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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Muslim are selfish

There are more MOSQUES and SURAUS than Churches in Malaysia, but none of them were used to cater free meals for the chronic poor.

And yet BUMNO accuse Churches of PROSELYTISING Muslims when they themselves ignore, reject and turn down these poor souls who are badly in need of helps

Also, let's us all never forget the day when BUMNO use Zakat money to bail out 1 GAY MAN who made headlines with his ANUS


This is very true.  I have spoken to my husband and many others whom I meet daily.  We can start with just a few of us serving food to the needy ones.  The usual answer is no time and no money.  Why is everybody talking about money?  There is such thing like getting sponsors or everyone just donate an ingredient and do it.  Everyone has the time as long as they are alive but why so selfish. Instead these people spent useless time in mamak restaurants and surau talking cock.

I always tell these people that if I am to do everything alone then I may as well run for the Prime Minister seat.

And these are the educated, rich and complain groups of Muslim.  Sheesh.

PICTURES : Demo at "Selamatkan Teluk Rubiah"

pictures courtesy of Anak Sungei Derhaka

The day Umno knelt on its knees and begged for Israel's support - PKR

The day Umno knelt on its knees and begged for Israel's support - PKR
KEADILAN has strong evidence, including reports, correspondence and other documents that confirms the two-faced attitude of Umno, which has been quietly endorsing the bilateral relations between Malaysia and Israel while accusing Dato 'Seri Anwar Ibrahim as an agent of Israel.
Unofficial relations between Umno and the Israeli government or bodies are nothing new. Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad wrote to three different Prime Ministers of Israel, stating his desire as someone who is representing Umno to establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel.
Then there is Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, who appointed APCO which is a firm headed by former captains of the Israeli secret service, reaffirming the existence of good relations between Umno and Israel.
In fact, this attitude has spread in the foreign policy determined by Wisma Putra.
Knelt on their knees and begged Israel
Today, KEADILAN will reveal how Umno and their leaders are showing goodwill and even requesting help from Israel, although, officially, Malaysia has no diplomatic relations with that country.
Beginning 4th to 8th June, 2012, Malaysia will host the World Gas Conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur. This conference is the largest conference and will bring together the oil and companies from all around the world.
The organization committee of the World Gas Conference is elected, via balloting, by the members of the International Gas Union, which also comprises countries such as Malaysia, Israel, Russia, Brunei, Indonesia and others.
KEADILAN can confirm that when Malaysia was lobbying for the right to organize this conference in 2005, Malaysia pleaded for Israel’s help to support Malaysia's proposal to host the conference. In fact, Malaysia also indirectly offered to 'manage' the accommodation and registration of the representatives of Israel to the IGU Conference in Tianjin, China.
This approach of appealing for assistance from Israel received the approval of the Umno-led government and on the advice of Wisma Putra. The organizing of the conference is operated by the Malaysian Gas Union, represented by PETRONAS and advised by Tun Mahathir.
Dr M knew and endorsed such an approach
Indeed, KEADILAN has evidence that Dr Mahathir and Wisma Putra Malaysia not only were aware of this approach of appealing assistance from Israel, but also endorsed it.
Herewith enclosed is a letter from the representative of Malaysia to the representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, confirming Wisma Putra's appeal for Israeli assistance and support in order to obtain the rights to host the conference.
The attitude of the leadership of Umno and those who determine the Wisma Putra policy is against the wishes of the people who do not want any diplomatic relations either directly or indirectly with Israel.
In fact, this time the expose' reveals the hypocrisy of the highest level at Umno and its relations with Israel. Not only was there intention to establish diplomatic relations, but Umno leaders actually knelt on their knees to beg for Israel's support.
KEADILAN demanded an explanation from Wisma Putra and Tun Mahathir Mohamad on why they went to the extent of begging for Israel’s assistance and support, because this is clearly contrary to the solidarity of Malaysians with the Palestinian cause.
KEADILAN will continue to publish the documents and correspondence to prove how Umno leaders are directly involved in this matter.

Noh Omar blames Pakatan for Selangor floods

April 01, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR April 1 — Selangor Umno deputy chief Datuk Seri Noh Omar has blamed Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) poor flood mitigation works for the recent spate of flash floods in the state. 
He alleged that PR-led Selangor failed to set aside sufficient allocation to improve drainage and reduce the risk of flooding in the nation’s wealthiest state, Utusan Malaysia reported today. 
Noh (picture), who is also agriculture and agro-based industry minister, said that while floods were an act of God, that should not be used as an excuse by PR to take the problem lightly. 
“Ever since Selangor PKR has ruled, they have never provided funding to reduce the incidence of flooding in this state to alleviate the burden of the people, who became victims of the disaster. 
“The state government should at least find a way to reduce the incidence of flooding through local authorities instead of abandoning (their responsibility),” he was quoted as saying in Tanjong Karang. 
The port town of Klang was hit with flash floods on Friday, causing thousands to be late for work and schools to be shut. 
The floods were a result of heavy rain and high tides, with water levels rising within an hour after it started pouring at 3.30am. 
Within 90 minutes, up to 70mm of rain was recorded, far outstripping the daily average of 40mm. 
Residents, who were busy protecting their property as the situation worsened, had just recovered from the floods that hit the area on Tuesday. 
Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has called for a “50-year flood plain” encompassing drainage systems and development guidelines. 
A 50-year flood plain entails a maximum two per cent chance of flooding per year over the next five decades. 
The PKR central leadership committee member also denied that the floods had been caused by a delay in opening the tidal gates.

Kamilia: Quit call made necessary by ‘diseased’ member

April 01, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 1 — Wanita Umno vice chief Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim has defended her decision to call for Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s resignation, saying she did not wish to see the wing carry a “diseased” member to the polls. 
She had earlier asked Shahrizat to quit as Wanita Umno chief after the senator insisted she would continue to lead the 1.3-million strong wing despite relinquishing her Cabinet post following the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal. 
However, the duo then agreed to cooperate after peace talks with party leaders including president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. 
But in an interview published by Utusan Malaysia’s weekend edition today, Kamilia (picture)said that while it was important for Wanita Umno to show unity in the face of public attacks, “true solidarity” meant resolving critical problems together and not sweep them under the carpet. 
“An obstacle needs to be dealt with and not just left to be. In war, if someone in the squad has a disease that can spread and may cripple the team, do we insist on bringing them to the battlefield?” she said when asked by Mingguan Malaysia why she did not back Shahrizat. 
“Do we want all out team members to fall sick and die or do we quarantine the sick individual first until they recover so the team can advance to the battlefield? We as Wanita Umno need to know the true meaning of solidarity,” she added in the interview. 
The Kuala Kangsar division chief stressed that unity within Wanita Umno needed to be tempered by a clear objective, in this case, to win in the next general election which must be called by April next year. 
She said that while it was necessary for the wing to show solidarity and strength, it should not ignore problems especially if they involved a key leader and could threaten the party’s chances at the polls. 
“In this matter, Wanita needs to clean its image so it does not appear as though it is embroiled in controversial issues,” she told the Umno-owned paper. 
She added that it was not her intention to split the wing but was acknowledging a problem that needed to be fixed. 
“Unfortunately, there are some in Wanita who do not wish to listen to explanations, don’t want to accept and understand the actual problem,” she said. 
Shahrizat announced on March 11 that she would step down as women, family and community development minister when her term as senator ends on April 8. 
The announcement came after months of being dogged by allegations she and her family had abused a RM250 million federal loan meant for a cattle-rearing project to finance personal expenses. 
Her husband Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail, who heads the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) with their three children, pleaded not guilty on March 12 to criminal breach of trust in relation to the alleged misuse of RM49 million in public funds. 
The veteran politician, however, said she would remain as head of Wanita Umno despite previous calls from Kamilia and other senior party leaders — including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad — to quit the post. 
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has insisted that Shahrizat does not have to resign as Wanita Umno chief as there was no proof or charge of wrongdoing in the NFCorp scandal. 
The Umno president also said he had met with Shahrizat and Kamilia and that the duo had agreed to cooperate despite the latter’s repeated calls for Shahrizat to relinquish leadership of the wing. 
“Both leaders will cooperate fully after this as a united team. They will work effectively together as a team,” he had said.

Bishop lauds call to PM to end 'deafening silence'

Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing praised an interfaith group for urging Prime Minister Najib Razak to end what the head of the Catholic Church in the Melaka-Johor said was the "PM's deafening silence" on pressing issues concerning inter-religious harmony.

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) had yesterday urged Najib to be "the leader of a responsible government that practices what it preaches."

The call came as Christian NGOs and religious leaders remonstrated with the government over an education seminar in Johor yesterday that had for its theme the implication that Christian proselytisation of Muslims had reached ominous levels in Malaysia.

NONEAs a consequence, the Johor education department altered the initial theme of the seminar to one that was less provocative.

Bishop Paul Tan (left), who is president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, had been skeptical of the value of Najib's penchant for hosting of luncheons for leaders of non-Muslim religions under a patina of fostering inter-religious harmony and dialogue.

"Those were delusive occasions giving rise to pious platitudes to the value of inter-religious harmony because every time a religious issue sparked in the national arena, the people who should show the most leadership turned out to be the most craven in a crisis," said the bishop.

The Jesuit-trained prelate was one of the founders of the MCCBCHST in 1984. Since its formation, the interfaith council has become the leading voice for the protection of religious liberty of non-Muslims in Malaysia.

"While we should not spurn the hand of friendship and hospitality offered by the political authority, we at the same time should not encourage them in the delusion that pious intentions are an adequate substitute for urgent action," asserted Bishop Paul Tan.

PM must match deed to word

He said by calling upon the PM to match deed to word on the "synthetic issue of Christian proselytisation of Muslims", the MCCBCHST was "bearing witness to the plain truth that ordinary Malaysians of various religions are tolerant of each other's beliefs despite the inflammatory machinations of frustrated politicians."

NONE"Why should it be so difficult for those who mean well to say to those who mean ill that the latter are out of order?" asked Bishop Paul Tan.

"I'm glad the MCCBCHST has decided to tell the prime minister that the image he wants to foster as an exponent of moderation is under threat from hisapparent passivity in the face of those who plainly mean ill," he asserted.

"It's hypocrisy for the PM to run with the hares while at the same time allowing religious hounds to hunt at will," said Bishop Paul Tan.

PM Hj Najib clueless about meaning of interfaith

YOURSAY 'Najib only has the elections in mind and will say anything to secure support, but he stands for nothing - not even his 1Malaysia.'

Walk your talk, interfaith group tells Najib

your sayOnyourtoes: Obviously Umno-BN leaders are working on the assumption that they no longer need the support of non-Malays/non-Muslims.

I not only find the term ‘Christianisation' offensive, the way the word ‘pluralism' is used in the title of the Johor Education Department's seminar is also offensive to me.

They are effectively saying they see different races, cultures, languages and religions as a potential threat to their beliefs. Can't they see Malaysia is all about pluralism?

And what about the word ‘liberalism' in the title too? Surely liberalism is not free sex but freeing our people from serfdom, religious bondage, poverty and ignorance. How would anyone have any problem with that?

Sadirah: Come on PM Najib Razak, you talk big during the interfaith harmony week but you do not have the spine to take a stand.

Why should we support a PM who stands up for nothing, except giving money and conveying the perception that he is the prime minister for all Malaysians?

He only has the elections in mind and will say anything to secure support, but he stands for nothing - not even his 1Malaysia.

Just because his father was PM does not mean that Najib is also PM material, and what I have seen of him disappoints me.

He seems to be all things to all people and has no courage because his own hands are dirty and he has too many skeletons in his closet.

Gen2: Najib is speaking with a forked tongue and a straight face. This is a good example that Felda settlers should note before theysign the form pledging support for Felda Global Ventures Holdings' listing.

Disbeliever: Najib is the Father of Slogans. His visit to the Vatican was nothing more than eyewash and to project himself abroad as a liberal Muslim, and that Malaysia is a moderate Muslim country.
However, events that have been popping up time and again seem to be aimed at sowing the seeds of fear among the Muslims that Christianity is the No 1 threat and that Muslims should protect the sanctity of Islam at all cost.

Does God (in whatever form we perceive him to be) want us to be at war with our fellow brethren (whatever their religion) masked in the call of ‘jihad' (holy war)?

We don't hear of other religions, be it Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sikhism, etc, that call on us to fear the other as a threat.

I believe Islam is a great religion but its followers are using God's name in vain by interpreting the holy book to suit their needs. In general, I would like to ask: is God a god of love or a god of war?

GXFC: This failed government needs a scapegoat, just like the Nazis blamed the Jews, Najib blames Christians.

Anonymous #35113156: I hope the Christians in this country (that makes up close to 10 percent) know what to do come GE13. My Christian brothers and sisters, it is time to step out of your passive and accommodating ways of thinking.

They have pushed us up against the wall with this accusation. Vote out this extremely racist and a religious bigot of a government.

Najib talks about 1Malaysia this, 1Malaysia that, but when something like this - which is very much against his 1Malaysia concept - emerged, he keeps quiet for fear of losing support and power.

That speaks volumes of the type of person he is, doesn't it?

Anthony Chan: All the parties in BN are responsible for this and other irresponsible acts of sowing discord among the Malaysian people for their own selfish benefits.

Only those who do not want to see cannot see, and those do not want to hear cannot hear. It's time for all Malaysian to wake up and vote for our future in the coming election.

Wanderer: Surprisingly or as expected, all the component parties in the BN coalition are stone silent. MCA president Chua Soi Lek, are you still drunk with hudud laws?

Tpn: The MCCBCHST should just say that they have no trust in the PM. Be firm. The other component parties of BN are of no use.

Jalal: To the members of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST), you talk too much and you deserve to get what is coming to you.
You always like to suck up to the BN. You have no power to voice the matter, and your voice rouses no fear in the BN. If you want to be relevant, then make sure the government listens to your voice and fears your call.

Don't Just Talk: For the coming 13th general election, MCCBCHST should issue a statement calling on rational non-Malays to throw their vote behind Pakatan Rakyat and replace the rotten, corrupt Umno-BN government.

The non-Malays should have no fear voting for PAS as the Islamic party being a partner of Pakatan, have to listen to the views of PKR and DAP.
This is unlike Umno, the party that makes all the major/minor national policy decisions and have them rubber-stamped at the BN supreme council meeting.

That is the reason why MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc, are known as toothless parties.

Anomnim: If Najib behaves like this before an election, you can only imagine what he will do to you after the election. - Malaysiakini

Underworld figure's hand in cop transfers, promotions

Could underworld figures have influence over the promotion and transfer of police personnel when the force was under the leadership of inspector-general of police Musa Hassan?

In another bizarre twist to the ‘Copgate' scandal, new allegations that another shadowy figure identified as BK Tan - who was suspected to have links with Johor underworld figure Tengku Goh - had advised Musa on several occasions relating to the promotion and transfer of senior police officers.

musa hassan mahmood adam ismail omar 080910 igpMusa (far right), along with attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), were earlier alleged tohave framed rival top cop, former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuff, and six of his men. The seven police officers were arrested and charged in court five years ago.

In the latest allegation, sources told Malaysiakini that Musa would call Tan for "advice" and at times the latter visited Musa's house in Petaling Jaya for discussions on key appointments and transfers in the police force.

According to the sources, Musa when asked had explained that Tan's participation came with the blessings of the then Internal Security Ministry because his underworld links would help identify the "good" from "bad" cops.

One source claimed that he had seen Musa's aide carrying a blue document containing the confidential list of officers to be transferred or promoted. Musa was alleged to have provided a copy of the top secret document to Tan.

Home Ministry informed

It is learnt that Musa's former aide de camp, ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Taharim, had brought this troubling matter to the attention of then minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and deputy internal security minister Johari Baharum.

Another informant told Malaysiakini that Tengku Goh, whose real name is Goh Cheng Poh, had met Musa at his hotel room in Johor Baru sometime in 2005 or 2006, and this was confirmed by Noor Azizul.

Musa was accused to have promoted officers who were loyal to him as well as those who tacitly support his close cooperation with the alleged underworld figures.

The line of succession was allegedly orchestrated to ensure Musa could continue his tenure as the country's police chief. Musa held the post for four years, from 2006 to 2010.

He was reported to have been upset when his term was not extended further, and at one time describing his potential successor, Ismail Omar, as not ready to occupy his seat.

ramli yusuff asset declare case 120310 05Ramli (centre) toldMalaysiakiniyesterday that Musa's aide Noor Azizul had informed him about his boss' alleged underworld links.

"ASP Noor Azizul Rahim told me about this, and this confirmed my suspicion of Musa that he together with the AG was out to fix me. This was to ensure I would be eliminated from the police hierarchy," he said.

"All my fears and suspicions have been proven true by the flimsy charges laid against me. Musa even went to the extent of appearing as the 75th witness in my Sabah case.

"In the end, Musa was regarded an untruthful witness when he tried to contradict the evidence of all the other police witnesses," he said.

Ramli also recalled how Noor Azizul had met several senior police officers, including Musa's deputy Mohd Najib Abdul Aziz and two members of the Police Force Commission, for help but to no avail.

Following this, the frustrated Noor Azizul, who was Musa's personal aide from 2005 to 2007, made a statutory declaration on the matter sometime in 2009, said Ramli.

A copy of Noor Azizul's SD eventually found itself in the public domain, including blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin's Malaysia Today website.

In his SD, Noor Azizul said he was aware of the sworn declarations of several police officers and police informants and their actions in revealing Musa's links with Tengku Goh and Tan.

"Based on my personal knowledge and involvement as the ADC (aide de camp) to the IGP, I can confirm the statements made by these deponents concerning Musa are true and do correctly reflect the events as described by them...

"I have personal knowledge and involvement in that I was asked as ADC to compile and co- ordinate such posting orders based on the drafts and proposals made by Tan.

"A copy of the draft was subsequently implemented as police posting orders," he said in his statutory declaration.

Orders to frame police officers

Noor Azizul said the transfers were justified as part of a campaign to root out corruption in the force. It included entrapment to make the affected officers appear guilty of wrongdoings.
"This gave the impression that Musa was eradicating corruption and abuses within the force whereas it is the farthest from the truth.

"The credibility of these officers would be demolished to such an extent that whatever information they had gathered about the IGP would be discredited.

"These officers would suffer hardships, like being transferred away from their family and home base," he said.

"Some of the other agonies inflicted on them were being by-passed for promotions, subjected to disciplinary action minus due process; subordinates with unproven records promoted over them and victimised officers serving as visible warnings of the consequences of defying the 'established' order."

The former ADC said the ‘mencantas' (trimming the opposition) campaign had led to low moral in the force, resulting in the crime rate soaring during Musa's time.

"Not long after that the AG ordered Tengku Goh's release. Many in PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) became demoralised seeing how a criminal was released by resorting to legal niceties whereas our own brother officers were dragged to court," he lamented.

robert phang clarify on anwar allegation 080410 01"I hope the minister and the government give me protection for this disclosure as it is made with the hope of improving the force in expectation of a new leadership era under Ismail Omar (the present IGP)," he said in his SD.

Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission panel member Robert Phang (left), when contacted by Malaysiakini, confirmed that Noor Azizul had approached him when he was Musa's aide de camp, and together they met a former IGP, seeking his help on the matter.

Noor Azizul ready to tell all

In 2009, Musa turned down a Malaysiakini request for a response to Noor Azizul's SD, and there has been no reply from him over the past few days in relation to this new allegation.

In recent weeks, Malaysiakini has managed to contact Noor Azizul, who is now attached to a ministry, to verify the contents of his SD, which he did.

But he declined to comment about the issue further, saying that he would prefer to testify before a tribunal should there be one.

Malaysiakini had reported that a number of former and serving police officers were willing to testify against Abdul Gani, Musa and the ACA if a tribunal was called.
The Copgate affair appears to be akin to the Lingam tape scandal where a senior lawyer was alleged to have brokered the appointment of judges. It resulted in the setting up of a royal commission of inquiry.

NONEThe new allegation made in the Copgate affair is no less damaging as it involves, among others, the claim of an underworld figure exerting influence over the promotion and transfer of police officers.

However, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had last Friday dismissed calls for a tribunal.

"This is an allegation which has to be substantiated," he said.

RM600mil in 11 weeks is legalised vote buying

YOURSAY ‘What Najib gives out today is going to be collected back after the election by Pemandu CEO Idris Jala.'

PM, DPM disburse RM600mil over 11 weeks

your sayTrueglitter: The rakyat are understandably overwhelmed with anger and disbelief that the PM and DPM have had the gall to embark on a national spending spree when a whopping sum of RM609 million was disbursed to the people on their nationwide visits over a period of 11 weeks.

If such unacceptable practices are not considered and classified as abuse of power of the highest form or construed as pecuniary attempts at vote buying, then what is.

The nation and rakyat should not be thus held to ransom and made to suffer the consequences of BN's desperation to stay in power, particularly when it's seen the rakyat's money has been unjustifiably and defiantly disbursed by party leaders to garner votes in coming GE.

Regrettably, the political opportunism of BN would only be short lived as the general public are now more knowledgeable and better informed to distinguish between corrupt practices and unbiased government aids.

Anonymous: It's like a carnival atmosphere with so much of money being handed out just to buy votes. Isn't there any sense of accountability?

Frivolous expenses, promises of projects, free lunches, free dinners and handouts for the slightest of reasons just to buy votes. The amount of taxpayer's money being splashed is frightening.

Let's give Pakatan Rakyat a mandate of five years and let's see the difference.

Jaguh: This nothing more than legalised 'vote buying' and legalised 'cheating'. Call it what you want, but if BN thinks that a few hundred bucks can change a person's mind, then they are in for a surprise.

Perakians got the most amount and rightfully and so, since they were robbed of a decent government. People will take the money and maybe say ‘thanks but no thanks' to BN's future leadership.

Anonymous_40f4: The actual figure may be RM1 billion. Well, they spend the money as if it belongs to their grandfather. Using taxpayers' money for their party and personal campaigning, don't they have any shame?

Insane^Truth: Hello PM, I am a government contractor and I have not been paid for 15 months. I was given two months' payments recently. Sarawak, Sabah and Perak are suffering with late payments. What money are you distributing?

SMC77: Have we been hit by a tsunami or did any natural disasters happen recently? Why did the government disburse RM609 million in less than three months? It sounds like BN is using our hard-earned money to fund their election machine.

Shanandoah: The people will get the government they deserve. Najib and his deputy are desperate to stay on in power, lest all their wrongdoings will come to light.

Pakatan needs to come to power in order to clean up all the mess the nation is facing. May there be a new dawn after more than half a century of darkness.

Unspin: I was told that some ‘kampung' folk in Pagoh (Muhyiddin Yassin's constituency) got free computer notebooks, amongst other things. If this is not political bribery, I don't know what else to call it.

1Upset: Another feedback from Pagoh constituency is that every time there is a ceramah by Muhyiddin, there would be a RM50 gift to be given.

No wonder Pagoh folks rushed there even though many came from far-off places. What is the Election Commission (EC) doing about it? Is this not political bribery to buy votes?

I would give Pakatan my vote as the 53 percent debt ratio to GDP is still not critical to BN. I wonder what type of logic Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin has.

Disgusted: Bribes for rakyat right, left and centre especially the weakest spots - Perak and Johor - where they have lost a lot of support.

After the elections, they will collect back double or triple the amount by increasing rates, taxes, etc, or otherwise the government goes bankrupt.

Whose money is Najib disbursing on behalf of BN to win the elections? It's the rakyat's money. Why is the EC keeping quiet. Isn't this a breach of election rules?

All I can tell the rakyat is take the money as it belongs to you, and vote for Pakatan for a change.

Wira: If this drags on for another year, Najib would have handed out RM3 billion to keep the feel-good going for BN.

That would have meant three years' collection of the General Sales Tax (GST) at 4% percent What Najib gives out today is going to be collected back after the election by Pemandu CEO Idris Jala.

Sad Malaysian: The amount is twice that of the National Feedlot Corporation's (NFC) soft loan. Does Najib think it's so easy for us to pay taxes?

Foo: Is it Christmas? It looks like we have two Santas! - Malaysiakini