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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fighting falsehoods begins with Najib

YOURSAY ‘How can you fight 'falsehoods' when the facts are written all over the wall?’
Just Your Normal Rakyat: My friends from overseas asked me about 1MDB and also about the RM2.6 billion transferred into the PM's personal account.
I just say yes, 1MDB has a debt of RM42 billion and yes, our PM has admitted that RM2.6 billion has been transferred into his personal account.
Beyond that I cannot say much, because how can I say something which I don't even believe myself?
How can 1MDB be doing well when it can't even service its loans although it is supposed to have an energy entity that is generating revenue of RM5 billion a year?
And the RM2.6 billion (not RM 2.6 million) is a donation? And with no strings attached?
Ehhh, how to tell this to my friends? Even their children would not believe me.
Paradise: How can you fight 'falsehoods' when the facts are written all over the wall? The entire world knows what is happening in this country unless you are stupid enough to tell lies to our foreign visitors.
Senior Citizen: Hello PM Najib Razak, when Malaysians are not provided with the truth, how can you expect us to fight falsehoods?
And the biggest joke is that the foreigners have more information than us.
RM2.6Billion Duit Haram: Najib, fighting falsehood starts with you.
To begin with, reveal the donor of your RM2.6 billion, which is a source of many falsehoods, ranging from phantom Arab donors to money given in recognition of your effort to fight ISIS, which is non-existent then.
Also tell us how you used such a large sum of money, which many of your blind supporters say is political funding.
Justine Gow: I wonder what "misconceptions" Najib was talking about. He should spell them out specifically. If he himself is not clear about them, how can he expect others to counter them?
Paul Warren: Don't talk so much, Mr PM.
I’m just waiting for the day when some tourists who believe in Malaysia Truly Asia, come here and realise that it is not really truly Asia, but Singapore is, and they sue you for misrepresentation.
By every definition that you might use to state what that tag line means, Singapore will be a few steps ahead in being "Truly Asia"!
Anonymous_1421806811: Najib is expecting everyone to be like him - tell lies.
Various international newspapers have already written extensively about Najib's many scandals and his incompetent cabinet.
Perhaps he should teach them how to lie smartly as all his supporters seem to be doing a lousy job.
Anonymous 5783290: This is to be expected of you Mr PM - to blame the people and everybody except yourself.
You increased the BN MP allocation to RM5 million each but reduced the tourist promotion budget by RM50 million.
You are also insulting the intelligence of foreign tourists, investors and market movers by saying that they are influenced by Malaysia's social media.
They have their own sources including their embassy and it looks like they do not feel happy coming to a Malaysia under your watch.
The buck stops with you PM, do not pass it anywhere else. When you are at the top, learn to accept accountability and responsibility learn from the Koreans.
GI Joe: Najib has lost touch with reality in the midst of trying to solve his RM2.6 billion problem.
The drop in tourist numbers is due to the world market crash in China and United States, not due to online news.
People are very cautious in what they spend after watching what Greece and Ireland have gone through.
Over US$3 trillion was wiped off from China's market, so expect the Chinese to tighten their belt.
Takeiteasy: First, the wealth was inherited. Then the money was for fighting elections in opposition-held states of Selangor and Penang.
Then, the money came from donation for fighting ISIS, and later Jews in DAP.
So Najib, please tell the rakyat which version is the truth. Only then, we can help you to spread the word. -Mkini

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