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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


‘The rhetoric on Myanmar seems hollow and pretentious by his silence on Trump’s travel ban.’
Najib urged to speak out on Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’
Pemerhati: The sole aim of all politicians is to win elections and they do so by saying and doing things that impress their electorate.
Donald Trump won the US presidential election partly by using the anti-Islamic rhetoric because he knew that such rhetoric would impress the largely Christian-majority country, which had suffered when terrorists killed a large number of Americans during 9/11 and at other mass killings.
PM Najib Abdul Razak and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang tried to impress the majority Malays by championing the cause of the badly treated Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.
Now the PKR and DAP politicians are trying to impress Malay Muslims by criticising Trump’s seemingly discriminatory actions against Muslims.
Najib, although he was very vocal in championing the cause of Rohingya Muslims, is unlikely to criticise Trump’s discriminatory actions against the Muslims as he fears that if he angers Trump by criticising him, then Trump may take strong punitive action against MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and his cohorts. Self-preservation comes before principles.
Vijay47: Political analyst Wan Saiful Wan Jan, silence may be an elegant feature in diplomacy, but the only reason people ask why Najib is quiet is because he seemed extremely vocal and quick when it came to how the Rohingyas are allegedly treated.
While he was rather heroic and noisy on that score, many believe that it was hardly altruistic but to serve his political survival in an attempt to be seen as a religious saviour. I would suggest that he hold his tongue on Trump so as to stay out of the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) radar.
Then again, any protest by Najib over some people being banned from any country might turn the focus to himself. It is not only that Malaysians cannot visit Israel but Najib may just remember that Israeli sportsmen were not given visas to enter Malaysia for international competitions.
Further, he might be asked why even the reverse was enforced, why certain Malaysian personalities were prevented from leaving for overseas. But the worse may be why his own citizens were banned from Sarawak.
There is a tide in the affairs of men, Najib, which needs to be taken at the flood to lead you on to the fortune of international repute, respect, and fame. That moment is now.
Your efforts to speak for the Rohingya cause may not be widely recognised since Myanmar does not count in world matters, but now that Trump has acted against brother nations, it is time for you to stand in solidarity with the Muslim ‘Magnificent Seven’.
Show America, Najib, that while Malaysia is a small country, you can take them on head-to-head. Since the US had barred entry to Iran and friends, you too can disallow Americans from coming to Malaysia and in the same way, and America can be included alongside Israel in Malaysian passports as a rogue nation.
But don’t stop there, terminate our trade agreements with the Great Satan and bring back all Mara scholarship holders presently studying there.
And to show that you really mean business, bar opposition members from entering not only Sarawak but Sabah also.
Norman Fernandez: Almost all Muslim countries bar entry to Israeli passport holders, including Malaysia. Malaysia has been doing what America is now intending.
However, do note that US President Donald Trump has instead only banned entry by citizens of Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Iraq, temporarily for 90 days.
Malaysia cannot demand from America what it itself practices. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. What is right for Malaysia is also right for America.
In any event, these refugees fleeing from Muslim countries need not fret. There are 57 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries it can choose from and it is unlikely none of the 57 countries will refuse entry to their fellow brothers of faith in the spirit of ummah.
Catch 22: Indeed, each country has its own policy on immigration and the granting of visas to foreign nationals. That must be respected.
However, it is very unfair for the US to turn away people from the targeted countries when they are already airborne when Trump’s executive order was signed and especially when they have valid visas.
If they must, then vet them thoroughly before admitting them. Only if there is evidence of linkage to terrorist activities, those people could be denied entry.
Tony Soprano: Those with refugee status to the US have already been vetted stringently for a period of about two years. It’s therefore unfair to detain them when they arrive.
Four federal judges have already suspended Trump’s deportation order, but each of the judges is responsible only for his/her district.
Therefore, the matter could well be taken to the Supreme Court, which would issue the final decision on the matter, which Trump could do nothing about, since the government is a system of checks and balances.
Wazerman: I honestly question the sincerity of those Umno and PAS leaders and NGOs who declared themselves as defenders of Islam. They seem to be defending only “selective” issues such as the Rohingyas and the use of the word “Allah”.
On the Rohingya and Allah issues, they roared like warriors and ready to die in defence of Islam. But when issues such as Trump’s discrimination policy against some Muslims countries, these same warriors become pussycats.
They should be ashamed of themselves for not doing what they should be doing, but instead many non-Muslim leaders, including Christians, have condemned Trump.
Sometimes, I truly wonder who the real racists in this world are.
Nehru: Najib won’t repudiate Trump’s ban for fear of offending him and that the DOJ action would be speeded up. The rhetoric on Myanmar seems hollow and pretentious by his silence on ban.
SusahKes: Let’s see now what might go inside MO1’s mind when risk-analysing the situation:
“Do I tweet Trump and tell him to roll back his executive order? That’d show the world what a leader I am among the moderate Muslim community and win some votes back home too” or “Do I better shut up and not risk the pending 1MDB case by the DOJ?”
Sigh, decisions, decisions…
– M’kini

Malaysia has most bloated civil service in the world

Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani admits salaries and pensions of civil servants are becoming a strain on the government.
KUCHING: The Malaysian civil service is right at the top when it comes to the size of the civil service.
There is one civil servant for every 19.37 people in the country, according to Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani.
A Borneo Post report said the proportion of civil servants to the national population in other countries such as Singapore is 1 to 71.4 people; Indonesia 1:110; Korea 1:50, China 1:108, Japan 1:28, Russia 1:84 and the United Kingdom 1:118.
The bloated civil service of 1.6 million has caused government expenditure to rise yearly, The Borneo Post quoted Johari as having told the Chinese-language Oriental Daily.
Despite the fact that salaries and pensions to civil servants continue to soar, the government has no plans to reduce the number of civil servants, according to Johari.
“One of the issues that we have to address is the ever-increasing government operating costs and expenses.
“For example, we have about 1.6 million civil servants, which is the world’s largest proportion of civil service,” Johari was quoted as having said.
“In 2003, the pay of public servants totalled RM22 billion, but it increased to RM74 billion by 2016. In 2003, the pension of civil servants was RM5.9 billion, and in 2016 the amount soared to RM19 billion,” he was quoted as saying.
Johari acknowledged that payments would continue to increase in future while the government’s revenues would gradually decline.
“In particular, revenues from the palm oil and natural gas industries, which generated profits of about RM65 billion in 2014, fell sharply to RM30 billion in 2016.
“We will not reduce our existing civil service. Instead, we should encourage civil servants to undertake more jobs in their respective departments to increase their productivity,” Johari was quoted as having told Oriental Daily.
Bernama reported last March that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim had told parliament that as at December 2014, the ethnic composition of the civil service was as follows: 78.8% Malays, Bumiputera Sabah (6.1%), Bumiputera Sarawak (4.8 %), Chinese (5.2 %), Indians (4.1 %), Other Bumiputera (0.3%) and Others (0.7%). FMT

Gov't: 50 percent hike in ward charges won't hurt the poor

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam has reassured Malaysians that the price hikes in public hospital wards will not affect the poor.
This is because third class ward charges will remain at RM3 per night, Subramaniam said.
First and second class ward charges at public hospitals went up 50 percent and 20 percent respectively, starting Jan 1.
He said cabinet decided to raise the charges because they have not been reviewed for a long time.
"I will like to reassure all Malaysians that the government will not abrogate its responsibility to the poor and those from the low income group.
"They will continue to receive the high level of care that they have been receiving as before," Subramaniam said in a statement issued by the ministry today.
First class ward charges went up from RM30 to RM45 a day this year, while second class ward charges went up from RM20 to RM25.
Charges, however, differ according to types of rooms and facilities, the ministry said.

It said this is far cheaper than charges in private hospitals, where one night in a first class ward could cost RM150 to RM400 while, second class ward charges cost RM70 to RM150 a night.
The ministry estimates the price hike would affect some 32,000 patients, or a mere 1.6 percent of patients warded at public hospitals.
Outpatient specialist charges remain at RM5 per consultation, which also includes medication. Patients at Klinik Kesihatan still pay RM1 per visit.- Mkini

Convicted serial rapist to be deported back to Malaysia

A serial rapist, suspected of assaulting as many as 1,000 victims, has been ordered to be sent back to Malaysia, following the completion of his 24-year prison term in Canada.
Selva Kumar Subbiah, 56, will be accompanied back to Malaysia by three guards from the Canada Border Services Agency, Canadian newspaper Toronto Star reported.
Currently held in custody until Sunday, he was arrested last Saturday when he became eligible for mandatory release after serving his entire prison sentence.
The hearing was told that Malaysian officials had already approved a flight permit for him. However, there was no mention of whether he would walk free in Malaysia or be turned over to law enforcement officials in Malaysia.
At the time of his sentencing, Justice David Humphrey ordered police to accompany Selva Kumar back to Malaysia and give police here his extensive criminal file.
Selva Kumar was convicted at two separate trials more than two decades ago of drugging and sexually assaulting 30 women. But the hearing was told that there might have been hundreds more victims.
“As many as 500 to 1,000 could have been attacked,” said Naima Karimullah, a lawyer for the Canada Border Services Agency.
Selva Kumar’s criminal file appeared to be more than a foot thick.
At a hearing in June 2016, he was found ineligible for parole because he was considered “likely to commit an offence causing death or serious harm to another person”.
Andrew Laut, who chaired the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada hearing on Monday, told Selva Kumar that he was “the worst offender and the highest risk that has ever come before him in his career”.
Laut also noted that he was declared a “danger to the public” in November 1994, which meant that he could not apply for refugee status.
Selva Kumar, a short, soft-spoken man with a slight British accent, said he was prepared to return to Malaysia, where he has not lived since 1980.
“I’m ready to leave, sir,” he told Laut at Monday’s hearing.
He had previously argued that he would be the victim of discrimination in Malaysia because he is Jewish.
Previously, he had fought unsuccessfully to block Toronto Star from reporting details of his hearing or from photographing him via a video hook-up, arguing that it would be dangerous for him and pointing out that it had already been reported broadly in the media.
Toronto Star however argued that it was important for his victims to know the details of his case and what he looks like now.
“I believe the Malaysian public should be fully aware,” one victim told Toronto Star. “Every border should have his picture.”
One of Selva Kumar’s victims said she was still struggling to cope with the attack on her in the mid-1980s.
“It’s painful,” the woman said. “It’s not easy to go through. But it’s important to talk, to move forward ... to know that you’re not the only one.”
Another victim expressed hope that she could finally relax when Selva Kumar had been deported.
“It’s still sort of a presence,” she said. “Maybe the day after he’s finally gone, I’ll maybe celebrate with a glass of wine.”
Claimed to have studied divinity
Selva Kumar arrived in Canada in 1980 but never obtained permanent resident status. He was granted student and visitor’s visas, and claimed to have studied divinity at McMaster University and Ryerson, but did not graduate from any post-secondary course.
He married two women, one of whom fled the country to escape abuse, the hearing heard.
In 1992, he was convicted at the first of two trials that would ultimately see him sentenced to 24 years in prison for 19 counts of sexual assault, 28 counts of administering a drug or noxious substance, 10 counts of various kinds of assault and a dozen other charges, including extortion.
He committed several of his crimes while posing as a model agent or movie talent scout, often using the names Richard Wild and Ryan Hunter.
Occasionally, he also posed as a professional dancer, a lawyer or a diplomat. He also lured women to the basement of his home through advertisements offering to sell exotic pets.
He would offer them a drink laced with drugs, then rape them and take photos of their naked bodies while they were unconscious.
His trial heard that he was carrying a black book containing the names of 170 women, rated on a scale of 0 to 10, when police arrested him on Aug 7, 1991.
Meanwhile, local daily The Star quoted Immigration Department director-general Mustafar Ali confirming that the department had its own system to vet inbound and outbound passengers to spot sex offenders.
The system filters inbound and outbound passengers using air, land or sea modes of transportation.
“The system does not just cater to those suspected of paedophilia.
“We also share information through other sources and agencies, including Interpol,” he said.
Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed too said the Immigration Department could stop anyone from entering or leaving the country.

“We (police) also have a suspects' list, which is shared with immigration,” he added.
It was reported that immigration officers at the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali stopped an Australian from entering the island, following an Interpol report alleging the man is a paedophile.
The man arrived at the airport on Friday from Perth and was deported the next day.- Mkini

PM Najib asked to explain petrol cost hike despite drop in crude prices

Opposition leaders want Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to explain his government's move to drastically hike petrol prices by 20 sen a litre from today, despite international crude oil prices having fallen slightly in the month of January.
Malaysians of all races who just returned from the Chinese New Year holidays, Petaling Jaya Utara lawmaker Tony Pua said, received a shock when Najib presented them with a big “ang pow” - the big hike in RON95 and RON97 prices to RM2.30 and RM2.60 a litre respectively, while diesel increased by 10 sen to RM2.15.
This represented a 9.5 percent increase for RON 95, a 8.3 percent increase for RON 97 and a 4.9 percent increase for diesel, he said in a statement today.
“While (the hike) is painful, Malaysians could perhaps have understood when fuel prices went up in January. It was the result of an increase in global crude oil prices for the month of December. Brent crude prices went up from US$51.48 a barrel to US$56.73 in December 2016.
“However, Malaysians cannot understand why the prices were increased for February when the Brent crude price actually declined slightly in January, to approximately US$55.86 a barrel,” Pua (photo) said.
Pua, who is DAP national publicity secretary, also claimed that even if one were to second guess that the fuel price hike was due to the ringgit depreciation, it still didn’t add up.
In December 2016, he said, the ringgit depreciated from RM4.38 to RM4.48 to the US dollar.
However, last month, the ringgit was trading at approximately RM4.42 to the dollar, which meant it had marginally strengthened that month.
“Therefore, the increase in fuel prices cannot be the result of any increase in crude oil prices or further depreciation of the ringgit,” Pua said.
“Hence Najib, as both the prime minister and finance minister, must explain why petrol prices have increased so significantly,” he said, adding that the Finance Ministry must also disclose whether the government is actually imposing hidden taxes on consumers to cover up government budget shortfalls.
Pua further reminded Najib that a week ago, he had said he did not want a situation where ministries use excuses, such as “not enough budget”, to not implement people-oriented projects.
“Not receiving money or not enough budget should not be an excuse for any operating ministry not to start a project or programme.
“If the above is the reason for the hefty hike in fuel prices this month, does that mean the people are forced to pay for the so-called ‘people-oriented projects’ so that the Najib-BN administration can claim credit?” he asked.
Therefore, the government must provide a full disclosure of the data, formula and exact details on how the fuel price hikes are calculated.
This, he added, is so that Malaysians will know exactly why they have been forced to suffer as a result of the government’s policies.
Hike unreasonable
Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who also argued that the fuel cost hike was unreasonable, pointed to how there was no reason for the increase in the price of fuel.
“The prime minister must swiftly give an explanation on the increase in the price of petrol and diesel.
“At the same time, I urge the government to re-consider providing fuel subsidies and to reduce the goods and services tax (GST) rate to lessen the rakyat’s burden,” she said.
Citing the Brent crude oil price which has declined, PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man also questioned the increase in fuel prices.
The PAS leader is of the opinion that the impact from the increase in fuel prices could not be reversed even if the price of fuel decreases in the coming months.

“When the price of goods and services have increased, it’s quite impossible for it to be reduced as it is related to the wages and income of certain quarters.
“That’s why many have asked the government not to increase the price of fuel on a whim as this will lead to the increase in the price of goods and services,” he added.
This year has become more challenging as a result of a government which is not concerned over the rakyat’s plight, said Tuan Ibrahim.- Mkini

Nasi kandar Pelita nafi restoran tak halal

Pelita-director-D-Ramesh-1© Provided by MToday News Sdn Bhd Pelita-director-D-Ramesh-1
BUTTERWORTH: Rangkaian restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita Samudra Pertama (M) Sdn Bhd (Pelita) hari ini menafikan dakwaan kononnya restoran itu tidak halal kerana dimiliki orang bukan Islam.
Dakwaan itu menjadi tular di laman sosial Facebook dan aplikasi WhatsApp sejak minggu lepas.
Pengarah Eksekutif Pelita, Datuk D Murugan berkata beliau kecewa dengan pihak yang memfitnah restoran berkenaan sedangkan 25 cawangannya mempunyai sijil halal daripada Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim).
“Pembabitan saya selaku bukan beragama Islam dalam perniagaan Pelita ini menimbulkan pelbagai fitnah dan tohmahan.
Pelita-director-D-Ramesh-3© Provided by MToday News Sdn Bhd Pelita-director-D-Ramesh-3
“Sehingga ada yang mempersoalkan sama ada seorang beragama Hindu boleh berkongsi perniagaan dengan yang beragama Islam,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.
Ekoran itu beliau mendapatkan penjelasan daripada seorang pendakwah bebas terkenal yang menasihatinya tidak timbul isu atau masalah jika penganut beragama lain menjadi rakan kongsi orang Islam.
Katanya, isu restoran itu tidak halal menjadi tular sejak 2012 serta berlarutan sehingga sekarang dan kemuncaknya pada minggu lepas selepas Pelita mengumumkan pembukaan cawangan baharu di Arab Saudi.

King conferred DKM title

KUALA LUMPUR: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V (pic) was conferred the "Darjah Yang Maha Utama Kerabat di-Raja Malaysia" (DKM) title by the Government.  
The conferment of the title to His Majesty was done by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at a ceremony at Istana Negara here Tuesday.  
© Provided by The Star Online
Sultan Muhammad V was installed as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Dec 13 last year.  
He succeeded Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, who ended his five-year term as the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Dec 12.  
Among those present at the ceremony were Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob, Dewan Negara president Datuk S.A. Vigneswaran and Keeper of the Rulers' Seal Datuk Seri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad.  
Others present were International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar. - Bernama 


A security personnel walks past a logo of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) ahead of its party's annual General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur on November 24, 2014. The Malaysian Insider/Najjua Zulkefli
– dinmerican.wordpress.com


MCA should be afraid. Very afraid.
The party should in fact fear for its very survival. Not only is it disdained by the Chinese community but now by Malays as well.
One Malay-Muslim NGO has already stated that it will mark the names of MPsrepresenting Malay-majority areas who vote against the Syariah (Courts) Criminal Jurisdiction 1965 amendments. The secretariat of Ummat Menyokong Memperkasakan Akta 355 plan to go to the ground to campaign against the targeted MPs in the next general election.
Perkasa has similarly announced that it will be fielding its Malay candidatesagainst MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong in GE14.
What’s the point of treating MCA with kid gloves when it is blatantly rude and insensitive to the right of Muslims to practice our own religion.
Perhaps the MCA should indeed do as Raja Petra Kamarudin has suggested and actually leave the BN. For good, and good riddance. Its continued presence does nothing for anyone.
Since RPK has already told MCA to “berambus”, I shall merely add  “adios” — a flippant salutation popularized by DAP Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi in relation to Tuan Guru Harun Din’s demise.
What goes around comes around.
Jeff Ooi tweeted ‘adios’ when Harun Din passed away
It’s all Umno’s fault, says MCA
Elected representatives of the evangelical party such as YB Ooi are just plain rude and insensitive. Their followers are even ruder and more insensitive.
And MCA is equally rude and insensitive. So what appreciable difference is there between MCA and DAP? Aren’t Chinese opposition voters also obviously MCA members too?
MCA has thrown down the gauntlet in deciding to challenge RUU355 when the motion comes up for debate in the next Parliament sitting.
Liow has apparently directed his MCA reps in parliament – a pitiful seven in all – to vote against the RUU355 amendments.
The party’s action flies in the face of the BN consensus-based politics practised all this while since Independence.
MCA says they are prepared to proceed even if it tears apart the ruling coalition.
The excuse provided by MCA is that the private member’s bill by Abdul Hadi Awang is “unconstitutional “.
“Whoever implements and agrees to this unconstitutional bill will be the culprit that divides the BN. It is not MCA that will destroy the BN spirit, but Umno,” said Liow to Sin Chew Daily.
(Refer news report in English by Free Malaysia Today.)
Look how MCA is finger-pointing and blaming Umno solely.
Why did not MCA squeak louder when the evangelicals in DAP were propagandizing PAS for all, hudud for all during their Pakatan Rakyat honeymoon period?
Instead the MCA-owned media, The Star, was (and still is) promoting the DAP Christian leadership to its readers.

Recalcitrant MCA flogging dead horse

This has been said by many, and many times but it bears repeating all the same — RUU355 is not unconstitutional.
It was not unconstitutional in its earlier form when it was first presented by the PAS president cum Marang MP. Nor will it be unconstitutional when retabled in revised form by an Umno minister.
MCA’s flimsy reason as to why the bill is supposedly unconstitutional indicates how it is not really interested in facts of law.
If the party were to hold up facts as a source of legal authority, it would have already accepted the numerous refutations made by the experts.

If MCA were truly concerned about strict adherence to the federal constitution, it would acknowledge that vernacular schools are not guaranteed by the FedCon.
A separate Chinese education system is not supported by any Malaysian law but most importantly, their schools are DIVISIVE.
Furthermore, contrary to MCA’s assertion that enhancing syariah through RUU355 is detrimental to national unity, the truth is that it’s the Chinese schools which are impeding the process of nation-building.
In a previous article, I had discussed why the existence of schools teaching in a language other than our bahasa kebangsaan is an anomaly.
Other than segregating children between races, the SJK(C)s are responsible for the singular phenomenon whereby a number of Chinese youngsters lack competency in speaking our national language.
MCA President Liow Tiong Lai, who vowed to oppose RUU355 come what may
DAP is riding MCA for sure
Most recently, Raja Petra Kamarudin wondered aloud whether MCA is the DAP’s Trojan horse.
I believe RPK is right on the money.
How better to explain MCA’s decision to disregard the long held principle of consensus in BN when it comes to Islamic matters such as the passage of RUU355?
And as scholar Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff has noted in Tanjak, why oppose the amendment only now when the same law was previously amended in 1984 without demur, not even from DAP?
It’s clear to us that MCA is unable to respect the status of Islam to as “the religion of the Federation”.
Neither is MCA able to respect the spirit of BN give-and-take in view of its utter disregard for Umno (majority) support for the Hadi bill.
That MCA is so very adamant to oposse RUU355 can be taken as a declaration of war against the establishment.
Since MCA has decided to gang up with the anti-Islam DAP, I say let BN finally bid MCA adios and all will be well again within the ruling coalition.
– http://www.tanjak.my/