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Friday, August 28, 2015

Is there a plot to declare emergency?

YOURSAY ‘If you connect the dots, it does seem like something may be amiss.’
Asitis: I am really suspicious. First Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed warned about anarchists taking advantage of Bersih 4.
Then the Army said it may intervene, should the government declare a state of emergency.
Then this red-shirt hooligans, after being so adamant earlier in pushing ahead with their counter rally, so easily decided to cancel their rally after speaking with the police chief and hearing the police briefing on their preparations for Bersih 4.
If you connect the dots it does seem like something may be amiss. Is something being planned to take advantage of Bersih 4 to declare a state of emergency so that you-know-who can continue to hold on to the seat of power without having to seek mandate from rakyat via a GE?
He will obviously take a severe beating in GE14 no matter how much money he pours in. In GE13, he tried so hard and was finally disappointed by a political tsunami.
With all the scandals going on for him, things do not look good for him in GE14.
Anonymous_ABG: The prominence given by the police to these gangsters clearly shows the strong patronage support these gangsters enjoy as though they are also responsible for the security on the nation.
To be given a police briefing on their preparations for Bersih 4 is an undisputed recognition given to a bunch of cowardly loafers.
Tholu: Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos, I thought you said there will be 30,000 red shirt protesters at the Bersih 4 rally. So why only 10,000 T-shirts prepared? And can you please tell me how many of them have been taken up so far?
You see, the Nepalese victims of the earthquake there are appealing to the international community for donations including clothing.
My estimate is that there will be a leftover of about 9,950 T-shirts and I urge you to donate them to the earthquake victims.
Hearty Malaysian: This is a clear case of criminal intimidation by these self-appointed law enforcers.
Showing off your ‘silat’ (martial arts) in front of Sogo shopping mall and you call this self-defence against peaceful Bersih 4 rally goers?
Police should arrest these gangsters instead of just putting a show of summoning them for questioning.
Shamu99: This is seditious and a threat to the public, as Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal is saying they will target the Bersih gathering if things get out of hand. With what authority is he talking?
They should sack him from Umno, but party leaders such as Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and Nur Jazlan Ahmad are keeping quiet. Silence from them, that's what makes people hate Umno more.
Sabahan: They have never practised before in a public place. Why do so now? We know it is a misguided and deluded mind that thinks a show of silat and verbal threats will stop the Bersih rally.
Whatshappening: Who are these people anyway? Who gave them the right to challenge and threaten Bersih? They talk as though they are in charge of the country.
From their talk, you already know that they are out to create problems; that is why they chose Low Yat Plaza as the meeting point for their counter-demonstration.
Just Your Normal Rakyat: What a lot of crap. Even though I do not use such phrases, I just can't think of anything that is more suitable.
Why do they need to do a silat demonstration in public? Why the need to mention parangs and swords? This is pure intimidation. And why are they trying to usurp the duties of the police?
This is taking the law into their own hands. By virtue of such an announcement, they should be remanded until Bersih 4 is over.
Anonymous_1421806811: This is what the supporters of Umno have become - intolerant and think they are above the law. I hope the police will do their job and put these gangsters where they belong - in jail.
Anonymous #37634848: Why parang and not the keris? Silat groups always practise with the keris. Indeed, what they have done is criminal intimidation and the police should deal with them as such.
We have enough problems in the country. We don't need another hooligans' march from Low Yat Plaza. If they still want to do it, do it another day, not to coincide with the Bersih rally.
Boiling Mud: Tell me, is it your culture to intimidate other law-abiding citizens in this country freely without giving a thought to the consequence?
In the past, there was this bloke allegedly threatening to soak his keris in the blood of a particular community during a rally in Kampung Baru stadium some 20 years ago; then you had this minister who used to put up a disgusting show of raising his keris in the annual meetings.
Now you lot with your silat gimmicks in front of Sogo, followed with this veiled threat of parang. Don't try to wriggle out of this tight spot you have put yourself and your likes in with the usual excuse of being misunderstood.
The record shows intimidation is very much your culture. You are only bringing shame to those decent folks in your community.
Boiling Mud: Should anything untoward happens during the upcoming rally this weekend, the citizens should hold the police responsible for not taking action against this blatant criminal intimidation.
Ferdtan: Police, why is it until now there are no arrests? Why investigate under different laws but not your favourite law, the section 124B of the Penal Code - acting against parliamentary democracy - like what was used against those young students arrested for protesting near Parliament?
Anonymous_3e86: Typical Umno-style response. Twisting and lying when the heat is on them. -Mkini

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