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Friday, August 28, 2015

Activist cites police brutality at Parliament protest

An activist who took part in the ‘Occupy Parliament’ by university students who called for the prime minister’s resignation, said today he was beaten by the police for attempting to take pictures during the protest.
Heng Kiah Chun, 25, who was detained together with 16 students, lodged a report at the Jinjang police station about 2am today, after his release from a three-day remand.
"I took pictures with my cellphone, 50 metres away from the Parliament building. I was told by police officer not to do so," Heng says in his police report.
"I took the advice and tried to keep my handphone. But an officer pushed me from the back abruptly, and six policemen confiscated my handphone.
"It was under such circumstances that I was punched twice on my face and right part of my head until my nose started bleeding," Heng (photo) says in the report.
Both of his hands were tied when the police brought him, and his spectacles was broken and later lost, according to the former student activist.
Heng wanted the police who treated him brutally to be identified and and for appropriate action o be taken against them.
He told Malaysiakini that his release from detention by police today was unconditional.
Some 20 students held a demonstration on Monday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
Calling themselves 'Gerakan Mahasiswa Selamatkan Negara' (Student Movement to Save the Country), the group marched about 1.5km from Bank Negara to Parliament Square.
They gave Najib another 24 hours to discuss with them the current issues confronting the nation.
They expressed disappointment about the controversy surrounding 1MDB, the scandal-mired state investment company that is Najib’s brainchild.
On Tuesday night, the police arrested 16 students -13 men and three women - and took them to the Jinjang police station.
Heng, being the 17th, wasn't released earlier, together with the students, as he was arrested under Section 353 of the Penal Code.
Section 353 of the Penal Code relates to the use of criminal force in obstructing public officials and does not allow for a revision.
Heng is recovering from his wounds, but said he is able to get back to work now.
When contacted by Malaysiakini, Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy confirmed the report made by Heng.
"We will investigate," Munusamy said curtly. -Mkini

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