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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Young Muslim women still fuzzy about sexual rights in marriage

Sisters in Islam (SIS) executive director Ratna Osman says the ambiguity on a Muslim husband’s right to sex can lead to abuse. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, May 1, 2015.Sisters in Islam (SIS) executive director Ratna Osman says the ambiguity on a Muslim husband’s right to sex can lead to abuse. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, May 1, 2015.
As the debate on marital rape within the context of Islam continues to rage among scholars and the online community, many young Muslim women remain unaware and even confused about their sexual rights in a marriage.
A rape-awareness campaign organised by the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) and DAP assemblyman Yeo Bee Yin last week sparked a viral debate on whether or not “rape” was an appropriate term to be used to describe a Muslim husband forcing himself on his wife.
While some have maintained that a wife’s consent must be given even within the context of a marriage, many have also argued that a woman is obligated to give in to her husband’s sexual advances.
Wan Zulaikha Mohd Zakaria, 24, who recently attended a pre-marital course at a local mosque in Kuala Lumpur, said she had been taught that sex was part a of wife’s obligation to her husband.
“There is no such term as ‘rape’ in marriage because it is wife’s duty and responsibility,” she told The Malaysian Insider.
She said while her fiance and she were advised that the husband must be “understanding” in his demands for sex, the religious officer who had conducted the course did not go into details about how far a husband could go in his demands.
“A wife’s role is to serve her husband in bed. But the husband must, of course, be understanding,” said Wan Zulaikha.
It was this ambiguity on a Muslim husband’s right to sex that led to potential abuse, said Sisters in Islam (SIS) executive director Ratna Osman.
“We really need to look into what exactly is being told to our young couples getting married. Is it still the medieval understanding of a relationship which was the practice then?”
By overemphasising the sexual role of a wife and not the responsibilities of a good husband, ulama indirectly take a patriarchal perspective on Islam which oftentimes did not protect the rights of a wife, said Ratna.
“Our clerics have to be more responsible. When they say a wife must obey their husband, what kind of husband must they obey?
“Is it if a husband wants to have sex, and the wife must follow? (But) we are not animals,” she said.
“Allah says in the Quran that the relationship between husband and wife must have love and tenderness, (but) where is love and tenderness when you force yourself onto a woman?”
For bride-to-be Siti Rabiatul Adawiyah Sheikh Ibrahim, the act of a man forcing himself on his wife was as much a sin as if a woman rejected her husband’s sexual advances.
Rabiatul, who will be married in December, said the course she attended at a local mosque also taught that a wife’s role was to satisfy her husband’s physical and sexual needs, although a man should not force himself on his wife if she rejected him.
She said it was considered a “sin” for a wife to reject her husband’s advances, but there was no outright condemnation by ulama for men who forced themselves on their wives.
“I believe it can be considered as rape if the husband forces the wife and she doesn’t consent to it. It is a rape and I agree that there are cases like this in Islam,” said Rabiatul, who works at a Sharia law firm.
In Malaysia, a Muslim husband stands to be punished under sharia law if he is found to have used violence to force himself on his wife. However, many cases go unreported as the victims were led to believe that the woman was to be blamed for not giving in to her man in the first place, said women's rights advocates.
“We, as women should not feel that we just have to follow," said Rabiatul.
“The obedience comes from respect, not because we are their slaves.”


Ketua Penerangan Pemuda UMNO, Jamawi Jaafar mengutuk Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia (KDRM) kerana membuat pusingan-u berhubung harga kad isian semula telefon prabayar. 

Beliau berkata, apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Ketua Pengarah Kastam Datuk Seri Khazali Ahmad itu amat memalukan. 

Dia berkata, adalah lebih baik jika Khazali diam dan tidak membuat apa-apa kenyataan yang boleh mendatangkan malu. 

“KP Kastam… Semalam cakap lain, Hari ini cakap lain.. Lepas ni jangan lagi cakap apa apa… Berhenti terus… Bikin Malu…” tulisnya di Facebook. 

Dalam kenyataan media pada Rabu, Khazali berkata pengumuman bahawa harga kad isian semula tidak dikenakan GST yang diumumkan pada Rabu, telah ditangguhkan. 

Sehubungan itu, harga kad isian semula prabayar sama seperti harga jualan selepas 1 April. 

Ini bermakna, kad isian semula berharga RM10 djual pada harga RM10.60 termasuk enam peratus Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan (GST). 

Khazali menyatakan arahan penangguhan itu selepas mengambil kira pengumuman Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia (SKMM) bahawa kajian mengenai layanan cukai GST ke atas perkhidmatan kad prabayar masih dijalankan oleh syarikat komunikasi.

Lineage and Heritage. The determinants of Success.

Image result for najib muhyiddin, ku li

Many years ago, after an UMNO General Assembly, delegates showed open defiance to Najib. They found so many things disagreeable after he delivered his presidential speech.

When he spoke about 1Malaysia, the delegates insisted on Malay Rights. When he spoke about The New Economic Model, the delegates demanded a stay of the NEP. When I once asked him about the NEM- he said it is market driven affirmative action. True- its market driven enrichment of the select few.

In the end, desperate for believability and acceptance, Najib had nothing he can use to defend himself- other than by affirming that he is the son of Tun Razak. As though that is enough to assure success in what he was about to do.

Probably 6 years down the road, Najib repeats himself silly. When challenged to explain possible wrongdoings in 1MDB, profligate spending, abuse of power, failure to manage the economy- Najib pursued the same tired strategy. He offered the achievements obtained under ETP, GTP, Pemandu and the various NKRA criteria to explain away the irritable questions. 1.5 million jobs created mainly for the immigrants- Nepalese, Bangladeshis, Myanmarese who acquire skills. Meanwhile our local boys don’t know how to turn the screws and bolts at the MRT sites.

The questions kept coming, he cannot answer.

Finally as if realising what he said thus far is contentious, he cited the last and bizarre defence and the craving for believability- that he is after all a Bugis.

In the first instance, having failed to appease delegates- he affirmed he is Tun Razak’s son. In the second instance, a few days ago, after realising his storytelling about ETP, GTP, Pemandu and NKRAs is not believable, he affirms his Bugis lineage.

Which means what? Which means to suggest and make others believe, the fact that you are Tun Razak’s son guarantees and ensures success; the fact that you are a Bugis ensures success. Success therefore depends on something, some quality, some genes you inherit that ensure success.

What you can achieve outside the FACT that you are Tun Razak’s son and Bugis depend on the education, experience, acquired skills, dexterity, and verve, discipline you have- all based on merits and voluntarily cultivated.

Now, readers will at once realise, that is a way to explain things, to offer hope on the basis of what and who you are. It is totally a different way from explaining that something, some objectives succeed only because you can contribute something towards realising them. Such as working hard, such as acquiring skills, education, etc. 

Something which is reflected in the practical response of a Malay and a Chinese when faced by reduction in real income as a result if GST since all things are becoming expensive. The Malay says- no worries I am Malay and I am entitled to BR1m and other welfare assistance. The Chinese will respond no worry- last time I fried 2 plates ofcharkoayteow, now I fry 4. Very practical but different solution.

The Malay offers a way out by pointing out to who he is. The Chinese offers a way out by increasing contribution- making more plates of char koayteow.

In the first way, the person is doomed or defined because of who he is. If he were not a son of Tun Razak, he cannot offer and guarantee success. If he were not a Bugis, he cannot succeed. The second way of explaining things depend on acquired traits- learnable, and expandable that produce possibilities.

Sociologists have longed recognised ascriptive values andachieving values as basis for progress. The backward people, the capacity challenged leader will find excuses and recourse by referring to their lineage and heritage. Najib just did many years ago and hasn’t learnt since then.

 The progressive an expandable society subscribe to achievement values- which are values voluntarily acquired and cultivated and used as driving engines towards forwardness. Progressive peoples and progressive societies know the way forward depends on the efforts voluntarily and actively put in. it does not depend on reliance of passive lineage and the distant past.

The last time I checked, the bugis people in Pahang did not participate in the Pahang Rebellionin the 1880s against the British. My ancestors- non Bugis did.

It’s a well-known fact that only third  world mentality leaders, a backward country leader will use the defence ofascriptive values and characteristics as ; that successful construction of progress and advancement depend on who they are and his lineage.

Malays must get out of that mental rut. Abandon the leader who teaches that the way out depends on your lineage and your inherited status. Dr Mahathir has already cut the fallacy opened- the fact that Najib is the son of Tun Razak did not prevent Najib from failing on so many fronts.  Your status and bloodline are  irrelevant- what you can do is more important.

WILL DR M SAY NO TO KU LI AGAIN? Dark horse Kelantan prince gaining against plodding Muhyddin

WILL DR M SAY NO TO KU LI AGAIN? Dark horse Kelantan prince gaining against plodding Muhyddin
In 1987, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was within smelling distance of the Prime Minister’s seat, but he was denied it by a mere 43 votes, allowing Dr Mahathir Mohamad to retain his position. The Kelantan prince has all the right credentials, but the chances for him to make it to the top of the mountain have been few and far between.
That is, until now. While all eyes are trained on the clash between Mahathir and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, a third faction has emerged, pushing for Razaleigh to take the reins after Najib is deposed. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin may be the most likely candidate to succeed Najib should he step down, but to some Malaysians, he is not a desirable option given that he is likely to return to Mahathirist policies. And so Razaleigh represents a more reasonable option for some, Raub MP Ariff Sabri and former law minister Zaid Ibrahim included .
Ariff has even suggested that some BN MPs cross over to the opposition side to force Najib’s resignation and enable the installation in his place of someone who will “uphold the values of democracy, rule of law, good governance” and is “committed to placing the country on grounds of fiscal decency,” among other things. That is an obvious reference to Razaleigh.
The idea is feasible if enough MPs on the BN side don’t want either Najib or Muhyiddin as Prime Minister. The sentiment in BN is rapidly shifting against the sitting PM, and Muhyiddin is such an unknown quantity that it may be hard to muster significant support for him among the grassroots, and even among BN MPs, especially those not from Umno.
Ariff’s suggestion calls for a bi-partisan Prime Minister, and this could be PR’s back road into Putrajaya as it will likely demand several posts in exchange for its support in a no-confidence vote against Najib. Certainly, that is an exciting prospect, and falls in line with Lim Kit Siang’s drive to “Save Malaysia”. This means that should there be enough assurance that Razaleigh will indeed be bi-partisan, he could gain the support of at least Kit Siang.
The emergence of this third faction is interesting indeed given that we only had a binary choice between Muhyiddin (read Mahathir) and Najib previously. Perhaps this third faction was boiling beneath the surface all this time. Remember that Razaleigh’s dramatic speech in Parliament, which shook up the sentiment among those still sitting on the fence, was followed quickly by Kit Siang’s “Save Malaysia” bipartisan campaign.
Before Zaid and Ariff spoke up, it was more or less a foregone conclusion that Mahathir would win the battle. However, the emergence of a third force looking to install the man who once almost became king muddies the waters immensely.
BN MPs are well known for being loyal to the point of stubbornness, so it may take a lot of effort to persuade them to defect.
Nonetheless, with three major players on the table, the winner will be the one who can seize the dreams and aspirations of the people and produce a concrete game plan. A bipartisan PM may still be but a dream, but with effort and planning, we could be seeing a true revolution in Malaysian politics with the installation of Razaleigh.
Interesting times, indeed. - FMT

LUCKY ESCAPE FOR BAR COUNCIL? Dr M's first wish was to be a lawyer, not a doctor

LUCKY ESCAPE FOR BAR COUNCIL? Dr M's first wish was to be a lawyer, not a doctor
GEORGE TOWN - Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad revealed today that his first loves were law and politics although he ended up pursuing medicine because he had earned a scholarship for it.
Speaking at a dialogue with Universiti Sains Malaysia students in Penang today, Mahathir related how he was already in the thick of politics while at school but that since he was only a student, he lacked credibility and few respected what he had to say.
“I was already into politics when I was in school. I was in the campaign to fight against the Malayan Union, but I was only a student and nobody respected me or thought I had credibility in what I said.
“So I decided that I must elevate myself to a level that would enable me to be heard and respected. To do that, I needed a university education.”
He also said that he dreamed of studying law but that a career in medicine became a real possibility after he obtained a scholarship to pursue medicine in Singapore instead.
“I actually wanted to be a lawyer but I earned a scholarship to study medicine instead,” he was quoted by The Malaysian Insider as saying.
Studying medicine was no easy task, he related, explaining that he had to push himself to work hard in order to keep up with others in his batch.
He also put politics on the back burner and took pride in the fact that when he graduated as a doctor six years later, he was one of the few Malays with a qualification in medicine.
“So my qualifications gave me credibility when I talked on political matters. I did not become a doctor because I wanted to cure illnesses.
“But as a doctor, I gained knowledge and had a chance to help people, too,” he said.
Apart from relating his own experiences as a young man, Mahathir had words of wisdom for the undergraduates he addressed, telling them to master knowledge and not involve themselves with “matters outside”, presumably politics, as they could achieve very little while they were still students.
“Focus on mastering knowledge now. Don’t get involved with matters outside because there is little you can do as a student.
“If you ask me, that is what we should do.” - FMT

HOW LONG CAN NAJIB LAST? Dr M to go 'NO-HOLDS-BARRED' after PM vows to 'never surrender'

HOW LONG CAN NAJIB LAST? Dr M to go 'NO-HOLDS-BARRED' after PM vows to 'never surrender'
PETALING JAYA - Prime Minister Najib’s open show of defiance in the face of Dr Mahathir’s campaign to oust him will only provoke the former premier to intensify his attacks, according to political analyst Shahbudin Husin.
Indeed, Shahbudin notes in his latest blog entry, Mahathir showed a hint of how combative he could get just hours after Tuesday night’s broadcast of Najib’s belligerent speech.
Speaking to reporters yesterday, Mahathir referred to rumours about the lavish lifestyle of the Prime Minister and his wife, mentioning the talk about the high expense incurred in celebrating the wedding of their daughter.
Shahbudin joins other commentators in interpreting Najib’s televised speech as a signal to Mahathir that he will fight the former prime minister at whatever cost.
If Najib maintains his resolve and Mahathir remains true to his character, the Malaysian public will be witnessing a bitter war indeed, according to Shahbudin.
The blogger appears to be putting his money on Mahathir.
“As everyone knows,” he says, “Mahathir will never back off, will never surrender, will never abandon something he has started.

“It is said that he would not do anything without placing it on a firm basis. It is also said that he becomes especially creative when engaged in a fight.
“Now that Najib has made it clear that he won’t back down, many believe that it stimulates Mahathir’s stamina and he will become more aggressive. Indeed, he is expected to come forward with more damaging and perhaps extraordinary evidence” to show that Najib is not qualified to remain as Prime Minister.
Shahbudin says its unreasonable to ask Mahathir to stop openly criticising Najib. “He has already tried to counsel the Prime Minister in private and has even written to him, but Najib has chosen to ignore him.”
He says the public is “clearly with Mahathir” in seeking answers to questions that the former premier has posed to Najib. He notes that even Najib’s predecessor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has recently joined the chorus asking the Prime Minister to give direct answers to Mahathir’s questions.
“So, with neither Najib nor Mahathir willing to back down, how will it all end?” Shahbudin asks. “Will the war drag on until the 14th general election and end in the defeat of both?” - FMT

SOMEONE'S LYING: Not Rosmah, not Ena - so who is Chong Wei's mystery woman?

SOMEONE'S LYING: Not Rosmah, not Ena - so who is Chong Wei's mystery woman?
KUALA LUMPUR - The mystery over the identity of the VIP woman in the ongoing Datuk Lee Chong Wei Badminton World Federation “cordyceps doping” saga has deepened and this has heightened the agitation of the national player.
Constantly at the receiving end of the barrage of SMSes and incessant phone ringing, Chong Wei’s circle of trainers, coaches and confidants are now perturbed.
“We never expected this turn of events… the concern is now whether he is mentally prepared for the long tournament calendar ahead.”
Yesterday, the national sports icon was quoted to have cleared the air over the misconception that the Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, was the VIP in question in a report published by Star Online.
Meanwhile, today, he has also cleared Toh Puan Ena Ling, the wife of former Transport Minister Tun Ling Liong Sik, who is also known to the former two-time Olympics silver medallist, as reported by Star Online, which was quoting China Press.
“Just when we all thought we could heave a sigh of relief… this has now turned controversial,” a sports official, who sought anonymity, disclosed.
“The eight-month ban is to be lifted tomorrow, yet the dust does not seem to have settled, but has instead turned more cloudy and murky.”
The BWF findings (www.bwfbadminton.org) brought to light how the badminton stalwart fingered a VIP’s wife as the individual who provided him the cordycep capsules.
Chong Wei
What further raised eyebrows was the “in camera” behind closed doors manner the testimony was delivered, akin to a whistleblower.
He declined to identify the wife fearing consequences for her if she was associated with the case.
The revelations coming out from the report now have put behind the “doping” scandal, but has brought to light the inconsistencies in the testimony.
To further add to the controversy, the sinseh who ground the cordyceps and packed them in capsules could be facing a hefty fine, if charges were to be preferred.
“Sinsehs and those handling Chinese traditional medicine (capsule or pills) need the approval of the Ministry of Health and should closely adhere to good manufacturing practices.
“This (vacuum packing) is to protect consumer safety; doing it yourself at home is prohibited,” president of the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists Associations Malaysia Prof Ng Po Kok said.
Those who flout ministry regulations are liable to a fine not exceeding RM25,000. - FMT

HORSETRADING, BACKSTABBING: As Najib tries to bully his way through, his men rush for deals with Dr M camp

HORSETRADING, BACKSTABBING: As Najib tries to bully his way through, his men rush for deals with Dr M camp
The on-going challenges and counter rebuttals between Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Seri Najib, respectively, brings to the surface a harsh truth – accountability has eroded and is being deemed as a meaningless pursuit in this nation.
The barrage of pro-Najib supporters and key UMNO spokespersons and leaders who rush to tick off the Tun for raising several important concerns further confirm this fact that public accountability is not the preferred dictum of the day.
Someone even went the distance to say that Malaysians (the Tun included) should ‘forgive’ and let Najib continue to do his work. So it also seems that accountability is not the way forward but being able to forgive and forget counts in our nation-development.
Rightful questions from an educated electorate
All that the citizens – the Opposition politicians, a very senior UMNO member and the citizens through their civil society representatives are asking is answers that can enlighten the several serious concerns they harbor in their bosom.
If they are asking about where is all the billions of ringgit associated to the 1MDB; if they want to know what exactly led to the gruesome murder of the Mongolian citizen, Altantuya Shariibuu; if they want to seek answers to the question of why purchase another expensive jet and if the PM’s wife has been ferried in the official jets on her whims and fancy travel needs; if they are talking about RM3 million spent on floral decks for a wedding and even using official residences for the celebration; if they are crying over the GST burden and asking why have it in the first place and now of all times when the ringgit is plunging and cost of goodes is spiraling while salaries have stagnated (except for MPs and thanks to Najib again) – if the citizens are asking all these and many more questions through their equally concerned spokespersons like the Tun Dr or the MPs or civil society leaders, it simply means they want accountability conveyed in a transparent and digestible manner.
But what we are getting from the PM and his encourage of supporters is tantamount to saying that the prime minister just cannot account! Explanations are held behind closed doors; pre-recorded and edited interviews are beamed on pro-party machinery; and frequent rebuttals at public events.
And responses like:
“Bugis never turn back” translates to ‘do not ask me to explain my deeds and misdeeds. I can only tell you that I will continue doing whatever I have started even if I am beaten to smithereens.’ and 'do not ask me why or how or what, ok'.
“Do not run foul of contempt of court” and “motive is not needed” translates to ‘accounting for deeds and misdeeds is irrelevant and not needed at all.’
“Six months later you will appreciate the GST” means that ‘there is no need to enlighten you on why, who, and how, all these are going to work out; just take it as we give it to you.’
Strange. The various concerned individuals in raising these matters on behalf of the voting citizens have time and time again hoped that the Prime Minister and his wise men and women would have seized the opportunity to provide easily digestible explanations by way of accounting for all teh issues raised with a hiugh degree of believability.
And by being transparent and accountable the forces that be, could have dealt a lethal blow to any agent/agentry that has a hidden agenda of malicious intentions.
But no! Instead the Tun was counter-attacked and even rapped for taking up the issues in the open. The public are mulling street protests in a peaceful manner out of sheer frustration. The opposition block is considering even a vote of no confidence in Parliament in total desperation.
Behind the scenes horse-trading - BACKSTABBING
Meanwhile the pro-Najib supporters are rushing and trying to out-do each other in the process, to broker with the Tun for dialogues and private discussions.
Warnings are being issued to the public by law keepers. Civil servants are subtly silenced from partaking in these questionings of accountability. Legal Members of parliament are made to be seen as trouble rousers.
And all the issues raised in the public arena do not seem to make any apperance in the government controlled main stream media. And if does, it is nice rosy tales or making the rakyat look like some unreasonable fools.
It clearly indicates that accountability is no more fashionable or a reliable prerequisite for good governance. - MAIL BAG