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Thursday, June 30, 2011


On with BERSIH 2.0...

This is unprecedented...totally unprecedented! It would seems to me that in matters political it is now the Chinese and the non-Malays that are leading the way. It is the Chinese and the non-Malays that are being arrested and being harassed by PDRM. It is the Chinese and the non- Malays that are highly visible and courageous in putting their physical self in the line of fire and earning the wrath of the BN government!

And what moves me is to see our young people in the fore front of these activism. Our young people are facing the Police without fear or the sense of being intimidated. Our young people will not be moved nor cowered by the bullying tactics of the Police and the threats of reprisals and retributions from the BN government.

Where are the Malays?

This Bersih 2.0 rally is shaping up to be the rallying point for the Chinese and the non-Malays to once and for all to become pivotal in ensuring the tipping point for political change will not only come from the Malays but from ALL Malaysians. If they succeed then UMNO can no longer depend on the Chinese in MCA and the Indians in MIC nor the people in Sabah and Sarawak to keep them in power! Think of it! UMNO knows that in the last election it was not the Malays that had kept them in power but the non-Malays. If Bersih 2.0 becomes a positive reality it will surely send a shiver of anticipation and reality down UMNO's spineless spine that the end is nigh!

Where are the Malays?

It would seems that the more visible Malays are fighting a rear guard action for UMNO and BN! They are the one issuing empty threats of impending doom - death and physical intimidation - to those that dare to rally around Bersih. For it would seems to these Malays the rallying of these non-Malays around Bersih signifies an attempt by these non-Malays to take Ketuanan Melayu away from the Bumiputras! Always these Malays talk about their rights but never their responsibilities!

Never their responsibilities where the strong should take care of the weak. Where the have should share what they have with the have nots. Where the rights of anyone, once given Malaysian citizenship, should be the same as any other citizens in Malaysia. There are no second class citizens, no privileged citizens no first among equals. All should be equal in fact and in the eyes of the government. These responsibilities they choose to ignore because it serves their purpose to do so.

For their purpose is to maintain power and their insidious hold over this country of ours. Their purpose is to continue their strangle hold over all Malaysian so that they can continue to pillage and plunder our country.

We know that they have the means to do so. We know but we are not intimidated nor will we be persuaded to abandon our struggle to ask for what is really our right to live peacefully, decently and with dignity in a place we already call our home.

Let us now watch what the BN government will do to stop us. Whatever means they have at their disposal will be launched without any compassion to intimidate and inflict physical and mental harm on their own people. We are already familiar with these tactics. The visuals of PDRM Riot Squad units wading into crowds of demonstrators wielding their batons with practised skills and the sickening sight of many riot squads goons converging on one demonstrators and raining blows on this hapless and defenceless demonstrators is too familiar and too often seen by us and everyone else in the world on YouTube. And while our senses are numbed by the brutalities of our own government we all still watch these images with a feeling of shame at the inhumanity of men against men. But with shame also comes anger and a hardening of our resolve to fight against this evil BN government that now rules us!

What UMNO knows now is that there are too many Malays who can now think for themselves. Too many Malays who decided that what is good for UMNO is not neccesaarily good for the Malays. And there are enough Malays who will do something about this abuse of UMNO's rsponsibilites towards their own people. These Malays will be with Bersih 2.0 and will rally with the non-Malays to do what is required for positive change to happen in our country.

We hope that this Bersih 2.0 rally will focus and crystallized all that is good and positive within the people of this country and to enable this force to maintain a steady but sure momentum towards victory against the BN government in the coming 13th general elections. We start now!

Emergency rule, the most foolish and revealing step by the BN so far

Emergency rule, the most foolish and revealing step by the BN so far

Malaysia's BN government is now talking about Emergency rule. And all because of a citizens' march for free and fair elections. To outsiders and most Malaysians, it is the silliest idea to come from Prime Minister Najib Razak. And while the older generation still feel a stab of alarm at the word 'Emergency', the reaction of the younger especially the Gen Y Malaysians is that, this only proves the BN's shelf life is up. Most can't even be bothered to dignify the threat with a response.

Be that as it may, dire consequences always befall empires or nations wherein the leader acts irrationally. The Roman Emperor Nero was considered a mad man and he was instrumental in causing the downfall of the Roman Empire. Another mad leader who brought destruction to his nation was Adolf Hitler who precipitated the fall of Nazi Germany.

On the other hand, Britain's Sir Winston Churchill and America's Abraham Lincoln are known as great statesmen for being able to make wise decisions when their nations were in crisis. Lincoln was President during the American Civil War between the North and the South, while Churchill was the British Prime Minister during World War II.

Closer to home, Malaysia is not even in a state of crisis and the Najib Administration is already in a state of panic due to Bersih, a coalition of 62 of the country's top NGOs.

Two options

Bersih has fixed July 9th as a day for Malaysians to participate in a rally called 'Walk For Democracy'. This march is to deliver a memorandum of 8 election reforms to the King, demanding that the BN government acts with with responsibility and implements the recommendations before the next general election.

And strangely though, despite the noble nature of the requests, the government has seen fit to clampdown on the event, even to the extent of issuing such extreme threats against the organisers and participants.

The tug-of-war has gone on for nearly a month now and the government must think and act rationally as it is faced with only two options:

a. A clampdown and mass arrests which will further anger the citizens and they will certainly want BN out of Putrajaya. This may not result in economic sanctions imposed by the world community so soon, but it will surely damage the nation's economy as it will confirm to the long-term investors that the time to return to Malaysia is not ripe yet. As it is, Malaysia's Foreign Direct Investments are nothing to shout about.

b. By letting the Walk go on peacefully and acceding to the citizens' request for electoral reforms, the BN government may still win the general election due to the goodwill factor.

The choice is actually obvious. There should be no clampdown or threats to those who support Bersih. The government must heed the call to reason. Sanity must prevail. The government must try to dissipate the image that it is power-crazy.

The real pulse of the nation

Prime Minister Najib Razak has mentioned before that it is important to read the pulse of the people. And right now, many of the citizens are unhappy with the government. Just talk to the taxi drivers, the hawkers, the ordinary man-in-street and then you can really feel the pulse of the nation. They tell it like it is. Not some government-crony, UMNO party members or even Opposition party members for that matter. The unbiased and unvarnished viewpoint can be elicited from the man-in-the-street.

The government's refusal to implement electoral reforms only reinforces the people's belief that there must be lots of hanky-panky going on in the voter rolls and that the Election Commission is a tool of the government. To be frank, this is not something the people do not know. Ask anyone and they will reply, they don't need Pakatan or Bersih to tell them of BN's electoral cheating. But they wished Pakatan and Bersih could do something about it or everyone will be stuck with UMNO and BN for another 5 years!

Siege mentaility

Najib must take a deep breath, calm down and get rid of the siege mentality that seems to have enveloped him. Even the religious leaders are speaking out against this high-handedness.This is really a very telling sign and he would be foolish to ignore it.

The PM must discern the situation in a wise manner. He must know that it is without a doubt that a serious clampdown will only bring further condemnation for BN. He must move to calm down the people by allowing theWalk For Democracy to go on unhindered. There are many people who are angry with the government now not because of the absence of electoral reforms, but because they are finding it tough to make ends meet due to the increasing cost of living.

The government must let the Walk For Democracy go on peacefully and not let public anger rise further. Many of the citizens who are not interested in politics are nonetheless angry with the government due to the mismanagement of the nation's economy. The money in the average Joe's pocket is getting lesser by the day as his take-home-pay is not commensurate with the rising cost of living.

If the government were to clampdown on the Bersih rally with Emergency rule, it just goes to show that the government is bullying the people and this will heighten their anger which till now has not reached boiling point - yet. The government must not fail to read the signs of the times.

Mistake after mistake, not learning even after the PAS muktamar

A good example is the use of UMNO-owned Utusan newspaper and ultra Malay rights group Perkasa to chase the Malays from an increasingly progressive PAS back to the racist-tinged UMNO. It failed miserably, with PAS - the second largest Malay party in the country - unanimously opting to pursue a greater multiracial path. Same now as Najib is being advised that scare tactics will work. That the fear of Emergency will do the trick.

But will it really work or will it just go underground only to spring up like the PAS muktamar or annual congress that shocked UMNO and created a huge cheer across the nation, when the Islamist PAS announced it would not succumb to racial enticements.

A serious clampdown or any Emergency rule resulting in mass arrests is definitely not a 'value-move'. In crisis management, a 'value-move' is termed as whether the move planned for execution is worthwhile or whether it will result in an unwanted backlash.

It is still not too late for the government to soften their stance towards those who organize and support the Bersih rally. The time has come to make a wise decision. Najib must rise to the occasion if he wants to be remembered in history as a great statesman.

A wrong decision will herald doom for himself, his party and coaliton.

- Malaysia Chronicle

Yellow is royal, ‘hysterical’ Hisham told

An opposition leader slams the home minister, saying his yellow phobia has turned him into another Hosni Mubarak.

TAIPING: Following his arrest yesterday morning, a PKR leader lashed out at Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, saying he is suffering from yellow phobia over the Bersih 2.0 rally scheduled for July 9.

Perak PKR deputy chief Dr Lee Boon Chye added that the home minister had turned into Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt, by making arbitrary decisions.

“Why must he get hysterical and have a phobia when yellow is our royal colour?” he asked.

“He cannot become judge and executioner in proclaiming that Bersih is illegal… after all, he is only a minister and cannot override the supremacy of the Federal Constitution which guarantees the freedom to assemble peacefully,” he added.

“He has become another Hosni Mubarak, deciding arbitrarily what is right and wrong without following the constitution,” he told FMT.

A vexed Lee also challenged Hishammuddin to state the law that denied Malaysians the right to peaceful assembly.

Yesterday, the PKR leader said, he had worn an ordinary yellow T-shirt while his party colleague, Simpang Pulai assemblyperson Chan Ming Kai was clad in a Bersih 2.0T-shirt, when the two had gone to the Gunung Rapat wet market here with other party members to meet residents.

According to Lee, when he alighted from his car, “some 100 policemen” surrounded him and the others.

Without giving the reason for their arrests, they were bundled into a police van and taken to the Ipoh district police headquarters to have their statements recorded.

Later, Lee and the others were told that they were arrested for intending to hold an illegal assembly at the market.

‘Crime rate soars as police work for Umno’

“What is wrong with wearing yellow T- shirts? It is our democratic right to wear what we want! Don’t tell me the police have now come up with a code of dressing for Malaysians ?” he asked.

Lee accused the police of diverting from their duty as protector of the public, and becoming the political tool of Umno to crush public dissent.

“Is the home ministry giving top priority to arresting people who wear yellow instead of going after criminals at large?” he said.

Meanwhile, PKR state vice-chairman Chang Lih Kang defended the Bersih rally.

“The rally is totally constitutional and any attempt to crack down on the participants is an infringement of human rights and we will become the laughing stock of the whole world,” he said.

He claimed that the crime rate in the country was increasing since the police were busy fulfilling political agendas.

On Wednesday, Chang, DAP Jalong assemblyperson Leong Mee Meng and 12 other Pakatan Rakyat supporters were arrested by police for wearing the yellow Bersih T-shirts at the Sungai Siput wet market.

They were released later in the day after the police had recorded their statements.

‘All is OK, boss’ when it actually isn’t

How is any 'regular' Malay youth going to get a housing loan for RM220,000 for homes in the 'famed' Sungai Besi plot? asks a former Umno assemblyman.


Why has the Bersih rally rattled Umno and provoked Perkasa? Whose self-interest has been threatened?

Umno and the government are handling the Anwar Ibrahim case foolishly. The manner by which Umno is handling the Anwar case is a reflection of the gutter level thinking of Umno thinkers.

Anwar is already doomed. His chances of becoming prime minister are almost non-existent now.

Which citizen wants a prime minister who spends 90% of his time countering allegations of sexual misconduct.

Anwar is already a damaged good for prime ministership. Whatever he has gone through has sufficiently reduced his credibility as a leader.

But despite this he remains lucky because, like Zaid Ibrahim aptly put, Umno is leading his case.

Imagine this. With Anwar in jail, how will Umno justify its existence in people’s minds?

Having said that, the next general election will be probably the worst Umno has ever experienced. If I am wrong, great! But thus far my prophercies have been accurate.

If Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is saying that he will be fielding “many young faces”, then it is a good statement because the old foggies who have been in power forever are racing to make hay while the sun shines.

And because they know the sun is setting, the race is getting increasingly tight.

People are aware

Many of them have forgotten that it is the people who determine the rise and fall of Umno.

The people will determine this based on their now increased awareness (of the political and socio-economic situation in the country).

Umno leaders should not assume that the people do not know that the political environment had changed massively.

Umno’s arrogance has been the primary reason. It has distanced itself from the ground.

Take, for instance, the latest morsel of gossip making its rounds.

The people are talking about the US$120,000 handbag and how the son of an ex-premier indulged his wife with a RM750,000 handbag!

Here and there people are talking about the flow of tears against the brilliance of diamonds for the “privileged Malays”.

The mainstream media do not tell you about this. They just give you happy stories.

Because they dish out cheery stories, you don’t get to read about how government land in Sungai Besi was transferred to company X for “zero cost”.

Not cheap homes

If there was “zero cost”, then the cost should have been transferred to the people in the form of cheap housing.

But the “affordable” house they will now sell is priced at RM220,000.

This is not cheap housing. Now it will be different if they were building PPRT (hardcore-poor housing scheme)homes.

At RM220,000 which Malay youth can get a loan to buy the house?

Because once they buy the house on that “famed” Sungai Besi plot to be developed by 1MDB, they will have to buy a car to commute to work. Now they will have to pay a housing and car loan!

Such sensational news is viewed with suspicion by the people. But the leaders don’t seem to realise this, hearing only their own rhetoric.

In addition, the mainstream media is busy drumming up sweet melodies fit only for the blinkered Umno diehards whose daily mantra is “all is OK boss”. But in the end, it is the boss (Najib) who is KO-ed.

This excerpt is from the writer’s sakgmongkolak47 blog. The writer is an FMT columnist

Police act the spoilers at PAS ceramah

A PAS ceramah organised at the eleventh hour in Kepala Batas last night nearly turned unruly when about 100 police personnel suddenly popped up at the scene.

A fraction of the 600 strong crowd at the event responded by immediately forming a barricade and shutting off the iron gate infront of the party's operations centre in Pongsu Seribu.

NONEThe uniformed men comprising about 50 Light Force Strike personnel arrived about 10.15pm, to be greeted with shouts of "here they come, police have come, shut the gate!"

Others were more provocative, teasing "come in and get us" as the police stood by their trucks, parked on the side of the road, causing a bit of a traffic jam.

A group of PAS security officers donning yellow safety jackets tried to calm the crowd by keeping them away from the main road, and at a safe distance from the men in uniform.

NONEThe ceramah's facilitator (announcer) told the crowd not to "panic" as the event was held within PAS' premises, adding "they cannot do anything as this is our own land".

"If they were to come into our premises, they would be considered encroachers," he added.
The Bersih-related ceramah was prompted by sms, facebook and e-mail messages circulating in Penang after Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced that two state government events yesterday have been postponed until July 10.

Heavy handed acts continue

Lim was forced into the decision after Penang police chief Ayub Yaakob otained a court order to halt the events from taking place in Sungai Nibong (Pesta site) and Seberang Jaya (Expo site).

Ayub had also threatened stern action against those who participated in yesterday's intended functions, describing them as "illegal assembly".

Speakers for the events were supposed to have included Pakatan Rakyat heavyweights such as Lim himself, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, and Bersih 2.0 chief Ambiga Sreenevasan.

NONEHowever, only Bukit Tambun assemblyperson Ong Chee Wen, PKR Youth leader Amizuddin Ahmat, PAS Kepala Batas commissioner Rosdi Hussain and LLG Cultural and Development Centre chief Toh Kin Woon (right) were spotted at last night's do.

On stage, Toh explained Bersih's eight-point agenda to the crowd, saying that he was non-partisan, and was focused on promoting free and fair elections within the country.

He added that he would have spoken at any ceramah - whether BN or Pakatan - as long as invited to do so.

"I would have attended even if MCA invited me to their event but they never did," added the former Penang state exco and Gerakan leader.

At the ceramah's end, Toh was escorted safely to his car by PAS security officers.

The police action is part of a national-wide dragnet to nab Bersih campaigners ahead of the NGOs planned mammoth rally on July 9 in Kuala Lumpur.

Police earn hawkers's ire

The rally, expected to draw thousands from several NGOs and political parties, has been deemed illegal assembly by the police.
So far more than 100 people have either been arrested or questioned for expressing their wish to attend the function, or selling or distributing its paraphernelia.

Meanwhile, the function continued right up to midnight without any untoward incident although some were clearly uneasy with the heavy police presence.

pas ceramah, kepala batasThey made their dissatisfaction known by hurling a snide remark or two at the police who were equipped with headgear and batons.

Despite the police's show of force, PAS supporters dismissed the warning by Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein by selling Bersih's striking yellow t-shirts during the ceramah.

Two men who were spotted wearing the controversial tees had managed to escape the police wrath.

However, traders at the pasar malam within the premises blamed the police for disrupting their businesses by causing massive traffic jams.

"Everything was peaceful until they come to disturb us," said a drink seller in his early 30s, who only wanted to be know as "Man".

NONEAnother business men, A Rahman, said that the police action of lining up infront of the PAS centre was "bad" as this was one of the only venues that the communtity could express themselves.

On whether traders would lose their livelihood if 'Opposition" ceramahs were held in their area, the trader replied in the negative, asking "how much money do these people want?"

"We are usually happy if we can earn enough. This is called rezeki - sometimes we have a little, sometimes more...this time it is our turn (to get money), next time, it is someone else's, " he said. - Malaysiakini

Leadership to save this country

Each time I write something uncomplimentary about Anwar, some people will say I have a blinkered view of the man. Sorry boys- never met him. Know of him, but never met. So I have no value judgment of the man.

I am afraid such counters are manifestation of empty hopes rather than hard-nosed realistic assessment. We hope somehow, through some miraculous and fortuitous turn of events, Anwar can escape the dragnet that is fast encroaching on him. Perhaps these people don't see the convergence of deliberate events that conspire to put Anwar where some people want to- behind bars. There is nothing fortuitous or happenstance about the whole thing. They are deliberate. This is real politik.

I think Anwar himself knows his days are numbered. He may probably be intimating to friends saying goodbye. Aku nak habaq selamat tinggai kat hampa semua. And the friends may have retorted jokingly by saying- lain kali hang nak bantai cina mana, hang panggil kita semua.

Here is the problem though. Anwar behind bars is as much a problem as he is outside. It will still cause BN so many seats. So the question how do we deal with Anwar?

Anwar's good fortune is brought about by the incompetence of UMNO. It messed up the video clip issue by way of mishandling it. It shouldn't have given a semblance of involvement or relationship with the video. We should have let this Eskay chap do it by himself. But the UMNO president felt compelled to meet up with Rahim Tamby Chik and Shuib Lazim, thereby giving the impression that UMNO is involved. UMNO has implied knowledge about it then, if not direct.

UMNO multiplied its stupidity by releasing clips involving Mat Sabu and the latest about Johari. Who are the ignoramuses surrounding the UMNO president?

The proximity of sequential releases of the clips would now suggest that only an organization with sufficient clout and resources can muster all the sideshows. All 10 fingers point toward UMNO. If we put up both up our legs or spread-eagle them, all 20 fingers point towards UMNO.

How do we deal with Anwar? It's not about doing something to save UMNO. It's about doing something to save the country. Anwar and all interested parties have to think about placing the country in capable hands now.

The irony is, the answer in dealing with Anwar for the purpose of saving the country lies with Anwar. Unfortunately, Anwar has no place in the equation for now at least. The best solution is for him to give up the de-facto leadership of the opposition in preference to someone else with the respectable clout. I have written some time ago, and I wasn't joking about it, perhaps the best way for Anwar to hasten the downfall of the BN government is to allow himself to be jailed. Then the government will fall and if he is jailed before the downfall, he will be out in no time.

By mid-July Anwar will know his fate. Judging from the case being built up against him, he is likely to be the government's special guest. Special guest is the title of the book once written by Aziz Ishak.

What will happen then? There will be a leadership vacuum in the opposition group. Anwar has been the unifying factor this far. He is a crowd puller but not necessarily a vote puller. If that happens, the opposition parties will have to look for a leadership material sufficiently credible and respectable to become the rallying point.

That person if one is around has to step up to assume the mantle of leadership to save this country from gross mismanagement, fraudulent management, corruption, widening income disparities, re organize institutions of governance, dispensing justice, stemming corruption and all that.

Who can that be?

Posted by sakmongkol AK47