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Friday, May 26, 2017


The estranged half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reportedly met with a suspected US intelligence agent in Malaysia four days before he died, according to a Japanese newspaper.
Malaysian investigators believe the meeting was the reason behind Pyongyang’s assassination of Kim Jong Nam.
He arrived in Malaysia two days earlier on February 6 from Macau, where he had been living in exile with his family.
Hotel security cameras show Kim meeting a middle-aged Korean-American man with US citizenship the day after he arrived in Langkawi.
Kim Jong Nam’s alleged assassination (Image: Supplied)
He had a two-hour meeting with the man, who is based in Bangkok, in a hotel suite, according to the Asahi Shimbun.
The man and Kim had previously met in Malaysia on several occasions.
Malaysian authorities had been tracking the man every time he entered Malaysia, believing he may have had links to a US intelligence agency.
Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (Image: AFP)
Kim returned to Kuala Lumpur on February 12 and was poisoned the following day at Kuala Lumpur International Airport by two women, who still maintain they were led to believe they were pranking him for a reality television show.
The US citizen left Malaysia on the day of Kim’s assassination.
Malaysian investigators believe North Korea’s secret police had learned of Kim’s activities in Malaysia and subsequently assassinated him.
– http://www.9news.com.au


KUALA LUMPUR – Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Geely Automobile, Li Shufu, is the man who dared to buy loss-making national car maker Proton.
After years of dwindling sales and financial losses, it is hoped that finally now, Shufu is the man who would work his “magic”’ in reviving Proton as he did with prestigious Swedish auto maker Volvo.
Given his proven track record in turning round loss-making auto companies, the Malaysian government and Proton’s parent company DRB-Hicom are confident he will herald a new era of growth for Proton.
Yesterday, DRB-Hicom signed an agreement with China-based Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group Ltd for the Chinese car group to acquire 49.9% in the national car maker.
Under the deal, Proton would also dispose its entire stake in British sports carmaker Lotus for 100 million pounds (£1=RM5.57), a move that will enable Proton to cut its losses.
As Geely’s owner, Shufu owns 100% of Volvo, yet many might not be aware that the owner hails from China.
Shufu is rare among today’s many Chinese entrepreneurs for taking on auto manufacturing as it is a sector dominated by state enterprises and multinationals.
He founded Geely in 1986 to build refrigerators and became an automaker in 1997 when he wanted to produce a cheap car for the masses.
Geely Group now has reached 1.3 million car sales in the financial year 2016.
And, Shufu is now reportedly worth a staggering US$7bil.
As an entrepreneur-owner, his almost 50% ownership is a major plus point which Proton would derive from the partnership.
This is because Geely is a “entrepreneur driven” auto company and one of the few left in the world as opposed to car firms owned by state enterprises and multinationals.
As an entrepreneur-owner, there would undoubtedly be a greater sense of personal commitment to ensure that Proton achieves success at the domestic, regional and possibly global levels.
No wonder he is sometimes referred to as the ‘’Henry Ford of China.’’ Before he bought Volvo in 2010, the Swedish car maker owned by Ford then was on the brink of extinction.
He also owns the iconic London taxi Company.
With Geely’s expertise, one can expect new Proton models, transfer of technology, more jobs, auto engineers and bigger orders for parts vendors.
The partnership can also help ramp up production capacity of its under-utilised Tanjung Malim plant to its full annual capacity.
The Chinese firm’’s acquisition of Proton nicely fits into its plans to make its presence felt in South-east Asia for which it has been on the lookout for a manufacturing plant in the region.
Investor sentiment on Geely has been immensely favourable with its share price on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange having risen from HK$3.77 in 2014 to HK$11.50 as of May 22, 2017.
Only time will tell whether Proton would emerge as a formidable automative player again.
Nevertheless, with Shufu and Geely providing solid backing, our very own and much-loved Proton brand now has a real chance of making a comeback, and probably a huge comeback at that
– Bernama

Koon Yew Yin : Opposition Grand Coalition Can KO Barisan

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For those of you who do not know him, Mr Koon Yew Yin is Malaysia's version of Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet was once the richest man in the US. He is still among the Top 3 beside Bill Gates and one more.  Warren Buffet is a savvy stock market investor in the US.

Koon Yew Yin is also a very successful stock market investor with a networth that runs into the hundreds of millions of Ringgit (or more).  

I saw him in person yesterday at an event at Hotel Istana. Despite being a multi-millionaire (if not a billionaire) Mr Koon arrived by LRT.

Mr Koon also writes a blog and makes very frank and honest comments about things.

Today he has written about the Barisan Nasional's imminent demise at the next general elections. 

Opposition Grand Coalition Can KO Barisan

According to news report on the celebration of UMNO’s 71 anniversary, Prime Minister Najib has teased the UMNO supporters by asking if he should dissolve Parliament as early as the next day.

Well, some observers see it as a sign that he is very confident of a victory and that he may call for an election soon.

However, there are two sayings which he needs to be reminded.

One is the old saying – “Pride goes before a fall”

The other is a quote attributed to Harold Washington, the first African-American elected as Mayor of Chicago. “Let’s not be overconfident, we still have to count the votes.”

BN sponsored analysts who dominate the official media have been saying that BN has more than the required number of votes to win the next election by a comfortable margin. In fact, some are so confident that they are assuring BN of a more than two thirds majority. Because these analysts are tied to the BN money machine, this message of a big BN victory will be drummed into our heads for the next few months.

But is this big BN victory a sure thing?

Going by my knowledge of politics in Ipoh and Perak, I wish to differ.

Tide Turning Against BN

In Perak, most voters have not forgotten that power was stolen from Pakatan by the BN through unconstitutional means by Najib with the assistance of the present MB Zambry.

In the next election, many voters will want to correct the injustice and vote for the opposition.

Included in this group will be most of the civil servants as well as Felda settlers who have been regarded as UMNO’s and BN’s vote banks.

To some extent these voters have also been PAS’s vote banks.

But will the Malay civil servants and Felda settlers continue to allow themselves to be swayed by racial and religious politics; and vote with their hearts rather than with their heads in the next election.

Or will they realize that both UMNO and PAS have let them down badly and are not worth the support that the two parties have been provided with during the past 50 years and more.

Today, everyone except for the elite are suffering from a socio-economic crisis arising from the mismanagement of the economy and pervasive corruption. Food is more expensive, transport prices have soared, education costs have escalated.

According to Ceupacs President, Azih Muda, civil servants have ended up heavily in debt to manage rising living costs, to the point that more than 60,000 of them risk bankruptcy.

“This is a direct effect of the hike in cost of living. Civil servants end up taking up a lot of loans and this is unsustainable and they are unable to manage their finances,” Azih told the foreign news agency Reuters.

Of course, this report was not carried in the mainstream Malay media. Neither have been the numerous reports on the financial mess that UMNO leaders have inflicted on Feilda settlers through the launch of Felda Global Ventures Berhad.

The plight of civil servants and Felda settlers was totally ignored by UMNO during its lavish anniversary celebrations.

Correction: it was not ignored because UMNO dished out freebies such as sweets, candies, biscuits, and Gardenia sponge cakes. Big show but pathetic deal which has gone viral.

I am sure the opposition parties will be using the images of these UMNO freebies in contrast to the 1MDB and other goodies spread the Prime Minister to show around the kampungs when election time comes around.

This publicity stunt by UMNO that it is taking care of Malay welfare is so brainless that I am surprised that it was agreed to by Najib and his team. But then at the same time I am not surprised. It shows the level of disrespect and contempt that UMNO’s leadership has for its grassroots.

Throw them a few goodies and they will be satisfied seems to be the UMNO message.

This time though I am sure the revolt of the Malay masses will take place. And when this revolt led by the civil servants and Felda settlers happens at the polling booth, a new page in our nation’s history will be reached.

Battle for Change Led by Dr. Mahathir

Fittingly, the battle for change will be led by Dr. Mahathir. Several weeks ago, I attended a Parti Pribumi Bersatu meeting at Padang Rengas, Kuala Kangsar where I took the opportunity to renew my friendship with him and gave him a copy of my book,” Road Map for Achieving Vision 2020” which was partly inspired by Dr. Mahathir’s vision for our nation’s future. Dr Mahathir was my business partner before he became the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the function organised by Parti Satu, mostly ex-UMNO members, attended the function.

It is not only the Malay masses who will push for change. Today we have a new opposition coalition which will operate as a single entity against Barisan Nasional. Featuring PPBM, DAP, PKR and Parti Amanah Negara as its component members, the opposition coalition will also include East Malaysian parties. This is an unprecedented grand coalition of Malaysian anti-BN voters which in my opinion can bring about the biggest upset in our political history once it gets its act together.

In the last GE, the opposition secured more than 51 percent of the total votes, but in terms of state and parliamentary seats, the opposition had less than BN because of the gerrymandering.

Although the gerrymandering will continue during the next elections, the significant difference is that Dr. Mahathir’s new party under Tan Sri Muhyiddin will be competing for Malay votes in the small towns and villages.

I believe too that PAS is deeply divided under President Hadi Awang, who is presently very sick and unable to exert much influence. Once it becomes clear that the new grand opposition coalition will win, I expect many Pas leaders and voters to join the opposition and leave BN, the sinking boat

My comments :  When will the elections be held?  Its all about making people feel good.

There will be a hype up over Bulan Puasa from May 27 till about June 26th. 

The Civil Servants will be treated to makan tak habis type 'gomen sponsored' Buka Puasa.  Make them feel 'kenyang'.

The stock market may see a Ramadhan Rally - to make the Chinese happy as well. There are few or no more Malay investors ("punters")  in the Stock Market.

There will be a big boost up over Hari Raya (June 26th).  Possibly PLUS will be told to give huge Toll Discounts over the Hari Raya holidays. (Of course they can claim it back from the gomen).

Throughout July,  after Hari Raya,  there will be one month of Syawal Open Houses (from June 26 till July 25th)  to make the Civil Servants happy.   This year will see an overflow of feasting in the Month of Syawal at Minister's and Ministry 'open houses'.

Come August, there will be more "feel good" for the 60th Merdeka Celebrations. It will be one month of flag waving, chest thumping and butt kissing.

The SEA Games will also be held around this time (19th - 20th August). More opportunities to pump up the "feel good".

The "feel good" will peak at the Budget 2018 which will be tabled in October. Many goodies will be given out,  taxes cut,  taxes and duties on cars will be cut (since Proton has been sold to Geely) causing a significant drop in car prices (thank you in advance).

Since "feel good" is very expensive and the "feel good" can disappear very quickly without money, they will likely dissolve Parliament just after the October Budget.

Time is not on their side. As more time passes, things are getting worse for the Malays. The Elders talked about seeing a Malay family of five eating white rice and sharing two pieces of chicken. 

Mr Koon Yew Yin is correct. They will be kicked out.

Trump OutTrumps US Military Industrial Complex ?

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From the very beginning Donald Trump has been against big ticket military spending. One of the first things he did as president-elect was to say that he will relook the insanely overbudget and too expensive US400 BILLION F35 stealth fighter program. Almost  immediately Lockheed slashed the cost by US700 Million.

Trump also said that NATO should pay more for US troops and equipment stationed in Europe to protect European borders.

Yesterday in Europe, NATO and the EU were quite shocked when Trump repeated this same message. Here is the New York Times :

In NATO Speech, Trump Is Vague About Mutual Defense Pledge

President Trump on Thurs punctured any illusions he was fence-mending in Europe
declining to explicitly endorse NATO’s mutual defense pledge 
lashing out at NATO for “chronic underpayments” to alliance

tense day when Trump brought “America first” to very heart of Europe
European leaders visibly unsettled
some openly lamenting divisions with US on trade, climate, Russia.

discord palpable in body language
Trump greeted Macron grabbed hands, jaws clenched
Trump push aside Montenegro PM to get to his assigned place in front

split starkest at NATO hq 
Trump lectured allies on financial contributions
Trump repeated complaint US was shouldering unfair burden
"23 of 28 member nations not paying what they should be paying” Trump declared

“not fair to the people and taxpayers of the US” he added. 

“And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years”

Trump said NATO members must "finally contribute" fair share to defense 
“not fair to the people and taxpayers of US .."

Earlier Trump, a critic of EU during campaign, received chilly reception in Brussels

In talks Trump differed over intentions and policies of Putin of Russia

My comments :  Trump appears to be against war. Or at least he does not want the US to fight more wars. 

This makes Trump an Enemy of the Military Industrial Complex. The Military Industrial Complex is too powerful. They need to sell their weapons. This means they need war.

To make war profits, they need profitable enemies. Russia can be a profitable enemy. But Trump does not wish to make enemies of Russia and Vladimir Putin. 

This makes the Military Industrial Complex very unhappy with Trump. They may even "take him out".  Just like what happened to John F Kennedy 54 years ago. 

And now Trump does not want to pay more than his fair share of NATO's Budget.  Meaning less weapons purchases from the Military Industrial Complex.

But Trump is a 'deal maker'. The Art Of The Deal.How to make the Military Industrial Complex happy AND cut military spending at the same time.

Trump's insistence that NATO members pay up their share of NATO's defense budget means that there will still be weapons purchases from the Military Industrial Complex. A lot of NATO countries use American made weapons.

The US will pay less, NATO will pay more but the weapons will still get bought.

Then Trump has cut a deal with Saudi Arabia. Trump's Special Advisor and son-in-law Jared Kuschner (who is a Jew, without intending any offense) put together that US$110 BILLION defense deal with Saudi Arabia. 

Trump has told the Saudis and the Islamic countries that the US will not be coming to their aid or their defense anymore. "You can settle your own problems" he told them point blank.

BUT (this is a big BUT) the US will sell the Saudis all the weapons they need.

This keeps the Military Industrial Complex happy. They still get to sell their weapons. US$110 BILLION worth.

My guess is the US will soon loosen up on weapons exports to other countries. Whoever would like to buy an M1 Abrams tank, maybe you will get a chance to do it sometime. 

As Predicted, New "Peace Process" Sparks Massive Salafi Violence In Pihilippines

Hi folks. Been occupied with plenty other things for the past  six days. Almost back to normal now. New responsibilities and new directions have come up which will require more time. Its all about time. What we do with our 24 hours.

Anyway, please recall that just a few weeks ago I predicted that there will be an outbreak of violence in Mindanao and possible Sabah. Well it has happened. As you read this, fierce firefights are still going on in Marawi City in Mindanao. The ISIS inspired Maute terrorists are still shooting against Philippine government forces. Here is the news :

7 soldiers and police killed in Marawi 
operation to rescue dozens of hostages held by IS terrorists

5 soldiers and 2 policemen killed in clashes with militants since Tuesday

army kill 13 gunmen of IS-affiliated Maute group 
overran local clinic, taking hostages, occupying Marawi City Hall

forces rescued 78 civilians from Medical Center 
terrorists tried to use them as human shields 
troops secured 42 teachers trapped at Dansalan College
31 soldiers wounded in rescue attempt 

Tues night, Duterte placed entire Mindanao under martial law for 60 days 
after battles between govt and Maute in Marawi escalated

Duterte forced to cut short his trip to Russia to tackle terrorist insurgency

“Anyone now holding a gun, confronting the government with violence, my orders are spare no one, let us solve the problems of Mindanao once and for all," Duterte said Wednesday.

“If I think you should die, you will die. If you fight us, you will die. If there's an open defiance, you will die, and if it means many people dying, so be it. That's how it is,” he added.

Duterte will not hesitate to declare martial law throughout entire country 
in event Maute and ISIS terrorists seek sanctuary in Visayas and Mindanao,” Duterte

“I will not allow the country to go to the dogs. As I said, the military has the primary role now of keeping the law and order situation and in all parts of the Republic of the Philippines,” the president said.

Philippines leader promised to resign if incapable of maintaining peace in his country

“As president, if I cannot confront them, I will resign,” Duterte said. “If I am incompetent and incapable of keeping order in this country, let me step down and give the job to somebody else.”

My comments :   The muddling Peace Process in Mindanao facilitated by Malaysia for the past 25 years or more has gone nowhere. Now with the election of Duterte, Malaysia has no role to play at all. 

So the Moro guys did the next best thing - they took their troubles to Saudi Arabia. Not all of them. Just two factions. Other factions were left out.

This is the  result.  The factions that were left out from Saudi Arabia have decided to attack Marawi City. The attack and holding ground (they occupied city hall, the hospital, schools and other buildings) was purely a show of force. They have no plans of permanently "liberating" any part of Mindanao from the Philippines.

This is just a statement that 'We are still here. You will have to deal with us".  

It means money. They want money.

The no nonsense Duterte has decided to take the more aggressive approach. 

If you decide to go to war, its all about firepower. 

There is always a price to pay for foolishness. 

Who is the fool and how big a price will they pay?

Don’t ‘knock’ your own country, Najib tells Malaysians

The prime minister says Malaysians should work together to make the nation stronger and even greater in the future.
najibKUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak today reminded Malaysians that they should fight for the country and never ever knock it down.

He said as Malaysians, everyone should also work together to make the nation stronger and even greater in the future.
“This is our country, we are born here. We are true Malaysians, we will fight for Malaysia.
“We should never ever knock Malaysia, because we have a chance to make it even stronger and even better in future,” he said when launching the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) logo and the second phase of the TN50 Dialogue here.
Also present were Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar and Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa.
Najib said with Malaysia’s economy now standing at RM1.3 trillion, he envisioned that it would increase to RM2 trillion by 2025, making Malaysia among the top 20 nations by then.
On TN50, he said the aspiration was truly a movement by the people for the people via the bottom-up approach, adding that it was also a movement started by the young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow.
“I want us to think about where we want to go, so we define our future direction, the future that we want. And it is our job to deliver the future that we want,” he told the more than 300 youths gathered at the event.
Najib added that the government would continue to carry out engagements with the grassroots.
He said engagements with the people would continue to be carried out to get inputs which later would be translated into a national blueprint.
The TN50, which was launched in January this year, is a follow up on the 2020 vision, which seeks to attain developed nation status for Malaysia, and is aimed at bringing about the next quantum leap of growth for the country from 2021 to 2050.
On the second phase of the TN50 Dialogue, a group of 84 members and 60 mentors, called Youth Circles of the Future, have been tasked with analysing and fine tuning the aspirations of youths, which were obtained via a series of dialogues in the first phase.
Apart from these, the group will also assist in translating their aspirations for direction-building that is more comprehensive from the perspective of youths to ensure acceptance as part of the process in formulation of programmes and policies.
Since it was launched, the TN50 Dialogue has received feedback from more than 1.2 million youths across the country via various channels and activities resulting in the collection of some 33,000 aspirations from the target group. -FMT


(LSS) – Proton was initially set-up by Mahathir as a 70% HICOM, 30% Mitsubishi JV.
But of course, according to Mahathir – 30% owned by Japanese is not selling the country but 49.9% owned by a Chinese company is considered selling the country?
Remember that Proton sales first started its decline in 2003 while he was still Prime Minster and advisor.
A short two years later in 2005, Perodua overtook Proton.
In 2012, Proton was no longer a government company as it was sold to Mahathir’s friend Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar. Mahathir never complained about this sale and instead, he welcomed it.
In fact, Mahathir, said in a joint interview on Dec. 12 2011 that Proton should be sold to DRB-Hicom — a company he described as being well-run and having the capacity to turn around Proton without undermining its vendors. http://bit.ly/2rn8Huj
Throughout, Mahathir was still advisor and later made Chairman.
Mahathir only resigned in 2016 when Proton made huge losses and was unable to pay their suppliers putting tens of thousands of jobs at risk
The govt  had to step in to give a RM1.5 billion soft loan, which Proton immediately used to pay off their suppliers.
In 2016, Proton made another RM1.4 billion loss and was overtaken by Honda in the local market – falling to third.
Again, the govt had to extend another RM1.7 billion in loans (on top of the RM1.5b) to enable it to continue surviving
All in all, the govt put up RM3.1 billion in BR1P (Bantuan Rakyat 1Proton) – or half of all BR1M for the year to bail out Mahathir’s failure.
And now, when a PRIVATE COMPANY which Mahathir had asked govt to sell to wants to sell a 49.9% stake to a foreign partner in a bid to survive, he now says he wants to cry and blames the govt?
It is typical of Mahathir to wash his hands of the failure he himself was the architect of and try to blame Mahathir.
Typical Mahathir. Always someone else’s fault – never his own.
When you tried to cheat the Tin Market using MAMINCO, lost billions, raided the EPF and destroyed our number one export then, it was the London Commodity Exchange’s fault – not Mahathir’s fault.
When the Ringgit dropped 65% from RM2.30 to RM3.80 when you left office and along the way almost collapsed all Malaysian banks, it is Soros’ fault – not Mahathir fault.
When BNM lost RM30 billion in the 1990s (RM80 billion in today’s money) gambling in FOREX, it was the fault of a department head, but strangely never punished nor prosecuted nor named as responsible – not Mahathir’s fault.
Again, if you want to cry so much that your “child is sold” then why not get your real sons and your friend Daim, who are the richest Malays to come in to buy the 49.9% and make you Chairman again?
Your son is the sole distributor for Porsche in Malaysia. Why can’t he sell Proton, his dad’s other child, too?

Survey: Malays, Indians more likely than others to prefer neighbours of the same race

KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — Nearly three-quarters of Malaysians did not mind living in a neighbourhood with mixed ethnicities, a Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) survey on unity has revealed.
Despite that, market research firm Kajidata said a bigger proportion of Malays and ethnic Indians still prefer to live with neighbours from the same ethnicities compared to the other groups surveyed, with 25.6 per cent and 19.5 per cent from each race respectively preferring so.
In comparison, the ethnic Chinese, Sabah Bumiputera and Sarawak Bumiputera have the smallest proportion of those who wish to live together with the same ethnicities.
“From the analysis, it is found that Malaysian citizens’ neighbourhood spirit needs to be refined so racial sentiment can be resolved in the future,” Kajidata said in its report.
“Based on the study, only the ethnic Chinese, Sabah Bumiputera and Sarawak Bumiputera were seen to give positive perception in not giving priority in having their neighbours be of the same race.
“Meanwhile, the Malays and ethnic Indians were still seen to prioritise their own races to be neighbours with,” it added.
The survey showed that 72.6 per cent of those polled did not agree when asked if their neighbours should be the same race as theirs, with 19.3 per cent agreeing it should be the same.
However, a whopping 95.7 per cent said their family and children were encouraged to make friends with those from other ethnicities, compared to 1.5 per cent who did not do so.
Similarly, 94.6 per cent of respondents said the current generation should mingle with each other regardless of skin colour and religion to foster unity, while 2.5 per cent did not agree.
In a statement, Kajidata adviser Prof Datuk Seri Dr Syed Arabi Idid was quoted saying that even though Malaysia is going through an “identity phase”, the majority of Malaysians are opposed to the idea of a polarised country.
“With a resounding ‘Yes’, 93.5 per cent of Malaysians indicated that they were willing to fight and stand up for the country. This is a good indication that Malaysians want to reconcile and progress as a united people and country,” the statement said.
The TN50 survey was done through computerised telephone interviews between March 8 and March 17, 2017 among 1,025 Malaysian adults randomly sampled across ethnicity, gender, age and state based on national demographics.
- malaymail


Najib knew that Mahathir would go running to DAP and Pakatan Harapan, and that they would accept him with open arms. This is because DAP and Pakatan Harapan have very low standards and esteem and they would swallow dog shit if it serves their political agenda (which is to oust Umno and Barisan Nasional at all costs whether by fair means or foul).
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Yesterday, blogger Din Merican wrote ‘Anwar Ibrahim is my Prime Minister and why’ (READ HERE). Reuters, on the other hand, wrote ‘Malaysiakini readers favour Mahathir for PM’ (READ HERE). And Malaysia Today wrote ‘Mahathir is causing more damage to Pakatan than Barisan ever could’ (READ HERE).
I can almost hear Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak chuckling while he observes the antics of the Dapsters and Pakatuns from Pakatan Harapan. Najib must be very pleased that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is doing precisely what was expected of him and that the old man has played right into his hands.
When Najib ripped Mahathir to shreds at the Umno annual assembly in December 2015 that was the beginning of the end for the old man. Mahathir had hoped to use the assembly to oust Najib but instead the old man was sent home with his tail between his legs.
In fact, that was the third defeat for Mahathir in a series of defeats over five months and, as they say, three strikes and you’re out.
Najib totally demolished Mahathir at the December 2015 Umno annual assembly
This first defeat for Mahathir was in July when he tried to oust Najib through a coup but failed. The second was in October when he tried to organise a vote of no confidence in Parliament and also failed. The final strike was that December Umno assembly where Najib very cleverly turned the tables on Mahathir.
Six weeks later, Mukhriz was removed as the Menteri Besar of Kedah and, as Najib had expected, Mahathir sulked and resigned from Umno on 29th February 2016.
Najib knew that Mahathir would do that and this was actually the third time that he left Umno. And after this talak tiga it would be impossible for Mahathir to go back to Umno unless he first marries a Cina Butasuch as Lim Kit Siang. But then, after marrying Kit Siang, it is doubtful that Umno would take Mahathir back even if his party, PPBM a.k.a. Pribumi, wins 30 seats in Parliament. Chances are, though, Pribumi will be struggling to win just three seats let alone ten or even 30.
Pribumi is what the Malays would call indah kabar dari rupa. This is sort of like stuffing sponge in the crotch of your pants to give an impression that you are more endowed than you really are. At the end of the day it is all an illusion. And so is the illusion of Pribumi being the new party that will replace Umno and that is going to inherit the 100 or so Umno seats.
Adil was launched to oust Mahathir from power and to free Anwar from jail and now it has transformed into making Mahathir or his proxy the next Prime Minister 
When Anwar Ibrahim was arrested in September 1998, a movement called Adil was launched (‘adil’ means ‘just’). Then, in April 1999, Adil was turned into Parti Keadilan Nasional (the National Justice Party). For the last 18 years, PKN, and now PKR, is about ‘justice’ for Anwar and about freeing him from jail. A very close second to that, Adil/PKN/PKR is about ousting Mahathir from power.
Now, the irony to this whole thing is Anwar, yet again, is in jail, and PKR’s new mission is to help Mahathir get back into power — either as the Prime Minister or as the de facto Prime Minister with his proxy as Prime Minister. This is indeed a very strange and puzzling development.
Anwar and PKR helped Malaysiakini obtain RM100 million funding over the last 18 years from Soros and other sources, the US Embassy included
Malaysiakini is also known as (a.k.a.) Suara Anwar. In fact, the PKR people are very much behind Malaysiakini and have helped fund this online news portal for the last 18 years or so since it was first launched. The PKR people even helped Malaysiakini get money from George Soros. And we are talking about RM6 million a year or a total of about RM100 million over the last 18 years.
Yes, RM100 million, not a small amount of money. And without this RM100 million Malaysiakini would have closed down a long time ago just like The Malaysian Insider (which swallowed RM13 million in just two years and then went bust).
So, the question we now need to ask is: if Anwar’s people are behind Malaysiakini and helped them get RM100 million since they started business 18 years ago, why did Malaysiakini’s opinion poll rate Mahathir as the most popular choice for Prime Minister? Should they not have rated Anwar as the most popular choice for Prime Minister?
DAP Chinese infest Malaysiakini like rats in a sewer
The answer is actually quite simple. Malaysiakini is infested with DAP Chinese like rats in a sewer. And the DAP Chinese feel that Mahathir rather than Anwar has a better chance of ousting Umno and Barisan Nasional (plus it is easier to make Mahathir rather than Anwar DAP’s baruah). The DAP Chinese do not care too much about who becomes Prime Minister. They just want Umno and Barisan Nasional ousted and replaced with the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan. Then they can worry about who becomes Prime Minister because that decision will be in DAP’s hands.
Anyway, Malaysiakini‘s readers represent just the DAP Chinese view and not the view of all Malaysians, especially those from the Malay heartland. And the DAP Chinese game-plan is very simple. Kill Umno and the Umno-led Barisan Nasional and once DAP and the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan takes over all the others matters will fall into place.
Mahathir, too, shares this sentiment, which is why he said it is syok sendiri (getting a hard on) to talk about who should be Prime Minister at this stage. First win the general election then talk about who should be Prime Minister, said Mahathir. If you do not win the general election then talking about who should be Prime Minister is an academic exercise.
Syed Saddiq says Pakatan Harapan must resolve the issue of the Prime Minister-in-waiting now or else people will say Kit Siang is going to be Prime Minister
Mahathir’s boy, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, however, disagrees. He says the Prime Minister-in-waiting must be named now and he gives his reasons why (READ HERE).
Now go to the pro-Anwar blogs such as blogger Din Merican’s blog and see what they say. Din used to work for Anwar and he says his choice for Prime Minister is Anwar and he explains why (READ HERE).
This was what Din wrote:
It shows to me at least how desperate Malaysians have become to want a 92 year old ex-UMNO President to lead our country. This is good news to the incumbent Najib Razak because he can beat Dr. Mahathir quite easily. He has enough information about his predecessor twice removed to sway voters against Pakatan Harapan. It will then be from “Ada Harapan to Tiada Harapan” (Hope to No Hope).
So the gloves are now off. This is about Anwar versus Mahathir rather than Anwar-Mahathir versus Najib. And where does Kit Siang come into all this? Is he with Anwar or is he with Mahathir? Or does he hope with Anwar and Mahathir fighting that gives DAP an even stronger hand because both will need DAP in the end?
It is now no longer about Anwar-Mahathir versus Najib but about Anwar versus Mahathir
DAP hopes to win 55 parliament seats as opposed to a total of 60 for PKR, PAN and Pribumi combined (assuming Pakatan Harapan succeeds in winning 115 seats in the next general election and gets to form the new federal government). Hence DAP decides what happens and chooses who gets to become the Prime Minister.
Najib is a genius who played Mahathir like a chess grandmaster from January 2015 right until now. And Mahathir followed the script to the letter. Najib knew what Mahathir would do to every move that he made. And Najib made these moves knowing that Mahathir would go running to DAP and Pakatan Harapan and that this would not only mean the end of Mahathir but the end of DAP and Pakatan Harapan as well.
Najib did not sack Mahathir from Umno like they did in 1969. Instead, Najib sacked Mukhriz knowing that Mahathir would sulk and resign. If Mahathir is sacked he would be able to use that as a badge of honour like he did in 1969. If instead he resigns he would be seen as sulking like in 2008. And sulking and resigning a second time in 2016 would turn people off.
Kit Siang thought Najib had sent him a stallion but instead it was a flea-bitten donkey
Najib also knew that Mahathir would go running to DAP and Pakatan Harapan and that they would accept him with open arms. This is because DAP and Pakatan Harapan have very low standards and esteem and they would swallow dog shit if it serves their political agenda (which is to oust Umno and Barisan Nasional at all costs whether by fair means or foul).
And this is why Najib is going to win the next general election and most likely with a two-thirds majority as well. It is because he is brilliant while Mahathir, DAP and Pakatan Harapan are a bunch of bumbling fools.
A win of 85 seats for Umno and 60 for the rest of Barisan Nasional is almost guaranteed. So all they need is another three seats to win a two-thirds majority in Parliament. And if PAS can bring in not less than 15 seats and form a unity government with Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Harapan would be down to 62 seats and would fade away into the sunset.