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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wan Saiful joins Bersatu, appointed as strategy deputy chief

Former Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) chief executive officer Wan Saiful Wan Jan has officially joined Bersatu as a life member.
This was announced at a press conference in the Bersatu headquarters in Petaling Jaya this afternoon by party president Muhyiddin Yassin. Speculation of Wan Saiful joining the party arose last week.
Wan Saiful, who is a regular commentator on Malaysian politics, has also been appointed as the deputy chief of Bersatu’s policy and strategy bureau.
“I agree that Wan Saiful will join as the deputy chief, working with (bureau chief) Rais Hussin.
“His addition will strengthen the position of the bureau and give us advice on what can be done to handle the issues in the country,” Muhyiddin said at the press conference.
He also said that he was considering appointing Wan Saiful into the party supreme council, as there were several vacancies on the council following the departure of former members.
[More to follow]

Have all Umno branches been automatically de-registered?

The Registrar of Societies and Umno should clarify whether all Umno branches have been automatically de-registered as of today as they have not held their elections following the 18-month extension for them to do so which expired yesterday.
This was raised by Pakatan Harapan secretariat Saifuddin Abdullah in agreeing with lawyer Mohd Haniff Khatri Abdulla who questioned this last night.
"Umno cannot extend elections for its branches beyond 18 months. The extension lapsed yesterday for the branches. Hence, the ROS cannot grant another extension.
"I feel there is a carelessness in Umno's management when they decided to postpone their supreme council elections (to later this year).
“I myself asked when the supreme council made the decision to postpone the elections and expected the general election to be called early then," Saifuddin told Malaysiakini.
Umno elections are held every three years but under the party constitution, this could be postponed for 18 months.
After the Umno branch elections, the divisional elections are held and this would be followed by elections for the supreme council posts.
Haniff (below) had posted on social media the possibility of an Umno constitutional crisis following the Umno branches being de-registered after the deadline to hold their elections lapsed yesterday.
The lawyer - who has appeared for former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad in several cases – posited that if his calculations were correct, Najib cannot be elected Umno president by April 19 and lead the party in the general election.
No more extensions
He said according to an Umno Online report dated May 31, 2013, all Umno branches are to hold their elections between July 15 and Aug 31, 2013.
"This means that according to Article 18.2 of the Umno constitution in paragraph 3 (c), the branch elections should have been held at the latest by Aug 31, 2016,” he added.
However, he said Najib as party president announced on June 26, 2015, that party elections scheduled for 2016 would be delayed by 18 months.
Hence, if one were to count from the Aug 31, 2016, deadline and then add 18 months, the final date would be Feb 28, 2018, which was yesterday, pointed out Haniff.
Haniff also disagreed with Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who in a statement dated two days ago said that party elections would be held on April 19, 2019. This after getting the approval from the ROS.
The lawyer said according to the law, the ROS cannot grant further extensions for the branches to hold their elections.
"This is in violation of Article 10.16 of the Umno constitution and the ROS has no power to grant further extensions or disregard this provision in the Umno constitution," he said.
Hence, he questioned Umno and ROS on the provision to provide such an extension until 2019. -Mkini

Indonesian police verifying documents seized from Equanimity

Indonesian police are in the process of evaluating documents seized from businessperson Jho Low’s superyacht as part of its investigations into suspected money laundering activities.
Daniel Silitonga, who is deputy director of economic and special crimes in the republic's central police department, said the police are currently identifying the main suspect before deciding whether to proceed further according to provisions under Indonesia's anti-money laundering laws.
"We are investigating, evaluating the data and documents obtained.
"We will identify the suspect after we have completed our investigations," Silitonga was quoted by Indonesian news portal Detiknews as saying this morning.
He added that the police are also prepared to press charges if their investigations revealed enough evidence to do so.

Indonesian authorities, together with the US Federal Bureau of Investigations, had yesterday spent six hours on board the superyacht known as the Equanimity, which was seized along the coast of Benoa, near Denpasar, Bali.
It was reported yesterday that Indonesian police's criminal investigation bureau director of economic and special crimes Agung Setya confirmed the owner of the vessel was not one of the 34 people on board during the raid.
Silitonga said the superyacht was allegedly bought using "dirty money," based on information from the FBI, which had requested assistance from Indonesian authorities on Feb 21.
"Most importantly, in principle, crime should not go unpunished. The law must prevail," he stressed.
Bali district police chief Petrus Golose, meanwhile, said that his team is assisting in guarding the superyacht berthed at the Benoa port.
"We are helping to guard the superyacht because of its huge value, when investigations are ongoing involving authorities from two countries (Indonesia and US)," Golose was quoted as saying by Detiknews.  

In an assets forfeiture suit, the US Department of Justice claimed Low (photo) had commissioned the superyacht to be built for an estimated US$250 million (RM1 billion) using money allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB.
The DOJ believes that at least US$4.5 billion has been misappropriated from 1MDB by Malaysian government officials among others, and is looking to recover approximately US$1.7 billion in assets allegedly acquired in the US using these stolen funds.
The move is part of its anti-kleptocracy operations to seize funds being laundered through the US financial system.- Mkini

Pro-Najib portal: US should detain Jho Low, not yacht

MyKMU.net has accused the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of pulling off another “stunt”, this time with the assistance of Indonesian police.
The pro-Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak portal was referring to the seizure of millionaire Jho Low's superyacht, Equanimity, which is said to have been acquired using 1MDB funds.
According to MyKMU, the pertinent question is why the Penang-born Jho Low has not been arrested.
“What is happening now is that the FBI 'arrests' a yacht, paintings, musical rights and movies.
“Jho Low continues to be free but 1MDB is tried by the international media and in domestic politics,” it added.
As for 1MDB, the portal said the firm has not lost assets or funds because it considers the investment in Aabar BVI a legitimate business decision between 1MDB and the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).
“What the DOJ (Department of Justice) terms as the 1MDB scandal can be said to be the IPIC scandal. This is because what is disputed is 1MDB's investment in 'IPIC's subsidiary' Aabar BVI.
“1MDB invested in Aabar BVI based on IPIC's admission at the time that it (Aabar BVI) was its subsidiary, which was established to handle 1MDB investments.
“Only after several years of investments being made (that is in 2016) did IPIC deny (Aabar BVI was its subsidiary). It is impossible that IPIC did not realise this before because the investment deal was inked with widespread international media coverage,” it added.

MyKMU said the names of the shareholders in Aabar BVI were the same as the two former main directors in IPIC, who were Khadem Al Qubaisi (IPIC's managing director, on left in photo) and Mohamed Al-Husainy (on right), the chief executive of Aabar PJS (another IPIC subsidiary).
The portal argued that IPIC's move to sack Khadem and Mohamed, as well as to freeze their accounts, clearly showed the two were responsible for the embezzlement.
“1MDB as the firm which invested cannot be held responsible for the embezzlement involving their investments which were managed by IPIC,” it said.
The CIMB and Nazir Razak example
To illustrate its point, MyKMU used CIMB and Najib's brother, Nazir as an example. Nazir is the chairperson of CIMB.
“For example, you invest in CIMB unit trust, Nazir Razak issues a letter stating that your investment must be credited into one of CIMB's subsidiaries. The documents show it (the subsidiary) is managed by Nazir and CIMB senior officials.
“Is it your fault if the funds are embezzled? Of course not! The fault lies with Nazir and CIMB. It is not relevant if the embezzlement is done together with friends or relatives,” it added.
According to the portal, this is the same with 1MDB, which did nothing wrong as the firm followed procedures and the law.
“Why should 1MDB admit it has lost money when it is IPIC, through its corrupt officials, who lost money? Justice will take time. Until then, sensationalism and gossip will win,” it added.- Mkini

DOJ tight-lipped on seizure of Jho Low's superyacht

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) remains tight-lipped following the seizure of businessperson Low Taek Jho's superyacht Equanimity yesterday.
The luxury yacht was seized off the coast of Teluk Benoa in Bali, Indonesia in a joint operation between Indonesian authorities and the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
The DOJ, responding to queries from Malaysiakini, indicated that it did not intend to comment on the action beyond what has been filed in court.
"The US Department of Justice declines to comment beyond the complaint in this pending matter," a DOJ spokesperson told Malaysiakini.
The DOJ also reiterated the court filings including the arrest warrant for the seizure of the yacht which was issued by US district court judge Dale Fisher for the central district of California in Los Angeles.
Yesterday, Indonesian authorities and the FBI seized Equanimity which was believed to have been acquired using misappropriated funds from Malaysian state fund 1MDB.
Indonesian media reports indicate the vessel had been in Indonesian waters since November last year.
Metro TV reported that 34 crew were on board when the vessel was seized but its owner, Low, was not among them.
The DOJ believes that at least US$4.5 billion has been misappropriated from 1MDB by Malaysian government officials among others and is looking to recover around US$1.7 billion of in assets allegedly acquired using these stolen funds.
Its involvement was in response to the funds being laundered through the US financial system.
The DOJ has temporarily filed for a stay on the forfeiture of these assets, which is through a civil suit, pending a parallel criminal case.- Mkini

Chinese media: Sparks fly at cabinet meet over tycoon tirade

The weekly cabinet meeting yesterday witnessed heated exchanges between Umno ministers such as Nazri Abdul Aziz and their counterparts from MCA and Gerakan, according to reports in Chinese newspapers.
This arose from the recent attacks on Hong Kong-based billionaire Robert Kuok, following allegations that he was funding DAP.
According to China Press, MCA's three ministers - party president Liow Tiong Lai, deputy president Wee Ka Siong and secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan - as well as Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong - had expressed their dissatisfaction towards Nazri, who had challenged Kuok to contest in the coming general election and rained insults on the 94-year-old tycoon.

When both sides refused to back down, the report said, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was forced to intervene to calm the situation.
Nanyang Siang Pau quoted Wee as stating that MCA ministers had demanded that Nazri must apologise over the matter.
Wee, who described the meeting as tense, said the cabinet also ordered all quarters to stop targeting Kuok, who has since denied bankrolling DAP and news portal The Malaysian Insight.
However, the newspapers did not mention if Nazri, who is the tourism and culture minister, had apologised during the meeting.
Liow, in response to a question from Sin Chew Daily on whether the cabinet had instructed Nazri to apologise, said: “This is something you have to ask Nazri (photo) himself.”

The MCA president revealed that the cabinet has acknowledged Kuok's contribution to the nation.
“The PM had expressed his respect for Kuok during the meeting and recognised his contribution to the nation,” he added.
Oriental Daily News quoted Nazri as stating that the issue has been settled and his relationship with the MCA ministers has not been affected.
Asked if the cabinet had instructed him to apologise, the minister initially claimed that the cabinet did not discuss the issue, but then added that he is not supposed to reveal details of the meeting.- Mkini

'So, Najib dares not go after RM400m seized by the Swiss?'

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua has questioned Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s apparent inaction over the RM400 million in 1MDB-related funds seized by the Swiss government.
“Is the prime minister so embarrassed by the fact that so much money has been stolen and laundered from 1MDB that he doesn’t dare to seek the repatriation of these funds?
“At the very least, has the prime minister attempted to seek clarification from the Swiss authorities to verify the authenticity of the findings that the RM400 million were funds stolen from 1MDB?” Pua asked in a statement today.
On Tuesday, Tages Anzeige reported that Swiss government is looking to pocket CHF95 million (RM400 million) from 1MDB-linked funds from several banks.
Although some Swiss lawmakers support the repatriation of at least some of the seized funds, the country's financial regulator Finma argues that only persons “directly damaged" by its actions can seek restitution through legal processes.

In his statement, Pua said the government’s silence was particularly deafening in the wake of the yesterday’s seizure of businessperson Low Taek Jho @ Jho Low’s yacht The Equanimity by Indonesian authorities and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The yacht, valued at an estimated US$250 million (RM1 billion), is just one of the assets being sought by the US Department of Justice for allegedly being purchased using laundered money originating from 1MDB.
“Are we going to let the US keep the proceeds from the seizure of these assets, worth nearly RM7 billion, and not do anything about it?
“Did Najib ask his ‘good friend’ US President Donald Trump that the funds be returned to 1MDB, so that it can pay its RM40 billion debt?
“Or was the prime minister so generous as to pledge those funds, like he did on behalf of EPF and Khazanah Nasional, to invest the money to ‘revive’ the US economy?” Pua asked, making reference to Najib promising billions in “value propositions” when he met with the US president last year.

The DAP lawmaker said that allowing billions in seized funds to sit idly overseas would be unjust, given that many Malaysians are squeezed to increase the government’s revenue base, such as with the GST.
“That is money that could be used to build our hospitals, schools and improve our infrastructure,” he said.
The recovery of these funds and its return to the rakyat would be made a priority, he added, should Pakatan Harapan capture Putrajaya in the coming general election.- Mkini

Yoursay: Indonesia, thank you for seizing Jho Low's yacht

YOURSAY | 'You've shown to be far more capable of enforcing the law than our authorities.'
Gerard Lourdesamy: Well done, Indonesia. Hand the yacht with its contents over to the US Department of Justice (DOJ). Do not give in to subtle demands from our kleptocratic government to cover up this incident just to save our great leader's face.
Unlike the rest of the world, we are still in denial, despite the US attorney-general calling the 1MDB scandal the biggest case of kleptocracy in modern history.
With GE14 around the corner, the rakyat are fed up with the lies and cover-ups. We will deliver our verdict and punish the guilty, including the high and mighty in the Attorney-General’s Chambers, MACC, Bank Negara, the police and judiciary who have been working tirelessly to protect our great leader, his wife and stepson.
All these abuses and corruption must come to an end. We must reclaim our country after 60 years of misrule by Umno/BN with their greed, avarice and extravagance. Like the Americans in 1776, the French in 1789 and the Russians in 1917, our time has finally arrived.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: President Joko Widodo and the government of Indonesia, Allah bless your country and people.
You have done Malaysians the biggest favour, and we are forever grateful. If possible, arrest the owner of the yacht as well.
Whatsup: Hebat Indonesia! You’ve shown yourself to be far more capable of respecting and enforcing the law than our authorities.
We are truly appreciative that you didn’t kowtow to our incompetent and dubious law enforcers and so-called lawmakers.
FlabberPro: MACC, come on. Do something. If you want to improve your credibility, now is the time. If Indonesia can do it, so can Malaysia.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Indonesia and the US should sell the yacht and remit the proceeds to Malaysia, but when and only when Pakatan Harapan takes over Putrajaya. The next step is to catch Jho Low and let him face trial.
Hplooi: Equanimity belongs to the Malaysian people. But before selling it, the Malaysian government should open the ship to public display and tours for a small price, and as a cautionary tale of corruption in Malaysia.
Jedi Yoda: What the Malaysian police have not dared to do for so long has been done without fear or favour by our neighbour. Well done also to Singapore authorities who are expeditiously charging those involved in the Singapore courts.
What the yacht was doing there in Bali is anyone's imagination - probably hosting another round of parties there. Hopefully, this will lead to the ultimate catch of the century before GE14.
Paul Warren: We are so good at making everyone scratch their heads with what to do with stolen property. The Swiss have finally decided they will keep it. And now I wonder if the Indonesians might want to keep the Equanimity.
After all, you don't return what you believe to be stolen back to the thief, do you? And the genuine owner is saying nothing has been stolen! So how can you give something like that back? And who do you give it back to?
Newday: Just like that, 1MDB chairperson Irwan Serigar Abdullah? 1MDB to be shut down after assets are stripped and dodgy loans made to complete debt repayment.
As a Terengganu state wealth fund for its citizens, it was hijacked by Jho Low and Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and turned into a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund for all Malaysians.
It becomes the plaything for financial whiz Low to test out his wonderful money-laundering ambitions, ensuring that those within the inner 1MDB circle are handsomely rewarded via “Saudi princes”, dodgy facilitation payments, unreported bank transfers of fiction money, movies, pink diamond necklaces, artworks and the rest.
No audits for four years, a US Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation, with Swiss and Singaporean convictions all pointing truthful fingers at MO1 and company.
This is a normal commercial decision, really?
Winding up 1MDB will not make this corruption and money laundering go away. Remember to grab that US$400 million currently with the Swiss authorities to help pay your final balance sheet. We will not forget.
Slumdog: Irwan Serigar, could you enlighten us as to the extent of the debts still outstanding, and how long it will be before all debts are paid?
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has often bandied about his great rationalisation programme without any specific details, and we are to believe that everything is hunky-dory.
1MDB has ended up being a sovereign debt fund. Future generations will be indirectly burdened with debt repayment.
And let’s thank the 1MDB chairperson for his flippant, uneducated and na├»ve comment that "Companies are bound to experience gains and losses, when we lose, we close.” He is a champion.
Anonymous 2456321485312809: "As soon as the debts are settled, there will be no reason for 1MDB to exist," said Irwan Serigar.
This means that as soon as the Malaysian taxpayer is squeezed further to pay for the obvious fraud that is 1MDB, all will be swept under the carpet and the biggest kleptocrat the world has ever seen will go scot-free.
Simple Malaysian: Why would you want to shut 1MDB down when the government says it is a good venture and heaped praises on it?
Or are you trying to tell the rakyat that it was merely set up to accumulate debts?
FlabberPro: It is true, in 10 years’ time, my own coffers would have been sucked dry. The government would have charged more taxes and GST would be much higher than six percent. 
It would be harder to live in Malaysia and there would be more nonsense spilling out from the mouths of these ministers serving in the cabinet. Logic, accountability, wisdom and common sense might be a foregone thing for some of them. I have read some statements that puzzle me. 
Racial divides would widen and strengthen. Ketuanan Melayu would apparently be threatened if 1MDB's debts are not paid. Most of the opposition leaders would be imprisoned by then too, for spilling out "fake news" and demanding accountability and justice. 
No, I do not want that kind of future.- Mkini

Media blackout on yacht seizure, despite making a splash abroad

Major English and Bahasa Malaysia dailies did not report about the seizure of businessperson Low Taek Jho's superyacht, the Equanimity, despite the news making the headlines in many international news organisations.
The major development in the US Department of Justice's investigation into the 1MDB matter was noticeably absent in the printed version of The StarNew Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.
Yesterday, Indonesian police in a joint operation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigations seized the yacht off Teluk Benoa, Bali.

The DOJ is seeking to forfeit the vessel, believed to have been acquired using funds misappropriated from Malaysian state fund 1MDB, and laundered through the US financial system.
The Star's front page was about the MACC seizing the assets of a "datuk seri," who allegedly received RM19 million to help put a stop to investigations into the Penang tunnel project.
MACC’s seizure also made the front page of the New Straits Times, which also highlighted the Immigration Department's plan to weed out foreign domestic workers with criminal records, besides Prime Minister Najib Abul Razak's TN50 function.
No news about the Equanimity seizure was found in the inside pages of both newspapers.
However, both The Star and New Straits Times did carry reports about the yacht seizure, and Low's response in the online version of the publications.
Likewise, news about the seizure of the Equanimity's was also absent from Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.
Utusan Malaysia featured on its front page Najib's TN50's event, while Berita Harian focused on dubious health and cosmetic products.
However, the online version of Utusan Malaysia did publish an article claiming that the yacht seizure "had nothing to do" with 1MDB.
The online version of Berita Harian, meanwhile, quoted Low's spokesperson as saying that the seizure was baseless and politically motivated.
Sinar Harian was the only major Malay-language newspaper that reported on the seizure. It published its report on page 10, with a teaser on the front page.
All major Chinese dailies carried news about the yacht seizure, with Sin Chew Daily and Oriental Daily featuring the story prominently on the front pages.
China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau also carried the story in the inner pages.
The DOJ believes that at least US$4.5 billion has been misappropriated from 1MDB by Malaysian government officials, among others, and is looking to recover around US$1.7 billion in assets allegedly acquired using these stolen funds.- Mkini

Muhyiddin: How can Umno postpone party elections again?

Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin today claimed that Umno was going against its own constitution by postponing their party elections yet again.
Muhyiddin, who was former Umno deputy president, said that the latest postponement goes against Clause 10.16 of Umno’s constitution.
Clause 10.16 states the Umno supreme council has the right to postpone party elections but that this postponement cannot exceed 18 months from the date of the supposed elections.
Though Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said the Registrar of Societies (ROS) had approved the latest postponement, Muhyiddin questioned the legitimacy of this approval.
“Is it true what Tengku Adnan said about ROS allowing this extension? With this extension, does it not go against the law and the Umno constitution itself? The ROS should answer this,” Muhyiddin demanded at a press conference at the Bersatu headquarters in Petaling Jaya.
The ROS is only a regulatory body and does not have the power to supersede a party's constitution, he pointed out.
Umno had initially announced in 2015 that they would postpone party elections - which were supposed to be held the latest by October 2016 - by 18 months.
This meant that the party elections should be held latest by this April 19.
On Tuesday, Tengku Adnan had said that Umno was postponing their elections again, pushing it back by a year to April 19, 2019.
[More to follow]

- Mkini


THE day Dr Mahathir Mohamad visited the Orang Asli settlement in Pekan, Pahang, was the day Barisan Nasional organised a karaoke competition with a lucky draw.
While the former prime minister made an appearance at Kampung Gumum today, the village security and development committee (JKKK) organised an event at Ulu Gumum.
Local sources said Chini assemblyman Abu Bakar Harun was behind the competition.
But there was not a sign of a BN logo in the poster and the karaoke was organised under JKKK, with villagers given RM50 per song.
However, barely 30 people took part while at least 150 people showed up to see Dr Mahathir.
Barely 30 people turned up for the competition which paid villagers RM50 per song. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, February 28, 2018.
Barely 30 people turned up for the competition which paid villagers RM50 per song. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, February 28, 2018.
Earlier in the day, locals said 100 Orang Asli students from SK Tasik Chini were given RM100 each for their education.
Local villager Muhamad Anak Lelaki Kassim said the karaoke event was to portray Dr Mahathir as not having any support.
“They know he is here so they tried their best. All of a sudden there was a karaoke competition which offered a lucky draw,” Muhamad told The Malaysian Insight.
Another villager Suzadi Nubi, said the opposition’s influence was growing in Pekan and BN was trying to stop it.
“There has never even been anything like this. They are really desperate,” he said.
The locals said they were fed up of BN as there have not been much development in the past decade.
The locals said they were fed up of BN as there have not been much development in the past decade.
Some of the villagers listening to Dr Mahathi Mohamad. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, February 28, 2018.
“There have not been any change. There has been three prime ministers but nothing has been done. We are stagnant,” Muhamad said.
They also complained the roads were poorly built and there were no street lights in in the trunk roads connecting the villages.
Dr Mahathir in his brief speech told the Orang Asli Pakatan Harapan will look after the community.
“I promise we will address the  problems faced by Orang Asli. In my time, many people benefitted but nobody had to dig for bauxite,” he said.
Due to economic hardship, many turned to bauxite mining which has led to the rapid environmental decline of the famous Tasik Chini. – February 28, 2018.
– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com


Semalam kerajaan Switzerland dilaporkan mahu menuntut wang berjumlah RM400 juta berkaitan 1MDB yang dirampas daripada beberapa bank negara itu berikutan tiada pihak yang menuntutnya.
Wang itu kini disimpan di perbendaharaan Switzerland dan Malaysia barangkali sengaja tidak mahu menuntutnya kerana ingin melindungi Jho Low dan sederetan nama lain yang dikaitkan dengan kecurian dana 1MDB yang keseluruhannya berjumlah hampir RM20 bilion itu.
Jika Malaysia cuba menuntut wang itu sekarang, mereka tidak saja perlu mengemukakan beberapa dokumen bagi tujuan itu, malah mungkin mendedahkan banyak perkara mengenai Jho Low,  lain-lain nama dan urusniaga 1MDB kepada kerajaan Switzerland.
Jadi, jalan selamat bagi Najib Razak dan demi melindungi Jho Low ialah dengan membiarkan RM400 juta itu hangus begitu saja.
Mujur Tun Mahathir Mohamad memberi jaminan bahawa Pakatan Harapan akan segera menuntut wang tersebut sebaik saja memenangi PRU 14 akan datang.
Kata beliau, wang tersebut adalah milik kita dan kita berhak terhadapnya.
Bermakna, dengan mengundi dan memastikan kemenangan Pakatan Harapan akan membantu mengembalikan wang tersebut kepada kantung negara, selain pendurjana 1MDB lebih mudah di bawa ke muka pengadilan, manakala mengekalkan Najib dan BN hanya menyebabkan wang RM400 juta itu terus lesap serta Jho Low dan lain-lainnya akan terus bebas merdeka.
Hari ini pula, Indonesia dengan kerjasama FBI berjaya merampas kapal mewah, Equanimity milik Jho Low yang turut dipercayai dibeli menggunakan wang 1MDB yang diselewengkan.
Kapal berharga RM800 juta itu sudah lama dicari sejak DOJ menyenaraikannya sebagai sebahagian aset yang mahu dirampas. Ia dirampas di perairan Bali setelah perancangan teliti selama lapan hari dilakukan.
Difahamkan juga, kapal tersebut turut digunakan oleh Jho Low untuk bergerak ke mana-mana destinasi, malah juga merupakan “kediaman bergeraknya” sejak skandal 1MDB meletus di beberapa negara dan DOJ memfailkan saman sivil serta jenayah berkaitan syarikat pelaburan itu.
Memang nama Jho Low belum disenaraikan untuk dicari lagi oleh FBI,  tetapi dengan beberapa aset dan kapalnya sudah dirampas, ia tentu saja akan menghadkan pergerakannya selepas ini.
Sebelum ini, jet peribadinya yang dibeli dengan wang 1MDB juga sudah pun disita oleh DOJ.
Dalam diam, keadaan ini bukan saja membuatkan Jho Low yang akan mula akan kepanasan, bahkan ia tentu juga membahang sama ke tubuh empunya badan yang pernah menerima RM2,600 juta melalui akaun peribadi, yang diberikan hadiah barang kemas ratusan juta termasuk “pink diamond” dan yang menerima ratusan juta lagi untuk membeli kondo mewah dan menerbitkan filem di Hollywood.
Inilah bala 1MDB yang terpaksa ditanggung dengan perasaan malu oleh rakyat Malaysia ketika ini.
Sudah pasti bala ini akan terus datang dan menggila, memalukan kita semua, kecuali tampuk kerajaan dapat ditukar dengan segera.
– http://shahbudindotcom.blogspot.sg/