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Saturday, August 29, 2015

PM Najib: Bersih participants 'poor' in patriotism

Najib Tun Razak has described the organisers and participants of the illegal Bersih 4 rally as "shallow and poor" in their patriotism.
According to Bernama, the Prime Minister said, despite having different political ideologies, they should mark the National Day by flying the jalur gemilang as an appreciation of the country's freedom fighters, who freed the motherland from the clutches of colonialism.
"We want to celebrate, independence, there are some people who want to show their feelings at the historic place in Merdeka Square.
"Don't they understand, are they that shallow and poor in their patriotism and love for their motherland. Don't they understand the country was built on the blood and sweat of our freedom fighters.
"From the era of Mat Kilau, Tok Janggut and UMNO freedom fighters to our soldiers and police, who died as martyrs, because we want to ensure the independence of our country," he said when officiating the Jerantut UMNO delegates' meeting 2015 at Jerantut District Council Hall today.
The event was also attended by Pahang Menteri Besar Pahang, who is also state UMNO Liaison Committee chairman and Jerantut UMNO division head Ahmad Nazlan Idris.
Earlier upon his arrival, Najib, who is also UMNO president, was received by over 5,000 UMNO leaders and members as well as accorded a traditonal welcome of gendang and silat performance by Jerantut Pemuda.
Najib said their action was seen as deliberately trying to discredit Malaysia's image at the international level.
"Those who wear this yellow attire, who are they, they want to discredit our good name, scribble black coal on Malaysia's face to the outside world, when in reality, this is their country because of UMNO's struggle they are successful," he said.
At the same time, he said under the current circumstances facing the party, UMNO leaders and members must adhere to discipline and have a love and compassion for the party to strengthen it.
"If we love and cherish our party very much, then we will not do anything to jeopardise the interests of the party.
"If there are differences of opinion, there are limits, decorum, channel to chide because in the party there is discipline and we need to safeguard this process.
"It is not that UMNO does not allow differences of opinion, in fact I am also open minded but it must adhere to discipline, only then the party can become a successful organisation," he said.
Najib said any news that are being read, including social media must be checked for its authencity to avoid it becoming slanderous and destroy the party.
"The paradigm has now been reversed, what is reported in the social media is more credible than mainstream media. Don't allow the tricks of perception over reality," he added.
- Bernama

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