membayar sejumlah USD1.2 billion dalam 2 bayaran, tanggungan keatas bon bernilai USD3.5 billion tidak terhapus.

Najib dan geng penyamun nya mesti menjawab kita , apa tindakan yang dikenakan ketas jenayah mencuri USD3.5 billion yang dihantar kepada Aabar BVI?

Ingat- USD 1.2 billon ini belum lagi terbayar- baharu janji. Malah jumlah yang ditangung oleh 1MDB ialah:-

a)    USD1.2 billion merupakan bayaran faedah, pinjaman, wang yang didahulukan oleh IPIC kepada 1MDB.

b)    USD3.5 billion yang dicuri dan dihantar kepada Aabar BVI.

c)     USD 3.5 billion nilai tanggungan keatas 2 bon dolar Amerika yang diterbitkan.

Dalam deal dengan IPIC ini, jumlah hutang yang membebani 1MDB ialah USD8.2 billion.

Berapa ‘blood money’ yang dibayar kepada Goldman Sachs kerana menerbikan 2 bon tersebut? Jika yuran nya luar biasa, maka beza yuran luar biasa dengan yuran biasa, kita boleh anggap sebagai wang pemerasan yang dikenakan kepada Malaysia. Ia juga suatu bentuk penyamunan keatas kerajaan Malaysia.

Apa pun yang kerajaan Najib lakukan, fakta nya ialah USD3.5 billion dicuri oleh Aabar BVI. Jenayah tetap jenayah- bayaran USD1.2 billon nanti tidak menghapuskan fakta bahawa suatu jenayah telah dilakukan.

Beban membayar keatas bon USD3.5 billion yang akan matang tahun 2022, tetap tertanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia.

Siapa yang hendak ditipu oleh Najib dengan silap mata ini?Adakah orang Melayu yang beragama Islam, tutup mata mereka kerana jenayah ini dilakukan oleh mereka yang sebangsa dan seagama dengan kita?

Posted by Ariff Sabri (with permission)

‘Tiada Maaf Bagimu’

MIRI – Bekas jaguh pecut negara, Watson Nyambek hari ini menolak permohonan maaf daripada pihak Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd berhubung insiden nama bapanya dipersendakan seperti kambing.

Mimik tersebut dilakukan oleh pengacara Azizul Ammar dalam rancangan “Sukan Tak Sentral” terbitan Primeworks yang disiarkan pada dua hari lepas.

Dalam sidang media yang dihadiri kedua-dua pihak, Watson menjelaskan dia masih tidak dapat menerima penghinaan itu.

“Sekarang saya hendak jelaskan walaupun mereka meminta maaf di hadapan anda semua (media), di tv serta di depan rakyat Malaysia, khasnya di Sarawak, pada saya sekarang ini saya sangat susah hendak menerima maaf tersebut.

“Ini kerana bapa saya ini dipandang seperti seekor haiwan. Apa perasaan saya dan bagaimana perasaan anda semua?” katanya.

Katanya lagi, untuk ketika ini hatinya belum terbuka untuk memberikan kemaafan.

“Mungkin suatu masa nanti, hati saya terbuka, dan saya akan menerima kemaafaan ini. Jadi sekarang saya belum hendak menerima maaf tersebut,” jelasnya.

Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang media di Hotel Grand Palace bersama pengacara Azizul Ammar dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Primeworks Studios, Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar.

Watson memberitahu, beliau dan keluarga memandang serius apa yang berlaku dan ia menjadi faktor beliau membuat laporan polis di Ibu pejabat Polis Daerah Miri, Sarawak pagi tadi.

Dalam sidang media itu juga, Ahmad Izham mengumumkan bahawa program tersebut telah ditamatkan siarannya serta-merta, manakala pengacara Azizul Ammar digantung daripada siaran untuk tempoh yang tidak dinyatakan.

Malah beliau mengakui slot rakaman itu tidak sepatutnya disiarkan namun ia bukan satu yang disengajakan.

Penerbit itu menambah, pihaknya akan membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka dalam siaran saluran TV3.

Sementara itu, Ammar secara sebak memohon maaf atas ‘ketelanjurannya’ kerana mempermainkan nama mendiang ayah bekas pelari pecut negara itu sambil mengakui apa yang berlaku turut memberi kesan kepada keluarganya sekali.

“Ia menjadi pengajaran dalam kehidupan saya dan saya menyesalinya.

“Saya dengan serendah-rendah diri dan hati memohon maaf kepada abang Watson, isteri dan keluarga,” katanya. -MYNEWSHUB.CC

Najib should be worried: There’s a new group of red shirts in town

There’s a new group of red shirts around – but this time it is Umno’s turn to feel the jitters.
At the Mahathir ceramah in Tasik Gelugor in mainland Penang a couple of nights ago, I spotted Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa of Parti Amanah Negara.
I asked him about the fairly large turnout at the ceramah there.
He pointed to the distinctive presence of red shirts among the crowd. “See those guys in red shirts. Many of them are probably former Umno members,” he said.
He has a point there. These people weren’t supporters of the existing opposition parties. Proudly attired in their bright red T-shirts with Bersatu’s bunga raya emblem on it, they stood out in the crowd of 2,000 in this Umno stronghold.
Given Bersatu’s recent focus on Tasik Gelugor, it looks likely that the party will be contesting in the parliamentary seat here, an Umno stronghold in the past.
At the ceramah, Mahathir continued to lambast Najib and Umno. Among the issues he raised was the influx of foreigners that could coming in and buy property in the country, making local residents feel “uneasy”. He also spoke of the 1MDB scandal and how 1MDB had acquired valuable land from the government on the cheap.
The ceramah was held near the house of the former local Umno strongman Shariff Omar, now with Bersatu.
Given the response from the local residents, Umno has good reason to worry whether it can retain parliamentary seats like this. -anilnetto


IPIC-1MDB Settlement to be borne by Malaysian Taxpayers
The settlement reached between IPIC and 1MDB today is a fair deal for Abu Dhabi but a very bad deal for Malaysian taxpayers. Malaysian taxpayers via the Ministry of Finance (MoF) are now exposed to more than US$6 billion (RM26.4 billion) in payments to IPIC for the financial scandals of 1MDB, where not a single person has been arrested by the Malaysian authorities.
Contrary to what will surely be portrayed in the local government media as a settlement that favours Malaysia’s interests, the announcement by IPIC in the London Stock Exchange today proved otherwise, that IPIC got exactly what it asked for and what it was legally entitled to.
In June 2016, IPIC instituted legal proceedings to recover approximately US$6.5 billion from 1MDB. Reuters reported on the matter on 14th June 2016 and provided the breakdown of the claim: “IPIC is claiming the $3.5 billion bond plus interest that amounts to $4.8 billion, the $1.2 billion loan plus interest, and about $481 million owed to Aabar — adding up to $6.5 billion, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.”
The settlement announced today is substantially the same as IPIC’s original demand in 2016, save for possibly of some minor waiver of interests. IPIC will get their US$1.2 billion in two tranches of US$603 million each in July 2017 and December 2017. More importantly, MoF will also undertake to pay all interest and principal payments from the US$3.5 billion bond which now must surely amount to more than US$4.8 billion. The settlement however makes no mention on the US$481 million owed to Aabar.
While Abu Dhabi has taken proper actions to remove from IPIC and freeze the accounts of Mr Qubaisi and Mr Husseiny, and in addition, arrested Mr Qubaisi, all the people on the Malaysian side responsible for the world’s biggest ever kleptocracy case, remain free from any actions whatsoever by the Malaysian authorities.
This settlement serves to only benefit the infamous Malaysian Official 1, Prime Minister Najib Razak and his friends. The settlement essentially allows Najib Razak to avoid a trial which would have opened a gigantic can of worms. Instead of justice and closure, this settlement today further ingrains the culture of corruption and impunity in Malaysia at the expense of the people.
Wong Chen
MP for Kelana Jaya


The 1MDB “settlement” with International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) is an affirmation by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) that they have lost US$3.51 billion (RM15.4 billion) which has purportedly been paid to IPIC and its subsidiary, Aabar Investment PJS.
1MDB and IPIC have finally announced the conclusion of the much awaited “settlement” at the London arbitration proceedings filed by IPIC against 1MDB.
What is most interesting is that who the winner and loser is can be clearly deduced by their respective statements.
1MDB’s statement was short and sweet, providing scant details other than the fact that “1MDB will, among others, make certain payments to IPIC and will assume responsibility for all future interest and principal payments for two bonds issued by the 1MDB Group of companies due in 2022”. No figures are stated.
IPIC, on the other hand, made a detailed announcement to the London Stock Exchange, clearly stating that:
(i) IPIC will receive US$1.205 billion in two equal tranches on July 31, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017.
(ii) 1MDB and MoF Inc (Ministry of Finance Incorporated), will assume all responsibility of future interest and principal payments of US$3.5 billion worth of bonds, previously guaranteed by IPIC.
The implication between the two statements is staggering.
1MDB tried to paint a rosy picture of the settlement – that the dispute had been resolved with no hard details.
On the other hand, IPIC’s announcement clearly showed that they got exactly what they wanted, the return of US$1.205 billion worth of cash advances to 1MDB since June 2015 and to discharge itself entirely as a guarantor for 1MDB’s US$3.5 billion worth of bonds.
However, of greater significance is the fact that 1MDB’s concession to the above settlement terms is a direct affirmation and confirmation that 1MDB has lost US$3.51 billion worth of payments which have purportedly been paid to IPIC and its subsidiary, Aabar Investments PJS.
Last year, 1MDB and its CEO, Arul Kanda, informed the auditor-general (AG) and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that the following payments were made to Aabar Investments PJS Limited, a separate company registered in the British Virgin Islands (“Aabar(BVI))”.
It is already widely known, and confirmed by the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) that Aabar (BVI) is a fraudulent impostor company. However, 1MDB and Arul Kanda continued to insist that it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the IPIC group.
As outlined on Page 92 of the PAC Report on 1MDB, 1MDB claimed it has paid Aabar (BVI) the amounts of:
(i) US$1.367 billion as a “security deposit” for the US$3.5 billion of bonds in 2012;
(ii) US$993 billion for the termination of options granted to IPIC or Aabar in November 2014; and,
(iii) Additional sums of US$855 million and US$295 million as “top-up security deposit” in September and December 2014 respectively.
These sums, as emphasised in the PAC Report, could not be verified by the AG as 1MDB has refused to provide the relevant proof and documentation of the transactions, despite repeated requests over months.
The question then is, if we have indeed paid the above sums, totalling US$3.51 billion to IPIC or its subsidiaries, why then are we allowing IPIC to relieve itself as ultimate guarantor for the bonds and why is MOF Inc assuming the US$3.5 billion liability?
Is 1MDB and Arul Kanda telling us that despite having paid US$3.51 billion to IPIC, we still owe the US$3.5 billion we borrowed?
Putting it simply, are Malaysians to fork out a whopping US$7.01 billion to settle 1MDB’s US$3.5 billion of bonds?
The only explanation for the incredulous situation is that the US$3.51 billion was never paid to IPIC as claimed. Instead, the funds were misappropriated or laundered as documented widely in the US DOJ charges against Jho Low and company, and Singapore’s prosecution of its local banking officers.
Therefore, we call upon the prime minister, who is also the finance minister, Najib Razak, to come clean on the discrepancy resulting from the “settlement” with IPIC since Malaysians have now to pay more than double what was actually borrowed by 1MDB.
Tony Pua is DAP national publicity secretary and Petaling Jaya Utara MP

Worthless Religion By Waseem Altaf

Hi folks. Been travelling for a couple of days.  Balik ke Tanjong.  Here is something that is going around :

The Net Worth Of Religion :

Pestonji is a Parsi and the wailing wall in Jerusalem is just a wall for him.

However,  he greatly reveres fire in view of his faith in Zoroastrianism.

J Prakash is a Hindu and fire is just fire for him.

However he has tremendous respect for the cow in view of his beliefs.

Rashid Khan is a Muslim and for him a cow is a cow.

But being a Muslim he deeply respects the Zam Zam water.

Bana Singh is a Sikh and Zam Zam water is just water for him.

However he greatly revers the kirpan (sword)  in line with his faith.

Melvin is a Christian and a sword is just a sword for him.

However, he deeply respects the cross in view of his beliefs.

Noah is a Jew and a cross is just a cross for him.

However,  he has great respect for the wailing wall in accordance with his faith.

Hence, it is your faith which makes fire,  cow, water, sword and wall sacred for you.

And if you lose faith, religion and religious symbols become worthless for you!

That is the Net worth of religion!

However,  scientific propositions are never sacred and are constantly under scrutiny.

You have faith in them or you do not have,  these are objective realities and cannot be denied if data is there to support them.

That is the Net worth of science!

~ Waseem Altaf

My comments : A brilliant young doctor added that if all the religious books in the world were vaporised instantly, the human race would be totally rid of religion.  

They will never be able to reformulate back their religious books. Why?  Because religious books are based on illogical, superstitious "faith" that does not require thinking.

On the other hand the brilliant doctor said if you vaporised all the scientific texts instantly, the human race will still be able to reformulate those science books over a period of time, possibly in double quick time.

Why? Because science is based on thinking and logic.  Science is based on the truth.

Anyway here is a bear with some thoughts about  food :


Organised crime suspected in Penang scam

Expert tells police not to discount the possibility that there's a connection with terrorism.
PETALING JAYA: A security expert has urged investigating authorities to consider the possibility that organised crime connected to terrorism is behind a recently reported investment scam in Penang.
According to Bernama, at least 107 people have claimed to have lost RM6 million to a company in Penang after investing in a scheme offering high returns. A representative of the group, Justin Tay Ooi Hong, said the scheme started about a year ago and none of the investors had received the promised returns.
Tay claimed that more than 500 people had become victims but many had yet to lodge police reports.
Speaking to FMT, JK Associates principal consultant Khen Han Ming said scams involving huge amounts of money would more often than not be run by organised crime syndicates.
“The police should not discount this possibility,” he said. “My concern is how the money is being used to further fund illicit trade and so on.
“Some investment scams are purely con jobs. But others involve organised crime. The funds, especially if they are huge, may even be used to fund terrorism.”
He said such syndicates often originated from outside the country and would target countries facing hard times economically.
“Times are tough. Our currency value is low and people are looking for overseas investments. This is one of the main reasons why they fall for such scams. They are always promised high returns in foreign currency.”
He said that these scams were usually “so sophisticated that they would bogus live forex market monitoring simulations and all.” -FMT

Child rights activist: Who is responsible for religious schools?

Child rights activist James Nagayam says there seems to be no clear guidelines as to who is responsible for monitoring religious schools.
PETALING JAYA: A child rights activist has urged the authorities to decide who among them is responsible for monitoring religious schools.
In response to a recent report that a boy had to have both his legs amputated after being beaten by his religious school teacher, James Nagayam said based on his experience at meetings, whenever this topic came up, the question had always been who should take up responsibility.
“Does it come under the purview of the state government, the Social Welfare Department, the Education Department or the Religious Department?
“When you ask, nobody seems to know,” he told FMT.
“I don’t know whether they’re trying to avoid responsibility or not, but they’re all not sure whether it’s theirs to begin with.”

Nayagam said that according to reports of the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) since 2012, there was no control over the registration or monitoring of religious schools.
“Therefore, these schools have all gone unregistered and tend to operate on their own.
“These schools have their own teachers, their own hostels run by themselves and in some cases a lack of staff overseeing the schools, meaning that the students themselves tend to be in charge.
“What about the quality of food and hygiene as well as the protection of these children?”
He said that as long as no one was willing to come forward and claim responsibility for overseeing religious schools, there will continue to be new cases of students being abused and bullied.
“The matter seems to persist at the expense of the children who are forced to live in an environment of abuse, neglect and abandonment.” -FMT