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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Namewee music video on ‘Lokap’ experience

Rapper claims he was asked to strip naked and squat, among other things in five-minute YouTube video.
GEORGE TOWN: Controversial rapper and musician Namewee has come out with a new music video titled Lokap, on YouTube, describing his experience of being locked up for five nights in a police jail in August.
The video is currently ranked number 10 in YouTube Malaysia’s Top 10 list and has already been viewed close to 300,000 times as of this morning.
Namewee had before this claimed that the conditions at the Bayan Baru central lock-up in Penang were deplorable when he was in police custody while being investigated for allegedly “defiling a place of worship with intention to insult the religion”.
In the five-minute video released on Friday, Namewee described the alleged deplorable conditions of his jail cell and the way he was treated in detail.
Wearing an orange jumpsuit with the numbers “4896” in front and “Department of Corrections” at the back, Namewee rapped in both Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.
“I masuk lokap, kena tahan, I kena reman sampai lima malam, masuk lokap, kena tangkap, bukanlah salah tapi salah faham, i masuk lokap, hubungan hilang, tolonglah tuhan,” he sang in the chorus.
(Translation: “I was detained, I was arrested, I was remanded for five nights, got jailed, I was caught, not wrong just misunderstanding, I was detained, lost contact, help me God.”)
Namewee also related his experience of being “forced to strip naked and to squat” after he was allowed to be remanded by a lower court.
“Like a dog, there is no dignity here, right here time became longer (sic), it is impossible to sleep well.
“[…] this is the terrible condition I went through like a nightmare all five nights.
“Why all my efforts and contributions are repeatedly overturned? Sorry for being overly confident, how should I resist all this?” Namewee rapped in the video.
The video includes scenes from TV news coverage of his arrest and remand in George Town.
In August, Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, was remanded for four days over the controversial video for his song Oh My God.
This was after NGOs lodged a report saying Namewee and a Taiwanese boy band had “behaved indecently” by dancing and singing in a mosque in Tanjung Bungah here.
He was then ordered to be released by the magistrate’s court after the registrar denied the application to extend his remand by police.
Police have since said Namewee had been treated well, with the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission rubbishing claims of “deplorable” jail conditions in the Bayan Baru central lock-up in Penang.
Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission conducts a surprise inspection of the jail on Monday, and finds cells to be in a good and clean condition.

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