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Friday, January 31, 2020

40 Malaysian students have returned from China, says Wisma Putra

Forty Malaysian students in China, most of whom have been studying in Beijing, have returned home in the wake of the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak in China.
In a statement issued last night, Wisma Putra said all students had undergone health screening at the airport upon returning to Malaysia and had thereafter been placed under home surveillance at their respective homes for 14 days.
"So far, the students who have returned, are in good health," it said, adding that the students had each been provided with an assessment tool by the Health Ministry.
So far, Malaysia has eight confirmed cases of the virus, all of whom comprise Chinese nationals.
It has been reported that the government is currently prioritising the return of 117 Malaysians from Hubei province. - Bernama

The great Arab double-cross

As the dust settles on the “deal of the century”- US President Donald Trump’s “peace plan” - there isn’t any stronger criticism that I can offer than has been already expressed from every quarter, not least of which from America’s own political leaders (and presidential hopefuls) such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom expressed outrage and disgust at the proposal.
In every facet of it, this conspiracy between Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is anything but an honest attempt at resolving the enduring injustice of our age - that of Israel’s imposition of an apartheid state in Palestine.
While you can certainly consider my voice added to the chorus, I think it’s important to also expose the enablers who facilitated this travesty, namely, the Gulf Arab kingdoms who have forsaken five million kindred souls into a perpetual state of suffering and injustice.
Even if, as the boy wonder so indelicately put it, the Palestinians have “screwed up every chance for peace they were given in the last 70 years”, it’s still unconscionable to sweep them all into the dustbin of history.

I know there are always apologists who claim that the Palestinians deserve their lot because of their willingness to resort to violence. Indeed, the haters don’t stop there. There’s a growing revulsion towards Arabs in particular, and Muslims in general, for their perceived aggression and irascibility.
However you feel about it, it’s worth mentioning that the nations engaged in the longest endless wars and conflicts are actually not Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya, but America and Great Britain. Israel has been constantly fighting with others since the very day it was gifted into existence by these very same powers.
You might not like to hear it, but those are the facts, folks.
Even if you accept the anti-Arabists at face value - not that I do, mind you, but that’s a discussion for another day - it is still worth considering where to draw the line. If we can forsake five million Palestinians, then what about 100 million Arabs, or 50 million Iranians, or even a billion Muslims the world over?
Just asking such a question is outrageous.
Can you even imagine substituting Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, or, God forbid, Jews, in such a question? Haters, I ask you, where would you draw the line?
All this makes it that much more incredulous that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Bahrain - all endorsed the Kushner (above)/Netanyahu/Zionist Israeli conspiracy.
It begs some basic questions: Why would these Arab states celebrate the dehumanisation of a people that the rest of the world consider indistinguishable from themselves? What will be the consequences to their own future well-being and self-worth? And, most importantly, how could their respective citizens possibly condone such an action? 
Do they really think that when the day of reckoning comes upon them that the Israelis and the Americans will stand by them side-by-side, willing to spill their blood in their defence?
If you’ve stopped laughing, then consider the simple answer: none of these countries are democracies or even autocracies. They are outright absolute monarchies which rule by force, coercion, and deception.
The Saudis may be the ringleaders and the Bahrainis their toadies, but they are all cut from the same bloody cloth. These hypocrites believe that by bending to the will of American Zionists, they have ensured longevity for their own regimes. 
Well, I’m not a betting man, but I would challenge you to find anyone to take that wager at any odds.
Alas, this misalliance has entered their citizenry into a marriage that is bound to be plagued with untold domestic abuses. The people never had any choice in the matter; their rulers have absolute domain over their subjects to do as they please.
The domestic population of these countries overwhelmingly sympathise with the Palestinian plight, and reject the apartheid conditions that Palestinians suffer under, but sadly, their will is the mere plaything of their overlords.
As the fable goes, it is when the hand is tight that the temptation to splurge is greatest, so that the beggar may feel like a king. Just so, their excesses will end soon enough and balance will be restored.
This is true for Bibi, for Jared, for Donald, and for all their newly won-over pals from the Gulf. In the meantime, we support the Palestinians and condemn the apartheid Zionists, as strongly as we can do, as we must do. 

RAIS HUSSIN is a supreme council member of Bersatu. He also heads its policy and strategy bureau. - Mkini

Anwar says desperate politicians use 3Cs to advance political agendas

PKR, the party with the biggest number of seats in Parliament, held its national Chinese New Year (CNY) open house in Penang last night to drive home two key messages - unity among the country's different ethnic communities is necessary for the country to move forward, and that Malaysians can look forward to a bright future when its president, Anwar Ibrahim, takes the helm as the eight prime minister.
Anwar was in top form last night as he covered three CNY open houses in quick succession.
He was at Rifle Range in an event organised by Kebun Bunga assemblyperson Jason Ong Khan Lee and at another event in the Esplanade, organised by MPs Sim Tze Tzin (Bayan Baru) and Muhamad Bakhtiar Wan Chik (Balik Pulau).

Sim, who is Agriculture deputy minister, is also PKR's strategic director, while Muhammad Bakhtiar is Tourism deputy minister and Penang PKR chief.
Anwar, who is Port Dickson MP, also went to Penang DAP's CNY do at Karpal Singh Drive last night, which was also attended by Finance Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.
At his speech at the Esplanade, Anwar hit out hard at certain quarters who persistently manipulate race and religion to advance their narrow political agendas.
According to him, the country has been besieged by three Cs - communism, communalism and corruption.
"Desperate politicians continue to use these issues to advance their interests. In the end, only the people below are fighting, while these politicians or groups become wealthy," he said.
"Racial heroes never care for the people, they care only about themselves, about their own wealth and prosperity. This does not only apply to Malays but Chinese and Indians as well.
"It's time the people are aware and do not get influenced by such propaganda. Malaysia has diverse communities – we should learn from one another instead of sowing seeds of enmity and discord among ourselves," he stressed.
Penang street food
When he arrived at the Esplanade about 8pm, Anwar and a host of Pakatan Harapan leaders were greeted by a lion dance and the pair of lions escorted him to the main table.
Bright, colourful spotlights flooded the stage, where moments later Anwar and other PKR, DAP, Bersatu and Amanah leaders tried their hands on Chinese calligraphy and tossed the ‘yee sang’ for prosperity.
Accompanying Anwar were Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, his deputies, P Ramasamy and Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman, and DAP senior leader Lim Kit Siang.
The 500-odd crowd, which was treated to an array of mouth-watering Penang street food, was later entertained by a glittering Boria performance, bringing home memories of the state's traditional arts and heritage highlighting Penang's mixed communities.
Meanwhile, journalists who followed him at all three locations were disappointed that the PM-designate did not entertain questions as he left the events soon after he arrived. - Mkini

Yoursay: Judge will have to decide whether to believe Najib

YOURSAY | ‘Even if only RM420 went into my account, I’d want to know where it came from.’
JWT: I can’t argue against the judge’s reasoning and decision (to allow former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak's application to call an expert handwriting witness).
The defence knows the signatures have been forged otherwise they would not be asking for a handwriting expert. Why? Because the SRC scam had been planned down to the smallest minutiae.
Should the expert opinion go in favour of the defence, then one can infer that the forgeries were intentional and premeditated acts executed in the course of the scam.
Who is the most likely culprit who forged the signatures? Probably former SRC International chief executive officer Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil (who is conveniently missing). All in my humble opinion.
The Wakandan: Seriously, I just can’t believe that Najib is still saying the US$2.6 billion in his bank account came from an Arab donor.
Someone should tell him that every single US dollar that is transferred electronically has to be authorised by one of the four major US banks in New York, hence there is no running away from the US dollar tracking system which records the amount, beneficiary and benefactor of all international payment transfers.
Newday: The accused, did you or any other senior ministers ever require cabinet papers to be submitted before you disappeared on overseas junkets? No. You just went.
So, why the need of a cabinet paper in this particular case for second finance minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah to go to Switzerland to try and get back RM3.6 billion of SRC’s funds there?
The allegedly misappropriated Malaysian money had ended up in Switzerland. Swiss authorities contacted Malaysia and advised so - providing relevant information.
Get your man over there as soon as possible even if the plan is a bit loose at the time. Certainly, after the team comes back from Switzerland, it should prepare a cabinet paper as the information was of national significance. Yet you shut it all down on the flimsiest of reasons - 'not much of a plan'!
Later, the Swiss authorities volunteered to come here and present the facts to you. What did you do? You shut them down, you initially ignored them and then informed them there was no need, yet hundreds of millions had been identified by them as misappropriated from Malaysia.
You did nothing. Why? Because you knew all trails lead back to you. Your fingerprint expert and your lack of query as to why so much money was transferred into your bank account will not save you from the truth.
Manja: It’s so amazing how people make use of their trusted managers to cover their tracks and feign ignorance.
I am a managing director (MD) of my company and is responsible for the mistakes made by my accountants and auditors, and should that be the case, I have to pay the fine.
That goes the same for all executives, including the former PM. He has to take responsibility for mistakes which happened under his watch even if he did not see the bank statements.
And why change the attorney-general (AG) and MACC chief if you were innocent? Just accept the fact that you are not so clever after all.
Vijay47: This is a good decision by the judge. In allowing the application by the defence for an Australian handwriting expert to examine Najib's signatures, High Court judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali has protected the integrity of the trial and ensured that in the event of any appeal should the accused by found guilty, the defence cannot claim that they were prevented from submitting all favourable evidence.
And obviously, the prosecution is also permitted to bring in its own handwriting expert.
I am curious about just one thing - these news reports keep referring to an "Australian" handwriting expert. What if for any reason the Australian expert is unable to attend, would the judge's decision allow an expert from another country?
Anonymous_f9ff4347: The law is simple. If you see huge sums of money in your account that you don't know where the source is, you are required by law to report this for investigation of potential money-laundering crimes.
If you don't and you then use the money, you are then guilty of money laundering. Simple as that. Otherwise, everyone in Malaysia can do this - launder money and get away with it.
In any non-jury trial, it is the judge who will eventually determine whether he believes the defence’s story.
Honma: Najib claimed he did not know where the first RM2 billion of the SRC money had been invested. And he got the cheek to say that he approved another RM2 billion urgently because there was an opportunity for investments.
It is looks like his only duty is to approve and did not care what was done with the people's money. Mind you, he was then the PM and the finance minister.
Cogito Ergo Sum: Indeed, as finance minister, you did not know RM42 million in your account came from a government-linked company (GLC)?
You must be the worst finance minister in the world. And you were running the country as if the taxpayers’ money was yours to personally use. Where did you learn to think like this?
David: Even if only RM420 went into my account, I would want to know where it came from. Here, we have Bossku with RM42 million banked into his account and he doesn't know the source.
Apa Ini: Who receives millions and don't bother to check if the money is in his accounts? Nobody! Even billionaire Bill Gates would check.
Wira: Najib never needed to remember or know anything about the source of money that he was to spend.
As long as BN wins in every general election, who would dare to question, or check? - Mkini

Syed Saddiq and parents surrounded, heckled by mob

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and his parents were allegedly forced to flee last night when a large group surrounded their table during a Johor Bersatu Youth gathering last night.
According to the minister, who is Bersatu Youth chief, a group of about 200 people allegedly gatecrashed the function and surrounded him and began heckling and shouting.

He and his family were at the gathering at a restaurant at Ulu Tiram last night, together with members from the Youth, women and division wings as well as their families.
Malacca exco member Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen and Puteri Wangsa assemblyperson Mazlan Bujang were also reportedly in attendance at the time.
“Gangster(s) and disrespectful.

“They stood surrounding our dining area, disturbing all other guests in attendance. They yelled and shouted all manner of coarse words. My parents were also witnesses last night,” he alleged in a Facebook posting.
In videos allegedly of the incident circulating online, the group could be heard yelling for the Muar MP to leave the state.
“What is this? There were small children, women at the function...Worse, they demanded the minister (himself) apologise to TMJ, if I were to leave. What happened? I do not know,” he further claimed.
He did not elaborate as to whom he meant by TMJ, although that is the popular moniker for Johor Regent Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim.
Syed Saddiq further claimed he, his family, the two assemblypersons and others had to “jump the fence” to get away.
An aide to the minister told Malaysiakini that a police report will be lodged but did not provide details as to where and when.
 - Mkini

China virus death toll rises to 258 with 45 new fatalities

A doctor attends to a patient in an isolation ward at a Wuhan hospital in central China’s Hubei Province. (AP pic)
BEIJING: The number of confirmed deaths from China’s coronavirus outbreak has risen to 258, as authorities in hardest-hit Hubei province on Saturday reported 45 new fatalities.

In its daily update, the provincial health commission also said newly confirmed cases of infection in Hubei continued to grow at a steady pace, with 1,347. - FMT

Parents and teachers cautious

Call to prayer: Dr Mahathir performing the Friday prayers and ‘Solat Hajat’ at the National Mosque.
PETALING JAYA: Parents and teachers are cautious about the implementation of the policy to revert to the teaching of Science and Maths in English as announced by the Prime Minister, warning that there may be hiccups unless resources are in place.
Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim hopes that detractors will refrain from opposing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s wish.
“We are short of 500,000 scientists and engineers to move the economy forward in order for Malaysians to enjoy a better quality of life, to leap over the middle-income trap and be a model nation, ” she said.
While the National Union of the Teaching Profession fully supports the teaching of Maths and Science in English, its secretary-general Harry Tan hopes that the implementation will be done carefully.
The Teaching and Learning of Science and Maths in English policy (better known by its Malay acronym, PPSMI) was a thorny issue for 11 years, he said.
In 2003, under Dr Mahathir’s first tenure as prime minister, PPSMI was introduced in phases, beginning with Year One, Form One and Lower Six students.
It was abolished in 2013 only to be replaced by the Dual Language Programme (DLP), which was announced during Budget 2016.
The DLP allows selected schools to teach Maths and Science in English.
“There were numerous problems plaguing the implementation – poor English proficiency, difficulties in preparing the dual language exam papers and the lack of motivation among the teachers themselves.
“Currently, we have something similar which is the DLP. Unfortunately, the programme is also fraught with problems, ” he said, adding that parents who want to send their children to do DLP are sometimes turned away as there are insufficient classes to cater to them.
The old guards who taught PPSMI have retired, he said.
“The majority of Science and Maths teachers today are not proficient in English. And we have problems getting Maths and Science textbooks in English, ” he said.
He appealed to Dr Mahathir to look at all aspects, especially the teaching force, before implementing a policy “that we may be ill prepared for”.
Lauding the move as “much anticipated”, Melaka Action Group for Parents in Education chairman Mak Chee Kin said it was a courageous step forward.
“Finally, someone dared to do what is good for our children though it may not be popular politically.
“Now, to encourage more schools to adopt the DLP. We can move from there, ” he said.
He, too, hopes that Dr Mahathir will ensure that resources like teachers and materials are in place before implementing the policy.
This, he said, was important to prevent a flip-flop.
MIC education bureau chairman and central working committee member Datuk P. Kamalanathan said the reasons why the policy was reversed the first time should be studied and only implemented when all shortcomings and gaps had been resolved.
“A comprehensive engagement should take place with the stakeholders to ensure they see the importance and relevance of the policy and embrace the change as this will be key in making it a success, ” said Kamalanathan, a former deputy education minister.
On Thursday, Dr Mahathir said English would again be used to teach Maths and Science.
He said the use of English and mastering the language in our education system must be promoted.
“It is very important that we give time for English, particularly in the learning of Science and Maths.
“Geography and History can come in any language but Maths and Science are not indigenous fields of knowledge (to us). They come from abroad.
“And most of it comes to us in English. Therefore, we are going to use English in the teaching of Science and Maths, ” he said.
He said those who studied Science in Bahasa Malaysia later found it difficult to work where English was required.
He was speaking during a special meeting with Education Ministry management officials on Thursday.
A video of his address was uploaded on social media. - Star

Tanah Palestin : Salafi Wahabi Sokong Komplot Donald Trump, DAP Pula Menolaknya Dengan Keras

Team Sahibul Samaha Salafi Wahabi Yang Tikam Belakang Palestin

Saudi, Egypt, Qatar, UAE on Tues welcomed Trump peace plan
kingdom appreciates Trump's comprehensive peace plan for Palestine / Israel
  • encourages direct nego between Palestine / Israelis under US auspices 
  • also called to resolve disagreements through negotiations
Crown Prince MBS : Peace is strategic choice, will bring permanent solution 

Egypt issued similar statement
Egypt appreciates US comprehensive, just settlement of Palestinian issue
thereby ending Palestinian-Israeli conflict 

My comments : 

After 72 years the Palestinians are finally being dumped permanently by the Arabs. 

For 72 years all Muslim politicians, dictators, illegitimate rulers and Arab kings worried about keeping their heads on their shoulders played the Palestinian card to the hilt. 

The Palestinians played a fantastic role as the victims of all the world's conspiracies against Islam. 

The Palestinians were mentioned in every Friday sermon in all the mosques in the muslim world. 

Now, after 72 years the salafi wahabi Saudis, UAE, Qatar plus Egypt are saying that the Palestinians can go and negotiate directly with Israel. Supervised by the US. 

  • Do not call us in the middle of the night. 
  • Do not ask us for money. 
  • Do not bother us anymore.
  • We have our own problems. 

The Palestinians have finally been sold down the river. 

In Malaysia Ms Teo Nee Ching of the DAP has protested vehemently against Donald Trump's peace plan. 

DAP's Ms Teo Nee Ching - Bukan Salafi Atau Wahabi

DAP's international secretary Teo Nie Ching urged the US not to implement the plan as it would threaten decades-long efforts to achieve peace in Palestine.

She also denounced the plan as lopsided in favour of Israel, which was decided without discussions with Palestinians or obtaining their agreement.

“This unilateral action by US-Israel within a span of three years, especially in the issue of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, formulating apartheid-like Jewish state laws and the announcement of the 'Deal of the Century' is an opression of the Palestian people.

“If this happens, US will directly negate the efforts of various quarters to estalish peace in the Middle East.

“DAP urges all to return to the discussion table based on the principles accepted by everyone and to take into account the people of Palestine, whose voice is the most important in this issue,” she added in a statement this evening.

Go beyond just having mee mamak together for racial unity, says Anwar

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim holding up a Chinese calligraphy piece he drew on stage together with Penang PKR chief Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik at the party’s national Chinese New Year open house in George Town today.
GEORGE TOWN: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today said the country was once again in the throes of racism as “desperate politicians” who have lost support are using racist sentiments to gain power.
He said this was disappointing as after 60 years’ of independence and under the new Pakatan Harapan government, racial tensions are being stoked up by some political leaders.
“The country has reached a point where issues of race have heated up, yet again. The political temperature is now rising as there are differences over racial issues. This should not happen post-Merdeka.
“I never imagined that these ‘orang atas’ would use this excuse (of matters related to race) to save themselves and their brand of politics. This kind of racist politics should have been rejected long ago.
“I remember during (former prime minister) Tun Razak Hussein’s time,  he had warned of the three threats, or ‘Cs’, a country can face — communism, communalism and corruption.
“But despite having gone through a change (in government), some people still want to continue this,” he said in his opening address for the national PKR Chinese New Year celebration at the Esplanade here today.
PKR president Anwar Ibrahim at the Penang DAP Chinese New Year open house at Karpal Singh Drive, Jelutong, Penang.
Anwar said as Malaysians, all must be mature about matters of race as it was not about having kuey teow or mamak mee goreng together, but to remain united in all other aspects for the future of the country.
“People who are champions of their own race (‘jaguh kaum’) never really bother about the poor. All they want is to make money and be in power.
“Leaders fighting at the top, be it Malay, Chinese or Indian … it would only make those at the bottom suffer. We must not be fooled by dirty propaganda that will threaten our future.”
Earlier, Anwar tried his hand at Chinese calligraphy, writing “We are one family”. Other PKR leaders wrote the same slogan in Jawi, Malay and English. - FMT

A refugee child’s story

Many Malaysians don’t know the suffering refugees endure. The process to make them eligible to stay in Malaysia, or to resettle them, is slow.
While they wait, their children cannot go to school. The adults cannot find jobs without being tricked, or taken advantage of. They would like to help and contribute towards our economy, but are unable to do so.
In a survey conducted last year by the Faculty of Medicine at the Sungei Buloh campus of Universiti Teknologi Mara, it was found that there were around 175,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia.
Children comprise 25% (48,000) of this population. Only 30% can be considered fortunate because they have access to schools. So what about the other 70% of children?
I know of a refugee family that lives in a small town near Ipoh. The family sought asylum in Malaysia 11 years ago.
The head of the family is from Jaffna province, Sri Lanka, and was a Hindu. His wife, from Kandy, was a Buddhist. They fell in love and married. The country was then at war, so they decided to flee for the safety of their family.
They were deemed to be from opposite sides of the civil conflict. He was Tamil and she was Sinhalese. Despite being close to the end of the hostilities, trouble was still evident and some people found their union unacceptable.
Through a mutual friend, I befriended a daughter of this refugee family. Sheila is 17 years old and was five when she came to Malaysia. She exudes confidence and speaks good English. She is a bright young girl and would like to be a physiotherapist.
“Why physiotherapy?” I asked.
It transpires that in a backroom lies an older sister who suffers from epilepsy. She wants to help alleviate the suffering of people like her sister, who has made several trips to the hospital for treatment.
Sheila said that life as a refugee is hard. “The government does not help us. For instance, we pay full rates at the government hospital. There is no special treatment.
“My brothers and I cannot enrol at the local government school. David, my younger brother, would like to be an engineer, but we are denied basic education.
“As we are Christian, we attend a church/refugee school, which is located in a house. The subjects are limited, but we are grateful for the help.”
Her mother stays at home to take care of her epileptic sister.
Sheila said each time her older sister is hospitalised, they fear for her life as the family has no money to pay the medical bills, despite the low government hospital charges.
She said: “We pray that we will be resettled in America, or be given Malaysian citizenship. We do not get a living allowance from the United Nations (UN) and we are grateful the church is giving us some groceries.
“Our lives are filled with uncertainty. We cannot plan. We have no access to affordable healthcare. Only the UN can say what will happen to us, but we have not heard from them. No-one tells us anything. So we wait and wait.
“In the meantime, I wish we were treated equally. I wish my sister could have better medical care and medicine. I wish there is better education for me and my brothers, and my parents can get proper jobs.
“Some Malaysians look down on us, especially after finding out we are refugees.
“At first, they think we are just Malaysian Indians, but when they realise we are refugees, they send the police to our house, even when we have done nothing wrong.
“If our neighbours discover we are refugees, some would mentally harass us or badmouth us. Sometimes, people stand in front of our homes just to stare at us.
“When Malaysian employers find out we are refugees, they reduce our pay, or pay our wages late, or even refuse to pay up. Nothing happens when we report them to the authorities.”
Refugees who possess a UN identity card can obtain a permit to work from the Immigration Department in Putrajaya.
Sheila alleges that previously, they used to face harassment from the authorities, with some refugees found working forced to pay money. They were often seen as “automated teller machines on legs”, she alleged.
Now, under this new government, this type of abuse has been reduced, although it occasionally still happens.
Sheila said: “We feel safe in Malaysia, but despair that there is no future or job security, educational opportunities or health security for the family, because of the slow pace of resolving our refugee status.
“I hope Malaysia and the UN will act fast because we only want a better future, just like other people. No more, or less. Please treat us as human beings. Don’t look down on us.” - FMT