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Saturday, June 30, 2012


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What is so great about vote buying?

We probably should have anticipated what was more to come after the the legendary and trade mark setting sentence of "you help me, I help you" vote buying rallying call in Sibu.

Since then it is disbursement here, there any everywhere.

The total bill we tax payer has to foot, 11 weeks into the prime minister's creation of feel good feeling during his trade secret period is RM606.68 million.


PM, DPM disburse RM600mil over 11 weeks

The government had disbursed RM608.68 million over 11 weeks to the people through Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin's official nationwide visits.According to a parliamentary written reply, the "urgent allocation" approved from January to March 15 was handed out during their 14-state visit, with Perak recording the highest at RM220.38 million for 34 projects.

Jerai PAS MP Mohd Firdaus Jaafar on Tuesday had asked the Prime Minister's Department to list to all the allocations approved for the prime minister's official tour of the states.

Allocations for Johor ranked second, with RM201.40 million doled out for 24 projects, while the Federal Territories came in third with RM63.25 million dispensed for nine projects. 

Najib’s recent marathon forays to Perak and Selangor focussed on opposition-held areas, distributing goodies and promises to boost BN’s popularity, had fuelled speculation that polls might be announced soon.


While RM606.68 million seems huge, it represent a minor investment to secure BN's continue power hold and loose change to wealth generation and preservation of those who waltz in the corridor of power and its lucky associates. The added bonus is that your lenders, being the tax payers, have no recourse against your personal assets, unlike a normal businessman or housebuyer begging support from a tightly regulated financial instituion.

When one is in power, getting a commission of RM500 million from 1 transaction is possible. 


This scandal involving Malaysia’s purchase of two Scorpene submarines is of concern also to French tax payers because it involves France’s biggest defense conglomerates, the state-owned shipbuilder DCN. DCN’s subsidiary Armaris manufactures the Scorpene submarines sold to Malaysia among other countries.

It has already been brought up in the Malaysian Parliament that €114 million (RM500 million) has been paid to a Malaysia-based company called Perimekar, for “coordination and support services” for the submarines transaction. Perimekar was wholly owned by another company, KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, which in turn was controlled by Najib’s aide, Razak Baginda. Baginda’s wife Mazlinda was the principal shareholder in this company. Perimekar was registered in 2001, a few months before the signing of the contracts for the sale and the company did not appear to have the financial resources to complete the contract. None of the directors and shareholders of Perimekar have any experience in the construction or maintenance of submarines

Closer to home, and impacting every person directly, would be toll charges. We either pay directly from our wallet/Touch and Go card or Smart Tag, or pay for it (AGAIN) when we purchase all goods and services which cost of goods would have to built in such toll charges as business expense, before adding on margin on padded cost.

From the audited accounts of Plus Berhad below, we can see that toll revenue collected by Plus is RM2,500 million a year, plus RM800 million compensation a year alone.

From the compensation of RM800 million a year, they can afford to pay RM800 million dividend a year. If they can pay out the entire compensation as dividend, I do not know what we are compensating for.

So what is RM606.68 million to BN?

The latest vote buyingflag ship costed us RM2 billion and expected to double up.


Cabinet to suggest BR1M 2!
KUALA SELANGOR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin recommend to Cabinet that the government should give the people second round of BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia). He said that this matter was discussed in the cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, yesterday.

Distribution in BR1M previously granted to 4.2 million households that earn less than RM3, 000 a month involving an allocation of RM2.1 billion. 
RM2.1 billion won't be too bad if you can retain power and enter another USD900million / RM2.7 billion deal again.
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - Malaysia's air force received two Russian-made fighter planes Thursday, hailing them as a boost to its ability to deter any military threats.

The planes are the first of 18 Sukhoi-20MKM jets Malaysia ordered in 2003 in a US$900 million deal. Officials have said the purchase will make Malaysia one of Asia's largest operators of the high-tech jet after India and Vietnam. Royal Malaysian Air Force Chief Azizan Ariffin signed a certificate of receipt for the two planes Thursday in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, where he met with representatives of Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport and jet manufacturer Irkut, national news agency Bernama reported
And on top of the USD900 billion, there are aslo notable fringe benefits, like

Bakun Dam cost over-run hits RM1.7b

Sime Darby is reported to have incurred an estimated cost over-run of RM1.7 billion on a Bakun Dam contract worth RM1.8 billion. 
It is understood the government has agreed to reimburse Sime around RM0.7 billion, leaving the firm to absorb the remaining RM1 billion, The Star reported.

and of course the mother of all tax payers' bill, the RM12 billion PKFTZ.


So while Ah Jib Kor does spread our money around, do take it, it is just a small rebate from what we have been paying for the past 50 decades.

Pakatan Rakyat led state administration initiated this direct payment to rakyat via their Mesra Usia Emas programme, RM100 payment to old folks etc. Barisan Nasional federal administration, controlling almost the entire source of finance of the nation, have no choice but to break tradition and follow suit. 

However, while Pakatan Rakyat state governments pay out from savings and surpluses from by comparison meagre state controlled income sources, Barisan Nasional federal government raised debts and increases deficits to recoup lost political mileage. The longer the vote buying goes, the more inevitable that recouping measures such as  GST, 1Care Malaysia, RM2,000 traffic offences fine etc will have to be implemented.

Notice also that there is no Barisan Nasional state government that is empowered or able to match Pakatan State Governments in direct aid to rakyat? Probably they can not generate similar savings and return to the assessment paying rakyat.

So RM608.68 million is nothing to BN, really

Bride’s new toilet points to social revolution in India

A young bride walked out of her new marital home when she was appalled to find she had to defecate in the open.
By Ben Sheppard
VISHNUPUR KHURD, India: Spotlessly clean and decorated with plastic flowers and balloons for its opening ceremony, Priyanka Bharti’s toilet is seen as a gleaming symbol of the empowerment of Indian women.
It has been built in the village of Vishnupur Khurd in Uttar Pradesh state due to the determination of Priyanka, a young bride who walked out of her new marital home when she was appalled to find she had to defecate in the open.
The ensuing drama soon became well-known in the area as the newlyweds’ scandalised families both tried to persuade her to return to her husband but she refused, saying the shame of squatting in the fields was too much to bear.
“I was adamant that I could not stay in a home where people might see me go to the toilet outside in an unhygienic way,” Priyanka said after the lavatory, constructed by sanitation charity Sulabh, was ceremonially unveiled last week.
“I don’t know where I got the strength,” she told AFP. “But I come from a family with many strong women and when I moved to my husband’s house I was without my relatives and friends and I was having to adjust to a new life.”
Her firm stance paid unexpected dividends after Sulabh, one of India’s largest social organisations, heard about her protest and adopted her cause as a way to promote better public health through proper toilet facilities.
It even awarded Priyanka a 200,000-rupee ($3,600) prize that was presented at the official opening of the small toilet building, with the bride agreeing to move back in with her husband.
“We did not really believe the money was a true story, so we are shocked,” said Priyanka, whose marriage was arranged when she was aged just 14, although she was not taken to her husband until April when she turned 19.
She stayed at her new home for just four days before fleeing when her family came to visit from their village 20 kilometres away. She refused to return to the marital home until the toilet was ready to use.
“My parents were apprehensive and angry but I convinced them it was what I had to do. They had a basic indoor toilet, so for me to start going outside was too difficult,” she said.
Defecating in the open is a major social issue in India, touching on topics including women’s rights, health and hygiene, and the clash between traditional and modern lifestyles.
“Women will not go in the open during the day so they must visit the fields before dawn and then wait many hours again until after dusk,” Bindeshwar Pathak, who founded Sulabh in 1973, said.
“Walking barefoot in these areas is bad for catching tapeworm, bacteria and many other diseases, and is unhealthy for children who play. People used to not talk about this issue but now it is a public debate.”
Pathak, one of India’s most notable activists, has for decades campaigned for the use of simple indoor toilets and has also fought for low-caste Dalits (formerly “Untouchables”) who often clean out other people’s bucket toilets.
“We gave awards to Priyanka and two other brides who refused to live with their new families due to lack of toilets,” he said. “We want them to be torchbearers whose example encourages better sanitation.”
India’s Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh said recently that India “should be ashamed” that 60 to 70 percent of women are forced to defecate in the open and he vowed further funding to tackle the problem.
However, government schemes to build new facilities are often undermined by corruption, with recent allegations that in Uttar Pradesh alone, millions of toilets meant to have been built by state authorities were never constructed.
According to the 2011 census, about 131 million households in India have no latrine in their premises, with eight million using public facilities and 123 million defecating in the open.
Among those with an indoor toilet, 800,000 households use a bucket device cleaned by humans and 500,000 use containers left out for animals to eat from.
In Vishnupur Khurd, the new toilet block, with its freshly-painted yellow walls, stands out among the jumble of huts and houses made of rough bricks.
The structure contains two cesspits, plus an attached storeroom and washroom as Sulabh organisers say they find that a single new toilet with a lockable door often ends up being used for storage instead.
Amazed husband
For villagers such as Kamala Wati Sharma, 45, the new building — and the cash prize — are to be admired and perhaps envied.
“We have nothing in our house,” she said during a break in the day-long opening ceremonies, which included blessings, speeches and dance performances organised by Sulabh and attended by hundreds of villagers.
“It is a problem for us to go to the toilet outside in the dark,” said the mother of five. “But it costs money for something like this.”
Sulabh, which has provided 1.2 million toilets to poor rural Indians, admits that the toilet built for Priyanka and her new family cost over $1,000 but says that more basic designs can be constructed for well under $30.
Priyanka’s husband Amarjeet, 20, believes the most important thing is that his wife has at last returned to his home — though he adds he is amazed and proud that she has suddenly become the centre of a publicity campaign.
“I was embarrassed when she asked ‘where is the toilet?’ and we had to tell her to go outside,” he said. “Now it is built we are going to maintain it and use it properly.”

Water crisis looming

THE Water Association of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (SWAn) is very worried over what is happening to our water supply. Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) reported that the current prolonged hot and dry weather in the Klang Valley has led to a phenomenal increase in water demand exceeding the maximum production capacity of the water treatment plants.
It was also reported that this has resulted in consumers in several parts of Selangor experiencing water shortage or unscheduled disruption and low pressure.
From the data published by Syabas, the average water demand in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya has risen to 4,329mld (million litres per day), as compared with the maximum operating and distributable capacity of the water treatment plants of 4,371mld, including output from the newly commissioned Sungai Labu plant.
This clearly shows that there is near-zero reserve capacity to cater for any further rise
in water demand particularly during peak demand periods. This situation will obviously cause a serious drawdown of our treated water reservoirs to very low levels during peak demand periods.
In this regard, the Selangor Government seems to be oblivious to the current situation, claiming that all the dams in the state are full and consumers will not face water shortage. It has even suggested taking over water supply from Syabas.
The state government appears to be confused when it referred to the seven dams in Selangor whose function is to store surface water or raw water during rainy seasons. Syabas is referring to the reservoirs that store treated water for supply to consumers.
Secondly, the state government has no expertise to take over water supply. The state should listen to the relevant authorities and operators regarding the true water situation and act responsibly.
If this confusion and misunderstanding of the real water issues continue, it could lead to a major water crisis worse than that of 1998 which lasted six months and affected seven districts and 1.8 million consumers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
SWAn understands that in view of the impending shortage of treated water, Syabas has proposed several projects and measures to be taken to avert a water crisis.
However, apart from some very critical projects being implemented by the Federal Government, the rest of the projects and measures proposed have not been carried out due to a freeze on capital expenditure by the state government pending the protracted proposed restructuring exercise of the water industry in Selangor.
As a non-governmental organisation representing a large number of consumers including industries, SWAn will be meeting the state government and the Federal Government; the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry; and the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) to discuss the best solution and preparation should a water crisis happen in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.
On behalf of consumers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, SWAn urges the Federal Government, the ministry and SPAN to give priority to this very important issue.
Otherwise, we will face a water crisis unprecedented in the country.
Water Association of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (SWAn)

Ali Rustam eyes federal seat, confident of BN clean sweep in Malacca

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam is ready to move on and contest a federal seat in the next general elections, saying Malacca Barisan Nasional (BN) has capable leader who can take over from him as chief minister. 
The incumbent Malacca chief minister told the News Sunday Times (NST) in an interview published today that BN would make a “clean sweep” of all of the state seats in national elections due within a year as the state’s economy was booming making it tough for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact to gain traction. 
“Having been given the opportunity to steer Malacca to greater heights in my three-term tenure as chief minister, I am looking forward to a bigger challenge. I would love to move on to the federal government, but it all depends on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. 
“I have no problems moving to the federal level as one has to progress in his career. I look forward to bigger challenges,” he told the pro-establishment’s weekend edition. 
“There are many capable leaders who could take over my position. In Malacca, we are not short of capable leaders. Everyone from my administration could be my successor,” he was quoted as saying. 
Mohd Ali (picture) is currently the Bukit Baru state assemblyman. 
BN thumped PR with a overwhelming majority in the state back in 2008, winning a whopping 23 out of the total 28 seats. 
The remaining six seats are currently held by DAP leaders, including Betty Chew Gek Cheng (Kota Laksamana state assemblyman) who is the wife of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. 
“I believe we can make a clean sweep in Malacca in the next general election. For example, the Kota Laksamana assemblyman (Betty Chew) has not been serving her constituents and has made Penang her home. 
“I have received many calls from voters. Many wanted local issues resolved while others were seeking the signature of their representative,” he was quoted as saying. 
Mohd Ali listed down the current achievements of his administration- the state being awarded the fully developed status on October 20, 2010, being the cleanest state with the best landscaping for eight years running, and having the lowest poverty and unemployment rate. 
“We have done many good things to ensure development and stability in the state. There is no reason for people not to support us. 
“If people do not support us, it is their loss,” the former Umno vice-president said.

Abu Bakar confirms sacked as PSD chief

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah has confirmed he lost his job as director-general of the Public Service Department (PSD) as of today, which sources say is related to Putrajaya’s aborted new pay scheme for civil servants. 
Despite the government’s move to extend the civil service retirement age to 60, the 57-year-old senior civil servant of 35 years said he was “saddened” to find out about the termination only through an official letter.
“My family and I are still saddened by this situation.  I did not retire but my service was terminated effective July 1, 2012. 
“I received a letter informing me of the termination of my service. I think that is enough for me to say right now,” he was quoted by Berita Harian (BH) Ahad as saying. 
The Malay-language paper is the revamped weekend edition of Berita Harian. It was previously known as Berita Mingguan. 
The paper reported Abu Bakar (picture) saying that he had opted to retire at 60, but the government’s unexpected decision meant that his benefits and pension would only be considered until June 30, 2012. 
He has so far refused to comment on the reason for his termination, and whether it has anything to do with the PSD’s controversial Public Service Renumeration Scheme (SBPA), which was axed after protests from within the civil service. 
Abu Bakar was previously tipped to be the next Chief Secretary to the Government, but Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa has since taken over. 
Abu Bakar, whose department was blamed for disparate pay rises for civil servants early this year, was widely expected to leave government service. 
His termination comes amid a on-going debate over the civil service’s impartiality, after newly-minted chief secretary Ali raised eyebrows when he told his new charges that they “should know better” than to believe the “empty promises” made by the opposition. 
The 1.4-million-strong public sector has been a traditional vote bank for BN but the controversy over a new pay scheme and attacks on the ruling parties by PR over bread-and-butter issues may offer the federal opposition a glimmer of hope in the coming polls. But recent days have seen top government officials go on an apparent overdrive to protect the BN government they serve. 
Apart from Ali’s message to the civil service, Foreign Ministry undersecretary Ahmad Rozian Abdul Ghani recently attacked a Canadian newspaper for describing Datuk Seri Najib Razak as a “false democrat,” and insisted that the prime minister had “an impressive track record by anyone’s standards”. 
A director at Putrajaya’s efficiency unit, Pemandu, also made a public attack on PR on Wednesday for not improving the states it governs and focusing on sniping and criticising the federal government’s efforts.

CM Guan Eng: Cops failed to protect me from Perkasa (with VIDEO of incident)

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the police have once again failed to protect him from Perkasa activist, who often hound him in public.

Refering to the incident at the Teluk Bahang markets yesterday, Lim said the police took action too late, thus allowing Perkasa members to hurl projectiles at him.

"The inaction by the police probably emboldened a Perkasa member to suddenly charge up behind me and succeeded in brushing hard against me.

"I escaped injury. But if not for a PR local leader bravely dragging the Perkasa member away, I could have been injured," said Lim in a press release today.

Lim said that while it was bad that the police failed to protect him, it was more disappointing that the police did not arrest the would-be assailant.

"Just imagine how harsh police reaction would have been if this had involved the Prime Minister and not the Chinese Pakatan Rakyat chief minister," said Lim.
Record of violence

Lim said that the police have been duly informed about the Teluk Bahang visit and should have provided adequate protection.

He lamented that despite Perkasa's record of violence against the publicreporters and Pakatan leaders, the group appears to have absolute immunity.

The incident at Teluk Bahang saw about 50 Perkasa supporters  holding a small gathering while Lim was conducting a walkabout.

According to The Star, at least one shop was pasted with dozens of anti-Lim Guan Eng posters.

As Lim was about the leave the area, it was reported that one Perkasa supporter charged at him and a scuffle ensued. Nearby police personnel intervened later.
At least one Perkasa supporter claimed in his police report that he was manhandled.

 Watch this video of the incident:

Selangor in the dark over water crisis

The Pakatan-led state government doesn't understand the difference between raw water storage and treated water reservoirs, says water NGO.
PETALING JAYA: Water Association of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (SWan) rapped the Pakatan-led Selangor government for being oblivious to the impending severe water crisis.
SWan vice president, Aldric Loong Kim Yew said that water providing company Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) records indicated that the current prolonged hot and dry weather in Klang Valley had contributed to zero reserve capacity.
“The average water demand in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya has risen to 4,329 million litres per day (MLD) but the maximum operating and distributable capacity of the water treatment plants including Sungai Labu water treatment plant is 4,371 MLD.
“However the Selangor government is oblivious and claimed that all the dams are full and the consumers will not face any water shortages,” said Loong in a press statement.
Loong said this in response to Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim’s statement that Selangor would not face water shortage if Syabas can reduce water loss.
“It is because the management of the treatment plants is not correct. That is why we asked (accounting firms) Halcrow and Atkins to check on this,” he told reporters after launching the state-level World Museum Day,” Khalid was quoted as saying by the press.
Khalid also said that Putrajaya cannot interfere in Shah Alam’s decisions on water management issues in Selangor since the Water Services Industries Act prohibits federal government from encroaching into state jurisdiction.
“If they keep questioning the actions of the state government based on political reasons, we will just wait until the results of the next election,” he warned.
Dams and reservoirs
Loong in response said that the Selangor state government was ignorant of the dire situation.
“Selangor government is referring to the seven dams in Selangor which act to store raw water during rainy seasons.
“Syabas is referring to reservoirs of treated water and Selangor does not have the expertise to take over and operate water supply services,” he said.
Loong added the water crisis is further exacerbated by the state administration’s refusal to implement projects recommended by Syabas to overcome the problem.
“The measures proposed are not implemented due to freeze on capital expenditure by the state government pending proposed restructuring exercise of the water industry,” he said.

Who's listening to Najib? Not the racists

FREE YOURSAY 'Despite uttering racist remarks, still nothing happens to the errant MP. What message does that send to the non-Malays who are citizens as well?'

Hansard causes further 'hang Ambiga' furore
your sayS Vellu: Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz is a racist bigot who should be the one ‘hanged'. Why is no one referring him to the House privileges committee?

And looking at the Hansard, Lenggong MP Shamsul Anuar Nasarah who supported him for his remark on Bersih co-chief Ambiga Sreenevaasan should be ‘hanged' too.

All Indians should wake up - since MIC and its loud mouthed MP P Kamalanathan is not going to do anything about such racist insults, we should vote them out.

Ksn: As though his call to hang Ambiga was not bad enough, we have to stomach even more amazing references to race and ‘pendatang'.

And despite uttering racist remarks, still nothing happens to the errant MP. What message does that send to the non-Malays who are citizens as well?

MCA, MIC and PPP cannot do a damn thing because the PM has advised (read: instructed) them to be sensitive (read: accept) to other BN partners (read: Umno).

Lim Chong Leong: Why, when the Umno MP was talking about ‘pendatang' and ‘awang hitam', must he mention Ambiga? It shows that at the end of the day, Umno is made of racists from top to bottom.

Onyourtoes: I don't know what this piece is trying to get at; even without the benefit of reading the full text of the Hansard, I think everyone knows what and who this MP was talking about.

Only nincompoops or those trying to be pseudo-neutral would try to water down what this MP was saying. Look at Gading MP's consistent pattern of behaviour, ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous #07443216: Some of Umno MPs are form five dropouts, some may be worse, so how can the rakyat expect these MPs to lead them?

Every slightest topic for which they cannot produce a sound counter-argument, they would resort to the same old reply: "Leave the country if you do not like what's happening here."
Anak JB: How can we move together as a nation when the mentality and the mindset of some of our politicians are bigoted and racist?

While the United States president is now an African American, we are still caught in a time warp and are still mired in divisive racial politics.

I am not too sure what our education system is churning out and this MP is probably another product of BTN (Biro Tatanegara).

It won't surprise me that due to Umno's hegemonic politics, their coalition partners will be wiped out in GE13. Gerakan is already gone, and MCA and MIC will follow suit.

Then we will be left with a solely Malay-based party in the corridors of power which would mean even worse racial polarisation.

Odin: Despite all the prejudice against the Indians, for their dark skin especially, not even one of the bigots in Malaysia has until today shown any intelligence equal to that exhibited by a number of those people whom they so despise.

We all know of famous Indians, but here is one known only to and much respected by mathematicians and theoretical astrophysicists - Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.

In 1928, while sailing from India to UK to study at Cambridge, he worked out what is known as 'Chandrasekhar's Limit'. Besides Einstein himself, only two others at that time were familiar with general relativity - the British astronomer Arthur Eddington and Chandrasekhar. In 1928, Malayans were still as good as primitives.

As for the problems caused by immigrants, Mohamad Aziz has amply illustrated his abyssal ignorance of Malaysia's affairs in not knowing who has been responsible for their presence in Malaysia. When you have MPs like him, you don't wonder why Malaysia is retrogressing.

Fair&Just: The gist of Batu MP Tian Chua's speech is the level of safety in the country, but we have half-baked MPs telling Chua to leave the country if he thinks it is no longer safe.

These half-baked MPs should look after the safety of the rakyat and not made personal attacks.

The undertones and/or outright remarks are bigoted and racist in nature. Calling names also reflect the character and upbringing of a person or the low level of professionalism in the August house.

AF McLaren: Why should Tian Chua or Ambiga or anyone for that matter leave the country because he or she doesn't feel safe here?

The government of the day should be the one to leave office. If they don't then they have to be voted out.

Anonymous #43051382: The right answer to ‘if the country is no longer safe for Malaysian citizens' is, we should change the BN government for not doing their job. - Malaysiakini

'Hang Ambiga' row: Damage has already been done

YOURSAY ‘The country is being torn apart and all that our leader can say is ‘I feel like a rock star'.'

Will PM act on two errant Umno MPs?

your sayDisbeliever: Even if Najib Abdul Razak were to reprimand his two Umno politicians involved in the 'hang Ambiga' debacle, it is a little too late as the damage has already been done.

This inaction is seen as one of Najib's weaknesses - indecisive and often flip-flopping.

As the leader of Umno-BN, he should be alert to what goes on within his ranks and should anyone goes out of line such as these two Umno goons, immediate action should be taken to repair the damage.

By keeping silent, it shows that Najib has no objection and probably deems the action of his two MPs as acceptable or that Najib has no leadership quality to be the Umno-BN chief-cum-PM. For this, he may have to pay dearly at the ballot box.

Little Hantu: I don't expect the Umno president to apologise - and my ‘teh tarik kakis' feel the same.

In fact, we think he will come out with gun blazing and further support the stupidity of Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz by saying the Bersih co-coordinator S Ambiga deserves it.

Such is the low-class false democrat we have as the prime minister.

ONG: Many other Umno MPs share the same views as MP Mohamad Aziz but, unlike him, they are too cowardly to voice their opinions.

Anonymous_4115: Mohamad Aziz retracted his statement only to avoid offending the BN's partners i.e. PPP and MIC, and not to Bersih's Ambiga Sreenevasan. So his demand for the hanging of Ambiga stands.

Lover Boy: In Parliament, Mohamad Aziz enjoys absolute privilege and is immune to any legal proceedings. It is up to the House to censure him.

The House can only ask him to retract by reason of unparliamentary language being used. To me an apology is something personal, the retraction is because according to him it is within the BN spirit not to offend MIC, PPP and so on.

I personally think Ambiga does not require an apology if there is no sincerity, so now we look at this man. As far as I can see, and all Malaysians can see, is that this is Umno culture - they are violent, racist and they do not give too hoots about other races in this country.

I hope those Indians realised that by sucking up to Umno will get them nowhere and watching PPP chief M Kayveas's antics to get into Umno's good books is sickening, absolutely no dignity or pride.

Fear God Not Man: Mohamad, why don't you shout at those who sold the navy secrets? This is real treason. These people should be hanged. You make yourself a fool when you shouted at the wrong person.

Louis: Najib, this is your chance to show that you are not a racist. Condemn those two MPs and ask them to apologise. You told Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) students to ignore these racist remarks.

Now you have another idiot testing your administration. The whole world knows that you do not have the guts to discipline them.

Botak Chin: Isn't there a Malay proverb which goes like this: "Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak mulut buruk padahnya!" I hope I'm right, somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

If you're a disciplined Malay coming from a disciplined Malay party, you would be very careful before you open your foul mouth and spew venom.

Too bad,, even though you retract your statement the damage has already been done. Buruk padah nya!

Guna Otak Sikit: Not sure how much more we need to stomach the rot and filth before we cut off the gangrene and the country starts anew again.

It is indeed sad to see idiots making revolting statements and the so-called 1Malaysia PM maintaining an un-elegant silence.

The country is being torn apart and all that our leader can say is "I feel like a rock star". You can keep on rocking, but the shame is that we hear scandal after scandal and we hear racist statements, one after another.

One of the greatest racists is an ex-PM. Imagine, a God-given talent and opportunity to do what is good for the country and all he does in his old age is try to tear the country apart. For his own selfish ends, I may add.

Let us hope Pakatan will soon lead us down the path of recovery, both financially, racially and emotionally.

I do not expect all Pakatan leaders are angels, but it is time that they get serious and deliver what is promised. Or else, we will be firmly in the league of despot-run countries.

Anonymous_3f49: A responsible rakyat doing her civic duty in calling for clean and fair elections is now subjected to all manner of intimidations ranging from hawkers to Umno lawmakers. - Malaysiakini