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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Umno vs Umno may not see the light day in court

YOURSAY ‘Where can you find a hole big enough to bury a lie as big as RM2.6b?’
Chipmunk: PM Najib Razak, now you get a taste of your own medicine with Umno members filing a lawsuit against you.
We will see how you are going to wiggle out of this. But should you declare a state of emergency, the rakyat will personally come after you.
Kim Quek: To cover one lie, you have to spin 10 lies. And to cover 10 lies, how many more lies can you spin? For a lie as huge as RM2,600 million, where can you find a hole big enough to bury it?
Freethinker: How is Najib going to return the money which was never meant for Umno? His actions clearly state his intention. A three-year-old kid would have known if he was being cheated long before Umno party does.
Hmmmmmmmm: Why didn't the Registrar of Societies (ROS) take any action when the PM announced that the RM2.6 billion was a donation for Umno Baru?
Surely, they would have known then that this money was never reported in their financial statements. So is ROS going to suspend Umno Baru?
Abasir: The emerging problem within Umno Baru appears to be members who are starting to think for themselves - a phenomenon never anticipated by Najib and his gang of self-serving sycophants.
Perhaps it is time that the mufti of a certain state issues a new edict that good Muslims should not use their intellect and/or logic when considering the shady goings-on in Umno Baru.
Res Ipsa: The suit poses an interesting question - that is, whether Langkawi Wanita Umno leader Anina Saaduddin has the locus standi to bring the suit on behalf of Umno, which is the proper plaintiff.
Najib will certainly apply to strike out the suit on this ground and the courts in recent cases have been more than happy to dismiss such cases on technicalities rather than hearing the substantive arguments.
While it may not get to see the light of day in court, it nevertheless represents severe pressure coming from within the party which would be a slap in the face for its president.
Caring Citizen: I am not surprised at all that probably someone of high-rank in Umno had asked a lackey to lodge a report. Suddenly Umno got RM2.6 billion in their chest by shifting the money from someone’s personal account.
That is a clever move for whoever that is orchestrating it. I salute the actions by the hidden hand(s), which is more brilliant than the story that was told by Najib and DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
Say goodbye to the RM2.6 billion, since the money is not, as Najib has said time and again, for his personal gain.
Vijay47: Oh dear, it looks the Jews, Christians, and stubborn Chinese have infiltrated into Umno itself. I am sure The Wall Street Journal also is involved.
Magnus: All of the US$681million "donation to Umno" is reported to have gone into one (account no 2112022009694) of those three AmPrivate bank accounts belonging to Najib, with the RM42 million transferred from SRC International going into the other two - RM37 million into account no 2112022011880 and RM5 million into account no 2112022011906.
Good luck with your legal suit, Anina.
Patriot1: Wow, now a RM2.6 billion criminal breach of trust (CBT) case against the PM.
How much more does it take for him to make our country an international laughing stock if we are not already one? Especially when we are holding an international convention on anti-corruption early next month?
Cyber-clowns, so how now? No matter how many mindless statements you guys make, it will not put Humpty Dumpty together again.
Police reports have already lodged internationally and investigations have begun.
GE14Now!: This one is directed at Najib's supporters. Having a large number of comment insertions in Malaysiakini does not actually mean that you are adding anything that is substantive to the discussion.
On the contrary, your insertions are rather mindless, emotional and irrational (and if I may also add, very poorly constructed).
Take a good, critical and objective look at this whole matter and ask yourself whether or not your PM has sold out the country.
He accepted money, ostensibly for the party, and then transferred the money out - and all this without the party knowing anything about it.
And you still shout your support for him? By doing so, you demonstrate that you are willing to support corruption.
This is not about personalities or parties. This is about the fact that corruption is destroying this country.
Jaycee: Please note that the money, if ever recovered, does not belong solely to Umno. It belongs to the rakyat of Malaysia.
Fair Play: Hmm. Umno vs Umno in court. What a development it would be if it could see the light of day. -Mkini

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