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Friday, August 28, 2015

Why wait for public holiday to protest, MyKmu to Bersih

"Logically, why must those who claim to be oppressed wait for a public holiday to protest?"
This is a question posed by pro-Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak blog MyKmu.net in an article condemning Bersih for holding a rally which coincides with Merdeka Day celebrations.
Describing Bersih 4 as a "planned move to topple the government through undemocratic channels", MyKmu said by staging the rally this weekend, the organiser has caused an erosion of the love for the nation, especially amongst the younger generation.
The article also took a swipe at the non-Malays.
"What is most saddening is that the 'type' whose ancestors obtained citizenship through Jus Soli are also not interested in their own history, but are busy looking for ways to topple the government on the street (via protests).
"If called 'pendatang' (immigrants), you feel slighted," it stated.
MyKmu pointed out that similar movements around the world such as in Hong Kong, Egypt, Thailand and others do not wait for public holidays to gather and protest against the government.
"Only in Malaysia, one must wait for the weekend or public holidays to vent frustration against the government.
"This is because it is a gathering that is planned to make it seem as if Malaysians are oppressed," it added.
MyKMu called on the police to be stern with the protesters and not to give them face because the people are tired of these "orchestrated protests".
"Insane people should be placed in a mental asylum or prison and not be allowed to display their madness on the streets," it said.
Bersih would hold an overnight rally this weekend, which among others is to press for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's resignation. -Mkini

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