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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cops gatecrash gig, more than 100 detained

Police detained more than 100 youngsters in an operation at a musical gig in Ampang late last night.
A headlining band member, Joe Kidd, told Malaysiakini that the police raided Rumah Api as the band Virginia on Duty were performing at the 'Party Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow' event at around 11.30 last night.
The Asia Public Intellectual Fellowship alumni said he and the others were brought to the Ampang police headquarters in three police trucks about an hour later.
Joe Kidd, who is also the guitarist for punk band Carburator Dung, however dismissed the suggestion that the raid was linked to Bersih 4 rally which is to kick off at 2pm today.
"If it was that (linked to Bersih 4 rally), we would have been in the lockup now," he said when contacted.
He said the police raid was to “make life hard for them”.
"This is ridiculous and a waste of time. Their action was poorly coordinated," added the former journalist.
According to Joe Kidd, those held had to wait until 3am before they finished their urine screening test for drug.
"It is the same operation like the one conducted at the ‘fengtau’ (dance) club. Maybe they just want to meet their arrest quota, so the easiest places are the ones such as Rumah Api,” he elaborated.
Joe Kidd said the police also recorded statements of the stage handler as well as the audio technician.
Those detained were still at the police station early this morning.
Other than Carburator Dung and Virginia on Duty, the gig also featured Badass Farmer and metal band Blind Tribe. -Mkini

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