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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, August 28, 2015

SHOCKER: Racist teacher washed holy ash from pupil's forehead & forced her to drink it

SHOCKER: Racist teacher washed holy ash from pupil's forehead & forced her to drink it
PETALING JAYA - An irate parent has lodged a police report claiming that his child was racially abused by a teacher at a secondary school in Shah Alam.
In the report lodged on Monday, the father claimed that the teacher physically abused the student and removed the prayer thread worn by the student by cutting it with a scissors.
The police report lodged by the father on the incident which was posted on the "Anti Senju Uderan Kes" Facebook page has since gone viral.
Based on details in the police report, the teacher had allegedly asked the student to kiss her feet, but the student refused.
"The teacher removed the prayer thread from my child's hand and neck and stepped on it, before throwing it into a rubbish bin," the father said in the report.
He added that the teacher then used water to wash the white "vibuthi" from the student's forehead and forced the child to drink the water.
"For your information, my child did not commit any offence in school," the father said further in the report.
The post on the incident has since garnered 2, 015 likes and 2,152 shares at press time.
Netizens condemned the actions of the teacher, calling her a racist, and saying she should issue a public apology over her conduct.
Facebook user Nor Mawati Hassan said the teacher had acted in an irrational manner.
"It is nonsense... better for the teacher to resign," she added.
Another Facebook user, Ravi Kumar, said the teacher was not fit to be in the teaching profession. -Sundaily

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