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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Former top cop files police report against AG

A former high-ranking police officer has filed a report accusing attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali of abuse of power in connection with the investigations on 1MDB.
This is after the Attorney-General’s Chambers ordered that “no further action” (NFA) be taken on his earlier police report lodged on Oct 24.
In his latest report - filed on Nov 21 - Mat Zain Ibrahim, who once headed the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department (CID), claimed the order not to act on his earlier report came from Apandi.
Malaysiakini has sighted a copy of a Nov 7 letter signed by current Kuala Lumpur CID chief Rusdi Mat Isa informing Mat Zain that the AG’s Chambers had classified his Oct 24 report as NFA effective Nov 1, about a week after the report was lodged.
The Oct 24 report, citing the US Department of Justice (DOJ) civil suit to retrieve US$1 billion of “stolen money” from Malaysia’s troubled sovereign wealth fund 1MDB, suggested there is “strong evidence” to investigate Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his younger brother, CIMB chairperson Nazir Razak.
Mat Zain also implicated Nazir in his Oct 24 police report in a possible offence under Section 411 or Section 414 of the Penal Code for allegedly “receiving or disposing of stolen properties”.
This follows Nazir’s admission to The Wall Street Journal for receiving US$7 million from Najib and distributing it to ruling party politicians prior to the 13th general election.
Nazir had posted in Instagram then that he wished he had not helped his brother. "I understand the furore, and with hindsight, I wish I didn't (do it)," Nazir had written.
Mat Zain, in his report, also noted the DOJ alleging the US$681 million found in the account of ‘Malaysian Official 1' (MO1) originated from Tanore Finance, which is beneficially owned by Tan Kim Loong, an associate of businessman Jho Low.
The DOJ suit named Jho Low, who is said to be close to Najib’s family, and the prime minister’s stepson Riza Aziz.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan confirmed that MO1 was Najib, but claimed that since the prime minister was not named, it indicated that he was not being investigated.
The prime minister has denied abusing public funds for personal gain while Nazir has also clarified his role, and he was subsequently cleared by an internal probe carried out by the bank.
The government has also denied any cover-up in the matter.
However, Mat Zain argued that if Apandi was certain that the US$681 million was a Saudi donation, he should have immediately filed an objection and demanded the DOJ to retract their claims, or the Malaysian government would have filed a counter suit.

Besides this, he said Apandi could also lodge a complaint with the US courts against Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent Robert B Heuchling, who affirmed the DOJ suit, for perjury.
“Since none of the above were done, we can only assume that whatever the DOJ has filed is true and unrebutted,” he told Malaysiakini.
Malaysiakini has texted Apandi on this latest allegation for his comments and has yet to receive his response.- Mkini

Has Maria’s torments awakened the sleeping giant in us?

YOURSAY | 'Maria should sue the IGP, the home minister and the AG for her incarceration.'
Anonymous #21828131: The home minister was tongue-tied, the inspector-general of police (IGP) took potshots at her, the Umno information chief seemed to know more and released wild information about her links to the CIA, the attorney-general (AG) claimed that her arrest and solitary confinement was within the ambits of the law (meaning he acted after "obtaining" proof).
So, who gave the order to arrest her? I believe your guess is as good as mine. I think that answer is on everyone's lips.
Rick Teo: The release of Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah does not end here. This is just the beginning.
Indeed, the AG, the IGP and the home minister will have to answer for their abuse of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma).
Ferdtan: All Malaysians are happy that Maria was released without conditions. Well done to all, including the politicians, for attending the daily vigils since Maria was detained.
The vigils were a huge success as large crowds came despite repeated warnings by the IGP that action would be taken against them.
Aside from the mounting public pressure, Maria’s habeas corpus case also forced the government to release her before the court’s hearing.
The reason probably was that they could not justify the detention under Sosma as the court would have asked for it. Instead of been made a fool, they quickly released her.
However, Maria is not out of the woods yet. She will definitely be investigated under another law and could be arrested again, this time perhaps under the Sedition Act.
The Mask: Thank God, all our prayers are answered. Releasing her a day before her habeas corpus proved that the police have no case against her. To be ordered by the court to free her would be a lost face for the police.
Speechless: Maria's unlawful detention under Sosma was to intimidate her. The government has underestimated the strength of Maria and the anger of her supporters. Maria has become a unifying force for all who want justice.
Rick Teo: Maria should sue the IGP, the home minister and the AG for her incarceration.
Roar For Truth: Injustice has been done to this towering Malaysian. There is no shred of evidence to prove she has any intention to change the government by violence or force, except through education the populace of their constitutional rights.
Yes, someone must pay for this injustice.
JD Lovrenciear: Writer Hazlan Zakaria, you have provided a 'true' analysis. Yes, Umno has driven a deeper wedge into its badly battered image.
This is what happens when the powers-that-be think and act from a pedestal of ‘We know best’ and ignore public opinion.
Bersih followers rightly say, “Thanks to our IGP for not standing up against the power brokers.”
Iiiizzzziiii: In a totalitarian country, the only thing that can bring down a regime is when a regime unknowingly presses the self-destruct button.
I think the Najib regime has just done it without realising the repercussions it will carry after attempting to silence its chief critic by incarcerating her in jail under the pretext of engaging in so-called activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.
And the IGP has just did everyone a favour by arresting Maria under Sosma, and in the process has awakened the sleeping giant in many of us. And now it is only a matter of time before the world comes crashing down on the regime.
FellowMalaysian: Putting Maria in a detention cell will not subdue her even the slightest bit.
In fact, Maria and Bersih will become stronger as the wickedness done against her in keeping her in solitary confinement will not be easily forgotten.
Aussie71: In Australia, the Bersih rallies and the arrest of Maria have had good airtime on our news networks.
Little do Umno know that their attempts to shut down and silence their critics is a huge promotional benefit for Bersih.
Negarawan: A political scandal of a similar proportion like 1MDB and MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) in another country like South Korea or in Europe or the US would have elicited a more widespread and emotional public reaction.
Why the difference then? Perhaps these other countries have a history of past revolutions that have been embedded in the psyche of their people.
Perhaps the Malaysian people do not treasure their rights and freedom as much, and are not firm in their principles. Perhaps economic factors are closer to the hearts of Malaysians, and they will only react when their pocket hurts.
Well, the ringgit is heading for RM5 to the US dollar, probably within the next six months, primarily because of the loss of confidence of the financial markets in the Umno regime.
Will Malaysians then react because of their life principles or their rice bowls? Sadly, Malaysia is currently heavily dependent on foreign countries to fight its causes. Such is the case with the 1MDB scandal.Anonymous_1371458513: How can the IGP deem Maria as dangerous, when the number of Bersih supporters dropped from 100,000 to only l5,000 as claimed by PDRM?

She was detained under Sosma because the PDRM found documents that Bersih received funding from foreigners, so when Najib admitted receiving funding from the Saudis, why was he not probed and jailed under Sosma?- Mkini


Today Wednesday 30th November 2016, the OPEC countries are meeting in Vienna to see if they can agree to cut oil production. By tomorrow the oil prices will react. Dont worry folks. I doubt oil will go up. Even if it does, it will come back down. Here is some news:
Failure by OPEC to cut production could push oil back under $40 /barrel
deal is (OPEC) should lower production to 32.5m – 33m barrels per day
first agreement to reduce supply since 2008.
It’s binary. If deal done its US$50 per barrel. Fail and you’re below US$40.
Saudis say market will rebalance in 2017 even without OPEC agreement 
justification for maintaining production at existing levels
latest communication from Saudi significant
OPEC runs sharp risk of loss of credibility if fails to deliver a deal.
OPEC meeting in Vienna this Wednesday (today). 
pre-meeting with non-OPEC abandoned after Saudi refused to attend 
Venezuela’s oil minister flying to Moscow with Algerian counterpart before Vienna.
Libya would not participate in any OPEC production cuts 
Saudis treading fine line between propping up oil price 
and ensuring competitors are NOT enticed back into industry.
Saudis not aiming for $70 oil or $80 oil 
They do not want to resurrect entire U.S. shale oil
My comments :   The last statement above “They do not want to resurrect entire U.S. shale oil”  is the key to this entire issue.
Its market forces versus  politics. 
Technology versus camel herding.
Menggunakan otak versus ‘kita tidak boleh gunakan akal dalam semua perkara’. Oil is now shooting out of the ground just about everywhere. You can see the supply curve versus the price per barrel curve going in opposite directions.

Not too many years ago, shale oil was profitable at above US$60 per barrel.
Then the technology to extract shale oil improved. 
The costs of producing shale oil dropped. 
Some shale producers are profitable at US$30 per barrel.
Here is a very long but interesting article about oil from The Economist :http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21688919-plunging-prices-have-neither-halted-oil-production-nor-stimulated-surge-global-growthAmong other things it says “even at $30 a barrel, only 6% of global production fails to cover its operating costs
This means that above US$40 per barrel (the current prices), oil is profitable even for shale producers.  Here is a chart from that article :

‘ some (shale) producers can break even at US$30, 50% break even at $60/bbl (for example)..’

And the possibility of reducing the cost of producing shale oil still has major ‘upside’ potential. The reason is the technology curve for shale extraction is still rising. The technology for “hydraulic fracturing” and drilling horizontal wells is still a function of technology. And technology ultimately lowers the cost of production. Also “technology that is both cheaper and quicker to deploy than conventional oil rigs, have made the shale oil industry more entrepreneurial.”  The days of expensive oil are over.  
The days of OPEC are also over. 
It also means serious thinking is needed in oil countries, including Malaysia.

That could be a serious problem.


This dreadful little low-life thug is UMNO’s hero.
He brawls with police, threatens violence of the worst kind, wags his bottom as an insult like a baboon and frankly represents an embarrassment to the civilised section of the human race.
Yet UMNO delegates howled and cheered him.
How damned embarrassing is that, to their party forefathers, their country and to the religion they claim to represent?
How much lower can this Crime Minister take his party and his country in such swift time?

UMNO’s True Colours…

UMNO AGM Sungai Besar Umno division head Jamal Md Yunos was greeted with thunderous applause when he made an appearance at the Wanita Umno annual assembly today.
Jamal, who strung a large cut-out depicting PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli from his neck, was invited on stage to acknowledge his supporters.
The cut-out was accompanied with a text which claimed that Rafizi had defamed Wanita Umno head Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.
Several Wanita Umno delegates could be heard thanking Jamal for standing up for their leader.
Umno supreme council member Ismail Sabri was seen giving Jamal a standing ovation when he entered the hall.
Earlier, Jamal worked the floor at Putra World Trade Centre, shaking hands and posing for photographs

Kenapa DBKL Gunakan Yayasan Kebajikan Untuk Saman Pemilik Kenderaan Yang Tak Bayar Caj Parkir Soal Mangsa.

SEBAGAI sebuah negara yang telah memperuntukkan akta undang-undang jalan raya melalui Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987, saya merasakan satu penghinaan dan satu sindiket terancang apabila pihak Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) telah menggunakan sebuah yayasan yang dinamakan Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP) untuk mengapit (clamp) kenderaan yang tidak membayar caj parkir kenderaan.

Hal ini berlaku kepada saya apabila diarahkan untuk membayar kompaun sebanyak RM50 kepada DBKL apabila pihak Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP) yang telah ditugaskan membuat ‘sekatan’ kepada kenderaan saya hanya kerana tidak membayar parkir.

Apakah DBKL mengetahui hal ini atau sebagai badan yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menguruskan hal ehwal saman ini, dipergunakan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu yang mengaku sebagai pegawai penguatkuasa?

Mengapakah DBKL perlu menswastakan kepada sebuah yayasan yang berorientasikan kebajikan? Perkara yang paling dikesali adalah notis pemakluman ini adalah sebuah kertas yang difotokopi sahaja dan tidak ditandatangani oleh mana-mana pegawai. Pelik!

Apakah peruntukan yang telah diberikan oleh Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) untuk dikapit kenderaan yang tidak membayar parkir?

Secara peribadi hal ini amat dikesali dan satu laporan lengkap akan dikirimkan kepada pihak Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan yang ditugaskan melaksanakan hal ini.-HarakahDaily

Flashback: KL Eco City – SP Setia’s deal with Umno foundation raises questions

Image result for KL Eco City – SP SetiaImage result for sp setia logoImage result for umno

This is something I wrote on 7 August 2011, for your information:
Cadangan S P Setia untuk mengambil-alih 40 peratus baki saham dalam KL Eco City dari Yayasan Gerakbakti Kebangsaaan (YGK) dengan nilai RM75 juta telah menimbulkan beberapa soalan. 
S P Setia already owned 60 per cent of KLEC, which had obtained a 25-acre plot of prime land opposite Mid Valley City from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) on an 80:20 profit-sharing basis with DBKL.
Mengikut The Edge, YGK, ialah sebuah “yayasan yang dimiliki Pemuda Umno yang telah ditubuhkan dengan tujuan menguruskan dana untuk membasmi kemiskinan dan meningkat kebajikan di kalangan kaum miskin”.
Edisi 1 Ogos The Edge telah mengemukakan beberapa soalan:
  • Could S P Setia have saved the RM75m?
  • What was the rationale for having YGK as a joint-venture shareholder? Apakah peranan YGK?
  • Did YGK have the means to fulfil its end of the deal? Or was it just an interim shareholder to cash out after the DBKL deal was secured?
And the 1 August print edition of The Edge (1 August 2011) notes that “getting RM75m in S P Setia shares seems like a fantastic deal for YGK, whose investment in KLEC is probably just 40 per cent of the latter’s current paid-up capital of RM100000, and this is even before a single brick has been laid in the project”.
Such transactions, said The Edge, “do not say much for transparency in dealing with government land”.
This is Bursa’s query and S P Setia’s response:
Reply to query
Reply to Bursa Malaysia’s Query Letter – Reference ID
Query Letter
We refer to your announcement dated 25 July 2011, in respect of the aforesaid
Proposed Acquisition.In this connection, kindly furnish Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad with the
following additional information for public release:-(1) Justification for the premium paid for the Purchase Consideration over the
range as appraised by CIMB.
(2) Justification for embarking on the new issuance of shares rather than other
available option.
(3) The following or a negative statement:-
(i) Number of units in the commercial and residential development
of the KL Eco City Project;
(ii) Total development cost; and
(iii) Expected profits to be derived.Please furnish Bursa Securities with your reply within one (1) market day from
the date hereof.Yours faithfullyKHOO KAY KWAN
Head, Issuers
Listing Division
cc: General Manager & Head, Market Surveillance Department, Securities
Commission (via fax)
Announcement Details/Table Section :(Unless otherwise stated, all definitions and terms used in this announcement shall have the same meanings as defined in the announcement dated 25 July 2011) Reference is made to the announcement dated 25 July 2011 in relation to the above matter. On behalf of S P Setia, we set out below additional information on the Proposed Acquisition as requested by Bursa Securities via its letter dated 26 July 2011. 
  1. 1.             Justification for the premium paid for the Purchase Consideration over the range as appraised by CIMB 
The premium paid for the Purchase Consideration over the valuation range reflects the Board’s confidence in the prospects of the KL Eco City Project after taking into consideration, amongst others, the development potential and strategic location which is next to an established commercial and retail hub near the affluent Bangsar area and its ease of accessibility.  
  1. 2.             Justification for embarking on the new issuance of shares rather than other available option 
After evaluating various alternatives to fund the Purchase Consideration, the Company is of the view that the issue of the Consideration Shares for the Proposed Acquisition would be most appropriate as it will allow the Company to conserve cash for the development of projects and also enable YGK to participate in the equity of the Company, as negotiated between the parties, which shares are traded on the Main Market of Bursa Securities.   
  1. 3.             The following or a negative statement: 
(i)            Number of units in the commercial and residential development of the KL Eco City Project 
The proposed KL Eco City Project consists of: 
(a)           Three (3) blocks of residential towers ranging from 44 to 56 storeys;
(b)           Three (3) blocks of corporate office towers ranging from 32 to 42 storeys;
(c)           Three (3) blocks of boutique office towers ranging from 15 to 17 storeys;
(d)           One (1) block of strata office tower of 31 storeys;
(e)           One (1) block of service apartment of 46 storeys; and
(f)            One (1) four-storey retail podium.  
The initial gross development value for Phase 1 of the KL Eco City Project comprising three (3) blocks of boutique office towers and one (1) block of strata office tower is estimated at about RM1.1 billion. 
(ii)           Total development cost and expected profits to be derived 
The detailed development costs and the expected profits of the KL Eco City Project cannot be ascertained at this juncture. 

This announcement is dated 27 July 2011.