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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, August 28, 2015

I won't fear speaking out on 1MDB, says ex-SB man

Former Special Branch deputy director Abdul Hamid Bador says he is not afraid of being punished for speaking to the media about his sudden transfer out of the agency.
"I am not rattled one bit. Insya' Allah I fear no one.
"I will accept any form of punishment. I am a police officer. I uphold the code of honour," Abdul Hamid told Malaysiakini when asked to comment on his show-cause letter.
Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said yesterday Abdul Hamid would have to explain why he spoke to the press about his transfer out of the police force.
Khalid (photo) said disciplinary action could be taken against him for breaching police regulations on who can speak to the press.
Abdul Hamid, who is currently on leave, said he will answer the show-cause letter when he gets it.
"When I get it, I'll answer. Wait for me to enter office on Sept 2. I am currently a police officer without a portfolio," he said.
Abdul Hamid held a press conference on Sunday, after his sudden transfer to the Prime Minister's Department last week.
During the press conference, he claimed he was given the boot because of his insistence that the 1MDB probe be conducted in a fully transparent manner.
The SB veteran added that his 37 years of service may have ended suddenly with a transfer because he did not want to carry out the “agenda” of certain parties.
However, Abdul Hamid declined to elaborate on what he meant by this “agenda”. -Mkini

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