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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We listen to the rakyat, REALLY?

Things are getting from bad to worst daily and I find difficulty to really express my thoughts lately. A few drafts on the table but incomplete. Will try to make adjustment to my mental disorientation and be back to blogging soonest possible.

In the meantime, we have been hearing the cool PM and his Ministries telling us they are listening to the rakyat and are transparent in all government dealings, ARE they?

Nobody knows what or how they are going to improve our education system.

They rush through and passed The Peaceful Assembly Act 2011

How much do you know about the 1Care national health scheme

There are many policies and acts on the way which we do not have details or knowledge off until at the very last stage.

They have been rolling out cash in the billions while the federal coffer is in deficit and are telling us, 'we have the money' but won't divulge where or how these billions came from, Borrowed?

Plus the act of provocations, gangsterism and hooliganism are on the rise and yet the leaders and PDRM are not doing anything about it.

Thousands have turned up in Kuantan and many thousands others at various cities across the nation in protest against Lynas plant but the government still insist that the plant is safe.

I leave you with this latest Namewee video to ponder on:

- Malaysia For All


1Malaysia rice bags have surfaced in the market. As usual, it could be obtainable that the Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia.

Have you bought one?

Railway land controversy: Dubious land transfers

Lawyer P Uthayakumar revealed that there was 'no record' of a transaction between Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Sentul) Berhad to Sentul Raya Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of YTL Corporation.
KUALA LUMPUR: Three land transactions involving Kampung Railway in Sentul were conducted within a span of an hour on Sept 24, 2002.
Describing the transactions as dubious, lawyer P Uthayakumar said: “The Land Office records indicated that three transactions happened within an hour on Sept 24, 2002.”
In the first transaction, Federal Land Commissioner transferred the land to Syarikat Tanah dan Harta Sdn Bhd at 10.08 am.
At 10.31 am, Syarikat Tanah dan Harta Sdn Bhd transferred the land to Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Sentul) Berhad.
The third transaction was a fund mortgage from Sentul Raya Sdn Bhd to Aseam Bankers at 10.52am.
Speaking after a case management hearing involving Sentul Raya Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of YTL Corporation) and 100 over residents of Kampung Railway today, Uthayakumar said there was however “no record that shows the transfer from Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Sentul) Berhad to Sentul Raya.”
Uthayakumar is representing 101 residents of Kampung Railway. Sentul Raya is represented by their counsel, B Thangaraj.
Another group of 23 people are intervenors represented by Rashid Zulkifli.
Earlier during the hearing in the chambers, senior assistant registrar Norhatim Abdul Hamid said the next hearing would be on April 4 under presiding High Court judge Justice Zabariah Yusof.
On Tuesday, a group of Kampung Railway residents sent a protest memorandum to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). They said the case in court was detrimental to their ongoing negotiations with YTL Corporation and DBKL.

‘Learn from victims of other dams’

Save Rivers is skeptical of claims that the state government has 'briefed' the local Iban community in Baleh about the impact of a proposed dam.
MIRI: The Save Sarawak’s Rivers Network (SAVE Rivers) has advised the Iban community in Baleh to fully weigh the impact of the proposed Baleh dam on their livelihood.
Its chairman Peter Kallang said the community must weigh the pros and cons before accepting the government’s proposal to build the dam.
“They must know the impact of the proposed Baleh dam on their lives and their culture, and it will destroy and submerge their land before they can accept the construction of the dam.
“We want the community to see what has happened to those affected by the Batang Ai and Bakun dams,” he said.
He said there was still the possibility of blocking the dam’s construction.
“The feasibility studies on the proposed dam are still ongoing and the state government has yet to approve its construction,” Kallang added.
He was responding to remarks made by local leader Temenggong Kenneth Kanyan who said that the Iban community in Baleh is very receptive to the proposed dam at Ulu Baleh River.
The dam would bring economic growth to the area, and this was one of the ways the state government would bring in physical development to Baleh, Kanyan had said.

Skepticism over government’s ‘briefing’
But a skeptical Kallang said it was unlikely that the state government or its representatives had briefed the community as to the full extend of the construction.
“SAVE Rivers doubts whether the Iban community in Baleh is fully briefed on the proposed Baleh Hydro-electric Power (HEP) Dam before they can claim to be receptive to the idea.
“From the mega-dams conference organised two weeks ago by SAVE Rivers, four participants from Baleh clearly stated that they were not fully aware about the proposed dam project and have registered their objection to it.
“From SAVE Rivers’ research, the residents of Nanga Antawau, Baleh are only aware that the Baleh dam access road is going to be built through their village and not much information was given by the authorities about the pros and cons of the proposed dam, ” Kallang said.
He also asked if a social and environmental impact assessment (SEIA) study had been carried out in the area.
“We also want to know if such a study (SEIA) has done and whether this document (SEIA) has been made available for public scrutiny.
“We want to know whether the resettlement and compensation plans are already made public.
“We want also to know whether the people affected have been properly informed and consulted without any coercion from the authorities,” he added.
Resolve outstanding issues first
Kallang pointed out that a community chief had no right to give consent, on behalf of his community, to accept the proposed dam.
“The construction of mega-dams is not the only means to develop the state.
“Sarawak needs development and I believe that the people all want to have better living standard but building mega-dams will destroy the rivers and submerge the very land which the people need for development.
“Once again SAVE Rivers would like to state our demands that all proposed mega-dams to be built in Sarawak shall be immediately and permanently stopped.
“All outstanding issues with regard to compensation or matters concerning any human rights for peoples affected by dams already constructed or under construction shall be solved immediately.
“The people’s decision and their right to disagree for the dams to be built shall be respected and taken into account,” he said.

NIAT all set for bigger battle

After the removal of the controversial Interlok novel, the movement is now focussing on revamping the education system for the betterment of the Indian community.
KUALA LUMPUR: The National Interlok Action Team (NIAT), which played a major role in forcing the government to withdraw the controversial novel from schools, is now planning to take the battle to the next level.
Speaking to FMT, the movement’s chairman Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim said NIAT would devise a new strategy to revamp the education system for the betterment of the Indian community.
In view of this, he said, the acronym NIAT would now stand for National Indian Advancement Team.
The philantrophist complained that the Malaysian education system was controlled by a single race and this was unfair to the non-Malays.
“The entire educational system has become rotten from head to toe because of a single race’s dominance and politcal stooges in high posts,” he added.
Thasleem, however, stressed that NIAT was not anti-Malay but rather opposed the racial monopoly of the education system.
“The standard of our universities has dropped because of vice-chancellors, deans and senior academic staff who are appointed due to political links and not academic excellence,” he added.
As for Tamil schools, Thasleem said despite the syllabus being the same with national and Chinese schools, Tamil schools fared poorly in the UPSR examination compared to the other two.
He said this was because Chinese schools were well financed while national schools came under the government’s care.
“So Tamil schools are the ones that are always disregarded,” he said. “Much has been said and written about the plight of Tamil schools in Malaysia. Now it’s time to start acting.”
‘NIAT will the national body’
Outlining NIAT’s immediate plans, Thasleem said the movement would collect the details of all 523 Tamil schools nationwide.
From this, NIAT would do a meticulous analysis and submit a recommendation to the Education Ministry to take action.
“NIAT will invite all the NGOs who are willing to cooperate with us on this matter,” he said adding that an official meeting would be held this evening at Wisma Tun Sambanthan here.
“We are going to focus not only on the education system, but also issues like better school buildings, better training for teachers, overcoming the shortage of teachers and increasing the enrolment of students in Tamil schools,” he added.
Thasleem said there were numerous independent organisation working on the development of Tamil schools, but there had been no significant progress.
“To overcome this, NIAT will act as the national body and all the smaller organisations can submit their reports to us, and we will send a proper paper to the ministry,” he added.
Fully-residential school needed
Meanwhile, Thasleem said that NIAT would also focus on the performance of Indian students in secondary schools.
“For the Malays, there is the Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) while the Chinese have secondary schools financed by businessmen. But what about the Indian community?” he asked.
Citing socio-economic factors as the main reason behind the poor performance of Indian secondary school students, Thasleem said a fully residential secondary school for the Indian community was the best answer.
“In 1974, MIC forwarded a memorandum to the Education Ministry calling for a special residential school. Now, 38 years have passed but nothing has happened.
“This is a clear example of institutionalised racism implemented by the past leadership of Umno,” he said, adding that he had sent a letter to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak regarding this.

Not Right

Whispers were heard stating that the outgoing councilors’ tenure were not extended because they refused to play ball and that the minority that remained were those who remained silent and ignorant when certain questions were asked of the Selangor PKR Chief and his faithful sidekick’s involvement in a few corruption cases. 
Breaking news. Selangor.
It has been reported today that the list that contains the names of Selangor’s new municipal councilors were distributed amongst the few who walks in the Selangor’s corridors of power earlier this week. Unlike previous years where this list emanated from the Selangor MB’s office, this year the list was specially prepared by the new Selangor PKR Chief and his faithful sidekick, the PKR Wanita Chief.
Informers from deep within the Selangor PKR Chief’s office have indicated that unlike the preceding four years where the originally selected councilors’ tenure were routinely extended, this year witnesses a change in regime where a phalanx of new faces were hastily selected to replace the majority of the previous PKR-selected municipal councilors.
No reasons were given as to why the PKR State Exco has chosen to do so in an election year but whispers were heard stating that the outgoing councilors’ tenure were not extended because they refused to play ball and that the minority that remained were those who remained silent and ignorant when certain questions were asked of the Selangor PKR Chief and his faithful sidekick’s involvement in a few corruption cases.
When questioned further, a few of these informers indicated that one of the main reasons why there is a change now is due to the fact that Azmin and Zuraida needs the time between now and the next state elections to do a bit of housekeeping in the event that Pakatan loses Selangor to BN.
Others point out that a few so-called troublemakers were summarily dismissed as these councilors were suspected of questioning several accounting practices too extensively. Cases in hand include the illegal sand mining debacle, the missing funds from the Pasar Larut Malam @Jelatek, the illegal construction of Ampang Walk without council approval, preferences given to certain contractors and the alteration of certain council meeting minutes.
In other unrelated news, both Azmin and Zuraida were seen together purchasing over a dozen large A3-sized high power paper shredders at Low Yat Plaza. RR was also seen booking slots at the Kuala Lumpur Crematorium near Cheras.
When confronted with these accusations in an interview at her posh office in Ampang, the PKR Wanita Chief denied everything stating that the councilors’ tenure was not extended because these people were just “not right” and not because these people were suspected of leaking incidents of corrupt practices to MT contributors. When further questioned as to why Khalid never felt so, Zuraida said that it is one of the reasons why the Selangor MB was replaced as the Selangor PKR Chief himself.
The PKR Wanita Chief a few days later denied saying anything, stating that she could not had possibly be in the interview as she was actually in Paris purchasing a Berkin bag after being told by the vendor that someone from Malaysia already had the same color and therefore canceling the order. The Selangor PKR Chief later confirmed it as he stated that he was also in Paris at the same time and had met the PKR Wanita Chief for halal drinks during the exact time when the interview in Malaysia was alleged to had happened.
The editor of this news agency then decided to imitate the Selangor PKR by deciding not to extend the tenure of the interviewer stating that the latter was dismissed not because he was not in Paris to do the interview but owing to the fact that he was “not right”.

Will Mahathir propose Chua Soi Lek as UMNO President?

When Mahathir said he is prepared to be investigated for the RM100 billion losses from financial scandals during his premiership provided “all the Tuns and their sons and grandsons too” are also investigated, is he just doing a Shahrizat?
Lim Kit Siang
It has been suggested that the response to Tun Dr. Mahathir's “tongue-in-cheek” proposal that I be made PAS President is to ask whether Mahathir would propose Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek as UMNO President!
However, I think it is more productive to focus on Mahathir's other “tongue-in-cheek” statement that all the Tuns and “their sons and grandsons too” should all be investigated in response to my call for a full audit and accounting into the RM100 billion losses from the financial scandals during Mahathir's 22-year premiership.
Another bad news about Malaysian Airlines recording a whopping net loss of RM2.52 billion for 2011 despite round-after-round of billion-ringgit bailouts in the past two decades is a salutary reminder that the root cause why the once national premier airline is reduced to such a parlous crisis stage today must be traced to Mahathir's 1994 decision to use Bank Negara's MAS shares to bail out Bank Negara from its RM30 billion foreign exchange losses.
Malaysians today are still paying for those financial scandals, none of which have ever been fully accounted for, as for instance in the recent RM580 million write-off by the Malaysian government with the “out-of-court” settlement between Danaharta and other GLCs with Tajudin Ramli on Feb. 14 with regard to all suits pending between them.
When Mahathir said he is prepared to be investigated for the RM100 billion losses from financial scandals during his premiership provided “all the Tuns and their sons and grandsons too” are also investigated, is he just doing a Shahrizat?
Isn't he just rephrasing what the Women, Family and Community Development Minister had said: “Tell me, which UMNO leader does not have problem?” when confronted about the RM250 million National Feedlot Centre “cow condo” scandal?
Is Mahathir so confident that he will enjoy both immunity and impunity for the RM100 billion losses suffered by the country as a result of the financial scandals during his 22-year premiership as the other “Tuns and their sons and grandsons” would never agree to any full investigation, even to clear their names?
Let the Tuns from the Mahathir era, whether Tun Abdullah, Tun Musa Hitam, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tun Ling Liong Sik or Tun Lim Keng Yaik speak up whether they are prepared to support a full audit and investigation into the RM100 billion losses suffered by the country as a result of the financial scandals in the 22-year Mahathir premiership.
It would appear that Mahathir was also referring to past Tuns and Prime Ministers when he said: “But all Tuns must be audited. The sons and grandsons of Tuns as well.”
Is Mahathir also supremely confident that the “sons and grandsons” of previous Prime Ministers, i.e. Tun Razak and Tun Hussein, would not agree to a full audit and investigation into the RM100 billion financial “blackhole” in the Mahathir era?
Let the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the leading scions of the second and third Prime Minister respectively, speak up.
Let us also hear from the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri MuhyidinYasin, every Cabinet Minister and all the Barisan Nasional component parties their respective position whether they would support a full audit and investigation into the RM100 billion “blackhole” caused by the losses of the financial scandals during the 22-year Mahathir premiership.

PR is more politically racist than UMNO

Today, they turn everything into a racist agenda if it does not fit their own agenda. Now, UMNO may have been like that but they are learning their lessons and are trying to make amends, but with PR, the trauma is three folded as everything is driven on racism.
Wong Mun Chee
Hear me out first before you bring out the dagger.
Let’s depict the era of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad where probably the nexus of political power had such a free rein over public and private affairs in the name of material progress that nobody was as riled up as they are now for all walk of life.
One solid example is when those original Chinese and not those anglicised ones will remember “Suqiu” that was tabled by 13 Chinese associations and endorsed by 2,095 other Chinese associations in August 1999.
If you recall, it was unconditionally accepted by the great Dr Mahathir initially as he was fearful of losing the election in 1999 coupled with the Reformasi effect. His exact words were that the cabinet was forced to accept it or face a defeat in the election.
Naturally, for one is who is well-versed in SUQIU will no doubt see similarity with the HINDRAF drive, as both do not infringe into the Malay’s position in Malaysia but more so to ensure that the Non Malays are protected equally in parity with what the constitution dictates.
The Chinese representative of the ruling government succumbed to it and the opposition really had no voice then like now, courtesy of you know who.
Moving forward post GE12, UMNO realised that they have been fools in dealing with the Dr Mahathir implanted methods that no longer work. They realised, their partners have become quite stale and unable to garner the type of support amongst their voters that they would unconditionally accept, so they turun padang. They start embracing anyone and everyone who could garner their agenda to maintain power directly rather than going through their partners to maintain their hegemony.  
Leaving UMNO aside, the grandmaster Dr Mahathir in the meantime had taken stock of the affairs and cajoled various NGO to exist and maintain the division amongst Malaysians with the so called Melayu rights. You see in his time, he did not have to worry about it as Malaysian per se were more interested in their material growth so he knew how to maneuver it. However these days it is different, materialism happens to be not the only consideration but, race, religion and human rights.
Dr Mahathir, as ingenious as he may be, is flawed like any human being when dealing with the fragility of humanity and reality for vote counts when it fits him.
Now, coming to the crux of the matter, why PR is politically more racist that UMNO.
PR has freshly new grown green horns as they seem to be running everything on a racist agenda while calling everyone else a racist. PR owes its sudden flight to stardom to you know who. They have been there time immemorial, yet nothing happened.
Today, they turn everything into a racist agenda if it does not fit their own agenda. Now, UMNO may have been like that but they are learning their lessons and are trying to make amends, but with PR, the trauma is three folded as everything is driven on racism.
PR, with its political enthusiasm fails to understand that everything is not racist or some affiance if someone questions them like how they do with UMNO. I think Kg Buah Pala issue is a classic example, when the overnight hero, HINDRAF, had been turned around to be a villainous racist.
PR, does not need to goat its followers for what is right and real on the ground but rather direct them if is plausible.
PR, does not need address themselves Muslim, Chinese, Hindu, Christian or lain-lain to gain votes, but only need to be themselves for a Malaysian agenda rather than a vote based agenda if it is real for the community at large.
What UMNO and its mandores are or what it can be is really not a consideration any longer, if PR can be themselves be of the same bracket by aping it like UMNO for the votes.          
The votes will come for the truth and reality sooner or later even if it does not happen in our lifetime, so what is the rush? Why do PR heroes need to run racist agendas when they could not do it for the last 55 years until you know who came into the picture for what is the truth and reality.
The agenda should not be based on our origins but be directed more so towards the truth and reality for the common folk. PR has to take stock of this rather than running a fervent racist political agenda and engage those akin to bring real changes in Malaysia, as it will never happen otherwise.           
The preservation of one’s culture is utmost for a multicultural Malaysian society that has flourished over the yesterdays, so as SUQIU was, so is HINDRAF and PERKASA as long it does not infringe the wellbeing of Malaysians for a race based agenda that only serves what is politically expedient as it seems to be the favorite theme for PR these days.       
Reality and right are not made for our convenience; it exists for one another. If race, religion dictate society, then I must conclude that Dr Mahathir is successful then and now, for he knows what his people are like and how PR lays the same foundation.