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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hadi's unamended motion in Parliament order paper

The original version of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's motion for a Private Member's Bill to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act (Act 355) is in the Parliament order paper, without any of the amendments made last November.
This is the version with which Hadi sought to remove the punishment cap for syariah offences, except for the death penalty.
According to an excerpt of the order paper sighted by Malaysiakini, the motion is number seven on the list of bills and motions for the Parliament session which begins on Monday.
Hadi had amended the motion in the last session in November last year, to raise the punishment limit to 30 years' jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 strokes of the cane.
The current syariah punishment cap is three years’ imprisonment, RM5,000 fine and six strokes of the cane.
PAS secretary-general and Kota Bharu MP Takiyuddin Hassan said he had yet to see the order paper himself, but believed there might have been a technical error.
"It should be the amended version in the order paper," Takiyuddin told Malaysiakini.
Malaysiakini is also seeking a response from Parliament as well as from Hadi.
Hadi's bill was amended in the last Parliament session, after a joint meeting with BN lawmakers chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

It was read out in its amended form on the last day of Parliament on Nov 24, and Hadi requested that he elaborate on it further in the next session.
Section 15(5) of the House Standing Order allows a motion that has been moved but not disposed of to be carried over to the next Parliament session without having to be retabled.
The government plans to take over the bill once it goes through its second reading.-Mkini

Learn from past experiences with Arab investors

This probably being an election year, I would not like to poke a needle to bust Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s bubble of excitement over the investment news, but I think he has to be more ‘streetwise’, or at least learn from past experiences with Arab investors, than what he appears now.
Perhaps it was all meant to hype up for the general election; but as we reflect back, some of the major announcements made in the past by Arab investors did not seem to materialise.
But since I have been skeptical about big investments ‘pouring’ in from China as well, I would look at the recently announcements with my fingers crossed, too.
If RM55 billion was more of a loan to build the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL), my question back then was how would the ECRL be able to earn enough to pay back the loan, now with the Arab ‘big investments’, I ask: “What happened in the past?”
A lot of fluff
During former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s time when Iskandar Malaysia was first announced in 2006, the Arabs were amongst the first to announce that they were going to invest in Malaysia.
If I recall correctly, it was in the headlines. There was, of course, a lot of excitement in the air. I should say, a lot of ‘fluff’ because the big money did not come pouring in from the oil-rich Arab nations.
Instead, who came to grab most of the properties in Iskandar? Even with the recent hype about Forest City, the investors are mainly from China, not any of the Arab nations.
Then, they came up with the Arab City Melaka, a commercial development in Pulau Melaka in 2009. It was said that the Arabs wanted to invest in an Arab City of 16,800 square metres on the reclaimed Island. The project was worth over RM1 billion.
According to Al Arabiya News, there were supposed to be two ‘Arab Cities’ in Malacca, the other one being on “a beachside resort just west of the historic port”.
Both cities would be worth US$303 million, and the project would include an “Arabian bazaar, Middle Eastern restaurants, shopping complex, five-star hotel, water theme park, and a unisex Arabic health and beauty spa”. What happened?
According to Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron: “The Arab City is a development that takes up less than four acres of land. It’s not even a city, it’s a shopping mall. In fact, we are thinking of acquiring the abandoned Arab City development... because there has been no movement for the past two-and-a-half years.”
That project has since been abandoned since July 2013. Instead, we are now hearing that businessmen from both Malaysia and China have inked a RM30 billion deal to turn Pulau Melaka into a maritime centre and reclaim three islands off Malacca. I repeat, no Arab investors.
According to another news report reproduced from Bernama in May 2009, the company developing Arab City Melaka was also going to set up another Arab City in the federal capital worth RM35 million.
Now there is so much excitement about the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Saudi Aramco and Petronas that a university lecturer from UiTM even started crowing about it.
The academic, Hanafiah Harun, told Umno Online that “the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth that the RM2.6 billion was a donation from the Saudi royal family”.
What logic is this coming from one who carries the title of an associate professor of UiTM?
King Salman, he argued, would not have set foot in Malaysia, if Najib had slandered the Saudi royal family to cover up his wrongdoings.
In my opinion, King Salman’s visit to Malaysia was neither to prove that RM2.6 billion which went into Najib’s private bank accounts was a generous donation from an Arab prince, nor was it to bring major investments to Malaysia.
Once we put things in perspective, there is reason to be sceptical about the MOU between Saudi Aramco and Petronas until we see things materialise.
An MOU is basically not legally binding, therefore, you can sign an MOU today, but tomorrow, you can tell the world you have decided to shelve the project.
Why is Saudi Aramco signing another MOU with Petronas? Why are we Malaysians, except for Najib, not excited about the number of MOUs signed with Arab investors?
There are too many flip-flops for us to take them seriously and until physical money is pouring in, we should not be too excited.
Putting the matter into perspective
When we look at the recent tour by His Majesty King Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia to this part of the world, we must not forget two important things before us.
First, the 1,500-strong entourage was supposed to attract investments from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China to help with the Saudi economy due to the oil price slump.
This included the sale of a 5 percent stake in Saudi Aramco, which is expected to be the largest initial public offering (IPO) in the world.
Secondly, we must understand that Saudi Arabia, being the world’s largest exporter of oil, is now experiencing tough economic times.
One must not forget that Saudi Arabia is a desert land. Apart from oil, there is not much to shout about. Because it has been over-dependent on oil, and when the oil prices dropped, the country is now forced to look at diversifying its economy.
Many of its expatriates who were once enjoying a great time working in Saudi Arabia are now being sent home.

Thirdly, Saudi Arabia is also caught in a conflict between different factions in the Middle East. This is definitely not helping its economic growth. To put it crudely, Saudi Arabia may need Malaysia more than Malaysia needs the country’s oil money.
So, can we be wiser and not get over-excited over the fluff?

STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008.- Mkini

King Salman leaves after state visit to Malaysia

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia left Kuala Lumpur today after a four-day state visit to Malaysia.
The monarch was seen off at the Bunga Raya Complex of the KL International Airport by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who was the minister-in-attendance.
Malaysia was King Salman’s first country of visit in South-East Asia since his ascension to the throne in 2015.
King Salman flew to Jakarta for a three-day state visit to Indonesia.
King Salman was accorded a state welcome on Sunday at Parliament Square as His Majesty began the state visit which had a tight schedule of events over the four days.
Also on Sunday, King Salman attended a state banquet at Istana Negara, hosted in his honour by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V.
King Salman was also conferred an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Universiti Malaya and an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (Islam and Wasatiyyah) degree as well as a Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Award by Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia.

The visit also saw the signing of several memorandums of understanding, including a RM31-billion Share Purchase Agreement between Saudi Aramco and Petronas.
At KLIA, King Salman and Najib shook hands and embraced each other before the King, who is the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques boarded the special aircraft.
King Salman’s maiden visit to Malaysia was at the invitation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V.

Activists seek arrest and deportation of Zakir Naik

A group of activists have filed a lawsuit seeking, among others, an order for the arrest and deportation of controversial Islamic preacher from India, Zakir Naik.
"(We are seeking) an order for the inspector-general of police (IGP) to arrest Zakir Naik immediately.
"(Also), an order to revoke the status of Zakir as a permanent resident of Malaysia, if this was granted, and an order to deport him immediately from Malaysia," Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy said at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today after the group filed the lawsuit.
The suit was filed by Waythamoorthy and 18 others, including Bingkor assemblyperson Jeffrey Kitingan, lawyer Siti Kassim and Centre for Policy Initiatives director Lim Teck Ghee.
The defendants named are Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Immigration Department director-general, the National Registration Department director-general, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar and the Malaysian government.
Waythamoorthy said they have received no response to the letters they wrote to the Home Ministry, the director-generals of Immigration and the National Registration, as well as to the Prime Minister's Office on the immigration status of Zakir (left in photo) and his whereabouts in Malaysia.
However, he said, they believe that Zakir is currently still in Malaysia.
'A threat to national security'
The plaintiffs are also seeking declarations that Zakir is a threat to national security, harmony and unity.
In the court documents, they claimed that Zakir's teachings promote terrorism and would harm unity and peace in Malaysia.
Waythamoorthy pointed out that Zakir has also been banned from entering several countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom.
Several of the plaintiffs who are Muslim said they are do not accept Zakir's teachings in Malaysia.
"I am Muslim and I reject Zakir Naik.
"I do believe I have strong backing from many moderate Malaysians that we are all against harbouring Zakir, against his radicalism and his extremist speeches," one of the plaintiffs, Muhammad Mujahidin Zulkiffli, said.
Another plaintiff, Asiah Abd Jalil, said that while Islam is the official religion as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, any speech that insults and causes hate of other religions is unacceptable in the pluralistic Malaysian society.
Mufti: No proof Zakir a security threat
However, Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin refuted claims that Zakir is a threat.
"What evidence do they have that he is a threat? Is it because there have been Hindu followers who embraced Islam, so they are now sensitive? What other excuses are there?" Mohd Asri asked in a Facebook posting.
Waythamoorthy also stressed that their lawsuit has no intention of belittling Islam or offending anyone.
"In the entire evidence that is given, there is nothing on Islam. We are strictly going on the issue of national security," he said.
The plaintiffs are represented by lawyer S Karthigesan.
Zakir appears to have a warm relationship with politicians on both sides of the divide in Malaysia, with BN and PAS leaders taking to social media to share pictures of their meetings the preacher.

They included Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.
Zakir’s plan to hold a talk last year comparing Islam and Hinduism sparked an outcry, prompting the authorities to ban the event.
The ban was lifted after the topic was changed to 'Is Quran the word of God?'
Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed has also previously denied that Zakir has been given Malaysian citizenship.- Mkini

Former top Felda officers charged in RM47.6m CBT case

Two former top officers at the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) were today charged with criminal breach of trust involving RM47.6 million in 2014.
Former Felda deputy general manager Muhammad Sufi Mahbub was charged with two counts of criminal breach of trust while former Felda general manager Faizoull Ahmad was charged with two counts of abetting Muhammad Sufi.
They were allowed bail of RM1 million each, on one surety, and were ordered to surrender their passports.
Both the accused posted bail of RM500,000 each and will post the remaining sum before March 22, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said in a statement.
Muhammad Sufi, who was in charge of strategic management, is accused of approving a payment of RM25.999 million without approval of the Felda board or tender committee.
He is charged with committing the offence between Jan 13 and Jan 24, 2014, at Wisma Lembaga Tanah Persekutuan on Jalan Perumahan Gurney, Kuala Lumpur.

Muhammad Sufi was also charged with approving an additional payment of RM21.63 million without the approval of the board or tender committee.
He is accused of doing so between March 31 and July 23 at the same premises.
He faces at least two years and a maximum of 20 years in jail and caning if found guilty, under Section 409 of the Penal Code.
Faizoull was charged with abetting Muhammad Sufi, and is charged under Section 109 of the Penal Code.
He faces up to 20 years in jail and caning if found guilty.
The case is set for mention on April 27.- Mkini

Mukhriz: Absence not because we didn't do homework

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia has denied suggestions that it was absent from seat allocation talks with Pakatan Harapan yesterday because it did not perform the necessary preparations.
Bersatu deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir said his party was of the opinion that the top leadership of all parties should first outline the "basic principles" of negotiations before the joint technical committee meeting that took place yesterday.
"It would be easier for us to sit down and discuss (seat allocations) after the meeting (of the top leaders).
"This basic principles are not something to be discussed at the deputy president and secretary-general level.
"When the top level has not decided on this, how can we at the bottom level discuss about seat negotiations? It would be academic," Mukhriz added.
The joint technical committee meeting was held yesterday, involving PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke and Parti Amanah Negara elections director Dr Hatta Ramli.
Saifuddin said Mukhriz and Bersatu secretary-general Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman were scheduled to attend the meeting.
He claimed they did not turn up because Bersatu had "yet to do its homework" and perform the research required.

Bersatu had requested a meeting with Harapan leaders to discuss the "basic principles" involved with seat talks and the Harapan secretariat is making the necessary arrangements, Mukhriz said.
He also dismissed the speculation that Bersatu was reluctant to participate in seat talks with Harapan while waiting for PAS to join the opposition bloc.
PAS leaders have repeatedly said that they are firm about not forging any electoral pact with any party allied with DAP and Amanah.- Mkini

Marry quickly, Perlis mufti urges eligible bachelors

Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has urged eligible bachelors to marry quickly to increase the state's population.
He said Islam required men who were capable to marry physically and spiritually to do so quickly because delaying could slow down the growth of the Muslim population.
"I hope they can take on this challenge. However, they also need to equip themselves with knowledge and be more responsible," Mohd Asri said in his weekly talk at Masjid Alwi in Kangar last night.

The mufti also encouraged young people working and earning a living in Perlis to choose local women as their wives, and to remain in the state.
In this regard, the parents should not demand expensive gifts or grand weddings for their daughters and place a burden on the men, Mohd Asri said.
"Hantaran (wedding gifts) are customary, whereas Islam only requires the mas kahwin," he said, adding parents should prioritise the long-term welfare of their children.
- Bernama

Johor exco member goes on leave amidst graft probe

Johor state executive councillor Abd Latif Bandi has gone on leave following a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) probe on graft on an alleged land and housing scandal in the state.
According to Bernama, Abd Latif went on leave from today to "clear his name". Abd Latif is in charge of housing and local government.
"He (is going on leave) to handle the issue with his family and special officer," fellow exco member Jais Sarday told reporters in Kota Iskandar.
All matters under Abd Latif's portfolio are on hold while urgent matters will be handled by Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin, he said.
Jais, however, stressed that Abd Latif is not going on leave because he was implicated in the case.
"He is not under investigation or charged. We have to be clear on that," he reportedly said.
He said Khaled made the announcement over Abd Latif's leave application at today's exco meeting, but the case was not discussed at the meeting.
Abd Latif's son and a special officer were also arrested last Friday for allegedly receiving kickbacks to convert bumiputera housing lots into non-bumiputera lots, which can be sold at higher prices.
His decision to go on leave was confirmed by fellow state cabinet member Md Jais Sarday, who stressed that doing so does not mean Abd Latif was directly involved in the investigations.
"He wants to handle affairs regarding his family and officers... He is not the subject of investigations. We have to be clear on that," said Md Jais, according to Bernama.
He added that the MACC's probe was not discussed during the exco meeting today, where Abd Latif informed the menteri besar of his decision.
Audience with Sultan
According The Star, Abd Latif was subjected to four hours of questioning by the MACC yesterday.
Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, who is "furious" over the matter, also granted the executive councillor an audience yesterday, sources told New Straits Times.
"The executive council member linked to the people arrested was granted an audience with the ruler this morning.
"He (Sultan Ibrahim) is furious but I think the menteri besar is even more angry about it," NST quoted an unnamed source as saying.
Opposition leaders have urged Khaled to explain the spate of arrests, but Khaled said he would not comment until the investigations are completed.

MACC quizzed the executive councillor a day after it arrested and remanded a developer over the case.
A total of seven suspects, including a lawyer and two other developers, have been arrested and 45 bank accounts containing RM15 million have been frozen in connection with the case.
Last Friday, MACC also seized 21 luxury cars and five high-powered motorcycles in raids related to the case.- Mkini


Saudi Arabia's King Salman speaks with Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak during a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony in Putrajaya, Malaysia February 27, 2017. REUTERS/Edgar Su
Sebagaimana yang dijangka, lawatan Raja Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, pemerintah Arab Saudi ke negara ini akan cuba dimanfaatkan sebaiknya, antara lain untuk mengambus isu wang RM2,600 juta yang diterima Najib Razak melalui akaun peribadinya.
Tidak saja penyokong dan pengampu Najib serta askar siber 6.6 peratus yang ghairah berbuat demikian, bahkan seorang profesor universiti juga bersikap sama.
Hujah mereka tidak lain ialah jika wang yang diterima Najib itu bukan benar-benar derma daripada kerabat Diraja Arab Saudi, tidak mungkin Raja Salman sanggup mencemar duli mengadakan lawatannya ke Malaysia ini.
Makna kata, hujah mereka ialah dengan datangnya Raja Salman itu ia dengan sendirinya mengesahkan wang yang diterima Najib itu adalah derma daripada kerabat Diraja Arab Saudi.
Malah Profesor universiti yang tak pernah dikenali itu berkata lagi, kehadiran Raja Salman bukan saja mengesahkan wang itu datang daripada keluarga Diraja Arab Saudi, malah juga diberikan berdasarkan pencapaian dan usaha Najib memartabatkan Islam di negara ini dan juga di peringkat global.
Amboii…agak-agak lerr dan pandanglah kiri kanan dulu kalau ia pun nak mengampu Najib sampai begitu tinggi!!
Kalau Anwar Ibrahim tidak berada di penjara ketika ini, pastilah digelarnya profesor sedemikian itu sebagai “profesor kangkung” yang bukan saja mencemarkan nama universiti, tetapi juga ketamadunan ilmu dalam menilai sesuatu perkara.
Jika diimbas kembali, walaupun tidak dinamakan siapa kerabat Diraja Arab Saudi yang didakwa memberi wang kepada Najib itu, paling mungkin ia adalah Putera Turki Abdullah al-Saud, pemilik PetroSaudi yang diketahui ada urusniaga dengan 1MDB.
Kerabat-kerabat yang lain tidak mungkin boleh dikaitkan dengan derma kepada Najib kerana mereka tidak ada apa-apa urusniaga atau kepentingan untuk berbuat demikian.
Bak kata Tun Mahathir Mohamad, orang gila pun tak mungkin sedia menderma sebanyak itu tanpa apa-apa sebab, lebih-lebih lagi jika difahami perangai orang Arab itu sendiri.
Ayah Putera Turki, Raja Abdullah al-Saud adalah Raja Arab Saudi sebelum Raja Salman dan sudah meninggal dunia pada penghujung 2015 yang lalu.
Sebaik Raja Salman menaiki takhta, antara tindakan yang diambilnya ialah memecat Putera Turki sebagai Gabenor Riyadh untuk mengukuhkan lagi cengkaman kuasanya.  
Dalam konteks ini, jika pun ada yang masih mempercayai wang RM2,600 juta itu sebagai derma daripada kerabat Diraja Arab Saudi, Raja Salman jelas telah lama menjarakkan dirinya dengan perkara tersebut.
Dalam erti kata lain, lawatan beliau ke Malaysia tidak boleh lagi dikaitkan dengan mana-mana kerabat yang mungkin boleh dikaitkan dengan Najib.
Selain itu, harus juga difahami bahawa lawatan Raja Salman bukan saja ke Malaysia, tetapi juga ke Indonesia, Jepun dan juga China. Di Malaysia, singgahnya beliau hanya empat hari berbanding di Indonesia selama 10 hari, termasuk berehat di Bali selama enam hari.
Tetapi di Indonesia, mereka tidak kecoh-kecoh dengan lawatan Raja Salman kerana Jokowi tiada apa-apa yang mahu dibersihkan dengan kunjungan Penjaga Dua Kota Suci itu.
Media-media antarabangsa pula melaporkan lawatan Raja Salman ke beberapa negara Asia kali ini adalah dalam misi untuk menjual IPO Aramco, syarikat minyak milik Arab Saudi.
Jika kita berpegang kepada bukti nyata dan penemuan di Amerika Syarikat, Switzerland dan Singapura, wang RM2,600 juta itu bukanlah derma sesiapa, sebaliknya lencongan daripada dana 1MDB yang dicuri.
Dalam kertas pendakwaan Jabatan Kehakiman Amerika, jelas disebut sejumlah AS$731 juta atau lebih RM3,000 juta keseluruhan wang 1MDB yang dilencongkan telah dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi “Malaysian Official 1”.
Di Switzerland, Jabatan Peguam Negaranya juga mendapati penemuan yang sama dan memohon kerjasama MLA daripada Malaysia bagi siasatan dan pengesahan lanjut. Malangnya, dua kali pernohonan MLA itu ditolak oleh Peguam Negara kita.
Jika tiada apa-apa yang ingin dilindungi, mengapakah kita takut untuk memberi kerjasama MLA kepada pihak berkuasa Switzerland?
Di Singapura, selain lima orang sudah dihukum penjara dan dua buah bank ditutup angkara 1MDB, menjadi fakta mahkamah juga bahawa Tanore Finance, syarikat yang dibuktikan menyalurkan wang ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib di Ambank itu adalah kepunyaan Eric Tan Kim Loong.
Lebih mengejutkan turut disahkan di mahkamah Singapura bahawa Eric Tan dan Jho Low adalah orang yang sama yang mempunyai dua passport berbeza. Wang tersebut disalurkan melalui BSI Bank, cawangan bank Switzerland yang diarahkan tutup oleh pihak berkuasa kewangan Singapura.
Berdasarkan bukti yang nyata dan penemuan sahih di beberapa negara, wang RM2,600 juta dalam akaun peribadi Najib itu tidak ada kaitan sama-sekali dengan derma atau kerabat Diraja Arab Saudi.
Jadi, mengaitkan wang yang diterima Najib kononnya tidak lagi menjadi isu dan sudah lenyap dengan kedatangan Raja Salman agak kelakar bunyinya dan tidak masuk akal, kecuali memang kita tidak mahu melihat fakta-fakta kebenaran yang ada di depan mata.
Raja Salman melawat Asia, termasuk Malaysia adalah atas agenda yang lebih besar untuk kepentingan Arab Saudi. Beliau tidak mungkin bercakap mengenai wang dalam akaun peribadi Najib kerana ia tidak berkait dengan kepentingan Arab Saudi, lagi pun mustahil mereka tidak membaca portal berita antarabangsa seperti WSJ, NY Times, Guardian dan sebagainya.
Hanya golongan pengampu dan perasan saja yang merasakan lawatan Raja Salman telah melenyapkan isu RM2,600 juta. Isu tersebut bukan saja terus ada, malah dengan datangnya Raja Salman ia membuatkan lebih ramai yang percaya dana itu bukan derma daripada kerabat Diraja Arab Saudi, kecuali Raja Salman sendiri dapat mengesahkannya atau Najib berani meminta Penjaga Dua Kota Suci itu untuk membersihkan namanya.
Lagi pula, kedatangan Raja Salman tidak sama sekali membuatkan kes di seluruh dunia berkaitan dana 1MDB tergugur begitu saja. Kita tunggu saja hasil perbicaraannya nanti.
– http://shahbudindotcom.blogspot.my


Kerajaan negeri Kelantan dibawah parti agama (Pas) mungkin menghadapi kerugian (hilang) ratusan juta ringgit apabila beberapa buah anak syarikatnya menghadapi saman oleh pelbagai pihak. Baca juga ini – http://msomelayu.blogspot.my/2014/01/kerajaan-kelantan-disaman-rm230-juta.html#more
Setakat yang terhitung sehingga kini kerajaan negeri Kelantan menerusi beberapa buah anak syarikatnya disaman oleh 10 pihak – maksudnya 10 kes. Berertinya 10 entiti atau anak syarikat membabitkan kerajaan negeri Kelantan sedang menghadapi pertimbangan mahkamah.
Hampir kesemua kes-kes saman itu membabitkan ketidaktelusan atau pun engkar janji oleh anak syarikat kerajaan negeri dengan beberapa pihak yang mana setengah diberikan tander atau kontrak tetapi ditarik balik tanpa jalan penyelesaian sewajarnya.
Paling mengejutkan terdapat juga kes saman kerana salah laku beberapa orang wakil rakyat yang memegang atau berkepentingan dalam anak syarikat atau menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah kepada syarikat. Salah satu ialah seorang ahli lembaga pengarah dikatakan menerima wang bernilai RM50,000 daripada seorang individu yang diberi tawaran membalak kemudian tawaran itu ditarik balik.
Kerana tindakan itu dianggap zalim individu berkenaan telah mengemukakan saman di mahkamah. Mengejutkan saman itu dikemukakan oleh seorang Ketua Cawangan parti agama (Pas) di kawasan Kota Bharu.
Hari ini salah satu daripada 10 kes-kes saman berkenaan telah dibicarakan di Mahkamah Tinggi Kota Bharu dan mahkamah memutuskan anak syarikat kerajaan Kelantan, iaini Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK) dan syarikat Baldah Toyyibah (Prasarana) Sdn.Bdh, didapati bersalah engkar perjanjian.
PMBK dan Baldah Toyyibah Sdn Bdh disaman oleh sebuah syarikat pembinaan Dea Hanguru Infra Sdn. Bhd dari Korea yang ditubuhkan di negara ini.
Syarikat Dea Hanguru telah diberi tawaran untuk menyiapkan lebuh raya rakyat sepanjang 73 km dari Machang – Kuala Krai pada tahun 2012. Perletakan batu asas projek lebuhraya berkenaan dilakukan sendiri oleh bekas MB Almarhum Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.
Tawaran itu dibuat oleh Syarikat Baldah Toyyibah (Prasarana) selaku syarikat pengurusan pembinaan lebuh raya rakyat dan PMBK yang bertindak sebagai pihak Kerajaan Kelantan.
Dea Hanguru menerima tawaran kontrak itu pada Oktober 2012 dan telah pun memulakan kerja-kerja awal membawa masuk jentera berat, kerja-kerja pembersihan tapak dan membina side office. Bagaimana tawaran itu ditarik balik pada 2013 tanpa sebarang perundingan dan sebab-sebab yang jelas dan munasabah.
Pengerusi Baldah Toyyibah (Prasarana) Sdn Bdh ketika itu ialah Adun Salor yang juga salah seorang anggota Majlis Mesyuarat Kelantan (Exco) Husam Musa yang juga menjadi pencetus kepada projek pembinaan Lebuh Raya Rakyat (LRK).
Malangnya ekoran berlaku perubahan dalam tampuk pemimpin pertukaran MB daripada Nik Aziz Nik Mat kepada Ahmad Yakob menyebabkan kedudukan Husam di situ tidak kekal. Perubahan itu juga menyebabkan mereka bertanggungjawab terhadap syarikat Baldah Toyyibah dan PMBK telah menarik balik tawaran kepada Dea Hanguru.
Ekoran penarikan balik tawaran itu Dea Hanguru menyatakan rasa tidak puas hatinya dan mengancam untuk menyaman kerajaan negeri kerana mereka telah mengeluarkan perbelanjaan dan mengalami kerugian. Husam sebagai seorang Adun Pas memberi cadangan dan pengsyoran supaya isu itu diselesaikan dengan baik demi kebaikan bersama.
Malangnya pihak yang menguasai kerajaan Kelantan selepas ketiadaan Nik Aziz enggan melayan cadangan Husam itu malahan beranggapan dan yakin syarikat daripada Korea itu tidak ada hak untuk menyaman kerajaan Kelantan dan kalau pun saman ia tidak akan menang.
Setelah gagal mencari penyelesaian secara baik, syarikat Dea Hanguru dikatakan tidak ada pilihan lain melainkan membawa kes itu ke mahkamah untuk menuntut balik perbelanjaan yang dikeluarkan serta tanggungan lain-lain kos.
Semasa perbicaraan kes itu Dea Hanguru telah memanggil (sapina) Husam sebagai bekas pengerusi Syarikat Baldah Toyyibah sebagai saksi. Husam disapina sebagai saks sehinggakan terpaksa absen sidang dewan ketika itui. Gara-gara kehadiran Husam menjadi saksi itulah menyebabkan beliau dikecam dan akhirnya membawa kepada pemecatan beliau daripada Pas.
Kehadiran Husam itu dijadikan antara alasan untuk memecat Adun Salor itu dari Pas kerana beliau dianggap sebagai belot kepada parti sedang hakikatnya beliau sudah memberi nasihat agar kes itu diselesaikan di luar mahkamah bagi mengelakkan kerajaan mengalami kerugian.
Hari ini Mahkamah Tinggi Kota Bharu telah memutuskan pihak PMBK dan Baldah Toyyibah didapati bersalah dan diperintah membayar ganti rugi kepada Dea Hanguru. Bagaimana pun syarikat Baldah Toyyibah dilepaskan.
Menurut Hakim bicara kes itu agak unitk kerana bekas pengerusi Badah Toyyibah dipanggil menjadi saksi bagi pihak penyaman (Dea Hanguru) di mana agak sukar untuk beliau menolak saman berkenaan.
Dalam tuntutan saman itu Dea Hanguru telah menuntut ganti rugi sebanyak RM225 juta dan RM5 juta sebagai ganti rugi khas kerana pengingkaran kontrak yang diberikan kepadanya. Mahkamah masih belum mentafsirkan berapa jumlah tuntutan yang perlu dibayar oleh kerajaan Kelantan kepada Dea Hanguru. Kemungkinan pihak kerajaan Kelantan akan mengemukakan rayuan ke mahkamah lebih tinggi.
Bayangkan sekiranya cadangan dan pengsyoran dibuat Husam diambil kira mungkin wang kerajaan negeri boleh diselamatkan daripada membayar saman berkenaan dan wang itu boleh digunakan untuk keperluan lain lagi. Bersambung.
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Two women have been charged with the murder of North Korean Kim Jong-nam at the Magistrate’s Court here Wednesday.
Vietnamese national Duon Thi Huong, 29 and an Indonesian, Siti Aisyah, 25, were charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.
The two women were charged separately.
No plea was recorded.
Under tight security both inside and outside the courthouse, suspects Duon Thi Huong and Siti Aisyah arrived in separate convoys about 10 minutes apart.
The first convoy of at least seven police vehicles and several outriders, including several heavily-tinted black four-wheel-drives arrived at about 9.30am Wednesday, transporting the first suspect.
The second convoy of similar vehicles entered the courthouse around 9.40am.
Media members waiting at the main entrance to the court complex scrambled to get pictures and visuals of the suspects upon hearing the sirens of the approaching vehicles.
Duon and Siti Aisyah were taken into the premises via the second entrance about 100 metres from where the press had gathered.
Duon, who is Vietnamese and her Indonesian counterpart Siti Aisyah are among three suspects who have been arrested in connection  with the murder of Jong-nam, who is the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
MEANWHILE, according to The Malay Mail:
The police chased off media personnel and even threatened to arrest them as they tried to glimpse two foreign women brought to the magistrate’s court here for prosecution over the murder of Kim Jong-nam.
A police officer was heard threatening to arrest one of the foreign videographers who tried to get a look at one of the suspects being ushered into court from their transport vehicles.
“Get out of here, I will arrest you,” he was heard telling the journalist who crossed the police cordon line.
The courthouse has been cordoned off with heavily armed police all around. Members of the police special forces and light strike force have been stationed to block any access to the courtroom and to where the suspects were transported.
Only reporters with specific passes were allowed into the courtroom after surrendering their mobile devices.
The suspects arrived at the courthouse at 9.30am in unmarked four wheel drive vehicles escorted by several police patrol cars.
Two foreign women are expected to be charged today over the killing of Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, who was attacked at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 on February 13.



KUALA LUMPUR – The two suspects held over the killing of Kim Jong-nam have not shown any sign of illness, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.
He said this when asked about a Hazmat team supposedly spotted at the Sepang police station where the suspects were held.
“We know one of the suspects had vomited.
“Now, we need to investigate the cause but we have not received any report,” he told reporters after an event here yesterday.
On Friday, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said one of the two women suspects had vomited due to the side effects of the VX nerve agent.
Dr Subramaniam also said Malaysian authorities were prioritising efforts to positively identify the remains of a North Korean man at Hospital Kuala Lumpur as those of Kim Jong-nam.
There were previous requests from the North Korean Embassy to hand the body over to them, which Dr Subramaniam said, were against protocol.
“We have to confirm the identity of the person and only then can we release the body upon consultation and agreement with the police,” he said.

Dr Subramaniam said the toxicology report had been handed over to the police, adding there was nothing more to do.
“Now, we need to identify the body and trace the next of kin,” he said, adding that no medical record had been received so far to help with the identification.
Asked if the arrival of a high-level North Korean delegation would help speed up the process, Dr Subramaniam said: “I only found out about their arrival through the media.”