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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Indeed Najib and his coterie are being helmed from all sides. That explains the eleventh hour desperate attempts to cocoon the sitting prime minister’s power base and with that the gravy-train robbers’ extended time to bleed this nation more.
But let truth be told for the love of this nation, its people and Rulers all in the name of justice, dignity and honor for Malaysia..
Banning everything yellow and the word ‘Bersih’ is the last straw for Najib’s team. It will be, given this sudden banning, then in all probability be the fourth stone to finally break the camels’ backs.
Malaysians are fully aware that already Interpol has shot down the Malaysian police right in their tracks over their ill advised (or forced?) effort to nab The Sarawak Report’s head.
The Royal Highness Sultan of Johor is garnering tremendous support and salutations from Malaysians not only in Johor but in all States and across the globe too. HRH has literally told the Putrajaya that they have failed to lead with justice, protect and cherish Malaysians.
The United States’ opinion leaders have already cautioned Barrack Obama to distance himself from being further misled by Najib and team. Former Ambassador to Malaysia John Mallot has succinctly summarized what will eventually become the US official stance towards Malaysia’s current administration.
An Umno member has filed a legal suit against Najib and in retaliation his paid stooges are hinting that she will be sacked from Umno.
Nowhere to hide as facade of lies come unstuck
PM Najib
Sack or no sacking, be sure that the justice system is under duress given this new twist. And if there are any compromises from the Palace of Justice, Najib better be forewarned that the true-Umno will rebel against him and all his supporters.
World opinions over Malaysia are getting less sympatric to the Najib band wagon. It will mean the further plunging of the Ringgit and even a forced evacuation of foreign investments as well as pulling back of all loans made to 1MDB.
Whether another RM2.6billion will go into Najib or Rosmah’s personal account to parachute him and his team mates is left to be seen.
Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, please do not demean your late great father who built a hope for Malaysia and his hope that Tun Dr Mahathir ploughed on to make a reality.
Remember too that Mahathir publicly regrets that one big mistake he made, allowing you to be voted in as Umno President.
You cannot at the eleventh hour ban ‘Yellow’. The people are angrier now. They will come out in tens of thousands because they know they are not alone.
Their Ruler has said so. The Interpol has said so. The world opinion leaders have said so – unless of course if you want to be removed by a global outcry.
Iron-hand and Emergency rule will only hasten Najib's political demise
Players in the 1MDB debacle that has triggered Malaysia's ongoing political crisis
Your consecrated Home Minister must remember this is 2015 not 1948. The world press will hound him till he is made a person-non-grata.
Remember too that this nation is built on that foundation of a Constitutional Monarchy with democracy as its mortar. Malaysia will not let regimes to lord over without any regard to the voice of concern and patriotic care from millions of Malaysians.
Bersih is not a communist rebellion; it is not an IS agentry at work; of course it cannot be a Mossad trap. It is citizens crying out for a clean government that respects, honors and cherishes the fundamental principles of good governance as observed by all democratic nations the workd over.
By banning Yellow and Bersih you are saying that Malaysia is no democracy champion. This Malaysians together with their Rulers will not support let alone let it slip through they hands.
Are you then not running scared of this expose by tens of thousands of citizens of the very land that you too call home? - MAILBAG

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