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Friday, August 28, 2015

DON'T MAKE THAT FATAL MISTAKE, NAJIB: PM may declare Emergency, Nur Jazlan may send in saboteurs but the people will WIN

DON'T MAKE THAT FATAL MISTAKE, NAJIB: PM may declare Emergency, Nur Jazlan may send in saboteurs but the people will WIN
The steam of BERSIH 4 gathering scheduled to take place on 29th until 30th August is already getting hotter. The heat has overcome the reverberations of even the Merdeka celebrations. The heat has seeped through to everywhere. Those who felt obligated to come forward have already made early arrangements. On the other hand, the provocations to thwart and disrupt the people’s “liberation” rally have also been done.
What happened at the compound of Sogo earlier this week was some small nuisance that could be seen. But silent provocations and tactics occur everywhere. In the alternative media the provocations have been very widely carried out to thwart the rally. The government have also made arrangements and started acting to thwart the rally.
The announcement by the BERSIH 4 organizer on the success of selling T-shirts and collecting donations over RM1.5 million has struck fear onto the government. The phenomenal success reflects BERSIH 4 overwhelming response.
There are several factors why this time BERSIH 4 is bigger and widespread than the previous BERSIH 1, 2, and 3.
Maria Chin
One of the factors is the people's anger has erupted due to some recent issues that the government have failed to resolve. Although such issues have no direct link with the purpose of the formation of BERSIH - demanding free and fair democratic elections - these issues also contribute to its appeal.
First is the imprisonment of Anwar Ibrahim for five years. Acts of persecution against Anwar through the courts is seen as a process to suppress the struggle of the people initiated by the father of the reformists. Those who understand and know the tricks will be angry with the government and Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Second is the imposition of the GST that has burdened the people. Although the GST issue has been overshadowed by other issues, the pain and hardship of the people are still there. Those who are burdened by the GST incurring higher costs will definitely be angry.
Third is the loss in 1MDB of RM42 billion. This issue has also strangled the soul of the people, the people began to feel the greed and the misuse public funds by government and then manipulate the people to pay the ransom and this action is unjust and wrong. Although some answers were given, that did not satisfy them when moreover, certain answers are lies and trickery and made no sense at all.
Fourth is the RM2.6 billion fund banked into the personal account of Najib Razak. With this amount, the people do not accept it as a donation but consider it as a bribe to buy power. Moreover the ‘donation’ has been doubted since somehow it has been linked to the 1MDB fund.
Bersih 4 - unprecedented support
Fifth is Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's dismissal as Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Shafie Afdal as well as others. This action is viewed by the people especially Umno members as a move by Najib to save himself and had acted brutally. Najib is very desperate thus the action was carried out for fear of the ghosts he had created. Umno people who previously were silent have started to rise when their members who are sincere and honest in defending the people and the country are betrayed.
Sixth is the disruption of the authorities and enforcement bodies, the Police Special Branch, the MACC and the Attorney General. Although the transfers of some MACC officers to the Prime Minister Department (JPM) have been canceled, the move has given the impression that government‘s greed and fear of its own shadow. Replacement of the Attorney General with an Umno man explained the real situation in which it was made not in the interests of the people and the country but the personal interests Najib Razak.
These issues have nothing to do with the original goals of the BERSIH struggle. But because it has to do with the people, they saddened and angered the people, thus the people response to it. Therefore this time BERSIH 4 is expected to be greatest. Surely every entity of the people, those with (political) parties, private individuals, labourers, undergraduates and technocrats, will join with the hope that Najib will be oust of his position. Tactically the motive of BERSIH 4 is to overthrow Najib.
Anwar Ibrahim
Looking at how big BERSIH 4 is becoming, I have a slightly different thought this time. I think the march planned by BERSIH will fail. The government will ensure it will fail totally. Failure is not because there is no response, but the government officials, still working for Najib will take firm action and be more brutal because they feel that this is the biggest BERSIH rally.
The announcements and provocation in the form of a statement by the new Deputy Home Minister Datuk Jazlan Mohamed shows that something going is to happen. Nur Jazlan said that there are those who would try to disrupt the BERSIH rally, creating conditions for people to be angry with the police thereby making the situation chaotic. Therefore to avoid the incident, the people are urged not to attend.
Nur Jazlan said again, that this group will create trouble. What is the hidden meaning? This means the police will ensure that the BERSIH 4 rally should not be held to avoid creating trouble to the people. The role of the police is protect the public interest, whereas the hidden purpose to "cancel" the BERSIH 4 rally is to safeguard the interests and the bliss of his boss.
Nur Jazlan statement, coupled with the IGP’s, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar mentioned that the Anti-BERSIH group will create trouble. It is simply weird. If the police have identified the group why not arrest and drag them to the lock up? Is the group a police agent or deliberately created to abort BERSIH?
Therefore it is not impossible that the police will take action starting tomorrow or tonight. I expect the police or to make it more grand, the NSC - National Security Council, will make a statement banning the gathering. It is possible that in a few more hours Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi will appear on television and made the announcement instructing that the BERSIH rally be cancelled totally?

IGP Khalid Bakar
Accordingly the police will set up roadblocks throughout the country and all roads leading to the capital will be closed and guarded. It is possible that it also involves the Royal Malaysian Army. The army is already there willing to serve.
Correspondingly there is also the possibility of internet channels being switched off. The newly appointed minister responsible for the internet, Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak, to guard Najib’s door of power has already made veiled threats. He said the media which promote BERSIH 4 may be blocked and not accessible. This means that tomorrow will be susceptible to interference, which will cover the entire area? Would that means the area will be under the siege of emergency?
What if BERSIH 4 this time is blocked and therefore fails, will it teh achieve the goal of the ones preventing this? If BERSIH 4 fails, will Najib's reputation recover? Will the people then believe Najib and support him? No? There will be Umno members who will be with the people cursing Najib. And Najib, as the former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott has said the putrefaction in the country has already swamped into the world and Najib will have to step down after the BERSIH 4 rally.
The BERSIH 4 participants who are already on alert throughout the country will proceed and march forward tomorrow to the city's capital to assemble in “liberation" to express their anger. Barriers, restrictions and whatever hindrances will certainly be ignored because the struggle for the expression of individual rights is the absolute instinct for those who live their lives. - MAILBAG

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