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Friday, August 28, 2015


Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appears to have a six-month timeframe in mind to take over as Prime Minister.
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has problems in hearing, in seeing and in comprehension. Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz reckons in his latest blog posting that this must be the reason he’s also blind to the Petition of the People telling him to step down. “They see him as continuing to lead the nation on the path of destruction. They see him as not getting the message from the people.”
“He has also been accused of being power crazy and urinating on three million Umno members.”
However, the thrust of the case against Najib is that MPs who are against the Petition of the People will be reckoned as no longer with them, in fact their mortal enemies and must be dealt with accordingly by them in the immediate future, added Ariff while conceding that everyone seems to be talking past each other. “These are the MPs who understand that only money talks. How much money is money? RM3 million? RM5 million?”
“These MPs can be locked up in Putrajaya until an understanding is reached on the amount.”
The final figure, figures Ariff, depends on how much it takes to accept falsehoods as the truth, black accepted as white.
The MP sketches the two scenarios at work i.e. the Petition of the People and the MPs who are enemies of the people for whom only money is the only language they understand. “Then, we have Najib and his deputy, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wrestling with their fears.”
Zahid’s fear is that he may not be Prime Minister if there are enough MPs who take up the Petition of the People and continue with their efforts, despite various warnings and the like, to hasten Najib’s exit from office before he’s ready to cope with the change. “He probably genuinely believes that he will be Prime Minister in six months time.”
“As a political operative in every sense of the term, he differs from Najib who has a bangsawan (feudal nobility) approach and hence given more to intrigues to get his way to retain power.”
Ariff was taking off from what has now become Najib’s standard mantra to prevent him being pushed out from office viz. that he was elected by the people and that no one should try and prevent him from carrying out what he has been entrusted to do. “Wow!”
The other components of his mantra, pointed out the MP, was Najib’s claim that he can explain the RM2.6 billion “but only behind closed doors to Umno members”; his principle is loyalty to the leader no matter what and he must not be questioned on anything, “just accept whatever the leader says”; and finally he will not dwell on old stories. “The principle must be from Hang Tuah,” said Ariff. “Hang Tuah must have been a Bugis.”
Najib’s mantra falls apart immediately, argues Ariff, on the claim that he was elected by the people to do a job. “He refuses to accept the fact, despite how many times it’s repeated, that no one elected him as Prime Minister. He was only elected as Pekan MP.”
“The Prime Minister must command the confidence of the majority of the people through the MPs. He must demonstrate in Parliament that he has that confidence.”
Ariff said, in going for the jugular, that if 30 Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs vote with the Opposition MPs to defeat the coming Budget for example, in Parliament, Najib would have to step down as Prime Minister.
He did not explain the figure 30 although only another 24 MPs are needed along with the 88 Opposition MPs to make up 112 votes to defeat the Budget or pass a no confidence motion or submit statutory declarations on the matter to the Agong to swear in a new Prime Minister.

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